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Being an Eclectic Witch

by Nixie

Eclectic Witchcraft

What it means to me to be an Eclectic Witch?

When I began following a pagan path, I found that so many things were calling to me, and from learning all of these different things from many different traditions, I have become a better and fuller person.

Being Eclectic means that I don’t follow one specific path with its rules and beliefs. Instead I learn, read and research about a wide range of different paths and traditions, and most importantly, I learn about what feels right to me. Every new thing that I learn, becomes a part of who I am, a part of my own spiritual path, and in doing so, it changes me just a little bit each time.

At this point in my life, I feel like I am the best person I can be, and this is, I think, due in part to the spiritual growth I have attained and the fulfilment it has brought me. Do I want to stop growing? Hell no! I never want to stop learning and discovering new and exciting things. This is one reason I don’t want to give up on researching and writing my book ‘The Pagan Tree’, in the short time I have been researching the different paths and traditions I have learnt new things, and I have also remembered things I have seemingly long forgotten.

Sometimes I will read a book, an article, or research a subject and I will take a lot from it and incorporate it into my own practices, but there are other times when I will take nothing from it other than the knowledge that I have gained from doing it.

“There is no right or wrong way to practice being an Eclectic Witch.”

If I feel like I want to study Shamanism or a certain Pantheon of deities I can do that, and I do. If I want to learn a new form of divination, or work on my chakras I can do that too. There are times when I do no studying at all, and I just practice and live what I have learnt, what I already know and believe.

I could never imagine leaving this path, at least in this lifetime. I feel that I can achieve all that I want and desire in my life both physically and spiritually. I will continue to learn and grow.

Being an Eclectic Witch, to me, means that I will never tire of my spirituality, it will never bore me, and it will never become a burden to me.

By Nixie Vale.

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Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:22 am
Kale wrote a review...

Hello there Nixie! I assume, considering the subject of this piece, that you've named yourself after certain water spirits? I, Murtle, usually known as Kyllorac, will be reviewing you today, on this very fine Review Day.

With that said, onto the review!

Every new thing that I learn, becomes a part of who I am, a part of my own spiritual path, and in doing so, it changes me just a little bit each time.

The one nitpicky nitpick I have about this piece is that occasionally, you overuse commas and wind up with comma splices like in the sentence I just quoted above. The comma after "learn", for instance, is misplaced, and it actually breaks the flow of ideas in the sentence.

You have a couple other such flow-breaking commas scattered throughout, and considering how short this piece is, they're a bit more noticeable than they would perhaps be otherwise.

With that said, this was a very interesting read, and to be completely honest, I really wish you'd expanded a bit more on certain aspects of it, particularly by way of providing more details and examples of how you research or study or practice. You make being an Eclectic Witch sound very interesting and appealing, and I really would like to know more (which I think was your aim in writing this piece, in which case, you succeeded most spectacularly).

Honestly, the possibility of expanding this to include more specifics and the issue with the commas aside, I really don't have much to say about this piece other than what I've already mentioned. It sounds like being an Eclectic Witch is a path that makes you very happy with your life, and that happiness shines in pretty much ever word of this. It was really nice to read, and very refreshing, especially when compared to the majority of other pieces I come across while reviewing.

Kudos to you for a piece well-written.

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Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:04 am
Thelios says...

Well, well. I knew you would see the website, but never thought you'd join it. You know how I feel about this piece, seeing as I've already told you. I love you, my moon.

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Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:41 pm
StoryWeaver13 wrote a review...

Really cool...I've always had an appreciation for pagan/wiccan culture, despite the typical negative "demonic" stigma that's been so unfairly (and incorrectly) attached. I wish this article was longer, and I think it would be great if you put this into the form of a creative nonfiction piece - telling it through a story as opposed to telling it in an essay format.

Anyway, this was pretty well-written, but I would've really liked if you dug deeper and went further with just how this impacts you. This is such a compelling topic, and I for one would love to know more.

Keep writing.

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Nixie says...

Thank you, I do have a few that go a little deeper, and go into how my path has an effect on my daily life, and how it has helped me to become who I am, how it has helped me though some of the hardest times of my life. How it has made me view both life and death.

I will take the idea of telling though a story for a piece I wrote about when I died.

Thank you again

Thelios says...

Story, would you believe me if I said that she doesn't have just 1 piece, but has MANY pieces on the info on this? The only part is the warrior path. (She can't take that, that's mine.) O' course, being her fiancee, I kinda know almost all the pieces she has.

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