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The Blade of Everafter (Chapter Summary)

by Rincewind

Chapter I: Provisions – Fyrebrand the King of Vendragons (half man, half dragon) comes down from his keep and picks up armour and supplies for his journey. Bartender gives him his first lead to go on.

Chapter II: The Great Dragon Bandit – Fyrebrand finds himself in the bandit’s hideout. The leader ends up being a Great Dragon named Galrouchai, who tells him the story of the night his father died and his blade was stolen. He informs Fyrebrand of the Vazriem assassins that took the blade and how they were known to have one last established society in a town called Salvation.

Chapter III: On the way to Salvation – On his way to Salvation, Fyrebrand is ambushed by a renegade not-dragon. He refers to himself as Asht’Iad and he engages in a heated battle with Fyrebrand. They talk as they fight and it is revealed that Asht’Iad had also been searching for Graythorn (the Blade of Everafter) for a few centuries. Eventually Fyrebrand would really hurt Asht’Iad and he would retreat, threatening as he left that he would see him again, sooner or later.

Chapter IV: Moonlit Night Fight - Fyrebrand reaches Salvation and it is just as ruined as he had expected. He camps out there and has a dream about the night his father was killed. He wakes up in the night because he hears something skittering around and after hunting for it he finds out it is the last Vazriem (One eighth dragon). A twenty something year old girl named Horan. She is (like all Vazriems) very stealthy. After hearing each other’s stories they decide to become comprades and from then on travel together.

Chapter V: A Dishonorable Past - Horan told Fyrebrand many stories about present times and what happend to her race. She told him about the War of Orcs and Men in which her town was destroyed while the two races fought for Graythorn.

Chapter VI: The Pillaging of Orund Kahli - Fyrebrand and Horan come across a village under attack by pillaging lizard-kin, and various beasts. Fyrebrand finds out from the citizens that the assailants are after something vaulable the village possesses. Fyrebrand figures it might be the sword so he and Horan fend off the lizard-kin army. The valuable thing ends up being an egg, nobody knows what kind of egg. The citizens give the egg to Fyrebrand and Horan and they leave.

Chapter VII: A Loathesome Obsession - Again Fyrebrand is ambushed by Asht-Iad, only this time in the heat of battle, Horan jumps to save Fyrebrand and takes the blow herself. She get badly injured, with life threatening injuries and Asht-Iad flys off laughing. Fyrebrand makes a bed for Horan out of sticks and carries her to find help.

Chapter VIII: Final Flight – Fyrebrand encounters a large problem while carrying Horan. The end of the continent! Fyrebrand is forced to fly over a large mass of water while carrying Horan and it is quite exhausting for him. Trying to balance flying and trying to keep Horan alive proves to much for Fyrebrand and he falls. He holds onto Horan as tight as he can and they plummet into the water, and black out.

Chapter IX: Resting on Allied Wings – Fyrebrand wakes up on top Galrouchai the Great Dragon. It seems his scouts told him what happend and he came to the rescue. Galrouchai lands on the nearest continent, near a large river in a jungle. They lay Horan near the river and try to give her water and nurse her back to health, but to no avail. Just as Horan passed on, The Spirit Gods of Everafter appear and talk to Fyrebrand and Galrouchai. They say that this was the first time a dragon, Vendragon, and Varziem had been together in harmony. They said it brought some peace to the afterlife and the Sprits rested easier now that they witnessed harmony within the dragon races. The Spirits (the same spirits which granted the Graythorns extended life and forged Eldren The Graythorn) revive Horan and rises up out of the water. Then the spirits who still feel immensly thankful to the three dragon-kin, tell Fyrebrand where his sword is.

Chapter X: A Reoccuring Nightmare – Fyrebrand now accompanied by Galrouchai and Horan, walk for many weeks, and cross many oceans in search for the Lost Caverns of Siad-Dyllad, the last resting place of the Blade of Everafter. As they grow closer Fyrebrand becomes stronger, faster, and more intellegent. When they are almost to Siad-Dyllad, they are ambushed yet again by Asht-Iad. This time Asht reveals his true self. He says that he is the longest naturally living Vendragon in the world, at seven hundred years old. He also says that he has been waiting for Fyrebrand to come down so he could quide him to the blade and that his plan was to kill them all and take it. Well Fyrebrand and company will have none of that and in a long strenous battle the good finally prevail.

Chapter XI: Reunion / Beginning - Fyrebrand, Horan, and Galrouchai make it to the Lost Caverns of Siad-Dyllad, and are met by an un-welcoming committee. They are ransacked by dark elves, ogres, orcs, goblins, hideous beasts and even another dragon. They are all a dark alliance guarding the Graythorn. But when Fyrebrand is that close nobody was a match for him. At first Fyrebrand and company will be getting beaten, but quickly Fyrebrand will be drawn to his sword and they will reunite in a spectacle of astronomical proportions. Fyrebrand’s appearance is changed when the bright light clears and whips around the caverns with his comrades in his wake cleansing the place of evil.

Fyrebrand, Horan, and Galrouchai return to Mt. Graythorn. They stay there for a few days and eventually the egg they were given hatches into a baby dragon.

Thus begins the adventure of the Blade of Everafter. Join Fyrebrand, Horan, Galrouchai, and the newly born Xerxes as they go on a quest to bring peace and harmony within all races, and return the world to how it was before the death of Eldren Graythorn.

This book acts as a set up for a possible series.

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Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:24 pm
Rincewind says...

First two Chapters are done already.
I'll post them tut suite.

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Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:27 pm
Emma says...

It actually sounds pretty good, and infact I would like to read this when it comes out, even though I would have some idea of the plot. It would be nice to see how you write it.

Nice, don't mind telling me when it will come out? Thanks.

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