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New Perspective Through My First Theatre Movement Class

by afro1294

Do you ever feel like lying on the ground and just breathe to feel your senses? No I’m not talking about sleeping. Just lie on the ground, breathe and feel like you’re melting and mixing with the ground (like an ice-cream). The more you breathe the more you feel yourself blended with the ground. And you will soon feel the lightness of your body. Start hearing the noises around you. What do you hear? The buzz of an air conditioner, or maybe the cacophony of the construction site, or many the chirping of birds.

Once you’re done with the hearing senses, start on your smelling one. Smell the air and feel the mustiness or the freshness of it. Once you get, you’ll definitely feel better! And that exactly how I felt in my first theatre movement class. Theatre movement class was a collaboration of dance and theatre. It was something unusual for me. We could do anything and move.

It commenced with each person giving an introduction by saying out their name and then making a posture, which everyone will replicate in order to great that person. The point of this game was to make people understand that our activities can often lead us to remember things that we oppress in our sub consciousness. The first class was mainly about knowing both our conscience and sub conscience and ways to control them. Another activity was flocking – a technique in which everyone clumps together and does movement following a leader. The leader changes with the movement. I found this game very interesting. It can be referred as refurbishing leadership qualities – to not freak out at times when you’re given a platform to show leadership attributes out of the blue.

The activities were switching it course from theatre to dance and vice versa. There was this other game that teaches to be alert and is known as “Zip Zap Zop” and another game that aids your creative thinking ability. In a circle one person starting a story will stop half way so that the person beside him/her can continue the story. The story started by one person completely changes with the conclusion given by another.

I have never laughed so much before. It was fun to attend the workshop and I am looking forward to the next one, which is on Saturday morning!

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Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:06 pm
CaptainJack wrote a review...

Hey there afro. It's just lizzy stopping by for a review. I haven't reviewed any essays for awhile but as soon as I found it in the green room I knew I should probably read it. And now here I am leaving a review. Alright, let's get down to business, but not to defeat the Huns. There is time for that later. So without further ado let the reviewing begin.

Mistakes That I Saw:
1. Paragraph one, sentence two. A comma is need after "No". I got this from reading the sentence aloud and when one does this there is a pause after. Without the pause, the sentence does not make much sense.

2. The first paragraph is a bit confusing because from a reader's point of view, the author is describing an unknown event. Without reading the title they would have absolutely no idea what this essay was about until they got a couple of paragraphs in. I did like the vivid descriptions except for, "like an ice-cream." This wording doesn't seem to flow together quite right. Consider revising.

3. Alright, the second paragraph helps the reader gain more understanding, but it is still confusing. The third sentence bothers me. It doesn't seem to make much sense but after re-reading I think I understand the point. I would still reword it to avoid confusion.

4. The third paragraph was very interesting and filled with description. The explanation of activities was also very helpful. I didn't see any grammar or spelling mistakes, so let's move on to the next paragraph.

5. The fourth paragraph focuses on one activity. I was just wondering what your reasoning for that was.

6. The conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is supposed to summarize the essay but your's is a bit short. Try and tie it into something in the introduction.

Final Note
Consider revising the introduction and explaining there what sort of class you were taking.

Alright, that's about all I have for a review and advice.
Happy Review Day!

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Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:26 am
tgirly wrote a review...

The beginning of the piece confused me; you spend a lot of time walking the reader through this yoga-like exercise of breathing and listening/smelling their surroundings that I started wondering if this was what you learned at your theatre motivation class. When your piece is so short, it's a bit odd to spend two and a half paragraphs of it just trying to describe a single emotion to liken an experience to. It confuses the reader as to what the piece is actually about.

Not only am I confused as to what the piece is about, I'm also a bit unsure of what your goal of the piece was. Is this supposed to be an essay to convince others to take theatre motivation classes? Or a blog to describe the experience of the class (which is what it reads closest to.) If its goal was to be an essay/article explaining a new perspective you gained from your class (as the piece is titled and labeled), I don't think you quite got there. If you asked me what perspective you gained, it'd be hard for me to give an answer because it was not really clearly defined what change took place in you from the beginning of the class until the end. This makes the title misleading.

Your writing style is really, really good throughout this piece. You had good imagery and you explained all the different exercises very clearly; so clearly, I probably could replicate them if I had a mind to (besides the flock one; that could use a bit of clarification). You've got a clear talent for description which made this piece interesting and a joy to read.

Hope this helped.

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