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Smile it looks Good on You :)

by bebekaluvsu


Hi there my name is Jenifer Ramon.Im 15 years old , and live in Texas !
My favorite things to do is draw paint, act and sing !

I love my doggy sammy !
I know my life hasn't been the best but im sure it hasn't been the worst either.
Like my mother didnt have to die, I wount exept it and My dad doesn't have Cancer and were a Happy family !
Unfortionly this all is a huge lie
Its completly the opisite .. My Mother Died i get it, my dad got Cancer right after but you know what i wont complain because atleast he's getting better. I dont believe in anyone when they say its my mom's fault because she was a drugie and after her death my dad got Cancer because of her ! That's not TRUE, god !
My MOTHER wasn't A drugie i wont believe it ! And my Fathet got Lung Cancer because he smokes not cause of
Mom !
My sister doesnt even care about this she just goes clubbing every night ! I have to take care of my younger brother and dad, im fine with it but that wount make me hate her any less .
Well any way thats my messed up life ..

Well what ever

its not enough to promise to never leave me if you already did !

Homecoming Week #1

So this week on friday its Homecoming,I kinda really wanna go with my friend's (yes i do have those) But i can't I have to take care of my dad and babysit Mike( My little Brother). While my sister Carrie is Out with her friends partying.
well its okay.. it's not like any one would miss me..
you see I never go anywhere so no one really invites me anymore or notice that im not around. I'm fine with thatactually, it's for a good cause.
"Jenny!" my Brother screamed "wheres Breakfast" he screamed again.
"Yeah where's Breakfast!?!"Carrie said as annoying as ever !
"Carrie Leave, and Milky makecereal !"I yelled back
I ran into to my
dads room today I wasn't going to school because my dad haschemotherapyand radiation,
I hate going but I have to go ...

(Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells. One or more chemotherapy drugs may be given through a vein in your arm.)
Its his Last Mouth of Chemotherapy and Radiation if he doesn't get better he could have to go though surgery.
Radiation therapy uses high-powered energy beams, such as X-rays, to kill cancer cells)
"Honey,I don't want to go !" Dad said with a weak voice I really wanted to cry but I have To be stronger than that hold it in.
"Daddy if you don't go--- yo--u coul-d die--ee." i said really fast "YOU WONT DIE !" I shouted "
Honey, I Rather Die Then Have to go through Surgery!,There going to Tell me today you know , Because i Got Worst" Dadwhispered...
"Call the Clinic and say I give up, I'll Finnish my Meds But After im Done" he said with tears in his eyes

"You can't Just Leave Me , you promised !" i said bursting into Tears..
"Honey themomentI started Chemo I left you,its not the same "he Said then he closed his eyes
I left His room and Emailed the Clinic
"Jenny you forgot to take me to school."my Brother said..
"Im sorrysweaty, But your not going to school today, you can go back to bed" I told him
I picked up my phone and texted my friend Matt

"Hey I can make it to Homecoming can i go with you guys ?"

Matt Replyed
"yes finally your goingsomewherecant wait until Friday, Bye see ya in class!"

I walked into the Bathroom and took a long Cold shower ..
He didn't have to give Up !


its not enough to promise to never leave me if you already did !

Burger Kings #2

Heart Broken #3

I lay in bed thinking ? Is going to Homecoming the best idea,well I said I would I guess I have to go.
"Jenny can we go to Burger Kings ?"Mike asked
"yeah sure,go put on your shoes" I said to him.
"Dad were going out !" I shouted, then igrabbedmywallet and walked outside with my brother..
"why don't you have a car ?"Miky asked with a serious look on his face "Because, i'm 15 years old" I told him .the whole time we were walking he didn't really say anything else . Once we where there I gave him a 20 dollar bill and said I would be right back, because I wanted to go toMacy s.
I Walked in the store and went straight to the dresses ! oh god they whereadorable,I just have to try some of these on, i'm going to homecoming aren't I ?
I couldn't find "The Perfect dress" I said out Loud .... oh god "The Perfect friken Dress !" I like shout
I try it on and Im in Love with it, I run down the Hall and
BAM "I'm sorry, It's my fault"I said to the guy .. wait That's Zackory Marten, the guy I been in LOVE withsense7th grade..
"It's fine, Jenny"he says he knows my name ! "well ,I gotta Run by---" I try to say before heinter-upsme "Hey,we should Hangout sometimes here's my #
[Zackory Marten ]
"okay bye,ill text you later"I say and run to pay my dress and then pick up mike ..
ohh no god Mikes gonna kill me ! I walk into Burger Kings and Mike is sitting Right next to Zack's little brother and Zack is just there by Him self
so I walk over to him."Do you come here often ?"I said with asarcastic Voice he just laughs ohh god his laugh
"yeah i do,funny don't you think?" he says
after that we start talking none stop I look outside it was getting dark, oh" I gotta go" i said
"Bye see you at school" He says

When me and My brother get home Carries there
omg what happened she's never here !
"Jenifer,Its dad come quick " she says with a Panicked voice

Oh my God she Does Care was the First Thing that Went through my mind
its not enough to promise to never leave me if you already did !

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