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A Walk with God

by Skellingtom

The streetlights were dim on the harbour as I walked with God. The walk was peaceful and I enjoyed it, but then the lights went out. From the pitch black surrounding me I heard the howl of a wolf behind. I walked quicker, and God told me not to fear, but I heard only fear. I began to run as the wolves drew closer and God said to me, “Do not fear, for my own creation cannot harm itself.”

“You are wrong.” I reply, “For I have been hurt many times."

“A wolf may bite you and your body may tell you that you have been bitten, but the wolf may never harm you. Now come back to my side, there is nothing to fear my child.”

I heard these words but listened only to fear. The jog home was peaceful for I had lost the wolf, but I did regret the loss of God’s company. I finally made it home, collapsed on the couch in exhaustion and in my blindness grabbed the remote. I understood now my fear was misguided as the creation of Man consumed my soul.

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Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:04 am
Ergosh wrote a review...

First off, I want to say that I am impressed with this essay.
Besides the fact that it was well written, it also challanged me in my own personal walk with God. A lot of the time when trials or troubleing situations arrise I am to quick to abandon the side of my Lord. When you said that, “A wolf may bite you and your body may tell you that you have been bitten, but the wolf may never harm you," It reminded me of that verse in the Bible that says that we're not to fear anything in this world. It was a real encouragement. Thanks {:
Keep up the good work.

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Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:09 am
GeeLyria wrote a review...

Wow! Love it!

I think many people can relate to this (At Least Believers xD); it was short, but neat!

I only found a little mistake.

"You are wrong, (<-- the period should be a comma)" I replied. (<-- Should be past, like the rest of the story) "For I have been hurt many times."

I congratulate you for the lovely piece. Thanks for sharing! Keep writing!


Skellingtom says...

Thanks very much.

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