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My Person

by boonalicious123

Beginning words can spark a friendship as quickly as a match slicing through a rough surface, spewing the tangy scent of sulphur in the air. Watching the flame slowly ingest the smooth wood underneath. And yet, that small movement is able to brighten the air around you. Something so small, something so simple could show you the way through the darkness, sending the feeling of comfort through your veins and giving you the confidence to go on.

Imagine that small match as someone’s personality. Imagine that this small spark of light as someone you meet for the first time. Imagine that smell of sulphur as a wonderful conversation and that initial spark the start of a beautiful thing the human race called friendship. The feeling of someone being able to connect with you to a level where you can show your truest self and feel like you could never let go. As a human, that feeling is one of the most crucial details of a sustainable and happy life.

People have different names for the relationships they have with others. For some, it’s just the simple word ‘friends’. Others go farther and explain it as a feeling of family. But, there’s always one personality you seem to bond with most. Someone you would do anything for because of your care for them. Another word for this could potentially be considered your ‘person’.

This specific word could mean the world to someone. Something that could change the way you feel about someone. The second someone is given this name, that sparked flame seems to explode, becoming more of a torch than just a simple match from your pocket. This torch seems to open your eyes to things you never thought you could see; it lights your way through life, separating the fog that seems to cloud your judgement. The light never seems to dim, is unable to be blown out and gives you confidence to go on. But sometimes that torch burns the tips of your fingers somehow, forcing you to drop it for a mere moment. Then, the quick heartbreak begins.

You feel as though you’re blind again. Your heart starts to race at the thought of the darkness that suddenly surrounds you again. As you look at the light in front of you start to fade, staring at the light being emitted away from your body, your heart starts to break. You hear the crackling in your ears as shards of your faith chip off into your insecurities. Fear and panic start pumping through your veins, your eyes glued to the ground in front of you. It’s so close yet it’s far enough keep you blind. Pains in your chest start forming, depression lingers on the horizon. You watch as the person that sent you into a euphoric state every single second you heard their voice dim away.

Throughout the rest of your journey down the road, you try to pick up other things like other matches, trying to force the specific spark, trying to replace what you had lost. Every single candle, every single flame that you go through becomes more and more frustrating, your depression turning into anger. Anger that starts filling the hole that your ‘person’ had left. As you sift through others, the burn on your fingers that your ‘person’ left aching. The longer you force the replacements, the more the burns blister. The more they fester, the angrier you get. You begin to decide to walk down the road blind, on your own. Your mind starts to shut everything out. You feel as though you can’t take one more step farther without breaking down.

Something catches the corner of your gaze. For just one more moment, you decide to pick up your head. The feeling in your chest seems to lift, a small peek through the mist enabling you to see just enough to realize what emitted the light in front of you. The torch. Your light in your life. The thing that prevented you from going utter and completely insane for so long. The specific thing that allowed your life to live the way you wanted it to be lived without any hiccups. The one object that let you know that no matter what you did, it had your back every. Single. Step. You realize that your life could be normal again. Normal….

But the faster you run towards the light, the slower it seems to come back. You sit and struggle for so long until you realize slowing down and taking your time, although frightening, brought the light closer and closer to your grasp. After such a long fight, after such a long wait, it finally lies in front of you, the large flame glistening in your eyes. And for the first time in so long….. You smile. A genuine smile that can melt any poor mood. A genuine smile that can tell anyone it’s going to be alright. As your fingers stretch out to touch the wood, a rush of relief and familiarity crawl into your skin and slowly start mending the heart that was broken so long ago. Your hands feel as though they’re…. home.

The exhilarating feeling of being able to see your surroundings again clouds your mind for mere moments, the light and warmth seeming to wash away the darkened thoughts and feelings from your soul. You know you’re home. You know that everything will finally go back to how it was in the beginning. Happy. Bright. Unstoppable. You hold your lightsource so close, the grip of your hands seeming to ache due to your fear of letting go again. Pain is destroyed, depression melting away. Words of longing are spoken and exchanged after such a long time of being so cold and lost.

Being able to have that feeling after weeks, months, or years away from your ‘person’ truly shows what the title really means. The word entitles you to a connection that could never be severed. It’s a feeling that no matter what happens, it never leaves the two participants for the rest of their lives. Whether 5 minutes or 500 years, this title never leaves. It’s just… permanent. It’s a lifetime guarantee of love, happiness, laughter, companionship. They’re something that will go shopping with you at 3 in the morning when they have to work at 8. They’re someone that you can call at any time of day and discuss what just happened with some guy on an elevator. They’re someone that you can ask for help with anything at all without judgement. Your ‘person’ is someone that you’ll never be able to give up for as long as your heart beats. Because it beats for them. And their’s beats for you. It’s a promise that can never be broken. And neither of you would have it any other way.

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Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:19 pm
Songmorning wrote a review...

You're so good at writing metaphorically!

What amazed me the most about this piece was the gentle but poignant transitions in my emotions as I read it. At first, it was pleasant and clear, and I thought of some certain friends of mine and the times I met them. Then you began to talk about 'your person', and I began to think of my 'person'. The emotion was still pleasant, but a little happier, a little stronger. I could imagine myself sitting at a coffee shop with you as you explained these ideas to me.

Then it changed again, gently, but becoming darker. Pain and a little sort of dread squeezed at my heart, and I thought of a time I had almost lost my 'person'...

But then it turned beautiful again. The darkness lifted, and it became light again: lovely, hopeful, and encouraging. "Being able to have that feeling after weeks, months, or years away from your 'person' truly shows what the title really means." I'm inspired. You see, my 'person' lives in another country, so I've had year-long pauses between seeing him, with very little opportunities to communicate in between. Now I've been away from him for 2 years, but I'm going back in a month, and this time, maybe we'll stay together. I'll see whether he's my 'person' when I find out what it's like to meet him again after two long years. I think he is, though. The one-year separations never seemed to make much of a difference.

This is a wonderful composition. It makes people think of their own special people. You had a few typos in there, but I trust you'll find them when you edit it. I'll point out one, though: At the end, "their's" should be "theirs".

Your writing is beautiful! Keep it up! :)

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Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:27 am
kimjessica1997 says...

I absolutely loved this! Found it so heart warming and definitely made me want to just call my best friend for a chat! Loved the ending. Really wanted to read on, I think you could use this as a starter for a novel the possibilities are endless, but even as a short it's so well written.

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Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:59 pm
gennagrace wrote a review...

This is beautiful! The way you compare this kind of friendship to a match is lovely! Maybe give a little more examples of what your 'person' does for you and how deep the connection is (you already gave a great description of how deep it is, but go deeper into the deepness). And use some big words! Not a lot of big words, but some. Your style of writing is amazing! Use some words like "ineffable" and "ephemeral"; words you don't hear much but are super pretty. I absolutely love this story! It is amazing! Keep up the good work! You're a very talented writer!

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Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:48 pm
RubyRed wrote a review...

Hello, boonalicious123. I want to say first, welcome to YWS. Looks like you're new here. This was so amazing. I felt like my mind was taken into a different realm. The way you said everything just captivated me. Your writing is very easy to follow and the way you spaced your paragraphs was very helpful. I have some tips for you though.

Imagine that small match as someone’s personality. Imagine that this small spark of light as someone you meet for the first time.

Read these aloud. They're fragments. The best way to tell if something is right or not is the read it aloud then nothing will slip by you.

Then, the quick heartbreak begins.

You don't need a comma after "then". Also if you wanted to make this more interesting you can do something like this:

Suddenly heartbreak begins.

Because it beats for them. And their’s beats for you. It’s a promise that can never be broken. And neither of you would have it any other way.

Sooo sweet! I love the way you ended this it made everything come together.

Keep writing and NEVER get discouraged!

you know how those like hummingbird things have those fast wingy thingies? And like the heartbeats. The heartbeats are so fast. So like, do humminbribs like sense time fast too? like berry alen or smh? I BET THEY DO! BIRBFLASHHHHHHHH!
— Dr. Mr. Elfboy