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I want to be a writer...

by PlainandSimple

Some day I want to be a writer. I have creative thoughts and feelings. I love to share things for others to read. Becoming a writer is tough since there are millions of them. People will be left behind. Honestly, it's heartbreaking. My goal in life is to inspire and show writing is more than a hobby. Writing is a manner of life, a lifestyle I require.

I'm not looking to be famous. Knowing my name, my whole life, my story, is not important. Nor will it ever be for me. I may not tell everyone I write because sometimes I get embarrassed. Being an author should not be embarrassing. I get that way because I never believe my work is where I want it. I rewrite my work up to 5 times to make sure it is where I want it. Someday I hope I can finish my book and let the world read it.

I want to be a writer. How about you? 

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:51 am
BhavyaMehta123 wrote a review...

Hi @PlainandSimple. this is short , simple and relatable.

I feel every line written here is so worthy. You actually understand what will it take to be a writer. The best part is neither you are embarrassed and nor you want to be famous doing this. You write because you love doing it.

But it is actually very heartbreaking that we do not know will this dream be true.but I think
IT'S long way to go girl ....

your friend @BHAVYA

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Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:07 am
Tawsif wrote a review...

This is quite good. Maybe all the writers need to write such personal accounts about why they chose to write in the first place. It's a good way to keep the morale high and be free from doubts.

I didn't get these lines: 'Knowing my name, my whole life, my story, is not important. Nor will it ever be for me.' Did you refer to your readers in the first line then to yourself in the next? I would like to know what you meant here.

This was a good read.

Why thank you, and yes I would agree. I wonder why people write, and like it would be cool to know their story ya'know. And like what inspired them to write, and what might help others who are struggling to write.

I am referring to my reads yes and myself. I'm saying that the readers don't need to know my name, don't need to know anything about me for me to want to write. I don't want to be 'famous' if I ever publish my book. I write to give an example and to help the younger generations. I mean I do share my story, but not to get anything from it. Just something I will never do is share my name with the public. I feel it's the most personal thing I can give away after writing down my life story. I hope that makes more sense. If not just let me know!

<3 thank you so much for the review though!

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Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:05 pm
MeherazulAzim16 wrote a review...

Hi Plain!

"Writing is a manner of life, a lifestyle I require" speaks a lot to me. I've found that writing can function as a habit, a state of mind. It happens a lot that I can't get myself to start writing — I procrastinate the heck out of it — because part of me keeps reminding me that whatever I write will be trash at the end of the day. I don't think it's purely self-loathing, I do understand that I have a long long way to go in terms of learning to write/mastering the craft. But when I'm on a streak, for a couple days or weeks, it gets easier to write, to let it flow. On the contrary, there have been times when I didn't write for months.

That's enough/too much about me. But the article did make me think about my own feelings about writing.

I'm not looking to be famous.

I don't think there would be anything wrong with it even if you did, you know. I think it's normal to feel like you want to share your work with as many readers as you can. Being famous, gets you that opportunity, or paradoxically, being famous is the result of being able to share your work on a massive scale, or both. But then there's always the lurking demon going by the name of self-doubt that pokes fun at you, taunts you.

I think the more we write and the more we learn about writing, the less power the demon has over us.

I want to be a writer. How about you?

I absolutely do!

On a related note, there was this episode of the show Castle where Castle was talking to a class of kindergarten kids. Paraphrasing him: if you can think of a story and you can write it down, you're a writer. I thought that was profound and I guess it inspired me a lot.

That's it from me. Have a wonderful day.



I would agree. Writing for many days really helps my 'writer anxiety' calm down. I would say, I write more than once a day. I write random thoughts or just a note to my friend (that I'll never end up giving them). Also where I say "I'm not looking to be famous" is more to show that I write for more than one reason. Like, for example, someone may do something-- like go on a TV show-- for all the wrong reasons. They go on to become famous or known. Same with social media, people do that dumbest things just for a following. I write, along with many others on this website, for multiple reasons. I write to get out of reality, calm down stress, share something cool (or bad), and just to feel free. So that's kind of what I meant. Of course, being a good writer is a sure easy way to get you known. So we will see where that leads :).

"If you can think of a story and you can write it down, you're a writer" is amazing. I really like that quote -- I mean a well-parapharsed quote. It is very inspiring. Thank you! It may be my new favorite quote.

I hope you had a great day :) <3

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Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:26 am
AndName wrote a review...


I once read on one of the dozens (possibly hundreds) of writing articles i've read this -
If you write, you're a writer!
I take a huge amount of courage in that. And just because there are millions of writers doesn't mean you'll get left behind! I don't really get how people write in their spare hours as a hobby either, writing governs my whole life. I, personally, want to be famous because I want to be appreciated and my books bought and loved :).

And you shouldn't be embarrassed about writing, even if it's bad! Writers are higher beings swayed by unnameable forces, we are what drives the world! (Slightly exaggerated. But true. The ideas expressed through writing are everywhere you look) And just because you're not where you think you should be doesn't mean you're not a good writer! (And exact where you're suppose to be) I feel, personally, I'm a bit lack luster as a writer but try not to let it bother me because I know i'm ten times harder on myself and my writing than anyone else would be. Your own opinion of what you create is biased :) And don't be afraid to shout how you're a writer everywhere you go because writers are plain amazing!

Editing your writing can be a great thing, I should definitely do it more, but it sounds like you restrict your writers voice. Be kind to your words, they're delicate and can be injured if prodded to aggressively. Your unique voice triumphs over correct grammar any day by a thousand percent. It's what separates writers from. Well. Computers.

And I can say, whatever you've heard about the euphoria of the last word, it's completely true. I've birthed two messy book babies, Traveler (370 pg.) and Forever in the Tunnels (399 pg.) The feeling of completing a book after working for months, spending hours frustrated over your story and even more slapping away at the keyboard, the feeling afterwards is of ultimate triumph. And then, when you start getting embarrassed over writing you can just think to yourself "I'm not only a writer but also an author." Only a teeny tiny percent of people who want to start a book or have started one actually make it to the last page, so take it as a challenge. Nothing can stop you except maybe a serial killer!

Trust me. I think it all the time, then laugh at how high and mighty I feel.

As for this piece as a art work? It's a bit short for an essay, a bit tight. However many times you've edited it, it shows! Loosen up and let your voice show! This could easily be turned into a long, questiony poem. Or even a little narrative passage. The base is great, lots of questions to build on, but you need to breath some life into the stiff sentences, add some painfully overused metaphors, a newly formatted one that doesn't quite make sense. There is no shame in it, I've done it a million times, knowing it's terrible as I write them down. I continue on though, that's the only way to do it. You could also state the question, then put directly underneath it how exactly it makes you feel and why, anything you want!

Overall? Have fun! Writing is how you express yourself. Don't edit yourself out of the picture you created, you belong there!


(I used about two bucket fulls of exclamation point in this. AM I ASHAMED. No. Well, maybe a little bit, but no I will not edit them out!!!!!)


Oh thank you so much for this, it really is inspiring. I guess sometimes I just self-conscious over things I write about because I end up telling to much. Things that people will look down for me on. I guess I have two lives. The real world and writing. In the real world, I have a good life, but I make it awful for my self. To sum that up is I make awful decisions. The only way for me to get over all the 'mistakes' I've made is to forget, and write. I may be building up my confidence, hopefully. I'll get there sooner or later :)

AndName says...

:) You're welcome :) I feel the same way about the two different worlds. I think of it like how the keyboard can't judge me so I don't hold anything back like I do in the real world. But heres some cheesy advice. You have to learn from your mistakes. They matter as much as your victories, even more, because they shape who you are by how you learn from them. And like I said earlier, I've written two novels. And I'm the only one who'd read a page of either. I'm still waiting for the magical beams of confidence but right now i'm celebrating the small steps of progress I'm making which, I think, is the beginning steps to being a confident writer.

QuoolQuo says...

Wait, you feel the same about living in two worlds? Thank god there are others out there like me!
But about confidence, posting stuff online takes nowhere near as much courage as showing even your best friend in the real world. God, I don't even feel comfortable showing what I write to my parents even though they are technically obligated to love everything you do.
It's all about taking one baby step after another up Mt Confidence. Sure, the steps may be small but you're taking them. And when you're ready, sometimes you have to screw your eyes tight shut and jump into the unknown and hand your writing over to someone else.
Remember, the view will get better the further up the mountain you climb and your footing will become more sure of itself as you go. :D

Thank you very much! :)

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Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:14 am
QuoolQuo wrote a review...

A hoy hoy,

I have to agree with everything you've said here. Writing is the best thing in the world and anyone who says otherwise, well, have fun being stuck here on Earth.
I've always thought of it as a way to empty your mind and let even more ideas take their place. When I really get into the zone, I don't even feel as if I'm writing sentences anymore. I soaring through a world that until now had been locked away in my head.

The biggest hurdled I ever faced when I started writing more as hobby instead of just a vague interest was starting and not going back. Six months ago I made myself swear to write 100 words every day, this then slowly evolved to 200 and then 300 and each word went towards the longest drabble of nonsense I'd ever written. It was the best thing I'd ever written despite being terrible. It made me realise that I did love what I was doing and helped my writing progress to what it is today.
I decided to finally let the document go after I got just over 40 000 words and I started writing a proper story that had a beginning, middle and end. I call it a short story though it did end up being almost 14 000 and covered 25 A4 pages.

I have much more to say but I feel this comment is becoming too long.
Is it okay if I make this a review? Y'know, points and all.

In summary;
Writing. It's good.

- H.G

wow, yeah that sounds really cool. 40,000 words is a lot even though it was nonsense. That is really cool to know. And yes It's fine it's a review :).

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Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:39 pm
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I know what you mean. Though sometimes, knowing your name, life, story, can help your story. Say, you can make a character that is like you, or what you want to be this case, a writer.

Why yes, I know that. However, I don't want to write just to get my name out there. That was the point but I understand the confusion. Thank you for commenting though!

Go in fear of abstractions.
— Ezra Pound