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The Yokai Village Chapter 1 the Encounter

by Unknownentery

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

I was walking deep in a forest far away from human civilization. It was quite peaceful and silent as a result. The leaves were blowing very softly and relaxing. It was quite nice considering the bullshit that humans can bring. There were rumors of spirits and monsters living out here, at least in isolated areas far from human civilization. They say that if you encounter one, you will be lucky if you don’t die in the first minute. In fact, you would be insanely lucky if you got to live at all. However, I hardly believe those rumors. I continued to walk for about 2 more hours. It was about 1 PM and I realized that I need to start heading back. However, shortly after turning around I heard something. It sounds like someone walking up behind me. But before I got a chance to turn around, I was being grabbed by someone! I was about ready to scream in panic, but my mouth was almost immediately covered! However, I heard a female voice. “Calm down human, calm down. I am not going to kill you. I am going to take you to my home.” I tried to break free, but I could even get her to budge. “It’s hopeless to resist human, I am much stronger than you,” she said. I just had a feeling of what I was dealing with. “Ok this is not going to work out like this” she said. “So tell you what, I'm going to release, but don’t attempt to run away” She continued. She released me, and I immediately turned around. I got a good look at her, she was beautiful. Her hair was blond and long. Looked somewhat young, and has big breast. However, I notice she has ears of a fox along with a tail. I realized what she was, she was a fox spirit. “I wouldn’t scream if I were you” she said with a sadistic smile. “No human would hear you and would only attract yokai that would want to kill you” She followed up on. “Your a…. Fox Spirit?” I asked. She replied “Yes I am, but don’t be scared. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done so already”. “However, you are coming with me, I can’t let you escape” She said. She has a grin on her face, but why would she want me? She doesn’t want me to escape, but won’t kill me. I should be grateful, but something tells me I am not going to like what she has planned for me. However, before I had a chance to do anything, she grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me as she started to walk. I am shaking with fear, and the fox realized that and said “Relax I am not going to hurt,” Then she said “In fact, how about this, my name is Tamamo! What is your name?” That did not calm me down, it made me even more fearful “Tamamo No Mae” I asked? She replied “No, the one you humans think is evil! My mother named me after the great fox spirit sorceries due to my skills with magic. But again my name is Tamamo, what is your name?” I then say “My name is Zack”. “Zack, that is such a nice name” she replied. Suddenly she hugged me for some reason. Her body was really soft, partly because of her huge breast. It was clear she had no intention of hurting me; moreover, it's clear she even wants to be friends with me. I finally start to relax a little. “Good” Tamamo said as she rubbed me on the back. “We are almost at my village now” she followed up with excitement! I saw the back of a house. It was made of wood, one floor, not very big, and a few windows. Tamamo then said “I have to enter the back of my house so no other yokai see you.” Me and Tamamo enter the back of the house through a glass door. “Welcome to your new home Zack” Tamamo said while hugging me. I assume Yokai would be fairly primitive with technology, but the house had quite a bit of technology I would find in my home. It had lights, a ceiling fan, and freezer. It even had a computer and game system to my surprise. However, the technology was somewhat behind. The oven appears to be powered by charcoal, and judging from the back of the box for one of the games, the graphics on the game system appear to be on par with a N64 just without the shitty textures. “Are you Impressed Zack?” She asked. “More than what I was expecting” I replied. “Good! you must be hungry, why don’t I cook up something for both of us” Tamamo said with excitement. Tamamo opened the freezer and got raw chicken. She put it in the oven. Then she lifted her hand and had her 2 main fingers and thumb about ready to touch each other. Then a small piece of fire suddenly popped up. She chucked it into the oven igniting it. She then turned to me. I still had a bit of uneasiness. I realized that yokai are afraid that if a human finds one of their settlements, they will tell other humans and be hunted. Yet, she basically forced me to come to one of her settlements. Maybe she might hold me for ransom so that if humans find this place, she will use me as a hostage to get the humans to back off. However, that doesn’t make sense as I could still escape and make things worse for this village. Also, I doubt that tactic would work long term. Or other humans could just forget about me and attack anyways and I die. Humans are full of shit sometimes, so that wouldn’t surprise me. However, I also haven’t really seen much of the village anyways. I tried looking out the window next to the front door. However, I couldn’t see much at this angle. Tamamo then said something to me “Go ahead look out the window. Just don’t show too much of your face out there. I moved closer to the window to see what out there. There was a stone road out there. I saw a few other houses that looked similar to this one. But my eyes were glued to the yokai's. I saw a black tengu girl out there. I saw a wolf girl as well and a male oni. There was even a kappa out there. The village appeared to be somewhat large as there were at least a few dozen yokai. “Do you like what you see?” Tamamo said. “Yeah, it's a little interesting,” I replied. Tamamo giggled. Well Dinner is not far from finish. She used her fingers to create another small piece of flame, and she flung it into the oven. “See this is my spiritual power” Tamamo said enthusiastically. “Fanisanting” I said with excitement. “Oh this is nothing compared to my overall powers” Tamamo replied. “Anyways dinner is finally finished” Tamamo said. She brought the cooked chicken over to the table and we both sat down. Tamamo took a leg for herself, and she gave me the other. I took a bite into it, and it tasted better than any chicken made by a human. “It tastes good doesn’t it Zack?” Tamamo asked. “My fox fire that I used to heat the oven went into the food enhancing it taste” she followed up on. We both ate until there was nothing left. At this point it was getting dark. “Come here Zack” Tamamo said by the back door. We both sat down next to each other. Tamamo couldn’t help but leen against me. Tamamo began to tell me something “You know Humans and Yokai aren’t much different from each other despite how we all treat each other. “I don’t know, I can’t use spiritual power like you,” I replied. “Yes you can” Tamamo said! “it’s just really hard for you to learn and you can’t wield it that well” Tamamo followed up on. “Well actually it is possible for you to wield spiritual powers that are on par with yokai; however, the few that achieved that sometimes became yokai simpithers and with a little help became yokai” Tamamo continued. “Who were those humans” I asked? “Pristist, yokai hunters, humans who seek us out and kill us,” Tamamo grimly said. “Many Yokai settlements originated in Asia; however, hunters became so rampant that many moved to other nations like America. We even learned the language and a bit of culture. We were hoping they wouldn't expect to find us here. However, we believe that they might be catching on recently. In the last 5 years we found some pristist getting close to a few settlements. We had to kill them before they told any other priest,” Tamamo continued. “I never knew Yokai and yokai hunters existed,” I told Tamamo. “I’m not surprised by that, it tells us we did a good job hiding,” Tamamo replied. “However, we unfortunately have to kill any humans that come near this village” Tamamo said in remorse. “I might have to kill you Zack,” Tamamo said sadly. I immediately freaked out. Then Tamamo said “However it depends on the offer I am giving you. Zack….. If you want to live you must…. Become a yokai.” my face immediately lit up. “You see I mention it is possible for people with high spiritual power to become a yokai with help from other yokai; however, average humans with little to no spiritual power are near impossible. The survival rate is extremely low, often putting the human in extreme pain before death. I know fox spirits are not the nicest to humans, but we do not put humans through extreme cruelty. However, we don’t like killing humans either” Tamamo explained. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This is kind of fucked up. “However, I discovered a way to turn humans into yokai with a guaranteed change of survival. I am a highly skilled fox spirit after all and I don’t want to kill you. I captured you to try it out on you, but I really began to like you. You are full of charm and you are a friend to me. I know this is hard for you, but I really don’t want you to die” Tamamo said, hugging me. I was totally shocked, a part of me wanted to accept, but I don’t know what will be in store for me as a yokai. Then Tamamo said “ You don’t have to accept today or tomorrow, I’ll even give you a week to consider. However, do you trust me, do you like me, are you considering it?”

Note: Thanks to Savage Nami for the ASMR

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Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:28 pm
Ave38 wrote a review...

I like the world-building you did here. I think this has a lot of potential to go places!

It sounds like someone walking up behind me.
You switched tenses here and a couple more places.
I would recommend breaking this up into paragraphs. Having it all in one paragraph can be daunting for the reader. Some ways to do this would be to make a new paragraph every time someone new talks or when you switch subjects.
Other than that, this looks like an interesting world!

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Sun Dec 13, 2020 8:01 pm
Zoom28 wrote a review...

That was an amazing story. I love the way you write. You are making a great progress. A little bit of technical vocab might make it better though!
You are an amazing writer and I can tell that you have the power to write. Your grammar is well used and you have made your writing flow. I think you could put a bit more effort. Hope you have a great time writing. God bless you. Thanks.

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Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:56 pm
Zoom28 says...

Thats amazing, great start!

When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.
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