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The Crow by Jay O'Barr

by WinterGrimm

A classic graphic novel that I remember first reading when I was about twelve years old when a friend loaned it to me. I picked it up a few days ago to bring into my young adult lit class to show a good example of a graphic novel. Jay O'Barr writes and illustrates this macabre tale of revenge with a personal flare that really brings the story to life. While I can hostesly say there are somethings the movie did that I liked better than the book the main attraction in the book is the layout. Each chapter is prefaced with either a quote or poetry and his black and white drawing caputure something intriguing that he could have never done in color. Also when looking at the art notice the softness of Eric in his life with Shelly as opposed to the violent, sharpness, and overbearing shadows of his unlife as the vengeful spirit, The Crow. Its a great read and even better to look at. Not to mention that its one of the few graphic novels that have been consistantly in print since its first publishing in 1981. Very few graphic novels have that staying power on the market and most of them are written by the comic book industry's giants such as Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Neverwhere), and Alan Moore (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell).

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Fri Jan 28, 2005 6:52 am
VariousUndine says...

I read this over and over again. It's such a powerful, sad, awesomely violent work. Hits you in the gut as hard as it hits you in the heart. I think the crow itself was my favorite character. He could have been one of Morpheus's ravens.

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Wed Jan 12, 2005 7:22 am
hawk wrote a review...

I have never read The Crow, I knew it was a comic or something, the fact I've seen the film and not read the story is somewhat embarrassing. Is it good?
I've only ever seen one adaptation of The Crow, and that was Stairway to Heaven. Brandon Lee died during the making of the original film, I think, and I'd like to see that one. It's a brilliant tale, but the movie I saw certainly did it no favors.

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