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Call of War by Xavier Dimattia

by XD20

The horizon glistened with the fiery hues of an impending dusk, casting a somber and sobering light on the battlefield below. Smoke and dust filled the air, as the scent of death lingered amidst the chaos. Soldiers, adorned in tattered uniforms, navigated the treacherous terrains with weary determination.

Private John Reynolds, a young soldier hailing from a humble village, found himself amidst the chaos in this war-ridden land. He had heeded the call of duty and answered the clarion call, leaving behind his family, friends, and the tranquility of his former life.

Inspired to fight for what he believed in, John mustered every ounce of resilience within him as he faced the harsh realities of war. His fellow soldiers became his brothers, forging unbreakable bonds in the crucible of combat. Together, they experienced the horrors that no amount of training could have prepared them for.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and the relentless cycle of battles never ceased. John's nights were plagued with dreams of home, tormented by the sound of bullets and the screams of the fallen. He yearned for respite, but the call of war persisted.

As the tides of battle shifted, John witnessed both the horrors and the heroism that dwelled within men. He saw soldiers charging fearlessly into the line of fire, sacrificing themselves for a greater cause. Yet, he also witnessed the merciless brutality inflicted upon the innocent, the ruins of villages torn apart by the seemingly insatiable appetite of war.

Amidst the turmoil, John found solace in the little things. A small act of kindness, an unexpected glimmer of hope, or a shared laughter amidst the simmering tensions served as reminders of humanity's resilience. Inspired by these fleeting moments, he kept going, gritting his teeth and clutching onto the hope that one day, this incessant war would end.

But it was not until one fateful night, engulfed by darkness and the ominous silence of a cease-fire, that John discovered the true cost of war. Sneaking out into the forbidden woods, he stumbled upon an abandoned field hospital. The shattered walls whispered tragic tales of the pain and suffering inflicted upon young lives.

The sight of wounded soldiers lying amidst the wreckage stirred something deep within John. Overwhelmed by compassion, he made it his mission to bring care and comfort to the forsaken. With makeshift bandages and limited supplies, he tended to the wounded, offering a new kind of inspiration amongst the apathy of war.

His acts of humanity rippled through the battlefield, inspiring others to rise above the savagery. Men who had once been consumed by hate now sought to bring comfort to their comrades, to ease the pain etched upon their faces.

As news of his selfless act spread, John became known as the "Angel of the Battlefield." His actions brought hope and camaraderie to a war-torn land, transforming the hearts of soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

John's journey on the battlefield was far from over, but his newfound purpose fueled his determination to fight for a better tomorrow. With each bullet dodged and each life saved, he remained steadfast, embodying the profound call of war that transcended the brutality and reminded humanity of its capacity for compassion.

For, even in the realm of realism, there lies an inspired kind of creativity that affirms the notion that amidst the carnage, the unwavering spirit of mankind can endure.

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Wed Jan 31, 2024 6:24 am
avianwings47 wrote a review...

Hello, fellow author! I saw your work on the Literary Spotlight and decided to deliver a bird-themed review for you, partially inspired by the YWS S'more Method! Let’s dive right into it! (Bird-style, of course)
First off, welcome to YWS! From one new member to another, I'm glad you decided to post your writing here! I've found YWS to be encouraging and constructive, especially with all the wonderful writers here.

Bird’s-Eye View: First Impressions!
This piece immediately caught my eye because of the eloquent writing. Your writing style is very nice to read and gives a very enchanting feel. The story all together portrays an important theme of perseverance. John found light and purpose, even amidst a war while surrounded by death and sorrows. You encapsulated humanity's willingness to keep going perfectly!

Flying High: Things I Loved!
Wow! You used such lovely imagery in this piece. Your writing is elegant and very descriptive. With the structure of this short story, it feels like an old fairy tale or fable. This piece flowed so nicely, and your use of figurative language left my jaw on the floor. Seriously, this piece is so beautifully written.

Bird Song: Favorite Lines!

The shattered walls whispered tragic tales of the pain and suffering inflicted upon young lives.

Not only did you give us a beautiful metaphor and imagery, but you also conveyed a story through this sentence. You gave us insight into the setting, as well as its past. This type of sentence is perfect, given the context and formatting of your story.

With each bullet dodged and each life saved, he remained steadfast, embodying the profound call of war that transcended the brutality and reminded humanity of its capacity for compassion.

This sentence captures the theme of this story, as well as shows us a little bit of what John's life was like after he discovered a new purpose. (I also just love the word choice of this :D )

Preen Your Feathers: A Bit of Advice!
The only advice I could offer is to keep writing! I didn't notice anything wrong with the story, nor any grammatical errors. Experiment with new types of writing! Switch up the structure! Create new metaphors that may or may not make sense! What ever you do, I hope to be able to see it!

Lifting Off: Closing Thoughts!
This was a wonderful piece with delicate word choice and an important theme. It really did feel like I was reading a fairy tale-type story! (Except there was no magical elements, but that's besides the point)

Keep writing! -Avian

You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.
— Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind