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On Catching a Falling Star

by Morran

Something a little older, recently reworked just a bit. Thought I'd give it a go.


A star high in the heavens
Falls gloriously to earth
Streaking through the night sky
Bright in death as once in birth
Since everyone knows
It’s better to burn
Than simply fade

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Sat May 17, 2008 10:15 pm
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jenni321 wrote a review...

I really liked this, the use of imagery, and the shortness. I seem to like short poems, they just seem to say more, how ironic. you definitly did so, even though it's small, it say a lot. Good job, i give this 3 thumbs up...oh wait, only 2, nevermind.


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Mon Jan 03, 2005 5:26 am
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Incandescence wrote a review...

The visual effect of the poem is not at its maximum potential.


Than simply fade

Would most likely have the impact of fading away if it looked more like:

Than simply
f a d e
a w a y

I don't like that either. Anyway, it's your poem not mine. I liked the poem's meaning, but the impact of it visually should be improved upon for a maximum feeling of completeness. You seem to strive for that by putting "Away" on a line to itself, but it lacks something. What that is, I know not. Like I said, it's your poem. I'm just pissy, so don't worry if you think my suggestions are stupid.

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Sun Jan 02, 2005 8:38 pm
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Meshugenah says...

i like it, but the "everyone knows" in the 5th line didn't seem right, though.

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Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:21 pm
convintojm wrote a review...

i like how the first few lines set you up to think it's something very simple and light but then you reveal a deeper thought. though i'm not sure i like how you made out and away seperate lines. i can see it both ways but i think the impact would be more subtle if they weren't and that could add to it. of course that's just how i see it and it might be the opposite for most people so it'd be best to go with your gut cause the way i see it both would be good.

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Mon Dec 20, 2004 6:00 pm
Skye says...

I'm the opposite of Myriadne, I liked the last four lines the best. For some reason, the first 4 lines didn't do much for me, but the lst 4 made the poem, in my humble opinion.

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Sun Dec 19, 2004 10:25 pm
Myriadne wrote a review...

I really like the first four lines. I didint like the last five lines as much because your poem takes on a slightly moralistic tone which I didint like. However that is just my opinion and I thought the first four lines were magic :)

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Sun Dec 19, 2004 1:13 pm
Matt Bellamy says...

I liked it a lot. Especially the ending, reminded me of Bon Jovi's These Days.

If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven - and very, very few persons.
— James Thurber