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Ice & Magic - Chapter Four

by ScarlettFire

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and mature content.

For Tenyo's LMS V. Word Count: 1,186, approx.

Chapter Four

Nag watched Ceri eat for a moment before she stood and approached the fire. She crouched beside it and added another log, careful not to put her hand too close to the flames. She might be a dragon, but her element was not fire. The log hissed and spat at the flames began to consume it, and she turned back towards Ceri. Her pretty mage girl.

“What do you mean by that?” the human asked and Nag sighed, rising slowly. She felt old and creaky, but she wasn’t that broken yet. “Nagendra?”


“What did you mean by—”

She chuckled. “I head you the first time, Ceri, darling.” Nag returned to the table and sat down on the chair opposite Ceri. “You don’t need to repeat yourself, and it means exactly what I said it does.” She leaned forwards and fixed Ceri with a narrow-eyed stare. “I need you.”

Ceri jerked back from her, dropping her spoon into the now-empty bowl with a clatter. Her eyes were wide and her voice was thick with fear when she whispered, “No.”

Nag froze, subtly inhaling. The human was terrified, and it wasn’t a fresh fear. It was an old, deep terror—the kind that lingered. And familiar. Nag leaned back with a snort and looked away. “There’s no need to be so frightened,” she said, softening her voice and keeping her body language open and non-threatening. There was no need to scare the human any more than she already had. “I would never touch someone in…that way…without permission. And as you can see, I prefer a female form.” She slid her gaze back to Ceri’s. “Human or dragon.”

The fear—the terror—melted away, but only partially. It was enough for Nag, She could work with that, especially considering she knew what had had Ceri terrified—and what had nearly happened back in the clearing with the slavers.

“Oh,” Ceri whispered, sounding confused. “Oh, I see…”

Nag nodded and rose gracefully. “I shall leave you to your recovery,” she said and turned away. “The curtained doorway is off-limits. Please respect my privacy, Ceri, as I shall respect yours.”

With that, she crossed to the curtain and swept it back. Nag was tempted to glance back, but she refrained. It probably wouldn’t reassure the girl, and Nag could do without a knife in the back for once. Too many people had tried to kill her before, and she had always triumphed over them. Always. And it wasn’t just because she was a dragon. No, it was because she was old and wise. She knew better; when to fight, when to run, when to hide. When to destroy entire nations with her ice. She just didn’t want to destroy this human before her curiousity was satisfied, and she had a feeling that it would never be satisfied with Ceri. She was looking forward to it.

A few days later, Nag resurfaced to find that Ceri had tended to her injures—beyond what Nag had been able to do for her—and had been attending to the small chamber she’d been left it. The bed was remade, the fire rebuilt and apparently the mage had even ventured out to catch a rabbit or two and find some wild vegetables. Nag could smell the stew cooking. It made her very hungry, and she’d need her strength. She had used a fair amount of her inherent magic to heal the girl, after all.

Nag hesitated in the doorway, watching as Ceri stirred the pot hanging over her small cooking fire. She took a moment to just appreciate the moment before she cleared her throat and stepped into the room. Ceri whirled about to face her, fumbling with the wooden spoon she’d found. Nag raised an eyebrow and stepped into the chamber, letting the thick curtain fall back into place behind her.

“Evening, Nagendra,” Ceri murmured, offering her a small smile.

“Evening.” She inclined her head and moved to the table. Nag stretched her arms up over her head, hid a yawn and then sat down. “How long was I asleep for?”

The mage hummed and turned back to the pot. She began stirring it again and lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Two, maybe three days? It’s kind of hard to tell what time of day it is from in here.”

Nag glanced at the pot and then frowned. “Surely you ventured out to find that?”

Ceri paused in her stirring to glance over at her then down at the pot. She offered Nag a shy smile. “Would you believe me if I said it came to me?”

For a moment, Nag wasn’t sure if she’d heard the girl right. Had that been a joke? She smiled back and chuckled. “Probably not.”

The mage offered her an even shyer look before she focused on her cooking again. Nag left her to it and leaned back in her seat, absently watching Ceri and she moved between the pot and the table and the bed. She looked a lot better than she had when Nag had rescued her. The cut on her forehead was little more than a faded scar now, thanks to the combination of their mixed magic, and she’d bathed at one point. Nag could smell the flowers on her; lavender and jasmine and lilacs. There was still a hint of Bittersweet to her, but it was fading quickly. Nag was glad for it; she couldn’t bear for the girl to suffer and wasn’t able to heal her again. Not so soon, that was. She’d nearly faded during the initial healing, and she’d mostly been channeling the healer’s own magic.

“What’s that look for?”

Nag blinked and jerked her gaze up from the floor. Ceri was watching her with growing concern, and she realised she was growling lowly. “Hmm?” she hummed, raising at eyebrow and watching as the mage grew flustered, blushed and looked down. “What look?”

“You had this look on your face like you wanted to kill something?”

“Ah,” Nag said and sat up straighter. “I apologize, Ceri.” She grimaced and glanced away. “I cannot help thinking of the slavers. I left one escape…”

“Delfan,” Ceri said, voice flat.

She glanced up sharply. “You noticed that?”

Ceri nodded. “I may have been drugged, but I wasn’t completely lost to it.” The mage looked away, face growing pale. “I’ve had that used on me before and have a slight tolerance. The temple healers usually take a very small dose daily to, ah… protect against the worst effects?”

Nag’s gaze narrowed. “Then why were you not taking it?”

“Uh…” She glanced about the room, gaze resting anywhere but on Nag and then abruptly turned away, back to the pot. “It’s…complicated…”


“I don’t want to talk about it, Nagendra.”

Nagendra inhaled deeply and then frowned. There was something beneath the scent of flowers, something she hadn’t noticed before because of the strength of the Bittersweet and the scent of blood and injury. A sweet, subtle scent that would not have been out of place on a—

Nag froze. “You’re pregnant.”

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Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:18 am
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soundofmind wrote a review...

Bada bing bada boom, I'm gonna kick this outta the green room. Ayy.

Her pretty mage girl.

*squints at screen* She's not YOURS, Nag. Ceri is her own, or, if anything, belongs to the mother goddess she serves (do I forget the name already if there was one? ...yes). Not a fan of you claiming her with pronouns, Nag. Not cool, not cool.

She just didn’t want to destroy this human before her curiousity was satisfied, and she had a feeling that it would never be satisfied with Ceri. She was looking forward to it.

More and more I'm having mixed feelings about Nagendra. She's defintely a multilayered and flawed character. It's clear that she's confident and strong, and I'm sure she's right that she has a lot of experiential wisdom that she's gained over the years, and that's largely what's kept her alive this long, but I just ain't about to hop on the her keeping "her human" Ceri around as like... idk, a pet? Or a source of magic to keep her alive? To heal her? I know she's been very careful not to scare Ceri and has tried to be upfront with her in terms of her intentions not being to harm, but she hasn't really explained what she means outright either.

It seems like Ceri is a bit confused too? Like, sure, Nag wants her to save her, but I don't think Ceri knows what that all entails, and neither do I, the reader, lol.

And if Nag is like, excited to keep Ceri around - is it really all just to keep her from dying? WHAT DOES NAG NEED FROM CERI??? I GOTTA KNOW. I'm out here hardcore questioning her intentions.

Which makes me wonder why Ceri doesn't seem more skeptical? And with the timeskip and everything... why is Ceri staying around? Is it just because she doesn't know where she is and how to get back home? Is fear keeping her coming back to the cave? I mean, I get it. She was just captured once, and then recaptured by a dragon, which is a far more intimidating captor in terms of like, someone you could actually fight against.

Which, again, I think Nag is probably aware of. Like, the fact that her just being a dragon, in general, is probably enough to keep Ceri feeling trapped. But Nag also took like, a 3 day nap. That's plenty of time to work out an escape plan and try to get back home if you want to.

I guess what I'm saying is I really wanna know more of what's going on in Ceri's mind, because I'm not fully understanding why she's sticking around. Don't get me wrong! I'm all for her as a character!!

Had that been a joke?

I'm with Nag on this one. If a pot legit just came to Ceri, I'm like... HOW? But also if she stole it???? HOW????? No offense to Ceri, but she wasn't really able to fight off the slavers by herself and she hasn't been shown to be like, a competent fighter or thief. We know she's a healer, but that's about it.

“I’ve had that used on me before and have a slight tolerance. The temple healers usually take a very small dose daily to, ah… protect against the worst effects?”

Oh???? OH?? This would explain some of her clarity, and also why the Bittersweet was wearing off sooner than the slavers expected!

Nag froze. “You’re pregnant.”


Is this why Ceri didn't just leave? Is that why she didn't have the confidence to find her way back home? Because I mean, she killed a rabit and conjured a pot. Sounds pretty capable to me (heehee).

Dang though, would the Bittersweet mess with the kid though?? IS THE BABY OKAY? Who's the daddy? I know she hinted at not being like the other girls™ and having been touched but dang. There is some backstory that I want! Un! Packed!

Please write more!!!!! Love u and *salutes* sound out!

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Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:01 pm
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JabberHut wrote a review...


This is SUCH a huge turn. She's a healer, a priestess, and isn't allowed to be touched by ANYONE. You did hint earlier that she was a beauty, hinting that she could be desired (assuming this twisty end happened because of human contact). This also implies that she's known about this since the start of the novel at least, but if she's still not showing, she probably only found out a short time ago. If SHE knows and is not taking the daily dosage required of priestesses, I wonder if other priests can tell like Nagendra can, meaning the temple could potentially know about this as well whiCH COULD BE A HUGE UPSET ON ITS OWN OMF

I think in your next draft, it could potentially help to start a liiiittle earlier just to get a better idea of Ceri's character. At the start, she seemed more confident and badass-ish, but now she seems to just be courageous and more... well, priestly. XD She's still confident, but not in a I'm-ready-to-make-a-name-for-myself but more of a I'm-not-afraid-of-you-even-though-I'm-afraid-of-you. Basically, it'll be nice to have a better sense of her character.

Seeing Nag and Ceri together is so much fun. I had a feeling these two would make for good banter, and I still look forward to more dialogue between them. I like how you're already jumping on the lusty-side of things, how Nag just seems hungry for Ceri while Ceri is remaining purely innocent of it all and unsure (which ties back to the point about getting a better sense of her character). This makes me want to ship them, like, so hard. If I did fanfiction for YWSer novels, this would be one of those times. Plus, I like that you're doing this early on, at least from Nag's perspective.

I worry a little bit that Ceri's feelings are developing too quickly. She was just kidnapped, drugged, and is now being held hostage by a dragon who needs her magic. She has every right to be skeptical at the very least and has no reason to feel anything for Nagendra aside from fear or worry. Assuming she doesn't have personal experience with dragons, there should be an air of uncertainty, maybe even attempts to escape (since the dragon was asleep for a few days?). Or just get into Ceri's head more to see why she's voluntarily staying, why she's developing soft feelings for Nagendra, etc.

Quickly, I want to add how fascinated I am about your dragons. I LITERALLY cannot wait to learn more about your dragons here. I never would have guessed she had ice magic as I remember her magic was purpley and dark. I'd have guessed shadow magic of some sort, so the fact that it's ice is super interesting to me and I hope we get to meet more dragons later. I love dragons. I want to learn more about your dragons.

OH! And I love how you referred to her scent this chapter. It wasn't distracting at all. It was just enough to get a sense that Nagendra smells these flowery scents, so when the ending came along and Nagendra realized there was ANOTHER scent beneath all the flowery stuff -- like that was done super well. It was tasteful and perfect, and since Nagendra had been asleep for a while, she probably didn't notice that scent of a growing baby as Ceri's scents wore off over time. So definitely a good job with that part! It made me happy.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!! Let me know when you post the next part! :D

Keep writing!

Jabber, the One and Only!

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— George Orwell, 1984