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The untouchable Lady!

by Saurav1947

From today, people have started following the great Indian mythology and started skipping meals for some days. Though each if us pray Goddess Kamakhya (the goddess of bleeding), we don't allow ladies to cook food during their periods. We don't allow them to enter the temple. They mean untouchables to us during their periods. Ain't this so wrong? Shouldn't we look at our mythology and think about it. Isn't something wrong with us? 

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Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:52 am
FeatherPen wrote a review...

Hey, this is an interesting topic and I'd agree with reikann that it would make a good forum post if you wish to discuss it. However as an essay I was expecting it to be longer. You could achieve this by elaborating, giving facts such as how many people follow this practice, where about it is practiced or a personal story.

"From today" means starting now. This makes it seem like it is a new thing or a fad. Try -for generations- or -Indian mythology has long been followed- if you want it to mean it has been happening for a long time.

In this sort of article or essay "ain't" would be better replaced with -isn't- or transfer the question to a statement and just say -this is wrong-

The origin of periods being tabo from my knowledge stems from before modern hygiene existed. Making women during their cycle untouchable was a hygiene measure. There are many old cultures which dictate this practice. From a modern standpoint it appears pointless and suppressing but religion is used to teach and maintain social rules as well. So when the Social rules change some times religion lags behind.

The first step of change is voicing the problem so good work in introducing the topic. May words forever flow from your pen/keyboard.

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Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:26 pm
reikann wrote a review...

Review comments -
Firstly - I'm not sure this is a literary work. It sounds like a topic better suited to the forums or a club or blog - try asking here, you might get better answers.
The grammar here is difficult to understand, and so it took a few reads to understand what you were trying to say. I'm guessing English isn't your first language. We all start somewhere, so don't be disheartened!

Comment comments -
From my point of view, I do think that that belief is silly, and that everyone should be allowed to pray in their sacred place if they want to, bleeding or no. The idea of bleeding being something 'unclean', I think, is stupid.
Also, everyone should look at and examine all of their beliefs, religious or otherwise!
But, no, nothing is 'wrong' with Indians for believing that, because you and they can always change their minds.

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