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Step by step guide to stay focused

by brotherGeo

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for mature content.

Have you ever found yourself unable to get something done? Whether it be a paragraph, study or just a simple chore. You simply cannot motivate yourself to finish the task at hand. Being unfocused and procrastinating is an extremely common problem that affects just about everyone. It is the thing that brought you here in the first place after all.

Well fret no longer, as this step by step guide will help you get back on track.

Step 1: 


For a great number of people, the location of where one is currently completing their task is the root of issue. Discomfort and or unfamiliarity creates strain on the mind, and can create an inability to focus. The best choice is to pick a quiet and bright room that you feel comfortable in, or it could be a loud and full room, it really depends on the person.

Step 2: 


Turn all unnecessary electronics off. Computers, TV, video games, and phones can distract you easily making staying focus near impossible. Either turn them off completely and put them away where you cannot see them,  or unless you are researching or doing something related to your task. Music is good and is proven to help people focus, however sometimes, you can spend more time searching for that perfect song then actually working, so do keep that in mind.

Technology is not the only distraction that may be affecting you, other people in your workspace, or intruders in your home. These are all possibilities that may be keeping you from getting your work done. I know for a fact that I find it difficult to work when I know they are behind me, its so frustrating.

Step 3:

Calm and Comfortable

Remind yourself why you're here. 

Make sure you stay comfortable, try and keep the rooms temperature at a comfortable level such as 606.15°K. wrap yourself in extra layers and sit somewhere where you wont have to strain any part of your body.

Also stay away from any windows. You don't want to get watched do you now?

Step 4:

Begin Working

Sometimes the hardest part of anything can be getting started. However simply beginning, even with the knowledge that what you are doing is inferior of what your capable of, is enough to get the whole process moving. Do not despair at mistakes and always be aware that your work will not be great starting out.

Step 5:

Unusual Intrusions

We all loathe when someone looks while we work, watching us with beady eyes. The best way to deal with this issue is to remove any and all reflective surfaces from the workspace. Mirrors and picture frames need to be removed, windows boarded up, even the gloss on any wood or shiny surfaces needs to be sanded down or removed.

Any pictures are best faced away, and make sure if your using a device, keep the brightness at full, and never turn it off, lest it you see the reflection.

If you can lock your door, or barricade it. ignore any knocking or familiar voices on the other side. They are not talking to you, they are trying to stop you from staying focused.

Step 6:


In a situation where you come into a contact with a U.P.E please make sure you followed the previous step. 

The best way to prepare for a U.P.E is to wear clothes that cover all of your skin and leave no gaps anywhere, have some sort of noise canceling headphones capable of blocking out noise, and a way to block smell and taste. Eucalyptus or other strong throat lozenges are an excellent way of blocking smell and taste.

Step 7:


You didn't check the attic, did you?

...Attic or just empty space you were meant to have nothing up there. 

God! You practically fucking invited it in!

Look! Up there, you can already see it, sludge dripping from the cracks and seams in the roof. Red like blood, thick like tar, pungent like sulfur. 

Don't let it touch you, and stay quiet, maybe it doesn't know we are here...


... It's Weeping.

There is weeping in the attic.

Too late.


Close your eyes and chew your fingers, you will only feel for a little longer.

Step 8:

Remember to take short breaks

Once you begin working consistently, it is important to pace yourself and take short breaks as to not burn yourself out and land back in old habits. Remember, start small, and work your way up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look through this Step by Step  guide on how to stay focused. Though you are the example in this case, you who likely is unfocused searching article and guides on how to get back on track. when all your really doing is only adding to the problem, letting time fall away from you.

But that's OK! We all suffer from similar issues from time to time, so it's okay to become unfocused, we just need to remember not to let it take control.

And to clear our attics.

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Mon Jun 20, 2022 5:22 pm
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draftofstars wrote a review...

This was amazing! I did not read the horror genre marking thing, but it made it all the better! I was not expecting to be hit by this, as i was looking for help focusing, (i have ADHD) but that's the best part, no? The slow introductory of the suspicious things, one after another, was what kinda gets the gears going. Thank you for making this. And, I most definitely will be cleaning my attics. But, one last thing before the black figure over my shoulder bares it's teeth and decides my time is up. This post is amazing, and I would love to see more like this! Keep on writing!

Yes, what do you want, Lucifer?

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Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:20 am
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VintageGirl wrote a review...

Hi, VintageGirl here for a review!!

I was not expecting that. I'm an idiot and didn't read the "horror" part so I thought I was reading a normal guide, and then there was a twist.

I like how everything slowly built up and created tension. The horror was blended in with the rest, so it wasn't super jarring, and instead felt super reasonable. All of this is good advice.

I have a few suggestions. First is in the line, "however sometimes, you can spend more time searching for that perfect song then actually working." There should be a comma after "however," and none after "sometimes." And the word "then" is used for time, so when comparing things, like you are, you would use "than." Second, though this has nothing to do with the actual writing, what if the temperature was 666 degrees? I think it would be funny.

The only other thing I have is at the end, in the lines " Though you are the example in this case, you who likely is unfocused searching article and guides on how to get back on track. when all your really doing is only adding to the problem, letting time fall away from you." I'm a little confused here. What are you trying to say?

That is all I have now. Excellent little Step-by-step/story!!

(I'm going to go check my attic.)


brotherGeo says...

Hey VintageGirl, thanks for the review.
Yes I was considering leaving the horror tag out for the surprise element, but I thought it might put some people off if I didn't.

Funny thing about the temperature, it is a little obscure but 606.15 Kelvin is 333 degrees Celsius which is another version of 666

And the final line about searching through guides when your meant to be focusing is the exact opposite of what you should be doing to remain focused. its like a contradiction, idk i wrote this with whole thing with a fever at 1am.

Anyway thanks for the review.

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