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by Squirtlepowiee

Author's note: This was based on a conversation I had with my friend. I decided to make a story out of it, using a few techniques from the story, "Annie95 is typing". And don't worry, nothing bad happened in the end. Everything was a bit strange, but I saw her the next day and she was fine. Some information you need to know in order to understand what is happening: We are talking about periods 4 and 5. The 'test" that is mentioned is a test we took in 4th period science. In 5th period, she has history, I have english. Mrs. Le is the name of our science teacher. Ms. Ly is her history teacher and Ms. Sentner is my english teacher. "Mr. Melly" is Ms. Sentner's teacher helper. His name is spelled incorrectly though. The "glitching screen" mentioned by my friend is the screen glitch from Annie95 is typing. The "stalker book" is a book the school gave all the student at the beginning of the year that included everyone's addresses, phone number, and email. It includes the teacher's classroom phone extensions. Hope that clears up some of the confusion!

audio recording of a video chat *some parts may be unintelligible due to static, will be marked with a ****

omg i need to tell u a story, so during 5th period, we were working on h


So, the light above Sentner started blinking, it blinked once

then twice, a total of 3 times, then it stopped blinking

someone said whoa, then it started blinking like crazy

it was like a strobe light, then someone screamde


then there was this creepy metallic sound

omg i heard someone scream in 5 th too

then Mr Melly turned off the light

Omg anddd

did u see? 😮


but i heard the scream


and i was the only one who heard it, so i am like wat

but no one else noticed it, i dont know what dat was ;-;

so i am all like maybe it is in my head

but it is too much of a coiincidnece

but it wasnt...

but who screamed

for us to be talkin about it yesterday and for it to happen today

i dont know

omg omg omg omg

it is after us

oh nooo

the glitching screen

the light

wat is itt

the scream, this smell of trouble

and creepy supernatural stuff

hey did Sentner tell u honor stuff


im like

im definitally not gonna get it

but who screamed?!

i dont knowwwwwww


dat is the creepy part

it didnt sound like a human scream


it echoed

i could barely hear it

human screams dont echo in classrooms


but i know i heard it


wat did the class do

after the scream there was this ringing in my head

they kept writing



i d be like AAAHHHHHHh

and run into the vent system and scream thro it

hey during the test


did u hear this wierd sound

it wnet beeep every few seconds

and id look around the classroom

no 😮

but i couldnt find the source

and no one else reacted to itttt

and i am like wth

it was really bothering me

oh no, its comiung

but it was like


u heard it right, in science?

u had too

no...only english

but i think the scream heard in history was in my head

it didnt seem like something

i dont know

Wait this is weird so in science u heard it i didnt

in english i did udidnt

dat was periods 4 and 5



40 is the meaing of life


maybe it is telling us something

the 45 th day of the year

Omg maybe its telling us to go beyond life

into death...

or 4+5

i dont knowwww

4 stand for death in chinese


wat about 5

i dont know but i thought of something

5+4 is 9, 4 means death

49 means "dead for a long time"

maybe the real number is 49

i dont know]

and i dont get 4

Wait a sec


wat if the noise i heard

was in4

In 4th period!!!

and was telling me that #4 would behard


so i can now tell the future..

so many 4s but 4 means death

it means much death which means

death creator

during 4th or 5th period



during 4th p or 5th p

a death creator who was thought to be dead for a long time ******

will go beyond death, into life

and carry death with him

lots of death

and who ever hears his scream will be the first victims


but it was beep sound

whoever hears his sound them



calm means a quick death

scream means a slow and agonizing one..

im scared ;-;

1 cuz of de scream 2 because im not done with hw

maybe it something else


Ms Le room is 401


and Ms Sentner 405





this still makes sense

wait no

Ly is 301









i am out done kapeesh it all goes back to 9

wat does 9 mean


it symbolizes long in chinese

Tina keep on thinking

buti found something else

brb i will turn to my private investigator for more


in the stalker book there is a # for each teacher

for Le it is6739, Sentner it is 6708

ohh yes

it all add up to 45!!!!!!! i am not even kidding


this isnt a mere coinsedecne Tina

this the universe

telling us something

no its 46

Oh wao

but wait 3 teachers

Le, Ly, and Senter





we r born in September




the 9th month




this is too much'

too much to be a mere coicidence

TINAAAAAAAAa ur full name has 9 LETTERS

i am so scared

all the letters in my name equal to



Tina there is more

both of our last names r 4 and 5

me being 4 and u being 5

and add up to be 9

oh no

this is too much

what is dat bangin noise

idkkkk creeeppyyyy omg maybe my sis?


I have another one




oh wait nvm

Sentner has 7!!!!!!!

not 6


its 9!!!!!!!!

Holy i hear footstps behind you

**** there is *** behind you*****




No, what xD You need some sleep.

There is no one behind me.

We’ll, I’m pretty sure all of this is just coincidences.

Nothing else.

no i swear there was someone behind you

4 minutes later

mushroom u there?

9 minutes later


was that you previously?

how do I know if that was you?

***** holy god fuc-****ng***



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Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:52 pm
Feltrix says...

The exact same flicker light thing just happened at my school about fifteen minutes ago!

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364 Reviews

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Reviews: 364

Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:22 am
zaminami wrote a review...







(Plus I love how you used Annie96 is typing. I love that story and the movie)

I just have one piece of criticism: Isn't it 42 that is the meaning of life? Not 40? (If you nerds don't get it it's a reference from A Hitchhiker's Guide of the Galaxy)

Dude we should do an Annie96 co-author thing together or something. I posted one thing of horror and that's it. (Check it out!) I think I'm pretty scary, but you're scarier. WAY scarier.

Keep up the good work!--


This was a chat between my friend and I so 40 was used incorrectly. Sorry for the confusion ;-; Thanks for reviewing! And maybe we could do that one day :DD I tried to look at your portfolio but nothing pooped up. Could you send a link please?

*popped xD sorry, not pooped

zaminami says...

Oh okay. GO NERDS!

So yeah. That'll be GREAT. I call Annie.

I put all of my portfolios as private or something... I'll open them up and I'll send you a PM with the links just in case!


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Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:54 am
skylnn00writes wrote a review...

I think the overall arching concept of the story is really great. The fact that this is based off of a true story is actually pretty terrifying, and I'm going to be looking over my shoulder for a while. Although I can't figure out if this is over text or not because if it is over text I don't understand how some of the texts wouldn't be legible, but if they are talking then the grammar is very off. If I were you, I would take this and make it into story form, along with what happened during the periods. Maybe take it out of them just texting or whatever and add some background into it? I feel like that would make the story that much scareier. Also, I think you should put in character names and make this in to a real story. Still, like I said before, it is very good and actually creates a semi severe form of fear in me that I probably shouldn't have but this isn't even completely fictional. Good job and I hoped this helped :smt001

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Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:14 am
Mea wrote a review...

Hey there! I thought I'd drop by to review this.

So this is a cool way to do a story, instant messaging back and forth. I think it works pretty well - the story is certainly engaging and creepy at the end.

There are a few things I think you could do to make it a stronger story, though.

First, ditch a lot of the chatspeak, or at least the misspellings of words (like 'wat') and all but the most commonly used acronyms. (brb, nvm, etc.) Also, capitalize names - there were a few times where I thought you were referring to a name but wasn't sure if it was that or if it was just a misspelled word. This is just to make it more readable. Chatspeak is faster to type, which is why people use it, but it actually slows down reading a lot more than you'd think, even for people more used to it. I had to backtrack a few times to understand what was being said.

The reader should be able to read the story without needing the paragraph of explanation at the top. That's just good storytelling. This will mean editing it to be less like the actual transcript of your conversation, but that just goes to show that real life is not like fiction. :P In general, I think you'd be surprised at how much readers can pick up without you overtly explaining.

You frequently used asterisks and I didn't quite understand why - some of them looked like they were censoring out swear words, but then others were just random strings of asterisks. Did they symbolize time passing?

But overall, I enjoyed this. The absurdity of the math and how everything added up to 49 and the general air of conspiracy theory made me laugh, and then it was very chilling when it turned out that it was all true... and something happened.

Thanks for reviewing! I will go back and fix the chat speaking thingy when I have the time. Also, the **** symbolizes static because this is an audio transcript.

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447 Reviews

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Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:58 am
EternalRain wrote a review...

Hey there! I was a bit skeptical to review this at first because I wasn't sure how. I've never read anything quite like this.

I have a few thoughts/a bit more confusions:

1) The text-speak was, it felt, a little unnecessary. Since this was written from an audio, I think simply writing it it "regular" writing would be better and easier to read. It would make more sense if it was a text message, but it wasn't, so it really isn't necessary.

2) I love the story that we get to follow, but it really was too confusing. If I hadn't read the author's note I wouldn't really have known what was going on. And it's hard because since this was a conversation, you can't exactly alter it to make it "less" confusing, but maybe you can find a way? Even developing this further into a story - maybe creating a character that narrates in first person, so we get the information that we do need (like the stalker book and the teachers).

3) I think my favorite part about this was the plot. I was a bit "hmm... it's just gonna be some simple text message story" but boy was I wrong! The entire thing was fun, thrilling, and exciting. I liked it a lot.

What I think would be cool - and this is a crazy idea - if you take these two characters (you/your friend) and you could make small stories like these with them in it, maybe revolving around mystery! Sort of a mini Nancy Drew type of thing.

Was all this real or did you evolve a conversation you had with your friend into this story? :p It was crazy! If it was real, I'm glad you two are okay.

Keep writing!


It was real. Well, 95% of it. The conversation was, but not the end xD And do you think I should italicize myself in the conversation or my friend to make it a bit clear? TY for reviewing!

EternalRain says...

I think it's clear how it is now, but I think it's fine it you do italicize it.

Always do what you are afraid to do.
— E. Lockhart, We Were Liars