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Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles Delint.

by Tara

This book was beyond amazing. Delint is lie no other author out there, his material is completely original! It'a a collection of short stories, each one utterly amazing. The author writes fantasy stories that happen in the modern day world, in places like New York, and other big cities. The stories in this book are definately intended for 'mature readers', but the authoor is a genius. Each story in this book is captivating, amazing, and stays with you. You get sucked into them at the beginning of each. Definately worth reading.

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Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:02 pm
Rei wrote a review...

So true. I think the thing that makes much of his work so special is that he uses contemporary, social realism and mixes it with ancient lore and mythology. So far my favourite story of his is Wolf Moon, though Greenmantle is really great, too. Haven't heard of this one, but I shall seek it out.

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