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Doctor Who: The Daleks' Prize

by Napier

AUTHOR'S NOTE- This is an episode I wrote for Doctor Who, mainly as a response to the increasingly bad (in my opnion) scripts we've been getting recently. I don't usually write fanfiction, so this is kind of new to me. Being a first draft, criticism is expected and warmly welcomed. I don't know how much you guys like the screenplay format, or indeed Doctor Who, so I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

(Establishing shot-a lone moon, gently rotating against the backdrop of space. No stars. Caption: The Lost Moon of Poosh. The TARDIS appears, spinning softly with the moon.)

(The moon’s surface, a desolate wasteland. Wind is roaring, blowing dust everywhere. Camera pans toward a crashed ship, extremely weatherworn, impossible to distinguish a clear shape. Rotating the camera around the ship, we see a small complex of buildings, oblong with faint lights and devices that spin and creak.)

(Interior shot, slowly moving down a metal corridor. We see blue screens, orb shaped panels on the walls. Muffled voices start to be heard- Daleks. As we move deeper through the corridors they get louder, shouting coordinates and data.)

(Cut to a glaring, blue Dalek eye.)

Dalek 1: Our signal has been received. The Commander’s orders are successful. The Doctor has been found!

(Shot of a Dalek two Dalek ‘plungers’ activating an orb-panel; two screens switch on. Cut to the first, showing a coordinates map, the moon clearly marked with a bleeping dot next to it- the TARDIS. Quick pan to the second screen, we see bars increasing in size, a loud whirring noise.)

Dalek 1: Activate the teleports! Lock onto the signal!

(Ground close-up of a Dalek moving onto a round panel on the floor. We only see the lower part of its body. Cut back to the second ‘plunger’. It rotates on the orb, the bars on the screen increase again and the whirring sound is deafening.)

(The Dalek in the teleport is shrouded by blue light, which produces a lot of electricity. Shards of lightning are thrown across the room, which vibrates ever vigorously as the whirring gets increasingly louder. Suddenly ceases and the Dalek is gone.)

(Cut to the interior of the TARDIS. The Doctor moving his way around the control hub excitedly, checking screens, pressing buttons. Clara is reclining in a chair on an adjacent platform, reading Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie. )

The Doctor: I told you I’d find it!

Clara: Find what?

The Doctor: Pay attention! I’ve been looking for ages, you said you wanted to see something lost. Your requests have been weird, frankly; first it was something awesome, then something scary, then something impossible- can’t you be specific for once, I mean-

Clara: Quit babbling, what’ve you found?

(Clara stands and walks to join the Doctor by the controls.)

The Doctor: The Lost Moon of Poosh! You know, I found it once before. Well, the Daleks did but-

Clara: Oh that! I’d forgotten about that, you mentioned it weeks ago.

(The Doctor takes Clara by the hand and leads her to the TARDIS doors, he spins, clutches the handles and grins.)

The Doctor: Time is an illusion in the TARDIS, Clara; the important thing is that I mentioned it and the very important thing is that I told you I’d find it and the most important thing is that I have indeed found it. Lucky for us there’s an SOS signal down there leading us right to it and lucky for them the right person found the signal. Zip back to 2008 when the signal first appeared, and we can give whoever’s down there a helping hand. Definitely got time for a poke about in the Giant Crater of Solitude.

Clara: Jacket needed, perhaps?

The Doctor: Nah, it’s a lovely place. Beaches and everything. We’ll look from on high first of all, it’s a gorgeous view. You can thank me later.

(The Doctor spins again to face the TARDIS doors and flings them open. A Dalek in full view is hovering right outside. We cut back a close of the Doctor, his face stricken with surprise and fear, with Clara peering behind him, who screams.)

(The Dalek’s right appendage is clawed and it snaps quickly at the Doctor’s wrist, dragging him out of the TARDIS. Medium shot of the Dalek, the Doctor and the TARDIS all floating in space. The Doctor wastes no time in reaching into his pocket, pulling out his sonic screwdriver. Front on shot of the Dalek and the Doctor, the Doctor reaching out his hand to throw the sonic screwdriver into the TARDIS and at the camera. Whilst the screwdriver spins and approaches, the Dalek starts to emit blue, the same electricity shooting in all directions. Blue light illuminates the screen when the screwdriver can get no closer, and the shot is punctuated by Clara’s echoing scream.)




(The screwdriver hits the floor, and Clara snatches at it. She clutches it then points it like a weapon. She is on the verge of tears, panting and sweating. She’s fumbling for the button that turns it on. Eventually it does. Cut to the screwdriver emerging from the TARDIS doors into space. Clara’s distraught face peers through, checks all directions. Cut to Clara shutting the doors.)

Clara: Now I’m in trouble.

(Cut to Clara looking hopelessly at the TARDIS controls, examining the screens. We see the SOS signal wink out of existence.)

Clara: So… I guess that was a trap. (She wipes her eyes, which are glistening with the beginnings of tears.) Right, no use mucking about. (She admires the screwdriver.) The Doctor gave me this, which means he knows I can do something with it. More than he can anyway. But I’m stuck on the TARDIS talking to myself, no locked doors that need opening up here. Think, think- he’s obviously down on the surface now. Um… TARDIS? Give me someone to talk to please?

(A second Clara flickers into existence beside her.)

Voice Interface Clara: You have reached the TARDIS’ holographic voice interface.

Clara: Oh, no, not just me again, that gives me the creeps.

(The second Clara morphs into Angie.)

Voice Interface Angie: A new subject likely to be known to Clara has been selected. How can the TARDIS assist?

Clara: You can assist, you clever girl, by helping me land.

(Cut to the interior of the Dalek complex. The teleport is delivering the Doctor and the Dalek, more blue energy filling the room. The Doctor is still captive courtesy of the Dalek’s claw.)

The Doctor: (Yelling hugely and struggling to escape.) CLARAA! Let go of me! LET GO OF ME!

(The Dalek obliges, releasing his claw. The Doctor stumbles to the ground. Camera pans from the Doctor to the shell of a slowly approaching Dalek. As it rises, we see that this Dalek is heavily damage, as is the Doctor’s captor. Orbs missing, head lights ripped off, gashes and holes in the body.)

Dalek 2: (The Dalek that captured the Doctor. He remains behind the Doctor as the Dalek approaches.) You will rise!

Rise for the Commander’s guard! Rise for the Dalek Commander!

The Doctor: (Stands reluctantly, his hands firmly by his sides and in fists.) Commander, eh? Don’t think I’m impressed, I’ve met the Emperor of you lot. I’ve met your creator! Several times! Commander is old hat, so don’t think you’re going to get away with taking me hostage!

Dalek Commander: (From the shadows.) SILENCE! (The Commander moves forward, into the light. It is larger than the other Daleks, a deep red. The weapons panel consists a large cannon flanked by two claws. It, too, has been damaged, though seemingly repaired using parts from the other Daleks. Part of its body panels are different colours, its left light is smaller than the right etc. It’s eye glows red.) Doctor, you are now a prisoner of the Daleks. You shall surrender. You shall be taken to the supreme Dalek empire whereupon you shall be exterminated!

(Interior of the TARDIS. Clara is leaning against the main HUB, looking at the monitor. Voice Interface Angie looks on blankly.)

Clara: Okay, so we need to find the origin of the Dalek’s teleportation signal in order to land properly, otherwise we could just fall to the surface miles away from the Doctor. How long will that take?

Voice Interface Angie: Without manual controls, approximately 33 minutes.

Clara: (Makes a very frustrated noise.) But we might not have ‘approximately 33 minutes’. Any way you can take me through the manual controls step by step? The Doctor’s taught me some basics.

Voice Interface Angie: Affirmative. Locating nearby signals is a simple task.

Clara: Fantastic! You know, you’re much more useful and far less annoying when you’re an automated robot voice.

Voice Interface Angie: Hologram.

Clara: Okay. Little annoying.

(Dalek control room. Wide shot of the Doctor, the Dalek close behind him and the Dalek Commander flanked by its guard. Cut to a close up of the Doctor’s profile. He’s looking confused, eyes darting around the room and at the Daleks. The camera rotates around the room, revealing more of the interior. We see a huge wall of Daleks, in stations on shelves upon shelves to the left of the Doctor, but they are still, unmoving. Most of their lights are off.)

The Doctor: (Thinks for a couple of seconds. Scowls.) How do you know who I am?

Dalek Commander: You are the Doctor! You are an enemy of the Daleks! You shall be extermi-

The Doctor: No! No no no, that’s impossible! Clara, she wiped your memory of me. I’m completely gone from the Dalek database, it was all very exciting and I was very pleased with old Clara and now… you’re ruining it. I’ll ask again. How do you know who I am?

(The Daleks remain silent for several seconds. Then-)

Dalek Commander: We have no recollection of a breaching of the Dalek database.

The Doctor: Now that’s impossible. The only way you could have no recollection of that is… no! (Claps his hands and grins.) Tell me you’re not disconnected from the database?

(The Daleks are silent.)

The Doctor: (Laughs.) Ohhh ho ho this is too much! What are you, you’re like scavengers, no- refugees! Crashed down here, the Lost Moon of Poosh. One of the 26 celestial bodies used in your plan to destroy reality. That plan failed, by the way, you must’ve noticed. Davros is long gone, Dalek Caan, remember him? Gone! And then my brilliant Clara wiped your memory banks of any record of my existence, something you were not a part of because you were down here. Forgotten. Energy supplies failing?

(The Daleks are silent.)

The Doctor: (Nodding.) Energy supplies failing. And your plan is… what?

Dalek Commander: You are our hostage. The Dalek empire will collect this Dalek fleet with you in our possession. We shall join the ranks of soldiers once more and you shall be exterminated!

The Doctor: But don’t you understand? They don’t know who I am! Typical Daleks, they’ll ignore any signal you give out because they have no idea who the Doctor is and you’re no longer useful to them. They shall leave you here. To die.

Dalek Commander: Then you shall die with us!

(A jet of blue light erupts from the Dalek Commander’s large cannon. Cut to the Doctor being hit full on in the chest. He yells in pain and falls to his knees.)

(Cut to Clara manically pushing buttons, pulling levers around the TARDIS HUB. Clara and the TARDIS are both shaking, constantly unbalanced, stumbling, while Angie remains unsettlingly at ease.)

Clara: Right, so the teleport signal has been locked, traced that back to the coordinates of the teleport source. Can we have a look on the screen?

(Angie nods, cut to the monitor above Clara. We see a map of the surface of the moon, the Dalek complex clearly shown with a ‘bleeping’ dot where the teleport signal would be.)

Clara: Great, so- (she pulls a lever, presses a couple of buttons)- handbrake off – (gently pulls down a larger lever) disengage flight.

(The TARDIS interior shudders and jerks. Cut to outside, the TARDIS is plummeting. Cut to above the TARDIS, falling and tumbling against the backdrop of a fast approaching moon.)

Clara: Engage flight! Engage flight! (She desperately pushes the lever backup and she trips and stumbles around the controls. Cut to the TARDIS coming to a halt.) Blimey, the Doctor wasn’t lying when he said it needs a Time

Lord’s touch. Okay…

Voice Interface Angie: Determine the landing location, engage dematerialisation and then disengage flight.

Clara: I know, I know.

(Cut to the monitor again. We can just about see Clara moving around the controls, pulling levers, whilst a tracking sight on the screen moves and locks onto the bleep that tells us where the teleport is.)

Clara: No, we don’t want to go right onto the source; it could be swarming with Daleks for all I know. Those look like buildings, let’s go outside a little, shall we? (The tracking sight does this.) Marvellous. Now, engage dematerialisation. (Cut to Clara’s hand pushing a large button.)

(Cut to the TARDIS starting to disappear. Cut to TARDIS interior.)

Clara: And disengage flight and… (She pulls the same large lever.)

(Clara pauses and flaps her hands around the controls.)

Clara: Engage materialisation, oh God which one’s that?

(Angie points to a larger, rotary lever, which Clara spins frantically. Cut to the TARDIS materialising on the surface of the Lost Moon of Poosh, the Dalek complex visible on the near horizon. Camera is panning closer as the TARDIS appears. The doors open when the camera stops, Clara opening the doors and coming out.)

Clara: Absolute genius I am! Piloting the TARDIS, off to save the- (a sharp wind whips past. Clara folds her arms on herself and shivers.) God it’s freezing. Jacket!

(She rushes back into the TARDIS. Cut to Clara striding through the control room.)

Clara: ‘You won’t need a jacket,’ he says.

(Cut to Clara entering a TARDIS corridor.)

Clara: ‘Poosh is a lovely place,’ he says. ‘Lots of beaches.’

(Cut to Clara entering the TARDIS wardrobe, a huge place stacked high with alcoves of clothes, hats, shoes, scarves etc. She finds the coats to her right and starts to rifle through them. Cut to interior of the wardrobe, Clara spreading the coats to her left and right. She takes out The Sixth Doctor’s garish technicolour jacket and looks at it in disgust.)

Clara: (whispering) What in the world...

(Cut to Clara finding a simple parka. Very quick cuts of putting it on, zipping it up, pulling up the hood. Camera pans into Clara’s face.)

Clara: Off to save the Doctor. (She looks serious, takes a deep breath. Cut to behind her, leaving the wardrobe, screwdriver in hand.)

(Cut to the Doctor, lying on the ground, Daleks behind him and in front of him. His chest is smoking, his waistcoat scorched. But he’s alive, breathing heavily. He remains on the floor, grinning.)

The Doctor: Hahaaaa, see! Energy supplies. Rubbish! (He stands up, his knees buckle, and he clutches his chest. He can remain standing, but his legs are shaking.) This is 2008. I’d wager you’ve only just crashed in the last few days. All your energy’s been spent making this HQ, and now you’ve hardly got any. I bet that was the only shot you can take with that weapon!


The Doctor: Hahaa! I knew it! Normally that’d be enough to make me regenerate, but with your stock here you’ve barely got enough to make me feel weak for a brief spell.

Dalek Commander: That was my intention.

(One of the Dalek’s claws stretches out with alarming speed, gripping the Doctor’s neck hard. He gasps, reaches for the claw and his hands grasp and flail. He is lifted up, the powerful claw raising him above the Dalek Commander. The Dalek spins to the left with the Doctor, carrying him to the back of the room, pushing him up against the wall.)

The Doctor: If you can’t kill me, what’re you gonna do?

Dalek Commander: You shall be exterminated!

The Doctor: How?

Dalek Commander: We shall scavenge! Mine! We shall gather enough resources with our superior technology to destroy you, Doctor!

The Doctor: (Beat.) That’s very possible.

Dalek Commander: You will remain here until we have enough power to exterminate you efficiently! And when you regenerate, that body, too, will be exterminated! And the next! And on and on until our ideal Dalek forms eventually die and you will remain here! Starve! Weaken! The cold surface of this moon becoming your tomb Doctor!

The Doctor: (He pauses for a while. Looks sadly at the Dalek, ragged breaths, watery eyes. Cut to the red eye of the Dalek staring back. Camera zooms closer as the Doctor talks.) This is what it’s come to. This is how far you’re willing to go. And probably further, knowing you lot. (Cuts back to the Doctor.) Am I really this much of a threat? Have I really caused this much pain?

Dalek Commander: (Shot from Dalek’s POV. Screen filtered with red, circular lens surrounded with black. The Dalek looks the Doctor up and down. Cut to medium shot, profile, the Dalek and the Doctor being held against the wall.) Yes.

(The Doctor drops to the ground, crumples. Metal bars shoot up from the floor, enclosing him. Caged.)

(Cut to Clara cautiously walking around the crashed Dalek ship, and towards the building. Cut to the doorway, a thick barricade surrounded by a solid arch. Clara ‘sonics’ the door.)

Clara: Come on, come on. (She moves the screwdriver desperately around the door. It eventually clicks and slides open.) Yes!

(As she enters, the door slides shut again, and a claxon rings out. Red lights start flashing.)

Clara: No!

(Cut to the Dalek control room. Close up of the Doctor, he looks up and smiles.)

Dalek Commander: Our location has been breached! Guards! Find the intrusion and exterminate it!

The Doctor: (Muttering.) Good luck doing that with no weapons.

(Cut to a Dalek guard, its clawed hand begins to spin incredibly fast, drill-like. Cut back to the Doctor.)

The Doctor: Ah.

(Cut to the Dalek guards exiting the control room. We see clearly the extent of the damage; the back of one Dalek is almost completely gone, tentacles of the creature inside hanging out.)

(Cut to Clara moving silently down a corridor, clutching the screwdriver like a weapon. The alarm is still sounding. Long shot as we see her duck behind walls and alcoves, steadily making her way closer to the camera. Close shot of Clara crouching in an alcove, breathing heavily. In the background we see a Dalek, out of focus, moving down the corridor adjacent to this one.)

(Clara checks the coast, behind her. It’s clear. She stands and keeps going, turns a corner. A Dalek! It’s several feet away, it’s back to Clara. She covers her mouth to stifle her gasp, and ducks behind cover. The Dalek’s head turns, sees nothing, and rotates back. Clara takes a careful look. Camera cuts to the Dalek’s unprotected back section and back to Clara. Her eyes widen and she nods.)

Clara: (Whispering.) You can do this.

(Clara tiptoes down the corridor, her face determined, moving the screwdriver from her right hand to her left. Cut to behind Clara, increasing speed. The Dalek whips its head around once more, spotting Clara. It’s claw begins to spin.)

Dalek 1: Extermi-!

(Clara reaches for the Dalek’s tentacles and yanks. The creature is pulled from its casing, flying through the air when she lets go of it. Cut to worm’s eye view, the Dalek on the floor. It blinks, the camera blackening for a moment. We see Clara striding over to the Dalek. Blink. She’s standing right above it. Blink. Her face, livid, is directly in front of the camera.)

Clara: The Doctor told me what you did to me. Well, a version of me. Do you know what that was?

(We hear the Dalek moan, a wet gargling moan.)

Clara: Well, your species took me, and they turned me into one of you. They took an innocent, stranded young lady and mutated me, twisted me into a thing that looked just like you and trapped me in a metal box. And that experience was so vile, so unthinkable that my brain just refused to accept it. My brain remained Clara Oswald, refusing to comply to this body, this monster you call a form of life. What do you think that says about your species, huh? What does it say when a brain just won’t even try to comprehend that it’s been turned into one of you?

(Cut to a shot over Clara’s shoulder, both her and the Dalek in shot.)

Dalek 1: The Daleks… are… perfect. We are… unremorseful… ruthlessly efficient… designed without flaw. You… should… have… thanked… us.

Clara: You know, to make it even I bet there’s some way to turn you into a human. Though, thinking about it, that wouldn’t be much of a punishment.

Dalek 1: It would be… for me.

(Cut to the close up of Clara’s face again. Her face has contorted into one of complete rage. She spits and stands. Her foot rises and comes crashing down onto the camera. Black. Cut to her looking down at the unseen Dalek, stamping

again and again. A few drops of green land on her clothes and face. Cut to the end of the corridor, zooming out, Clara stamping and the Dalek shell in shot. We hear her begin to cry and almost growl as the shot fades to black. The alarm is still flashing, and the screen glows red twice before-)

(Cut to the control room, the Dalek Commander at the screen.)

Dalek Commander: Unit One! Unit One! Answer! Answer!

(The Doctor begins to laugh.)

The Doctor: Good old Clara! I knew she was a keeper! Granted your weapons are pants but that’s still a Dalek she just-

Dalek Commander: Silence! (The Dalek moves over to the Doctor, who stands, gripping the bars of his cage.) The human girl will be found. The human girl will join you in captivity.

The Doctor: And then what?

Dalek Commander: And then you will watch her die! Exceedingly faster than you, Time Lord.

(Cut to the empty Dalek shell’s head. The screwdriver appears, alight and moving around the head. It clicks heavily. ‘Trunk shot’ from inside the Dalek shell as Clara lifts the head off. Cut to over Clara’s shoulder, looking into the shell. It’s cramped, filled with panels of controls and buttons.)

Clara: Damn. Thought I could fit in there.

(Cut to Clara looking at the claw, which has stopped spinning. Over shoulder again, she reaches into the Dalek. Cut to her face making faces as if something is just out of reach. We hear a whir and she smiles. Cut to the claw spinning. She sonics the interior, we hear a clunk and she pulls the claw out. She tests in on the Dalek shell, and it drills into the metal, sending sparks flying and leaving a hole.)

Clara: This’ll come in handy.

(Cut to Dalek control room.)

Dalek Commander: Unit Two! Find her! Find her!

The Doctor: This whole plan is moot, you know.

(The Commander is silent.)

The Doctor: You hold me here, with three Daleks-

Dalek Commander: We have more than three Daleks!

The Doctor: So those Daleks are- ? (He points to the still Daleks behind the Commander)

Dalek Commander: Waiting for resources. Charging. But alive.

The Doctor: Well then, let’s say three Daleks who actually pose a threat, no weapons and a total failure to factor in good old Clara into the equation. And she’s making a right old mess of you lot! All you’ve managed to achieve is to prove that there are probably more of you out there who still hate my guts. So, well done there.

Dalek Commander: The girl will be exterminated.

The Doctor: Say what you want about Daleks, but they’re persistent. And you know, you’ve probably picked the worst companion to catch me with. D’you know what your species did to her? Well, not- no, that’s a long story with about six sequels. But Clara, still Clara- do you know what you did to her?


The Doctor: You took her and you moulded her into one of you lot. Turned her into a Dalek.

Dalek Commander: (Moving much closer to the Doctor’s cage.) That is blasphemy! The Daleks would never give the opportunity of Dalek-form to an inferior human girl!

The Doctor: Well, these Daleks were insane. Inmates of your Asylum. And you’ve just released your worst inmate upon yourselves. And I’d expect she holds a grudge.

(Cut to Clara’s shoe, stepping down and leaving a think, green residue. Cut to mid shot, Clara walks a few paces and looks behind her shoulder.)

Clara: Footprints.

(Cut to her feet again, she takes her shoes off, camera staying on the discarded shoes as she walks away.)

Clara: Should have brought a bag. (She turns a corner.)

(Cut to Clara walking down another corridor, the screwdriver in her left hand, the claw in her right.)

Clara: Come on Doctor, you must be around here somewhere.

(Camera follows Clara, she walks takes a left and then a right. She happens across a door.)

Clara: Door. Doors are promising.

(She sonics the door, and it opens. A Dalek is directly behind it. Clara screams, and the Dalek’s claw goes for her neck.)

(Cut to the control room. The Dalek Commander is looking at the screen, which is a POV of the Dalek, strangling Clara.)

Dalek Commander: Unit Two has found the girl!

The Doctor: Yeah, with no way of killing her.

(Cut to Clara being held against a wall by her neck, gagging for air.)

Dalek Commander: The Dalek’s have means of destruction beyond our fazers.

The Doctor: You fight her, she can fight back!

(Cut to Clara, her hand carrying the Dalek claw has been trapped by the Dalek’s second arm, gripping tightly. The screen is fading as she fights for air.)

Dalek Commander: You tell of the girl being transformed into a Dalek, and yet she has her human form. Explain! Explain!

The Doctor: (A brief pause.) Clara risked her life to save me by scattering herself through my time line. Your lot picked up one of the pieces and decided to have some fun with her.

Dalek Commander: The Daleks have no concept of fun!

The Doctor: (Shouting.) They were insane! It makes no difference anyhow.

Dalek Commander: Why?

The Doctor: Because you leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who meets you. Whatever you do to them, be it against Dalek code or not, it’s always Godawful.

(Cut to Clara, held captive from the Dalek. The claw whirs gently into life, starting and stopping sporadically and eventually retaining a constant spin. Clara turns her hand and the claw drills into the Dalek’s arm, severing it- her right arm is free. She does the same to the claw round her neck, then kicks the Dalek. It drifts into the open door.)

Dalek 2: Exterminate! Exterminate!

(Clara turns on the claw, drills it into the Dalek’s metal head. The eye stalk goes dim and droops. She finds a hole in the shell, reaches in and pulls out the creature inside. Another Dalek-eye view shot as Clara steps over the Dalek, spinning the claw. Cut to her walking down the same corridor- it is different, more ornate and brightly lit- with the claw in her hand dripping with green. She finds another door and sonics it open.)

(Cut to the control room. A door opens and Clara is on the other side.)

Dalek Commander: Exterminate! (It moves towards Clara.)

Clara: Oh, pack it in.

(The Dalek reaches her, and she drills the side of its head. The eye stalk droops. She keeps drilling.)

The Doctor: Clara! The sonic!

(Without taking her eyes of what she’s doing, she chucks the screwdriver to the Doctor. Cut to it flying through the air. Cut to the Doctor’s arm reaching for it, and just barely catching it through the bars. He sonics around his cage, and the bars sink into the floor. He walks over to Clara, who has made several holes in the Dalek Commander’s exterior. He restrains her by the arms.)

The Doctor: Hey, hey, let’s not get carried away.

Clara: I’m sorry, you don’t understand how it feels. I know it wasn’t technically me they did that… thing to, but every time I look at one of them I… I can just see what they did, feel the horror I must have gone through.

The Doctor: (Brings her in for a hug.) I know, I know. But the anger, that’s what separates you from them. Ridding yourself of anger makes you better than them, giving into it only brings you closer.

Clara: (Tears herself away from the Doctor.) No it doesn’t! Daleks hate unconditionally, but my hate is justified, don’t you understand? I have a reason!

The Doctor: But it’s still unconditional hatred. A bee stings you, and you want to swat every one you come across?

Clara: That’s not the same.

The Doctor: But it is. Clara, you have every right to be angry, but you cannot allow it to become you.

Clara: I won’t. I promise. Let me be angry, because that’s human, that’s right; you must understand that. But I won’t obsess.

The Doctor: Thank you. (They hug again.)

(Cut to the Doctor looking over the screens. A map of the complex is shown.)

The Doctor: You know, you took your sweet time finding me considering how small this place is.

Clara: Don’t push me. (A wry smile.)

The Doctor: (Grins.) Just kidding, I’m sorry. But yes! Relatively simple route out, my brilliant brain memorised the way, you’re welcome. No more Dalek threats along the way, them lot (he points to the Daleks to his left) won’t be any trouble. (He moves over to them, scanning them with his screwdriver, looking at the readings.) They’re pretty much comatose. Alive, but sleeping. Maybe they’ll get picked up, maybe not. Probably not actually, this is the Lost Moon of Poosh, after all.

Clara: We can blow this place up.

(The Doctor spins round to find Clara, peering over at the screens. Cut to over her shoulder- she has found a self-destruct programme. The Doctor joins her, cut to the two of them, the Doctor looking worried.)

The Doctor: Ah. You know, species like the Daleks should really learn to stop putting self-destruct systems in all their stuff.

Clara: We can destroy this place, rid the galaxy of a few Daleks. There are loads of them up there.

The Doctor: Yes, but they’re sleeping. They don’t pose a threat.

Clara: They might. The other Daleks could scavenge, wake them up and add them to their army.

The Doctor: This is the Lost Moon of Poosh!

Clara: You found it.

The Doctor: Well, that’s- that’s beside the point.

Clara: You know it’s the right thing to do.

The Doctor: I wouldn’t call it the right thing to do.

Clara: Well, it’s the safest option, if we’re going to protect the Universe, Doctor. I thought that’s what you were all about. The safety of others. I’m not doing this because I have a grudge against the Daleks-

The Doctor: Yes you are.

Clara: (Ignoring him.) I’m doing it because it’s in my interest to protect people from the horror that they bestowed on me. How long do you think those Dalek’s will last in their sleep?

The Doctor: (Pauses, then reluctantly-) Practically forever, they’re advanced enough.

Clara: And you know that, in all of time and space, it’s completely possible for someone to find them. To wake them up.

The Doctor: Yes but-

Clara: Please. Let me have this.

The Doctor: I’ve spent most of my life in fear of the Daleks, Clara, so if there’s anyone who understands what you’re feeling it’s me. But destroying them all, don’t you understand, it makes us no better than them!

Clara: No, it does make us better than them! Because we’re killing them for a reason, when they have none. I will not walk away from this place knowing that we let a hoard of Daleks just sit here, content. Let me have this.

(She slams her hand on the control. A countdown begins- 1 minute- and alarms go off.)

Clara: I’m sorry.

The Doctor: Run!

(Shots of the Doctor and Clara running hand in hand down the corridors. Cut to exterior, they run along the ice, and leap. The Dalek complex explodes. The pair emerge, snow covering them, breathing heavily.)

Clara: Can I borrow some shoes? It’s freezing.

The Doctor: What?

Clara: I kind of stamped on a Dalek.

(The Doctor rolls his eyes.)

(Cut to a huge crater. We can barely see the TARDIS, Clara and the Doctor. Caption: The Giant Crater of Solitude. Cut to Clara on the edge of the crater, she’s wearing a pair of red converse. Cut to mid shot of Clara, the Doctor approaching her from behind.)

The Doctor: (Spreads his arms.) The Giant Crater of Solitude!

Clara: It’s beautiful. It’s so… so quiet.

(Shot behind Clara and the Doctor of the crater. A pause lingers for a while. Cut back to the Doctor and Clara.)

The Doctor: Am I gonna have to watch out for you from now on, then?

Clara: (Turning to face him.) I’m sorry. I admit it, I was angry.

The Doctor: It’s okay, we all have anger. We all have grudges.

Clara: I don’t regret destroying the place. I don’t regret killing Daleks if it meant saving you. But I regret the state of mind I did it in. I did do it mainly out of anger, not sense.

The Doctor: But, Clara, even in your anger you managed to see clarity, to find the sense in blowing up their headquarters. That’s what separates us from them, not the anger itself. The ability to, yes, act with emotion but to attach that emotion to something tangible, something logical. That’s what makes us different to the Daleks, Clara, and I should have realised that, I’m sorry.

Clara: Thank you.

(They hug, continuing the hug as the camera cuts behind them and steadily zooms out and pans upwards. We can see their figures break from the hug as the camera stops, a wide shot of the crater.)

Clara: Oh, and by the way, I found your jacket.

The Doctor: What, which jacket?

Clara: Well, it’s kind of rainbow, a lot of yellow and tartan and-

The Doctor: Oh that! No, that’s, that’s, no no no that’s- I’m just keeping that for a friend.

Clara: Whatever you say.

The Doctor: I mean it!

Clara: (Brief pause.) Why did it have question marks on it?

The Doctor: Question marks are cool.


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93 Reviews

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Reviews: 93

Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:46 am
Sylar wrote a review...

ARGH! Sorry to say, but the only reason I read this was because it was a Doctor Who fanfic and a screenplay. It was a bit witty, but overall, I'm unimpressed.

First of all, your FORMATTING!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this wasn't a Doctor Who fanfic, I would've stopped reading immediately. Please check my screenplay and see HOW TO FORMAT THE SCREENPLAY!!!!! I could barely even red it the whole time it was so unprofessional. I'm twelve and I can format better (but my mom's a professional screenwriter, though).

Second of all, it just makes no sense! Phrases such as, "Blue light illuminates the screen when the screwdriver can get no closer, and the shot is punctuated by Clara’s echoing scream." and "Yelling hugely" just hurt to read. I mean -- "Yelling hugely" . . .

Also, I sort-of had an issue seeing the characters speaking. All the lines seemed a bit flat, and the Daleks did NOT sound like Daleks at all! You use "find" a lot, and that's not what a Dalek would say.

There are also some prominent grammar mistakes. At one point, you say, "Clara turns on the claw, drills it into the Dalek’s metal head". You still need to write a screenplay in full sentences!

Is this a shooting script or a script you would hand to your producer, because you say: "establishing shot" a lot. In a screenplay, you usually don't explain camera angles or specific shots; it's the director's and the director of photography's job to that. This is starting to sound more like a written version of the storyboard the director would write while consulting with the producer, co-directors and storyboard artists. Are you thinking of shooting this by yourself?

Lastly, I thought the plot was a bit flat and could use some working on.

I did like that it was set of Poosh, and I'm happy some made an attempt to write a Doctor Who screenplay, but I think you could do better. is a good video to help you reformat.

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69 Reviews

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Reviews: 69

Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:38 am
WillowCutz wrote a review...

This is Willow C, here to represent.....
Sorry, I really apologize. You did not need to read that.

*coughs* Mm-Kay, First off I am a HUGE Doctor who fan, I've seen every episode at least three times and I've been watching since I was in second grade. So good luck.

Next up, I judge historical accuracy of the show to the script keeping in mindmthe time difference.
I don't think a Dalek would say found, he'd say located.
I also think that the dalek would not have a clawed appendage. Theyre more of a fear and panic people into following them, not grab and go by surprise.
Cut out the bit about it being a trap, it,s just redundant.
The TARDIS would hardly refer to itself as such because in the unreleased pilot of the original series you see that the Doctor's granddaughter came up with the acronym. It is not official.
I highly doubt she,d have time to explain her story while she's trying to save the Doctor.
That conversation about daleks and Clara is a little over done.

Overall okay. More like a Doctor short, but good.

-peace- Willow C.

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Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:23 pm
deleted12 says...

That was a super awesome thing to write about,like, who would have thought of writing a script?? I didn't get through the whole thing...but that's just cuz I have a short attention span haha! Well, nice job! ;)

deleted12 says...

Oh and David Tennet or Matt smith or whoever played in that one show has GOTTA read this! lol

I write scripts all the time! You should check them out.

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Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:16 pm
Bookwormgal16 wrote a review...

I loved it! Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows. I love how you wrote this into a script. If this isn't an episode it should be I'd love to watch this. If it is tell me because this was a great script. I love, love, love how the doctor taunts and teases the Daleks. He's like "In your face, losers!" Lol go Doctor.

Napier says...

It's fanfiction, sadly I'm not employed to write scripts for the BBC!

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32 Reviews

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Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:46 am
Sandvich wrote a review...

I promised you a review. Apologies it's late, but this got posted pretty late last night and I was tired. :3
Well, I'll start by saying that this is a fantastic script. It's honestly far better than the Moffat tripe that gets pumped out these days. I like it. I like it a lot.
Now I'm not the biggest fan of Doctor Who, so I can't comment on how canonically accurate this is or other rubbish like that. I don't even know if the Lost Moon of Poosh is canon or not! What I will say is even for someone who has never watched any of the new ones (apart from, like, Let's Kill Hitler and the Wi-Fi rubbish), you have created a lot of empathy for the characters, especially Clara. This is useful because it'll get you more viewers. I think the failings of some of the Moffat episodes that I've watched is that they don't keep my interest. This one does - it makes me want to watch the next episode.
Now for one minor nitpick - you removed the next time joke at the end! Angry face >:(

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23 Reviews

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Reviews: 23

Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:39 am
Mjdwrite wrote a review...

YAY Doctor Who!!!! Oh my word, you have made my life! I love this piece! I could really see almost all of the action with every line and stage direction! I love the different camera angles. Maybe not the captions but I do love the rest! I think The Doctor rambles on a bit more but I really like the amount he talked here! It worked better than the yakking he does now! I really love this episode in my head!

Alrighty, a few minor things I would like to comment upon. Geronimo!

-Why did your daleks have claws? The plunger could be the claw but the way you used claw made it seemed like they were mutated daleks or something and it did not suit my fancy.

-(Clara reaches for the Dalek’s tentacles and yanks. The creature is pulled from its casing, flying through the air when she lets go of it. Cut to worm’s eye view, the Dalek on the floor. It blinks, the camera blackening for a moment. We see Clara striding over to the Dalek. Blink. She’s standing right above it. Blink. Her face, livid, is directly in front of the camera.)
Okay, does he fly down? I read this and my brain instantly played a sort of spring-loaded dalek flying up through the air but his head cover was still in place so it did not work in my head but if he is flying down it makes sense. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

-Granted your weapons are pants but that’s still a Dalek she just-
Pants? Did you mean to say the Daleks had pants for weapons? :P

-(Cut to Clara’s shoe, stepping down and leaving a think, green residue. Cut to mid shot, Clara walks a few paces and looks behind her shoulder.)
I believe you meant to use thick instead of think. Just thought you should eliminate common errors like that if you decide to show this to Steven Moffat :D .

-The wardrobe part was a bit odd I think. I love how you had her pull out the question mark jacket and the line at the end about it but I think it might be better to have her out of sight and have clothing from all different eras and planets fly out and have her walk out with the jacket as if to make sure she was seeing it correctly and then scoff. I could not picture the wardrobe properly as it is one part of the TARDIS I have never seen!

-I really liked how you re-introduced the voice interface with different characters! I half expected to see Rose Tyler pop in first but seeing as how Matt Smith does not have the same connection with her, it would make more sense for it to be Amy maybe. The Clara interface and the creeps line are great though!

Once again, I love this! Great work!

Napier says...

Thank you so much for your kind words! It really made my morning, I'm glad you liked it. I'll do some reworking of the script based on your comments; the suggestions you made on the wardrobe scene would especially improve it. I'll just comment on some of your comments:

1) These are rather battered Daleks with almost no resources for weapons, so their appendages are appliance based, with claws and tools. Also, old Daleks have indeed had similar appendages, such as: ... /arm16.jpg. I should maybe make it clearer that these are extensions of the armour, like the plunger and fazer, rather than part of the actual Dalek creature?

2) 'Pants' is a very British expression for 'bad' or 'rubbish'. With any other piece I'd change it in a heartbeat, though seeing this is Doctor Who I think very British expressions are appropriate!

3) Though it would be nice to see Amy again, the TARDIS is responding to Clara's presence in the control room; I intended this scene, as well as the whole learning to fly it sections, to show how much she's been in the TARDIS now, and how much her relationship with it has changed and improved. It used to hate Clara, and now the Doctor has found out much more about her, the TARDIS has grown much more trustworthy- giving her a friend she knows to talk to is a sign of growing trust. Should I make that more obvious, maybe some better lines from Clara?

Anyway, thanks so much for your comments, I'm so glad you're so enthusiastic about it! I'll go to work on the wardrobe scene, your critiques on that are incredibly helpful.

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