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The Suicidal Encounter That Saved (Chpt 2)

by PerfectWeapon

I stood atop the building slightly shocked with what had just happened. Five grown men stood all around me, long black sleek hair, black war paint covering them with new designs. Next to me stood the tallest, he was tall skinny and like the others, had tattoos plastering his arms. His name was Andy Biersack. He had just kissed me, and now his shocking deep blue eyes starred back into mine. A small smile is on his lips as another man shorter than Andy, and slightly thicker but also with the paint, walks up to us with a shocked expression on his face. I knew I had the same look of confusion mixed with shock. Yet in me, I felt a shock of pure happiness. This man’s name was Ashley Purdy. He was a kind guy who was caring, I had just told him my suicide story. I opened my mouth but he stopped me and said, “Are you sure you’re okay?” I wanted to tell him.

My breath is speeding up, and my heart was racing. I wanted to tell him no, but he’d ask why, I couldn't tell them. I couldn't tell until later, if ever. “Yeah, Ashley I’m fine. Thank you.” I decided finally to say. Ashley wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. In a matter of seconds everyone had joined. After what felt like two years, everyone had let go of me. Then out of the building, onto the roof stormed a man who was obviously angry.

“You guys need to be in sound check right NOW!” The man yelled the five. Immediately the five shot apologetic looks at me and started to walk towards the stairwell leading back into the building I was about to jump from. Then Ashley stops, and he walks towards where I was standing and he wraps his arm around me and he tells the man who was now telling Ashley to hurry up, “This is my friend Eva, I need her to come with us.” Everyone stops and looks back at us.

“Excuse me?” The man walks up to us. His face looks red and a vein in his neck is bulging. “I don’t care who she is! She is just a stupid little fan girl!” He screams towards Ashley and I. Immediately Andy strolls over towards us, he and Ashley stand next to me and just by the look on the man’s face you could tell he was a little freaked out. “ Listen Jack, I don’t ever want to hear you talk about the beautiful girl like that again!” Andy says in a surprisingly calm voice.

I blush a bit, and I look away. The man’s face who I now know as Jack takes a deep breath. “I am sorry miss. These men needed to be in sound check 15 minutes ago. I come here, and see they are flirting with a young fan of theirs instead.” He says gesturing towards my Black Veil Brides shirt. “I understand sir, I did not mean to keep these men. I in fact, did not realize that they would be here.” I say to Jack honestly. “Come one! Lets go!” I hear CC scream at us. A small smile stretches across my lips, and turns into a grin.

Ashley intwines his fingers with mine, and pulls me off towards the exit with the rest of the guys. We all run down the stairs like a bunch of maniacs. Of course, Jack is walking like a normal man. I ask them since when is their manger classy? They all start to laugh, and Andy explains, “Jack is not our manger, he is a friend of our manager. He just wanted to have a reason to meet us.” I start to laugh al little when I realize he must’ve just been a fan like I was. With the last set of stairs, Ashley picks me up. I fail around as he jumps down the stairs! I scream reaches my mouth and I let it out, but I start to laugh. When we hit the ground we roll laughing hard. The guys gather around us giving us confused looks.


“That was great guys!” I laugh as Ashley laces his fingers with mine. Andy walks up next me, and he hugs me closely. His breath tickles my ear as Ashley releases my hand and walks a little ahead of us. Andy holds me close and he laughs slightly as Ashley glares at us. I let go of Andy and I walk forward so I’m by myself, I don’t want Andy and Ashley angry at each other because of me. Jake walks closer to me and he says “They are just stunned.” I look at him slightly confused, “What do you mean stunned?” “Well, you are a beautiful young girl, and you have been through so much! You were found trying to kill yourself!” He looks at me, and he continues, “They don’t want you to feel like you aren’t loved.” “So the kiss, Andy didn’t mean it?” I asked Jake. “No, no I think it was real. I think they do like you, but they both have sympathy for you. I’m not saying they don’t like you, in fact I think they really like you. They just feel really bad for you.” I look at Jake, “Thanks Jake.” I hug him and he wraps his arms around me, and he kisses the top of my head, and says, “No problem baby girl.”

I walk forward to where Ashley is and I hold his hand. He kisses the top of my hand and keeps walking. We were walking to a restaurant for our dinner. Jake and Jinxx look at each other and start to walk off. I look at CC, and he is following them. Now it is only And, Ashley, and I. “So um, I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere private?” I hear Ashley whisper towards me. “Uh, yeah sure. Hold on for a second though.” I resound in a whisper so Andy can’t hear me. “Okay.” I start to walk towards were Andy was, his eyes wandered over me and he smiled as his eyes met mine. “Hey Andy, Ashley and I need to talk for a minute, so um, I will be cam in a minute.” I say. He looks over at me and a hint of a frown appears, ‘Uh yea, Okay. I also need to talk to you, but I will wait until after.” He smiles and he wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. I blush, and I look away quickly.

I walk back towards Ashley, and I start to walk off with him, his hand finds mine and we walk towards a park. Ashley sits on one swing and motions for me to sit next to him. I walk over and just sit, I don’t swing. I was getting kinda nervous. He looks at me and smile forms on his lips. “I was wondering Eva, um do you wanna go on a date with me?” I look over at him, and his face is smooth, his eyes are beautiful. I shake my head, and remember about Andy, what would he think? Would he hate me? “Um, I don’t know Ashley, it’s just I like you a lot, I also like Andy. I mean he saved me! I now he likes me too, and I don’t want to ruin your friendship with him.” I look over at him, his eyes look sad, “It’s Okay to go out with more than one person Eva. He says, I mean I didn’t ask you to be my girlfriend, just to go on a date.” I look at him again and his eyes are getting gassy looking.

“I-I Eva, I really love you!” He looks to me. My head starts spinning and my mind is racing again. Last time someone said the loved me they raped me. I start to panic and I fall off the swing. Ashley rushes over to me to help me calm down. “ EVA! “ He screams, and he starts to freak out. “It’s-It’s OK.” I stutter. His eyes are red as if he was about to cry, and all of a sudden his lips crash on mine. 

Guys I would like 5 comments/reviews and I will post new chapter ASAP!

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Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:31 pm
GLaDOS wrote a review...


Heyo Perf, xJ here to review your Chapter 2. I really want to see more! Okay, usually I would make comments paragraph by paragraph, but I don't have THAT many nitpicks.

You made a few spelling mistakes, and used some improper grammar. Go through the story again, and edit it. Or rather, proof read it as if you were just about to publish, then go back and edit.

The only thing I really want to nag you about in this is that love does not move THAT fast. Ashley can't really love her after just meeting her like an hour ago. In my opinion, if he told me he loved me after just meeting me, I'd feel a bit awkward.

But my favorite part of this story is when Andy carried her and jumped down the stairs, that was really cute. <3

May your travels through space and time be merry,

-xJ ❤︎

Ok, to be honest I would like you guys to stop telling me that you can't fall in love right away. My boyfriend admitted that he loved me the moment he met me. I am using some life experience in this story. Thank though for your review :D Ok, and I was also rushed by you to post this! Lol :D Thnx for the review!

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Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:24 pm
kevin25a wrote a review...

So the guys who saved her are meant to be real people? Why is a guy named Ashley? Ash can be used for a guy, because it's short for Ashton. But Ashley is a woman's name. I also figured I should mention anyone who feels they love a woman would never ask them out so soon after a suicide attempt. But those are my only nitpicks, other than that the chapter was good. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Ok, thnx for the review. Yes, these people are real. They are also really a band. Ashley is a guy. I know it is kinda weird, but that is his real name. He didn't change when he was younger. If you would like to see what the look like you can go to my page and I will post a picture, or you can google it

xJupiter says...

These guys are real people. Which, is why this is listed under fanfic. Also, I don't think certain names should be for certain genders. That's just my opinion.

kevin25a says...

I know who bvb are, just isn't my kind of music. I'm also bad with memorizing band names even in most bands I like. Personally I agree names shouldn't be, my middle name is a common first name for a woman. But that's just how most of society is, I don't agree with it but am aware of it.

Also perfect weapon I didn't say you can't fall in love at first sight. I did once with who is now my ex gf, I still love her too. I had said if a person loved her they would keep it to themselves for a while, because she just tried to kill herself. If you're about to commit suicide, you're not currently in a emotionally or mentally prepared state for hearing that kind of thing. Nor would it be okay, it would drive them into further distress. If a person truly cared they'd keep it inside until they know the person better to avoid exactly what happened in your story. I never said love at first sight is fake, because it's something I have experienced. I just said if he confessed at that time it shows either a lie or him being selfish. It wasn't the time for that kind of confession.

Ok, I agree about not being emotionally stable, but I have reasoning behind it! :D Here it is.

To me to be loved is a chance you have to earn. Although I believe in love at first sight. I understand why someone would want to kill themselves. Usually it is because they feel no one would love them. I think that if you learn that someone does love you, then your heart will kinda up? I guess. Eventually they will not be suicidal, because they don't want to hurt the person who loves them. Therefore they won't die! Hopefully!

I'm not going to say if that what happens in this story though. I appreciate this very much!! I enjoy talking to you! Please keep commenting!

(P.S. By the way my name PerfectWeapon is a song from Black Veil Brides)

heres to your perfect weapon
cracked bones with blind aggression
Your violent lack of virtue
Like a bird who's wings are broken

kevin25a says...

Yeah, I have been suicidal early in my life. I have seen people and friends about to try and kill themselves. I know what you mean about being more full, it's not exactly accurate, but it's not easy to put to words either.

It's a choice, and although a really bad one it's still a choice. Most people arrogantly assume it can be cured with medicine, and those dumbasses don't realize that medicine has a 100% failing chance.

But while under emotional distress, adding more emotion to the mix will cause mixed signals and mental confusion. 75% of the time resulting in making it worse.

Every is loved by someone even if they don't know it. And everyone has a soulmate that when they meet it will just "click" for both of the two. :)

Speaking of soul mates, Black Veil Brides actually have said:
"Stop waiting for your prince Charming go look for him, maybe he's stuck in a tree. Maybe he's allied up." I just thought that was funny ya'know considering what I'm writing about.

I agree that medicine is a horrible idea, because if you are suicidal well that person is most likely going to overdose! The people prescribing the medicine are just helping that person die in my head. I don't know if any of what I am saying is making sense! :D I'm usually better at explaining, and I'm not doing the best job. Please tell me if I am. :D

kevin25a says...

Stuck up a tree hehe. Yeah I wasn't suicidal until after I got put on antidepressants. All it does is make it worse or do nothing.

Just out of curiosity, what does stuck up a tree mean? Lol I feel stupid

kevin25a says...

I think they meant it kind of like how a cat gets stuck up a tree. I found it funny because when I was very little I would climb trees, hide in them, sleep in them, or even hang upside down in them.

I love doing it, I still do it!

kevin25a says...

I used to live a couple blocks from the metroparks so I haven't had the time to go do it, nor a reason. But when I go to my little sister and her mother's every now and then I make sure I spend at least one night doing it. I'm not technically related to them, but they were like family to me when I ran away. I see them as my true family.

Haha. What are metro parks?

kevin25a says...

Local forests that to large to be a simple city park. Often with fishing places, camping, local girls scout and boy scout lodges for that time of year. They also have jogging and exercise trails.

Ok, thnx! Should I go ahead and post the next chapter, or wait until I get the five comments/reviews?

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Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:08 pm
PerfectWeapon says...

Hai guys, if you want to see a new chapter, post 5 comments/review!

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