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A Miracle and Curse

by Raelyn

(The Miracle And The Curse)

Copyright © 2017 by Amara Marluke

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

The Miracle And The Curse

Copyright © 2017 by Amara Marluke

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

(I do not own any of the Tinkerbell Movies)

Printed in USA by 48HrBooks


To my beloved Amelia,

Who begged me to keep writing and gave me the love and support I needed to finish my long journey to write my first book. You always remind me to never give, up no matter how big or small my dream is.


Long ago two fairies fell in love - even though it was forbidden for a warm fairy fall in love with a winter fairy. These two fairies decided love overruled rules. Wanting more than visits at the border, they crossed the border. The winter fairy broke his wing, which broke the warm fairy’s heart. She loved him so much she would rather hurt his heart then risk him getting hurt physically again. She forbade crossing the border; never again would she have that missing part of herself. Until, a brave and daring summer fairy finally broke the spell. She discovered that winter fairies could frost the summer fairies wings, which allowed them to cross over the border without risking getting hurt. You may know the two lovers as Queen Clarion and Lord Milori, and the daring fairy as Tinkerbell.


Dress Planning

Tinkerbell was enjoying a morning skate with her sister Periwinkle and her friends Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Vidia, Gliss, Spike, and their long lost friend Zarina. Suddenly a horn went off, calling all fairies to Lord Milori castle. Tinkerbell’s friends flew ahead.

“Come on Tink,” said Vidia. “Last one to the castle is a rotten egg.”

“That seems a little unfair to be coming from the fast flying fairy,” said Tinkerbell. Vidia sent a hard breeze pushing the girls forward a couple feet.

“Better,” said Vidia with a grin. Tink shrugged in response.

“Go,” said Gliss one of Tinkerbell frost fairy friends.

They all flew to the castle as fast as they could, but Vidia still won. When they got there, the girls were surprised to see Fairy Mary instead of Queen Clarion and Lord Milori.

“Where are the Lord and the Queen?” Clank asked.

“Gather round. We have important matters to discuss” said Fairy Marry ignoring Clank’s question. All the fairies went quiet and turned their full attention to Fairy Mary.

“Queen Clarion and Lord Milori are engaged which means we are going to be planning a surprise wedding party for them! Now listen closely - this is a very big secret. Winter fairies are going to go back to their original land. Do to this event Periwinkle and Tinkerbell will meet at the border daily to exchange progress reports.” Fairy Mary took a break. “Questions concerns?” Fairy Mary asked.

They were all quiet, well except Clank.

“Ummm… Fairy Mary how do we keep this secret?” Clank asked.

“We don’t say anything,” said Fairy Mary sternly.

Right at that moment the royal couple walked out of the icy double doors. Both of their eyes widened.

“And what is the meaning to this?” Lord Milori asked. Fairy Mary shuffled her feet from side to side.

“We are having a going away party,” said Tinkerbell. Fairy Mary gave Tinkerbell a thankful look. To convince the couple Fairy Mary hugged Dewey.

“I’ll miss you Dewey,” said Fairy Mary.

“What is the big rush? We aren’t scheduled to leave for three days,” said Queen Clarion with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh we have lots to do Queen Clarion, but I really think you should stay here with Lord Milori, and have some quiet time,” said Fairy Mary.

“Well then I leave you in charge,” snapped Queen Clarion.

Tinkerbell stared wide eyed. Did Queen Clarion really just yell at Fairy Mary? Surely Tinkerbell had imagined this. Queen Clarion hadn’t even yelled when she released the sprinting thistles on the spring festival! Suddenly arms wrapped around Tinkerbell.

“I’ll miss you,” said Periwinkle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see you at the border,” said Tinkerbell smiling. This was a sentence that meant alot to the sisters because when they were forbidden from seeing each other, that is what Tinkerbell had said to her.

They all bid farewell to their friends, and, in Tinkerbell’s case, friends and family. All the summer fairies went back to summer.

“Meet me at the Pixie Dust Tree,” said Fairy Mary.

When all fairies arrived at the Pixie Dust Tree Fairy Mary pulled out what looked like a blueprint. Fairy Mary started to yell commands to the fairies.

“Tinkerbell, please send a letter to Queen Clarion in code to find out what she wants her dress to look like for the wedding,” said Fairy Mary. Tinkerbell’s heart sunk. She was one of the best tinkers and she was writing a letter to queen clarion on what she wanted her dress to look like.

“Rosetta please take the garden fairies and have them put together the best flower bouquet ever seen,” yelled Fairy Mary.

Back at Tinkerbell’s house she grabbed her parchment and quill.

Dear Queen Clarion,

This is Tinkerbell. I was wondering what you wanted your dress to look like for this spring festival. Since we will be spending the festival with the winter fairies for the first time, choose your dress as though it was your wedding dress.

Yours Truly,


She smiled at her work and put it aside. She would bring it with her tomorrow to the border. In the meantime she went around to take dress requests from the rest of the fairies in Pixie Hollow.

The next morning Tinkerbell flew as fast as she could to the border to meet her sister. Periwinkle sat at the border looking exhausted and worn out.

“You look how I feel,” said Tinkerbell.

Periwinkle laughed.

“What are you doing for the wedding?” Periwinkle asked.

“Dress in writing a letter to the Queen in code and running around Pixie Hollow taking everybody else’s dress requests and orders,” Tinker Bell said with an eye roll.

If periwinkle had laughed before it was nothing compared to the way she howled with laughter now.

“Yeah. Ha ha, very funny Peri,” said Tinkerbell.

“What are sister for?” asked Periwinkle with a smile.

“What are you doing for the wedding?” asked Tinkerbell.

Periwinkle glared at the ground. “I get to make sure the darling couple doesn’t find anything out,” said Periwinkle.

“That doesn’t sound all that bad,” said Tinkerbell.

“Want to try it for a day? Trust me, you don’t!” said Periwinkle.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Progress reports!” said Tinkerbell. They exchange their reports.

“Bye Periwinkle! Make sure to deliver this letter to Queen Clarion,” said Tinkerbell giving her the letter.

“Bye Tink,” said Periwinkle.

Both fairies went back to their jobs. Tinkerbell gave her report to Fairy Mary.

“Good grief! The winter fairies are ahead of schedule by two weeks,” cried Fairy Mary.

Tinkerbell thought back to when Queen Clarion had snapped at Fairy Mary. “Fairy Mary?”

“Yes Tinkerbell?” said Fairy Mary.

“Did you notice how the Queen snapped at you in front of everyone at the castle?” asked Tinkerbell.

“Well, I was kind of asking for it. I took her job and I embarrassed her. I wasn’t nice about it either. Plus, Queen Clarion is smart Queen. She knows I am up to something.” said Fairy Marry.

“I guess. I’ve just never seen Queen Clarion snap like that. Not even when I released the sprinting thistle on all the spring supplies.” Fairy Mary laughed at the memory of young Tinkerbell’s mistake.

“Oh Tink, I have known Clarion for so long,” said Fairy Marry. “I even knew her parents.” Fairy Mary bit her lip like she had said a secret. Tink brushed it off and went back ‘fairy planning’.

Back at her house Tinkerbell was reviewing the dress orders. She giggled as she read Rosetta form. “Run my dress idea by Sled and see what he thinks,” Rosetta wrote. Tinkerbell smiled and placed the form in a pile to take to Periwinkle the next day.


Periwinkle’s Secret

Back in the Winter Woods Periwinkle was delivering Tinker Bell letter to Queen Clarion. She knocked three times at lord Milori door. The Lord opened the door.

“Good morning Periwinkle, what brings here today?” Lord Milori said with a glowing smile.

“I need to talk to the queen in private,” said Periwinkle, Lord Milori face dropped. He raised his eyebrows.

“Okay I will just go check on the snowflake progress,” said lord Milori.

WAIT! She thought to herself. She remembered that he was heading right towards wedding headquarters!

“Wait! You might actually want to stay and help this concerns a dress for Clarion,” said Periwinkle.

Great now you have to do this task with them in the same room, Periwinkle thought. Yet she put on her best smile and turned and walked into Milori's room.

“Who was that Milori,” asked the Queen before Periwinkle even came through the door.

“Oh,” said Queen Clarion embarrassed when she saw Periwinkle. She was snuggled on her bed with a blanket wrapped around her and a small pillow on her stomach.

“Tinkerbell’s sister...can you remind me what your name is again dear?” Queen Clarion asked.

“Periwinkle,” said Periwinkle. She handed the letter to the queen. Queen Clarion's eyes widened near the end the letter. She showed the letter to Lord Milori, pointing to various lines. His eyes widened as well.

“How do I… should… hmmm,” the Queen for once didn’t have flawless speech. Then Lord Milori grabbed the queen hand and squeezed it.

“We will figure this out together,” he leaned his head against hers. Periwinkle looked away.

“Excuse me,” Periwinkle said uncomfortably. “We have very important business to discuss.”

“Right! Sorry, thank you for your patience,” said Queen Clarion. “Could you re-frost my wings please?”

“Yes of course,” said Periwinkle

“… I don’t understand” Periwinkle stared wide eyed when the Queen stood up and revealed a large round belly.

“You can’t tell anybody!” Queen Clarion cried.


Tinker Bell was at her house reviewing all the dress forms lost in thought when she looked at the clock and realized that it was time to meet Periwinkle at the border.

“Tinkerbell! Over here,” said Periwinkle.

“Hey Periwinkle, how are you doing?” Tinkerbell asked.

“Here is the letter and the progress report like requested,” Periwinkle said with a smile.

“How was your meeting with Queen Clarion?” Tinkerbell asked.

“Umm… It was… Good?” Periwinkle said uncertain of herself.

“Is something wrong? Did they break-up? Is it worse? Did you give away the surprise wedding?” Tinkerbell asked frantically.

“Tink, I think that them breaking up would be a lot worse than me giving away the wedding,” Periwinkle said with a small laugh.

“True,” Tinkerbell said forgetting her recent string of questions. “They are kind of perfect for each other.”

“Maybe you and Terrace can get married next,” said Periwinkle. Tinkerbell blushed.

“No. Sled and Rosetta will get married before that,” said Tinkerbell.

It was getting late and time for the girls to go back. “See you later sis,” said Tinkerbell - her early uneasiness forgotten.

Back at Tinkerbell’s house she realized that the Queen left no sizes on the form! Tinkerbell flew to Fairy Mary as fast as she could, knowing that this was a big setback.

“Fairy Mary, Queen Clarion forgot to put sizes down for her dress! What are we going to do? We are already far behind the winter fairies.”

Fairy Mary’s eyes widened, then she laughed. “You must have missed it. The Queen likes to hide that information in her letters,” Fairy Mary grabbed the letter. “Well I will be darned,” said fairy Mary. Her eyes widened again.

“What is it Fairy Mary?” Tinkerbell asked.

Fairy Mary shook her head.

“Not you too!” cried Tinkerbell. “First Periwinkle was hiding something, and now you?”

Fairy Mary’s eyes became misty. “Go to Queen Clarion tomorrow. Have Periwinkle frost your wings. I am sorry Tinkerbell, but I should not be the one to tell you.”

Tinkerbell stomped all the way back home. She was surprised to see Terrence passing out pixie dust.

“Hey Tinkerbell, what’s wrong?” Terrance asked.

‘‘Nothing. I am totally fine, really Terrance, don’t worry,” said Tinkerbell. He put a hand on her shoulder. Tinkerbell appreciated how much Terrance was there for her, even when he didn’t know what was wrong.

“I know how hard it must be having all this wedding stress on your shoulder, but you are doing great!” Terrance said supportively.

“Thanks Terence,” Tinkerbell said.

Tinkerbell met her sister at the border the next day.

“Hey Tink!” Periwinkle was very upbeat this morning.

“Frost my wings please,” said Tinkerbell.

“Okay,” said Periwinkle raising an eyebrow.

After Tinkerbell’s wings were frosted she flew off to the ice castle in such a hurry she accidentally knocked over her sister.

“Tink wait, where are you going?” Tinkerbell was already out of earshot before Periwinkle could question her further.


Oops There Goes That Secret

Tinkerbell went to the winter castle and knocked on the door. After knocking four times, Lord Milori finally answered the door.

“Hello Tinkerbell, can I help…” Tinkerbell ignored Lord Milori. He looked tired. She had no time to question him. She needed to speak to Queen Clarion who she saw dozing inside.

“Tinkerbell please! She is sleeping. She needs some rest,” Tinkerbell once again ignored the lord.

“Queen Clarion wake up! I need answers,” a pair of blues eyes flashed open in response.

“Tinkerbell, Can you bring me a glass of water please?” asked Queen Clarion.

“Queen Clarion I need answers and fairy Mary said… oh my goodness! Queen Clarion, what happened to you face? You look really sick.”

“Not in the way you think,” said Lord Milori

Periwinkle came rushing in. “I am so sorry I tried really hard to talk to her, I really did!”

“It is quite all right Periwinkle. Somethings are not meant to be kept secret.” Lord Milori said.

“Exactly,” said Tinkerbell. “So will someone please tell me what is going on?”

“Milori, Periwinkle, can I have a minute with Tinkerbell alone please,” asked Queen Clarion.

“I will fetch that water for you,” Milori said. Both fairies left leaving Queen Clarion and Tinkerbell all by themselves.

“Now Tinkerbell let me tell you a story. Long ago I was a baby…” Queen Clarion was interrupted.

“What? Do you mean when you had your first pixie dust cup spilled on you.”

“No Tink, I mean I was an infant. I had parents. Long ago Pixie Hollow was very different. Fairies fell in love and had children together. All was well until I came along. My uncle - my dads brother, was very jealous that I was the heir to the Pixie Hollow throne. He was also jealous that my mother fell in love with my father instead of him. He cursed the world so that fairies could no longer have children. My parents used all of their magic so that fairies could still be born by the first laugh of a baby. They also protected me from this curse so when the time came, I could bare an heir for Pixie Hollow.”

Tinkerbell slowly took in all this information. Her eyes drifted to Queen Clarion's stomach which was just starting to show her pregnancy.

“So you are going to have a baby?” Tinkerbell asked.

“The official term is pregnant,” said Queen Clarion with a smile. “And yes, I am. It is making me go crazy. One moment I’m happy, the next I’m angry, which is a feeling I haven’t had much experience with. I’m also eating a lot more food than usually because I’m now feeding two!

“This will change everything Queen Clarion! Pixie Hollow will never be the same. Just think, I brought us lost things, Zarina brought a whole new talent and you are bringing a baby!”

“You must not tell anyone Tinkerbell,” ordered Queen Clarion.

“But they need to know! What if…” Tinkerbell was


“Tinkerbell, they will know when I tell them,” Queen Clarion said her face showing the stress.

“Yes Queen Clarion,” Tinkerbell said.

Lord Milori and Periwinkle entered again.

“Isn’t it amazing Tinkerbell! Queen Clarion going to have a baby!” Periwinkle said excitedly.

“I know! I wonder if it will be a summer fairy or a winter fairy.” Tinkerbell said thinking aloud.

Queen Clarion looked at Lord Malori lovingly. “We don’t know anything about the baby. I hope it’s a little boy, with Milori’s features,” said Queen Clarion wistfully.

“But you can feel it?” asked Tinkerbell.

“That for sure,” said Queen Clarion with a smile.

“I can as well sometimes,” said Lord Milori reaching down to talk to the growing bump. “Hello, little hatchling.”

“Can I talk to the baby?” Tinkerbell asked.

“Of course you can,” said Queen Clarion. Tinkerbell put her head against the Queen’s stomach.

“Umm… Hello my name is Tinkerbell. I went through a lot of trouble to find out about you.” Tinkerbell said.

“What will you name the baby?” Tinkerbell asked.

The Queen and the Lord looked at each other and laughed. Periwinkle and Tinkerbell raised an eyebrow.

“We have been so caught up in keeping the baby a secret and keeping me healthy, we haven’t even thought about that yet,” Queen Clarion said.

“If we have a girl then we can name her Ree,” said Lord Milori. Queen Clarion glowed, Ree was her middle name.

“If it is a boy, we can name him Milori Junior,” said Queen Clarion. Lord Milori laughed, and shrugged.

“Let us hope that it is not a baby boy,” Tinkerbell whispered to Periwinkle.

“Dewey is going to have two new books to write! One on a miracle, and will be the best love story ever,” Tinkerbell said.

“Dewey already knows. And you’re are right, he has already started writing a book on us and our story. He started it when I broke my wings and Clarion forbid border crossing. It seems he’s been waiting a long time for the two of us to finally see what he knew all along” said Milori smiling at the sisters.

Periwinkle looked down at the letters she had planned to send back with Tinkerbell. “Hey, look at what Sled wrote to Rosetta,” said Periwinkle with a smile.

Dear Ro,

No need to ask me, you look beautiful in whatever you wear.



Tinkerbell laughed. “Maybe we can plan them a surprise wedding next!”

Queen Clarion raised an eyebrow. “Plan a surprise wedding after who?”

“You of course! Remember…” Tink clasped her hand over her mouth. She thought quickly to change the subject. “So do you think your baby will be a winter fairy or a summer fairy?”

“Tinkerbell, what is going on?” asked Queen Clarion sternly.

“I can’t! It’s supposed to be a surprise,” said Tinkerbell.

“They are planning a surprise wedding for you!” Periwinkle announced.

“But why wouldn’t you tell us? I knew Fairy Mary was up to no good. When I get back to that stubborn pain of a fairy… Tinkerbell there is so much planning, especially dress planning… oh! That’s what that line was all about. That is why the letter was so important.” Queen Clarion concluded.

“Yup,” said Tinkerbell. “We have been kind of working on your wedding since we left the Winter Woods.”

“That makes sense, but Tinkerbell, you must end these arrangements immediately! I am in no condition to be a bride!”

“Yes Queen Clarion,” said Tinkerbell.


Bye Bye Surprise Wedding

Tinkerbell went straight to Fairy Mary and fulfilled the Queen’s request.

“Fairy Mary the wedding is off…”

“Oh no! They were so strong, I never thought their relationship would ever come to an end…”

“Fairy Mary, they're still together! Queen Clarion is just…”

“Pregnant,” Fairy Mary said.

“Yes. You should see her stomach it has a small bulge now.” said Tinkerbell excitedly. “So you knew Queen Ree then?”

“I was her best friend. She told me she wanted me to be her pixie mother, which of course I accepted.”

“Tinkerbell come with me,” said Fairy Mary. Tinkerbell followed Fairy Mary to her house. When they got there, Tinkerbell stared wide eyed at Fairy Mary’s house. She had so many amazing inventions in her little room! Fairy Mary opened a door to a little secret library with boxes.

She opened a yellow box with golden letters then said “Ree made this book when Queen Clarion was just a little baby,” said Fairy Mary. Giving the book to Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell ran her finger over the letters on the cover.

“I still can’t imagine a life where fairies could all have children,” Tinkerbell said. Tinkerbell turned the page to find a beautiful fairy which she thought was Queen Clarion at first, but she soon realized it must have been her mother, Queen Ree. First of all, Queen Clarion would never wear pink or wear her hair down. Secondly, she was holding a little baby with bright blue eyes.

“It might be a good thing Queen Ree’s not still around. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two,” Tinker Bell said with a laugh.

“James did often complain that Clarion looked nothing like him,” said Fairy Mary.

“Who is James?”

“Clarion’s father. He was a great ruler,” said Fairy Mary with sad eyes.

“You must miss them?”

“Tinkerbell I do not know if missing them is a strong enough word. When they left me queen Clarion was only a toddler. I raised her and brought her to be the Queen she is today.”

“You raised Queen Clarion?”

“Yes Tinkerbell. Is that so hard to believe?”

“No I just… you guys are so different.”

“Why do you think I know how to push all her buttons so well? I know her just as well, if not better than Lord Milori does. Queen Clarion and I may not have a romantic relationship, but it is just as powerful. She respects me as much as I respect her.”

Tinkerbell was about to ask another question when she thought better of it.

“Well I should go make the announcement,” Fairy Mary said.

“Oh just so you know, the queen doesn't want anyone to know about the baby,” said Tinkerbell.

“Gotcha,” said Fairy Mary.

Tinkerbell attended the announcement with Fairy Mary. Everybody's wings dropped when they found out the wedding was off. After the other fairies were done being sad, they had a million questions. Tinkerbell left trying not to spill anything for the Queen’s sake. So she went to the Winter Woods, to go visit Queen Clarion. She knocked at the queen's door.

“Clarion rest I’ll get the door,” Tink herd Milori say.

“Tinkerbell what a wonderful surprise why don’t you come in since you’ll just barge in anyway,” said the Lord.

Tink thought back to the last time when she was so desperate to find out about Queen Clarion that she pushed past him.

“Sorry about that,” said Tinkerbell.

When Tinkerbell walk into there room she noticed that the queen looked weak, and her face was as pale as Lord Milori, which for a summer fairy was bad very bad.

“Queen Clarion you need to see a medical fairly, you look worse than before, much worse,” cried Tinkerbell.


Tinkerbell’s Task

“It does get worse with every passing day, but I can’t have a medical fairly help me with this. They can’t know yet. We choose Dewey to be in on the secret,” Queen Clarion said.

“Right, the keeper of all knowledge! Of course he would know,” said Tink.

A little over 4 months ago Queen Clarion went to Dewey’s cave to tell him some strange things had been happening to her.

“Well,” he said “there is only one explanation to what you are feeling,” sad Dewey. “You my Queen are pregnant!”

“Pregnant?” She had said very confused.

“Yes,” Dewey said. “Now I'm going to send you home with some books. It will help you understand more about the baby growing inside of you and the changes your body will go through.”

“Growing inside of me?” She said anxiously.

“Now my Queen, it is just a baby. It won't hurt you! It will just stay in your stomach until it has grown enough to meet the world.”

“A baby? Isn’t that impossible?” said Queen Clarion.

“Not impossible...not for you at least. I can’t believe Fairy Mary hasn’t told you this! Your parents gave up their immortality. They combined it with a powerful enough magic so that you could still have a heir. The time has finally come. You are going to be a mom!”

“Dewey I am not ready to be a mom,” said Queen Clarion.

“You are in luck you have nine months to get ready to be ”

Queen Clarion snapped back into reality when Tinkerbell ask her a question.

“Queen Clarion did Dewey know your parents too?” Tinkerbell asked.

“Well he knew of them of course, but fairies couldn’t cross the border at that time. Wait! How did you know”

“Fairy Mary she told me everything about your family. Including your Uncles curse.”

“I see. Well I am sure you understand that you must keep this a secret. I will tell everyone when I introduce them to the baby. Although I do feel bad I canceled the wedding on them.”

“About the wedding...everyone thinks you guys have broken up and that you guys our sorting things out or something.”

“Well I guess we will have to so somethings about that won’t we,” she said. There was a sudden knock on the door. Lord Milori hurried to the door to open it.

“Dewey, welcome,” said the Lord. Dewey bowed, he had a very large suitcase made out of ice.

“Tinkerbell why am I not surprised to find you here,” Dewey said.

“Curiosity can bring you a lot of places,” said Tinkerbell. “I am more wondering why you are here.

“I am here to spend the last five seasons of her pregnancy with Queen Clarion. That way I’m close if she needs anything!”

“What’s in that box?” Tinkerbell asked.

Dewey chuckled. “Might as well tell you since you’ll figure out anyway. In this box are tools to help with Queen Clarion’s pregnancy.”

“Can I see please, please, please?” Tinkerbell begged.

“Sure,” Dewey pulled out the box.

“Whoa what Tinkers made this?” Asked Tinkerbell in awe.

“Almost all the Tinkers that made this wouldn’t remember they made it now. That was part of the curse, the only ones that remember a time when fairies could get pregnant is fairy Mary and the Ministers of the seasons. I read about it, Queen Clarion was told a while ago, and I assume Queen Clarion told Lord Milori,” Dewey said.

“Does Periwinkle know about The Great Curse?” Asked Tinkerbell.

“Yes, we told her when she found out about the baby,” said Queen Clarion.

“I see. So when is this baby supposed to meet the world?” Tink asked.

“The baby is due in four months, but the baby could be early or late,” said the Queen.

“I really hope it is a summer fairy because then I can show it to all the things I know! Queen Clarion, could I tinker something for the baby?” Asked Tinkerbell with wide eyes. Queen Clarion looked up at the Lord.

“Millori and I were thinking that you might want to make the babies nursery,” said Queen Clarion with a smile.

“I would be honored,” Tinkerbell exclaimed. She did such a fast happy spin that she tripped over the box dewey had brought and fell straight on her tush.

“Good grief Tinkerbell! Be careful, you are going to build a nursery,” said the Lord a little scared.

“I will not let you down,” said Tinkerbell.

“We will have a workshop put together for you on the main level. Here is some parchment and ink for you,” said Queen Clarion.

“Thank you. I am so excited!” Tinkerbell flew down stairs and started to sketch.

Tinkerbell felt like she was at home working in her own workshop. Her hand flew threw the sketches when she suddenly paused. This is going to be my first big project without my friends, I could really use Clank and Bubbles help, she thought to herself. Then she imagined Queen Clarion smiling and saying what an amazing job she did. Impressing the Queen always made Tinkerbell happy.

She finished up her last sketch, rolled it up, and went back to Queen Clarion. Skipping to their room humming all the way. Tinkerbell was very excited to present her blueprints. She lifted her hand to knock on the door, but she heard voices in the other room and decided to listen instead.

“I am afraid that this is going to cause lots of issue, but I am sure it is nothing you guys can’t handle,” Dewey said.

“Will our child be in danger?" asked Queen Clarion.

“No she won’t be in danger, but she won’t be accepted,” said Dewey.

“Why won’t she be accepted? Our child is the heir to the throne,” stated Milori.

“Milori, our child can only run one kingdom,” said Queen Clarion realizing what Dewey.

“What are you saying?” asked the Lord.

“That means only Pixie Hollow or the Winter Woods will have a ruler.”

“You do have the chance of twins, or you can have another child.”

“Twins? Meaning two babies at once?” asked Queen Clarion.

“Yes that is what that means. We won’t know until the child or children are born,” said Malori.

“I guess we will solve this when the time comes,” said Queen Clarion.

Tinkerbell thought that was a good time to interrupt. She knocked and Dewey answered the door.

“Tinkerbell how do you do,” asked Dewey, he said giving nothing away from the prior conversation.

“Great, I just came by to run through the blueprints,” Tinkerbell said, sounding a little over the top cherry. She didn’t want them to know she had been eavesdropping.

“Come to me Tinkerbell,”said Queen Clarion. Tinkerbell skipped over to her - again being a little overly cheery - she tripped on her on foot and through the blueprints on Queen Clarion’s lap as she stumbled.

“Are you alright Tinkerbell?” asked Milori.

“Yup as good as ever. Go on Queen Clarion, look at them,” Tinkerbell said.

Queen Clarion reviewed Tinkerbell's work. “It is amazing! I can’t wait to see it in real life,” said the Queen.

“Well I should get to work then shouldn’t I,” Tinkerbell said. She flew out as fast as she could. Queen Clarion raised an eyebrow.

“Strange,” said Queen Clarion.

“Strange indeed,”agreed the lord.

“She is probably just really excited to start making the nursery.” said Queen Clarion.

Once Tinkerbell left she sighed in relief, she had a nursery to build. Tinkering always helped her feel calm.


The Nursery

Tinkerbell was putting up the last coat of berry paint on the nursery.

“Finished,” said Tinkerbell.

“It looks very pretty,” said Queen Clarion, she rested her hand on the tiny bulge on her stomach.

“My child will love it here,” said Queen Clarion. “I love the crib.”

“I thought you might,” said Tinkerbell with a smile.

“Seems you know me well,” said Queen Clarion. “Also, I think you may have been right about letting the other fairies know,” said Queen Clarion. “You’ve done more than enough work here today. Why don’t you tell Fairy Mary that we have an announcement to make!”

“You got your majesty! Oh, and Queen are going to make a great mother.” Tinkerbell said with a smile.

“Yes, she sure will,” said Milori entering the nursery.

“Well I should get going” said Tinkerbell.

“Thank you so much Tinkerbell! We owe you,” said Lord Milori.

“No. You can look at it as my apology for driving you crazy, and stopping at nothing to figure out what was going on,” said Tinkerbell.

“Well consider yourself forgiven,” said Queen Clarion. Lord Milori nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go tell Fairy Mary about the announcement,” said Tinkerbell. Queen Clarion Nodded.

The fairies of Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods all gathered around Queen Clarion and Lord Milori. Everyone was still bummed about the wedding and kept asking a million questions.

“Silence fairies, if you will please,” said Queen Clarion. All the fairies went quiet and listened to their Queen.

“Fairies of Pixie Hollow, I would like to make an announcement. Lord Milori and I are going to have a baby”

Queen Clarion was interrupted by a lot of young Fairies saying things like, ‘A baby?’ ‘That imposible’. Queen Clarion raised her hand to silence the fairies.

“Now everyone, please keep your minds open. I know it’s hard to believe, but it is true. Lord Milori and I can have children, due to a great sacrifice that my parents made. Long ago every fairy had parents, until my evil uncle cursed Pixie Hollow fairies making it so they could no longer have children. My parents gave up there immortality to protect me from that curse. They were also able to change the curse so a fairy could be born by a baby’s first laugh. That why things are the way they are now. I know that you must have a lot of questions and I loved to answer them, but one at a time.”

Immediately many hands flew into the air. Slowly Queen Clarion answered all their questions. The first question came from a small summer fairy “Is that why you canceled the wedding?” It turned out a lot of the fairies had the same questions. After Queen Clarion answered that question a bunch of hands went down.

After an half an hour of question Queen Clarion was done talking. Being pregnant took a lot out of her.


Ohhh Boy

Back in the Ice castle Queen Clarion flopped onto her bed and fell asleep. A couple hours later she woke up.

“Hi Sleeping Beauty, how was your nap?” asked Lord Milori.

“It was quite nice. The little one takes a lot out of me,” said Queen Clarion.

“I know won’t you stop and give our little boy a break,” said Lord Milori with a grin.

“Give him a break? Hey who said it was a boy,” said Queen Clarion.

“Just a hunch,” said Malori smiling. “Are you ready to go to your check up?”

“Yes, just let me fix my hair. I have a serious case of bed head,” said Queen Clarion motioning to her half pulled up half fallen out hairdo. Queen Clarion quickly put up her hair and placed her crown on her head.

A few minutes later she was was sitting in the doctors waiting room in Pixie Hollow with Milori at her side.

“Why are you nervous?” Asked Lord Milori.

“I am not,” said Queen Clarion.

“I know distressed eyes when I see them,” Milori said.

“I just hope that the baby is healthy. I was thinking about what you said about pushing too hard. I read in my book about miscarriage last night and…”

“Dewey! That isn’t going to happen. Our baby will be fine. I promise you,” said Milori. The confidence in his eyes put Queen Clarion at rest.

“Queen Clarion,” called out a medium aged fairy names Jasmine.

“Yes, I am right here,” said Queen Clarion.

Queen Clarion and Lord Milori went into the exam room, Queen Clarion sat up on the mini bed.

“So today we are checking up on our little fairy, correct?” asked the nurse.

“Yes, we certainly are,” said Queen Clarion with a smile.

“Okay, we are going to start by doing a firefly scan,” said the fairy.

This was Queen Clarion's favorite part of the exam. Fireflies had leaves wrapped around their bottoms to brighten the light. Then they put their light against Queen Clarion’s bare stomach making it so she can see her baby for the first time.

Nurse Jasmine continued to test the Queen’s blood pressure and pulse, giving Queen Clarion as much time with her baby as possible.

“Okay Queen Clarion I am going to go down to get your results. I’ll be back in a moment,” said the nurse with a smile.

Queen Clarion nodded not taking her eyes off her baby. “Milori look at her. Isn’t she beautiful!”

Milori looked up then said “He is going to be quite handsome.”

“When she is born, I can’t wait until her first ball,” said Queen Clarion ignoring Milori mistake of calling the baby he instead of she. She was more certain than ever it would be a little girl fairy.

“Hey I can help with his first ball too. I can help choose out his suit” said Milori.

“I think you mean dress.” Queen Clarion corrected.

“If our little boy wants to wear a dress then that is fine by me,” said Milori chuckling at this little argument they were having.”

“Whatever you say darling,” the door suddenly opened.

“Queen Clarion we have news for you,” said the nurse. “Do you want to know the gender of your baby?”

Queen Clarion nodded.

“A boy,” she said.

“No way!” said Queen Clarion, “I was so sure we were having a girl!”

“Well I guess, I am right we a having a b…” Queen Clarion raised her hand to stop him from speaking.

“Don’t say it,” she said.

“Ohhh boy,” said Milori.

“What did I just say to you,” said Queen Clarion.

“Let's get out of this tiny doctors office,” said Queen Clarion.

Lord Milori and Queen Clarion walked out of the doctor's office. They bumped into Tinkerbell and her friends on the way out.

“Queen Clarion, Lord Milori, how are you? How’s the baby?” asked Tinkerbell excitedly.

“We are having a baby boy,” said Lord Milori.

“Oh my goodness, congrats,” said Rosetta.

“Oh my, I am so happy for you guys!” exclaimed Tinkerbell. “Queen Clarion, I have a few more questions, but I didn’t want to ask at the announcement yesterday since I already knew so much.”

“What Questions do you have Tinkerbell?”

“Can I teach the baby to tinker?”

“How about we talk about that once he can walk,” said Lord Milori.

“Okay. I guess the rest of my questions can wait until then too,” said Tinkerbell.

At that moment Fairy Mary walked up to Tinkerbell.

“Tinkerbell what have I told you about leaving your lost things all over…” Tinkerbell interrupted her.

“Fairy Mary did you hear that the Queen was having a boy,” asked Tinkerbell distracting Fairy Mary from her well deserved lecture.

“Is it really going to be a boy?” asked Mary excitedly.

“Yes Fairy Mary, it is going to be a boy,” said Queen Clarion.

“I am so happy for you my dear, you will make a wonderful Mother.” stated Fairy Mary confidently.

“Thank you Fairy Mary,” said Queen Clarion beaming.

Lord Milori grabbed a leaf and a pen.

“Milori, what are you doing?”

“Writing down names,” he said.

Queen Clarion looked over his shoulder at his messy handwriting, it read:

Matthew, Martin, Max, Manuel, Miles

“Milori may I draw it to your attention that all of these names start with M?”

Tinkerbell, her friends, and Fairy Mary all laughed.

“Yes I know that,” said Milori smiling.

“Could that have anything to do with the fact that your name start with an M?”

“Well… yeah I guess so,” said Lord Milori.

Queen Clarion took the paper out of his hand and began to right.

Carson, Liam, Carter, Erin, Sam, Charles,

She stopped writing, and look up at Milori, who was standing inches away from her.

“Are we sure we are having a baby boy? What if the nurse was wrong, or made a mistake?” asked Queen Clarion.

“Clarion I know you want to have a girl…”

“No I just want to have a healthy baby, but I get this feeling that it not a boy… Milori I think we might be having twins. A boy and a girl.”

Milori’s eye grew wide at that. He couldn’t wait to have his baby of course, but two babies? That seemed like a lot to him.

“Clarion why don’t we do this when our baby, or babies are born.. There will be plenty of time to pick a name then.”

“I think I can live with that.”

“Queen Clarion I could make you a list of boy name and girl names,” said Tinkerbell trying to be helpful.

“Well I am going to head back to the Winter Woods,” said Queen Clarion.

“I was going to head back there too,” said Tinkerbell. “I wanted to catch up with Periwinkle.”


The Meeting

The next morning Queen Clarion woke up to a knock on the door. She got up and hurried to make sure Milori didn’t wake up. In just her nightgown and her hair a mess Queen Clarion answered the door.

“Sorry to bother at this hour miss, but you have been called to an emergency meeting,” sais Lilly, one of Milori’s maids.

“Thank you Lilly. I will get dressed and be there in just a minute.”

Queen Clarion got ready quickly as she wondered what this meeting might be about. Before leaving she wrote Milori a quick note.

Dear Milori,

I have been called to Pixie Hollow for a quick emergency meeting. Don’t fuss about it, I am sure everything is fine. Hopefully I’ll be back before you wake up.



She smiled at his soft sleeping face, then she walked out of the room, lightly shutting the door. Queen Clarion flew quickly to Pixie Hollow. As she flew into the meeting room she saw the ministers of winter, spring, summer, and Autumn.

“Good morning Ministers,” said Queen Clarion. “What emergency must we discuss?”

“We have received a message from the guardians saying something weakening Pixie hollow. They think this might have something to do with your uncle, and baby,” said the minister of summer uncomfortably.

Queen Clarion grabbed her stomach. “You think my baby is breaking this spell?”

“Yes,” said the four ministers in a unison.

Queen Clarion counted to her self to calm down, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

“Ministers, that’s crazy,”

“Queen Clarion, it started to weaken exactly four months ago,” said Snowflake, the Minister of Winter. “What more evidence do you need my Queen?” She tried to say this in the most gentle way possible. Which was a surprise in itself since Snowflake was almost always a little bitter towards the Queen. Queen Clarion never understood why.

“I will believe that my uncle is behind this much sooner than I will believe my child is to blame.” said Queen Clarion forcefully.

“We understand, but we still must take precautions, Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods might be in danger. We also heard that Captain Hook is on the move. Could he team up with your uncle?”

The name of Captain hook sent shiver down the Queen’s back. Then she remember when Lord Milori and she were playing game of true or false one time when they met at the border. He had asked her “True or False, I have brought humans to the Winter Woods.” She had said True. He asked if the humans were pirates, one specifically named Captain Hook. She said false, but she was wrong. Milori had brought one of the worst bad guys into her realm. It was one of the first fights they had ever had. Queen Clarion’s attention came back to the present.

“We must take precaution yes, but we cannot assume it is because of my child” said the Queen. “Now if I could return to my slumber that would be great.”

The Ministers exchanged looks. They all sighed and nodded.

Queen Clarion flew back to the Winter Woods in quite a fret. She took a little detour to calm down because she didn’t want to worry Lord Milori.

When she came back to her room, Lord Milori was pacing back and forth in his pajamas, rereading her letter over and over again.

“Milori?” he looked up to find Clarion.

“Oh, thank goodness you're okay,” said Milori racing to give her a hug.

“I am afraid we do have to worry,” said Queen Clarion.

“What was the meeting about?” asked Lord Milori.

“Oh you know just about howthecurseisbreaking thatmyunclecreatedbecauseofourchild,”said Queen Clarion way to fast.

“Clarion take a deep breath and count to ten, then slowly and calmly tell me what happened.”

She counted to 10 slowly and then tried again. “The Minister's think that the protective spell around Pixie Hollow is about to break. An to make it worse, they think it’s my fault for being pregnant! They noticed the spell starting to weaken about 4 months ago. Now that they know that is how long I’ve been pregnant, they think it is somehow tied to the baby, which is of course ridiculous,” said Queen Clarion, still fast but at least could Lord Milori understand her this time.

Milori stood there dumbfounded.

“I don’t understand how you being pregnant is breaking the protective spell around Pixie Hollow. Why would breaking the curse have anything to do with that?

Clairon tried to explain it. “The spell my parents cast to allow me to have children and keep Pixie Hollow safe was created by altering the curse my uncle made. It appears that they are tied, and if the protective spell is removed, my uncle will be able to return as well.”

“That might just be an issue,” said Milori. “So what did you say to all this.”

“I told them I was returning to my slumber, and that we would talk again at noon,” said Queen Clarion.

“Why did you do that,” said Lord Milori.

Tinkerbell was outside the door, she had eavesdropping on the whole conversation. She flew as fast as she could to get her friends. She wanted to make sure that the Queen Clarion was safe from the ministers and to do that she was going to need help!


The Curse

Queen Clarion and Lord Milori went to Pixie Hollow to have a meeting with the ministers. When they walked in, all the ministers were sitting in their chairs. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori sat down.

“Ministers, we are going through hard times at the moment. We can’t let grudges from the past get to us,” said Queen Clarion looking at Snowflake. “We must unite and come together as one. All those who agree say I.”

“I,” said the minister of Summer.

“I,” said the minister of Spring.

“I,” said Redleaf the minister of Autumn.

“I,” said Snowflake. To Queen Clarion surprise, Snowflake walked up to Queen Clarion.

“From now until the child is born, we must be prepared for the worst. We came here today to talk about what protections we will put in place to keep our world safe,” said Lord Milori.

“Any ideas ministers?” asked Queen Clarion. Redleaf raised his hand.

“We should take the guardians and bring them into Pixie Hollow and Winter Woods. It might be easier if we all group up in one place,” said Redleaf. “I second that,” said Snowflake

“Me as well,” said the Minister of Spring

“Me too,” said the Minister of Summer.Queen Clarion and Lord Milori exchanged glances, finally they nodded together in agreement.

“We probably should still keep the fairies on their sides of the border so they can continue preparation for their seasons,” said Queen Clarion.

“Queen Clarion how many months do you have left before the child is born?” asked Redleaf.

“Four more months,” said Queen Clarion.

“Well then, if the curse is truly breaking then we have four months to prepare for your Uncle, and if the rumors are correct, the Pirates as well. We must warn all of Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods,” said Redeaf.

“I'm afraid so,” said Queen Clarion.

“Queen Clarion and I should go now to let everyone know what may be coming,” said Lord Milori.

Queen Clarion and Lord Milori left the meeting. Lord Milori went to the Winter Woods and Queen Clarion stayed at Pixie Hollow to warn the fairies.

Queen Clarion had the ministers blow the horn to gather all the fairies in Pixie Hollow. She waited for them all together. Lord Milori did the same thing in the Winter Woods.

“Fairies of Pixie Hollow, today I gathered you here to warn you that when my parents countered my uncle’s curse, they put a spell around all our lands to protect it from my uncle being able to return. It appears that spell is breaking. If the spell breaks, I fear he may be able to return. There have also been rumors outside the borders of Pixie Hollow that he is he's coming together with pirates to extract his revenge. Captain Hook to be exact,” there were gasps at the name Captain Hook. “But, if it does break, it will also bring back the ability for us all to have children.

For everyone's safety, we are bringing in Guardians for both Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. We need to minimize border crossing as much as possible. Now, I don't mean to alarm you, but we must come together as one and put our differences behind us. We will not let evil win, but we must be cautious of the danger that lies ahead. If you have any questions, you may ask them now.” Everyone’s hands went up at once.

Most of the questions were asking about how long until the curse might break, and why the curse is breaking now, and if Queen Clarion's baby was the cause. Queen Clarion answered all the questions she could until Fairy Mary noticed her getting very tired.

“Fairies, I think that's enough questions for one day. If you guys have any more you can write to the Queen, but right now she needs to get some rest,” said Fairy Mary sternly. Queen Clarion shot fairy Mary a grateful look.


Tinkerbell’s Plan

Tinkerbell was at her sister door. She was about to knock when she had an idea. They could stop Queen Clarion's uncle so no one would blame the baby! She was so excited to tell Periwinkle her idea that she ran right in without knocking.

“Tinkerbell, that's sweet that you want to help, but do you really think that we will be able to stop him? We are just two young fairies. We don't know anything about Queen Clarion's Uncle.”

“We can go to the keepers library. He has all the knowledge we need,” said Tinkerbell.

“I don't know if it'll work, but I guess it's worth the try. We have four months left to figure it out” said Periwinkle grudgingly.

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle went to Dewey’s library, but when they got there he wasn't there.

“Dewey? Where are you?” Periwinkle called out.

“I don't know, but I don't really think it matters. We

just need to start reading.”

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle looked through all the books. There were so many to look at it was hard to know where to start. They didn't know exactly what they were looking for either so they just started sifting through every book they could find.

They got so engrossed in their books that they didn't even notice Dewey walk in. “Girls?” He asked with an eyebrow raised. They were so engrossed in their tasks they both jumped.

“Dewey,” they both exclaimed at the same time.

“We were looking for you, but we couldn't find you so we just sort of dived in. I hope it’s ok. We really need to find some important information!” said Tinkerbell.

“What kind of information are you looking for?” asked Dewey.

Periwinkle looked at Tinkerbell to explain her


“What we were thinking since Queen Clarion doesn't have a plan to stop her Uncle yet, we thought your books might have some information on how to stop him.” said Tinkerbell excitedly.

Dewey went pale, which Tinkerbell didn't think was possible because he already was so pale.

“Girls I know you really want to help, but it took every last bit of magic from Queen Clarion's parents to stop him the last time. What could you guys possibly figure out that would be that powerful this time?”

“Unknown Magic,” said Tinkerbell. “That's it! There's something we have this time that we didn't have last time. We have found unknown Talent. I bet there is unknown Magic too.”

Periwinkle and Dewey cocked their heads to the side raising an eyebrow at Tinkerbell.

“Tinkerbell, what are you talking about?” asked Periwinkle.

“Periwinkle, do you remember before you met Zerina? Her Talent didn't even exist because it wasn't found yet! Maybe Zarina can mix up something to keep out Queen Clarion’s uncle.”

Periwinkle thought about that for a minute. It actually wasn't a bad idea, but there was so much about Zarina's Talent that they didn't understand yet.

“Looks like we don't need your books after all!” Exclaimed Tinkerbell excitedly. “We're going to pay Zarina a visit.”

“Well ladies, is there anything else that I can do for you?”asked Dewey.

“No, thank you Dewey,” said the girls in the unison.

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle went back to Pixie Hollow to find Zarina. “Periwinkle this is going to be great I can’t wait to tell the Queen I found a solution.” exclaimed Tinkerbell.

“Yeah, I think you might be on to something Tink,” said Periwinkle excitedly.

And Tinkerbell was! Tinkerbell and Zarina worked tirelessly to make a solution. A week before Queen Clarion’s child was supposed to be born they finally finished.


The Miracle

Tinkerbell and Zarina went back to the Winter Woods to tell Queen Clarion the amazing news. They were so excited, Tinkerbell pounded on the door. Lord Milori opened the door, not really surprised to find Tinkerbell there, but he was surprised to see Zarina.

“Hello girls,” said Milori.

“Queen Clarion! I figured it out. I solved the problem of your uncle being able to cross into Pixie Hollow!” Exclaimed Tinkerbell.

“Tinkerbell that not…” Tinkerbell interrupted Queen Clarion.

“I've been working with Zarina, the answer it has been right in front of us the whole time. When your uncle was banished Zarina's magic hadn’t been found yet. Your Uncle will have no idea what it is or how to stop it! Plus Zarina and I did some research and we made this,” said Tinkerbell holding up a bag of rainbow pixie dust.

“This will protect Pixie Hollow. All you have to do is sprinkle it on your uncle and he won't be able to enter. Your uncle is evil and his magic it's dark. With this there is so much goodness that will confuse him. It will protect Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods, your majesty,” said Zarina respectfully.

“Tinkerbell, Zarina, you're brilliant! I don't know how you came up with all of this, but I think it will work!” Just then, Queen Clarion felt a sharp pain in her stomach. “Milori, I think the baby coming.”

“Tinkerbell go get a doctor.”

Tinkerbell flew as fast as she could to get a doctor.

She buzzed the bug over and over again too impatient to wait.

“Could you…” Tinkerbell didn’t let the Winter Fairy finish what she was going to say.

“You need to go to the Queen. She’s having her baby.”

The fairy grabbed a packed box and was out of her office before Tinkerbell could say jingles. Tinkerbell flew back as fast as she could. The doctor Rushed in, but stopped Tinkerbell from coming in. Tinkerbell put her ear against the door she heard cry. The baby had been born.

“Doctor will you come over here for a sec,” said Lord Milori. The doctor walked over to Lord Milori.

“Milori what is wrong? Bring him to me. I want to meet my baby!” said Queen Clarion.

“Queen Clarion, your child isn’t a boy, it’s girl! She is a summer fairy” said the Winter doctor.

“I knew it Milori! Didn’t I tell you.” Lord Milori brought the baby over.

Tinkerbell was tired of eavesdropping she wanted to see the baby. She knocked since she was very explicitly told not to go in.

“You can come in Tinkerbell.”

Tinkerbell threw the door open. She flew up to the Queen’s bed side. She looked into a pair of tiny blue sapphire eyes. She looked at Queen Clarion eyes they were the same. Tinkerbell also noticed that the little baby had chestnut hair just like Queen Clarion.

“Queen Clarion she looks just like you, but I thought it was a boy.”

“So did we,” said Queen Clarion. “But it looks like the fairies were wrong. I’d like to introduce you to Ree, the second Princess of Pixie Hollow and The Winter Woods.”

“Ree the Second?” Asked Tinkerbell confused.

“I Named after my mother, Queen Ree, making her the second in her royal line.”

A guardian was at the door of Queen Clarion's room.

“Queen Clarion, there is word that the curse has been broken, but your Uncle is nowhere to be seen or the Pirates.”

“That means your safe my little angel,” said Queen Clarion to her baby.

“Queen Clarion your uncle is still out there, but at the moment, you are all safe.” said the guardian.

Queen Clarion looked at the guardian and said confidently. “We still have the banishing Pixie dust Zarina made. So we are ready for him.”

“Yes, but we need to still be careful. We will relax the security and make border passing possible again,” said Lord Milori. He dismissed the doctor and the guardian, but to his dismay he knew he had to let Tinkerbell stay.

“Queen Clarion, when will Ree meet all the other fairies?” asked Tinkerbell.

“In a few days time,” said Queen Clarion. Queen Clarion cooed at the baby. She laughed, and a blue light traveled from here mouth and, the horns went off that there was a new arrival. Queen Clarion gasped.

“What is it Queen Clarion?” Asked Tinkerbell.

“A baby’s first laugh brings a new fairy to the Winter Woods, or Pixie hollow. Milori, Tinkerbell, I think that Ree just bought a new fairy to the Winter Woods.” exclaimed Clarion. It looks like the Royal bloodline may still have a fairy in both lands afterall!

The End

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Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:21 am
fraey wrote a review...

Hello there Raelyn. I meant to review this earlier, but I think I figured it would get a second review during Review Day. No matter, for I am here now to boot this out of the Green Room. ^^

I actually own, or at least owned at one time, about three fairy books in my youth, and I loved them! I think one contained Tinkerbell, while another one had a fairy that could speak to animals, and the last one I thought was all about generating light. My first grade teacher had given them to me, thinking I would enjoy them, and she was absolutely correct. So, reading over this definitely made me remember some of those fond memories.

To start with, I think very specific works, especially fan fiction, often go without being reviewed on yws because they're hitting a very small demographic of possible readers. There's nothing wrong with that, but I am sorry that not too many people came around to give you some feedback. In addition, when works are this long, even if this is the whole story, this is quite a lot of words to get through in one sitting and keep an eye on everything that's going on.

Content wise, I think this is really cute! The "forbidden" love prologue could be a little more nuanced, as I was a bit confused as to why that was written previously as the story is more around Tinkerbell and Queen Clarion instead of the Queen and the King, but it fits what probably would be written in a fairy youngster book. ^^ I do wish the chapters themselves were a little longer since some scenes felt like they were cut abruptly off. The true conflict with the Queen's uncle is interesting enough, I think, but there's a weird combination between all the lighthearted feelings of them celebrating her pregnancy, but then there's the ever-reminder of the bad uncle in the background.

What I would suggest is to try to add more details of the world-building since I love getting more description about the world/environment and about the characters themselves! It's enjoyable in its current form though. Thanks for writing!

Raelyn says...

Thank you for the rich and valid feed back

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Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:04 pm
dahlia58 wrote a review...

I love Disney's fairies, so this caught my eye. The whole story was simply adorable. Preparing for someone's wedding, let alone a "royal wedding" is crazy...(personal experience helping out with weddings). This fanfic actually feels like something that would happen in the official Tinkerbell stories. It's fun and filled with cute action. Please keep writing^^

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Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:46 pm
EverLight says...

Awww so sweet <3

Raelyn says...

Thanks ever:) Do you like tinker bell. Hands down secret of the wings is my favorite

EverLight says...

I'm not a huge fan of Tinker Bell, but I do love the idea of faires.

EverLight says...

So yes I like Tinker Bell. I've never read some actual fanfiction aside from this though.

Raelyn says...

Ha I am glad to be the first

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