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Hunted Hunter

by Yanni1995

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

Harry, have you finished your potions homework?” a bushy haired girl asked a green eyed boy wearing spectacles.

I'm still working on it 'Mione.” he ran a hand through his messy locks as he shot his redheaded best friend a look.

It's due tomorrow you know.”

I know 'Mione which is why I am working on it.” the redheaded boy shrugged beside him and returned his look with one that said don't-drag-me-into-that. “Besides shouldn't you be asking Ron if he's done with his herbology essay?” he smirked as he successfully diverted their female friend's attention to his freckled best mate slash brother.

Thanks a lot Harry.” the boy muttered sullenly as Hermione went into a full tirade of doing homework on time.

Don't mention it Ron,” he was sent a cheeky smile and Ron swatted his arm in response just as they got to the entrance of the Great Hall.

Will you keep that in your rooms?” a snarky and decidedly annoying voice interrupted the playful banter. “No one needs to see the Golden Trio snogging before breakfast.”

Shut it Malfoy.” green eyes flashed in annoyance as they stood across from the Slytherins.

Or what Potter?”

I'll shut it for you.”

Try me.”

Muffliato,” he sent the nonverbal and wandless command before turning on his heel and entering the hall with Ron and Hermione following behind him.

Bloody poncy git, thinks he's the best.”

I just don't understand why we can't all just get along. Voldemort's gone, the War is over so what's his problem?”

You're only saying that 'Mione because you fancy Zabini.”

I do not!” the answer was a little too vehement and quick coming for anyone to believe her but no one bothered to point it out.

Anyway, we have to do something about that.” Harry ignored the prickly feeling of someone glaring daggers at him as Ron continued his tirade. “We've got to stop them somehow.”

You know what Ron,” the Saviour interrupted the still going rant. “You're right. We do have to stop them.” there was a glint in his eyes that had his friends both curious and slightly scared.

How do we do that?” their bookworm asked.

We beat them at their own game.”

And how exactly will we do that?” the smile that broke out on his face startled them somewhat and yet they listened.

Here's what we'll do.” they inched closer together, huddled as they whispered in an attempt to stop anyone from eavesdropping on them. They didn't need to because no one else was paying attention to them anyway.


How dare that bloody Potter silence me?” the Prince of Slytherin hissed in annoyance.

Let it go Draco, he did say he would shut you up if you didn't.”

Why are you siding with him?” silver flashed angrily at his dark skinned friend.

I am not siding with anyone,” Blaise held his hands up in a placating manner. “I just don't want a fight so early in the morning.”

Bloody Gryffindorks and their bloody Saviour.” he mumbled heatedly as he stabbed a piece of sausage in his rage.

Look at them, so bloody happy,” the bitter comment was said by the only female allowed within ten feet of Draco. “I bet they're planning something.”

I don't bloody well care if they're planning something.”

Just let them be,” once more the Italian tried to intervene. “They haven't done anything to you.”

You and your bloody crush on that mud-muggleborn witch.” Pansy was quick to change tactics at the angry glare sent her way.

Leave Granger out of this.”

I can't, she's part of the Golden Trio.”

Their argument was tuned out by their blond friend. He instead chose to focus on the three heads huddled together in a table that was only so far away from him. He tried to ignore the flare of an unknown emotion within him as he watched the mud-muggleborn squeal giddily at whatever Potter said to them. He tried to keep his mind from the way his fist clenched when she threw her arms around the dark haired boy's neck and then promptly kissed him on the cheek. He closed his eyes and bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from blurting out the words that so desperately wanted to escape his lips. “Mine.”


Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Hermione chanted as Harry revealed his plan.

Looks like it's already working,” Ron commented as he chanced a glance at the other table. “The bloody ferret looks ready to kill.”

Well then, how's about we put this plan into action?” Harry smirked in a most definitely Slytherin way. “Ron why don't you go and... well show them step one.” the answering smirk he got was most assuredly filled with amusement.

If you can't beat them, join them.” the redhead muttered as he rose from his seat on Harry's other side and walked the small distance to Hermione. “My lady, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to Potions class this morning?” he bowed with a fluorish, the bushy haired Gryffindor giggling lightly as she took his hand. Ron made a show of kissing her knuckles as he picked up her bag from beside her on the bench.

I would oblige you, kind sir.” she curtsied at him and then looked at Harry who was discreetly looking at the Slytherin table for the other Trio's reactions.


Pansy looked murderous, as did Blaise as they stared at the show. What the hell was going on? Why were they doing that? Draco was still unaware or he simply didn't care as the other two watched the scence unfold.


Jealousy's such a bitch,” Potter's offhand comment had both his friends laughing at him and the Trio proceeded to walk out of the Hall together in the direction of the dungeons for double Potions with the Slytherins. “This is going to be fun.” by the end of it all, their tormentors would become the tormented... just not in the same way.


Mr. Potter, I'm surprised your potion is somewhat decent,” the Slytherin Head of House said rather reluctantly. After he had been saved by Potter and his friends after he was attacked by Nagini, he didn't quite know how to act around the Trio. He owed them his life after all.

Thank you sir,” Harry inclined his head politely before going back to his desk and proceeding to clean up the mess he had made while working on the potion.

Harry can you help me with mine?” he was broken out of his musings by Ron's innocent question. Forest green met with startling blue and then both smirked, they had gotten the attention of the whole class already.

Sure Ron, what do you need help with?” he abandoned his task of cleaning up and walked to the redhead's station where he stood right beside the confused looking boy.

I can't seem to get the technique of cutting this bloody root.”

Nice one Ron.” Hermione giggled quietly as he watched Harry hold onto Ron's arm, his other hand snaking around the other boy's waist to show him how to properly cut the ingredient. Her gaze roamed around the room, settling on the blond Ice Prince and his dark haired minion.

That's it, you just have to keep the knife angled this way so the potion won't blow up in your face.” Harry tried to hide his smirk at the glares he felt being sent their way. True, their position would look intimate to others but he and Ron would only be friends.

Thanks mate.”

No problem.” he smiled at him, a smile that to others would look full of meaning but to them it meant nothing. “'Mione, you doing okay?” Harry turned his attention to the giggling brunette who he was sure was enjoying this a little too much.

I'm fine Harry,” she flashed him a brilliant smile and they both swore they heard someone growl.

Back to work!” Snape snapped at the class. “Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger might I suggest keeping such interactions out of class and within the privace of your chambers?”

I'm sorry Professor, but I don't quite understand what your trying to say.” Harry stared up without fear, jade meeting onyx in a battle of wills.

Very well Mr. Potter.” a smirk settled itself on the potions master's face, a direct image reflected on the Golden Boy's. “I trust you know what you're doing?”

Of course Professor.” with a swish of his robes, Snape turned away and began barking out orders to the rest of the gaping class. Harry smiled as he went on to cleaning his station. His plan was going well.


It was lunch time after Transfiguration and the Golden Trio were making their way to the Great Hall when they were accosted by their Slytherin counterparts.

Potter!” he was promptly ignored by the brunet as he proceeded to put a stray lock of hair behind Granger's ear, laughing quietly at the pout Weasel sported. “Potter!”

What Malfoy?” glaring green met with angered silver.

What did you do to Professor Snape?”

I have no idea what you're talking about Malfoy.”

Don't lie to me!” he brandished his wand, pointing it directly at the apathetic brunet. “What did you do to him?”

Like I said Malfoy, I don't know what you're talking about.” he simply raised an eyebrow at the blond. “Now why don't you take your cronies and get out of our way so we could go eat?”

Why I ought to~” he didn't know what happened. Last time he checked, he had Potter at wandpoint so how was it possible that he was pressed into the wall right next to the Great Hall's doors, Potter in front of him, his wand out of sight.

What Malfoy?” grey eyes widened at the husky voice. “What do you want to do to me?” the voice was right at his ear, he could feel the warms puffs of breath as the dark haired boy spoke. “Do you want to hex me?” he could feel his ears flush and his cheeks were definitely burning. “Or maybe something else?” he openly gaped at the innuendo but just as quickly as he had come, Potter was gone the next second.


It's a date then,” Harry heard Zabini say to Hermione as he casually strolled back to them, ignoring Pansy's bewildered stare.

Um, okay,” the girl blushed prettily under the intense gaze of the dark skinned Slytherin.

Potter, is it alright if I take Hermione out to Hogsmeade this coming weekend?” he was slightly surprised that he was being asked but he chanced a look at the girl whom he thought of as a sister and saw the pleading in her eyes.

She's already accepted so who am I to say no?” he shrugged as he handed Draco's wand over to his fellow brunet. “Give that back to him, will you?”

Sure Potter. Oh and I know what you're trying to do.” the words were said almost whispering.

Seems you're the Hermione of that Trio, aren't you?” he commented and smiled back at the knowing smirk sent his way.

Seems so, just promise me no one gets hurt.”

We don't plan on hurting anyone,” it was Ron who muttered.

Save me the sappy moment Weasley, take care of yourself.” Blaise met their gazes full of confidence before turning back to Hermione. “I'll meet you here at breakfast?”

See you Blaise,” in a moment of Gryffindor courage she leaned up and kissed the corner of his lips then took Harry's proffered arm, the two began to walk inside leaving Ron who looked like he wanted to say something.

Something to say Weasley?”

Don't hurt her Zabini,” were his parting words as he too turned away and began walking inside but not before winking at the still gaping female Slytherin. Blaise watched as the redhead jogged to catch up to his friends effectively flanking Hermione. Satisfied that she was safe with them, regardless that they were inside the castle and the headmistress was in the vicinity, he turned back to his own friend and almost laughed. Pansy sported the perfect imitation of a fish out of water though she tried to glare at the retreating Weasley but the effect was even more hilarious due to her furious blush.

Hey Pans!” he flashed her a shit eating grin as he gently shut her mouth. “Cat got your tongue?” he ducked as she swung at him. “Come on let's go get Draco.” The blonde stood where Potter left him, eyes slightly glazed over though swimming in confusion.

What the hell just happened?”

Blaise, what the fuck happened?” Pansy's use of the expletive broke from his confused trance.

I have a date.” Zabini replied as he sauntered over to Draco. “You still alive Drake?”

Blaise, what happened?”

It seems as if the people whom you have your sights on reciprocate your attention.”


Never mind, let's go eat.”


About damn time,” Seamus Finnigan exclaimed as he slumped onto the bed. “What took you so bloody long to decide?” Harry shrugged before responding.

Don't know,” he said. “What with the War and all. I didn't really know how to approach him but then he started getting all poncy with me and it got on my nerves.”

He's always been poncy.”

I know that Seamus,” he glared at the snickering Irish.

So what changed?”

Guess I just decided to finally show him I reciprocate his feelings.”

Yeah and it took you seven fucking years to decide.” Ron snorted from his position on his own bed.

You're not much better Ron.”

Yeah well, we had to follow your lead now didn't we?”

That didn't stop you from ogling Pansy every time you see her.”

As if you didn't.”

Of course not!” Harry sounded properly offended.

Bloody hell Harry, that's not what I meant!” Ron protested, rolling his eyes when he finally saw the mirthful expression on his dorm mates faces. “Git.”


Alright stop with the insults,” it was Neville who said it. “Can we talk about something else?”

But I'm much more interested in how Harry found out about Malfoy liking him.” Seamus was pouting as he said, earning him a slap to the back of his head courtesy of his boyfriend Dean Thomas.

I've always know about it.” Harry said. “I'm not daft Seamus.”

Then why haven't you?”

With Voldemort on the loose? I don't think so. Besides I didn't even know how I felt back then.”

And now?”

Now, I'm sure.”

If you say so.”

So Neville, how's everything with Luna?” Ron interrupted the would be argument, and the boys turned their attention to their formerly shy friend.

Everything's fine Ron. She's the same as always.”

Harry tuned them out, thinking more on his plans for the next morning. “What should I do next?”


Sev, what the hell?”

Draco I don't understand what you're trying to tell me.” he settled his chin on top of his interlaced fingers, expression unreadable as his godson ranted and raved about letting Potter win an argument.

Why did you let him win?”

There was no competition,” he raised an eyebrow as the blond scoffed and then continued pacing in front of his desk.

Why did you concede?”

Again, there was no contest. I did not let him win, I simply agreed that he was competent enough to know what he was doing.”

You trusted Potter to know what he's doing?” the blond pinned him with an incredulous stare. “You hated him, for six years and still counting, you've hated him. You fired question after question at him on his first day in Potions knowing full well he wouldn't be able to answer because he wasn't raised in a magical home.”

How do you know that Draco?”

It doesn't matter,” the cursed himself at the slip. “The point is you hated him.”

Things change Draco, the War has changed everyone. Why must you insist on keeping petty grudges.”

This is Potter we're talking about.”

I know perfectly well who we're talking about Draco.” he glared at the Slytherin Prince. “You on the other hand seem not to understand.”

You're right I don't understand. First he wins an argument against you without points being deducted or detention served and then he bloody well assaults me~” he looked up with wide eyes. “Fuck, I'm leaving.” he turned and with a swish of his robes disappeared out the door.

Well played Potter, well played,” he resisted the urge to laugh sinisterly but settled on a smirk as his godson's voice died down, his footsteps retreating. “I'll be watching,” he decided as he rose from his seat. With a grandiose wave of his wand, the lights died out and he disappeard into the dark.

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68 Reviews

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Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:29 am
Archer wrote a review...

Huh? I'm really sorry, but I didn't follow this at all. I've reread it a couple times, but I still can't follow the plot. It seems like Harry, Hermione, and Ron, cooked up some plan that did something, and now Harry and Draco are together? Only, Draco doesn't know it? Anyways, the entire plot doesn't seem to work. This is set after the events of book 7 when none of them are even at school anymore.

One thing you could do, though, to clear things up is to stop using so many synonyms. You refer to everyone in a hundred different ways, and it makes it really, really hard to tell who's talking. Hermione is alternately called 'Mione, the bookworm, the savior, and other terms. Why can't she just be Hermione? When you do use regular names, it's like a huge breath of fresh air because I can finally just read your story rather than guess at who's talking or who's doing what.

As for shipping Harry and Draco, that didn't really seem to work. There's no hint of it until the scene with Seamus, and Draco himself seems to be oblivious to it all.

You may have something here, but for right now, I'm still trying to figure out what I just read.

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Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:41 pm
MysteryMe wrote a review...

This is really cute :). I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter series, and in my opinion this is definitely in character. It's been forever since I've read the books, and this really made me feel extremely nostalgic XD. Good job on it, though.

Anyway, it was a pretty good piece, but it was slightly confusing at times and you have a few grammatical errors. Still, there's nothing major for me to point out. I very much enjoyed this :). I especially liked the last scene.

Sorry, this wasn't much of a review XD. But still I hope this helped!!!!! Keep writing!

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