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Bloody Days Chapter 1

by NotaDayperson

Optional Part Hello, I'm Rose Charm. I'm a psychic vampire that (sadly) goes to a human high school. Other than the whole psychic vampire thing, I guess, I???m normal. I go to school, I do homework, and I have a few friends. My only two friends at school are Angel Richford and Terra Hawking. Their humans, so we can???t always relate. Terra: ???Hey Vampy.??? ??? Rose: ???Why do you call me that???? ??? Terra: ???Well you are one, right???? Rose: ???Yes, But you don???t need to tell the whole world!??? ??? Angel: ???Why not???? Rose: ??????Cause some people might try to kill me! ??? Terra: ???Maybe??? Bell rings in back round. Angel: ???That???s the second bell! We have to hurry!??? - Rose: ???Yay! Breaking rules and having fun!??? Rose, Terra and Angel run to class. They stop at the class room door. Mr. Brown: ???You???re late girls.??? ??? Terra: ???Oh come on Mr. B. we had like 30 seconds!??? Mr. Brown: ???Just take your seats.??? - They do. Left to right seated as Terra, Rose, and Angel. Rose: ???Ugh, I hate homeroom.??? Has head down on table ??? Angel: ???Join the club.??? Terra: ???We are the club.??? Rose and Angel laugh. Mr. Brown: ???Today we have a new student. Jared Newfort.??? Rose whispers: ???A blood vampire? This won???t be good.??? Jared: ???Where can I sit???? -Mr. Brown: ???Next to Angel.??? Jared sits down next to Angel, who blushes. Terra has her head down on the table laughing, while Rose is covering her mouth with her hand while laughing. Mr. Brown: ???Is something wrong girls???? ??? Angel: ???There shouldn???t be Mr. Brown.??? Mr. Brown: ???Good, now let???s get to work.??? All whispered Terra: ???Dang that boy is hot, with a capital H!??? ??? Rose: ???I guess ???, but I think there???s something up with him.??? Terra and Rose look at Jared out of the corner of their eyes. Still whispering, Terra: ???I guess he is a little pale, but so are you.??? ??? Rose: ???That???s not what I meant.??? Terra: ???So what do you mean???? ??? Angrily Mr. Brown: ???GET TO WORK!??? Rose still whispered: ???Who pissed in his coffee???? ??? Terra laughs Mr. Brown: ???Jared switch seats with Terra.??? ??? Terra: ???See ya.??? ??? Rose: ???Bye.??? Jared and Terra switch seats. Rose sighs. Jared has a small smile on his face. Rose talking to Angel: ???Tell Terra I???ll tell her at lunch.??? ??? Angel: ???O.k.??? All start doing their work (cut to the end of class). Mr. Brown: ???You???re dismissed.??? ??? Terra: ???Finally!??? Rose, Angel and Terra walk down the hall, Jared is following close behind. Rose pissed off: ???Why are you following us!?!??? Jared: ???Because we have the same classes, and I don???t know where they are.??? Rose still pissed: ???Come with me.??? ??? Jared: ???O.k.??? Jared: ???Yes? What have I done wrong???? -Walk away a little bit- Rose: ???I know what you are. If you hurt anyone, I will find you.??? End of scene 1

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Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:13 pm
Elijah wrote a review...

I will be honest that I did not finished reading this really.I could not do it!I don't know why there were so many guestion marks and things that i could not understand.But surely you have a reason for that?Well I think this is noticable.I can't say what is actually going on even if I have the feeling the plot is interesting.I just could not understand it.
You have the main characters and the plot.You have it all.You just need to write it all over again.

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Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:46 pm
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babymagic18 wrote a review...

Oh wow...wow, wow wow. This is a horrendous mess but I take it you already know that?
Please tell me where you were or are trying to take this so I can try with everything I have to sort this out. Other than that you should really read a lot more books and get a feel for how other authors write.

NotaDayperson says...

Well first thing is that I wasn't really sure what i was doing when I posted it, so I'm not really sure what happened. Yes, I do know that it's a horrendous mess and I'm trying to fix it, but that hasn't been working so I may just repost it.

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