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Billy and Indie

by Psyche

I have been writing a while but this is my first story here so feel free to criticize, its always good to hear what other people have to say. This might be totally sucky so....eek. But anyway please read.

Summary- Indie gets into a car accident and she looks down on life going on around her and she finds herself becoming her boyfriends guardian angel. (I know sucky summary if you have any suggestions please let me know)

On to the story...

Before you start this story, I want you to know that it is not all about death and loss, even though the story does include that. It’s more about self-discovery and rebirth after death and change. I’m not saying that death is good and I wouldn’t be telling my story unless I thought you should know about it.

My name is India or Indie, as Billy prefers. When I turned fourteen, I changed by name, rebelliously, to India. Everyone, except my friends, still calls me Morgan, my birth name. I chose the name India because it’s an exotic country, in my opinion, and it happened to be the only thing I had looked at while my father and mother fought. I had been staring at a book on countries and I had been reading it because I particularly do not enjoy listening to my parents screaming at each other, if you know what I mean. My parents are at some point loving and caring (sometimes, when they have time), hard working people who at times you would have never in your wildest dreams guessed they are married. Sometimes even I ask to see their wedding rings. I guess they never discussed on how to raise me, since that is something they always fight about. I think it has to do with something my uncle brings up every Thanksgiving about a mix up at birth and how he feels sorry for me, why I don’t know, if I may say so myself I think I did a great job by raising myself. Yes, I raised myself. I sometimes feel like Matilda in the movie Matilda. My parents weren’t always there for me. So I took it upon myself to find things out on my own. But that’s not what I want to go on about, that’s a story for another day.

What I want to go on about is Billy. Billy is my best friend and sort of boy friend. When it happened they all blamed it on him, because they all think he’s trouble. I guess it has to do with Keith, Billy’s brother and how nobody in the town wanted to go through that again. Billy is quiet, polite and would never hurt a fly, unless the fly hurt him or me. If someone looked at Billy, they would probably think he was the kind of boy that only cared about himself, but they are wrong. Billy cares about me more then himself. People were really surprised when the accident happened, and that he didn’t give a crap about the car and more about how I was. That’s why I am writing this. I feel the need to get this down or I am letting him down. I don’t want him to blame himself, because what happened wasn’t his fault.

We were driving down the long spooky road back toward town. Billy was driving, I was in the passenger seat, Claw, and Drew were in the back seats and the car behind us carried Josh and Lie. Claw, Drew, Josh and Lie are my best friends. My family. Claw’s name is actually Daisy but when I changed my name she did to, obviously wanting something that sounded fiercer then Daisy. Drew’s name was Andrew, Josh was just Josh and Lie was Allie. We had went for a ride, like we had been doing so often since Billy learned how to drive and were going to get something to eat. I remember that the car smelled like strawberry air freshener, Billy had just taken the car to get fixed. The window’s were rolled down and Nirvana’s, “It smells like teen spirit” was blasting, from not only our car but Josh’s too. Billy got us all hooked on Nirvana after he played the C.D. over and over and a barbeque we went to. Claw had been laughing about her cat, her parents had just got her and we were all sharing ideas about what we had planned to do over summer break. That’s when Keith’s name came up. I don’t know how it did, but it did. And Billy got kind of upset. Billy kind of looked up to Keith, until a couple years ago when Keith did some things that I don’t like to think about. Whenever Billy hears his name he gets upset and changes the subject quickly or walks out of the room. This time though it had been harder to forget, Keith was home from wherever he had been and Billy was really stressed. I remember taking a deep breath and was about to tell Billy it was ok when the car came. First it swerved a little into our lane and then completely went into our lane causing us to swerve. I don’t remember getting a good look at the person behind the wheel but I knew the car looked quite familiar. The next thing I know I feel myself start to loose consciousness, of course after I feel lots of pain coming from my head and traveling to my body, and then I blacked out. I don’t know what happened to the rest of them, but I woke up in a white room. I thought I was dead, I panicked, I couldn’t remember a thing. Except the crash and wanting to say OW! So I sat down and thought, I didn’t think completely straight but I managed to calm myself down enough to start asking questions. Where was I? Was I…ok? Where were the others…were they ok? And on the last question a little bubble thing appeared before me and I saw images. I saw Billy, he was sitting in an ambulance being checked out and he was trying to get up, at least two men were trying to get him to relax. Then the sound came on.

“Is she all right, is she going to be ok?” He asked. His voice was getting to the point of being panicked. Which is weird, because I never see Billy panicked.

“Please, stay still.” The man said checking him out said.

“Please, just tell me. Is she ok?”

The man trying to hold him down let go and stared him in the eye. Then he sighed and turned toward the other guy. “The others in the back are fine. The one who was in the front with you, well they’re still not sure about her.”

“Are they taking her to the hospital?” Billy asked and his eyes seemed to glaze over and I thought that I was going to cry. I wanted to reach out to him so badly, but I couldn’t and I knew that if I tried I would only disappoint myself.


“I want to go see her.” Billy said and stood up.

The two men looked at the EMT and he shook his head and walked away. They glanced at each other again, the bigger man to the right of Billy spoke. “I don’t think you’ll be able to see her.”

“What do you mean?” Billy said getting defensive like he always does.

The officers looked at each other again. “She looked bad, she’s probably in surgery.”

The bigger officer gave the other one a weird look and walked off. Then someone called the shorter one and he walked off to. Billy got up and walked toward a cluster of people who I recognized as my friends.

Claw was wrapped in a blanket and Drew huddled next to her. Lie was rubbing her arms and every now and then you’d hear her bracelets jangle together as she ran her hand through her hair. Lie’s eyes widened as Billy got closer. “Oh my god, Billy!” she said and ran toward him.

He didn’t acknowledge her, or raise his eyebrows like he always did, he just walked right past her. “Billy, man, you okay?” Josh asked trying to get in front of him, but was pushed away.

“Billy?” Claw called as he started walking farther and farther away.

They caught up to him when he stopped in the middle of the road. “She’s really bad, isn’t she?” he said.

They all looked at each other. Claw’s face looked paler then I had ever seen it. “They didn’t tell us anything.”

He closed his eyes and sat down on the floor. I could her the crunch of his keys, in his back pocket, hitting against the pavement as he sat down. “What are you doing?” Lie asked.

“Don’t know.” He grunted, I could he was deep in concentration and he was muttering something.

Oh My God. Billy was praying. Claw must have picked up on it, since she sat down next to him and took his hand and started saying a prayer. Lie glanced up at the sky and muttered something and then sat down next to Claw. Josh and Drew, without a moment of hesitation, came to sit next to them. They formed a circle and prayed. I felt a swarm of gratefulness. They were praying! All of us, as teenagers, had rebelled and never spoke of religion. This was amazing, I wanted to sit next to them and start praying also. I smiled and watched this for a while. Then they all got up and walked to the various police cars that would probably drive them to the hospital to get checked out, then to the police station and then home. After all the cars were gone, the screen stayed for a while. It stayed on the road that had once been un-disturbed but was now the site of an accident.

The little bubble blinked out, and I was all alone again. I had no idea what to do. I was pretty sure this was a nightmare and if it was it would make one great book. Apart of me though, knew that this wasn’t a nightmare, because the scary part had already happened and I should wake up to see my Mom telling me to call Billy or something.

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Sat Jul 30, 2005 5:19 pm
Rei wrote a review...

I'm not really too fond of stories with an introduction like this. Why bother giving us an intro that tells us what the story is about? Just get to the story. The other weak point in the way it starts. You're basically starting at the end before you go to the beginning. This rarely ever works. In this case, you're telling us what happens before it happens. Write in past-tense, but not like the story is already over and you're recalling it, knowing how it will end. That totally kills the dramatic tension.

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Sat Jul 30, 2005 10:33 am
Emma says...

Thats good, a little confusing but good. I really liked that I have to read the next bit. Great work!! :D

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