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The Successor, The Fall of Morrow (2)

by Moalex

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

Cecilia stared at the paper that Ren gave her. There was no doubt about it, this was the same boy she saw when she was five. 

“Fuyu, so that’s your name,” she said to herself.

At first, she couldn’t believe the news. There wasn’t so much as a citizenship or any kind of records for that matter during her eight-year search, and suddenly Ren showed up with documents of Fuyu’s profile. It contained everything about him. From his age, height, weight, to all the different facilities he was delivered to, and drugs that were injected into him.

Cecilia looked down at herself as she twisted and turned. The moment Ren provided her the coordinates of Fuyu’s last known location from a thousand years ago, she zoomed off. Now that she was here, she only now started to wonder about her appearance. Was her hair wrinkly? What if he liked girls with long hair? Did the brown cloak make her look too sketchy? Maybe she should have worn something cuter beneath the cloak?

She slapped her cheeks with both her hands and shook her head to straighten her mind. One problem at a time. Left and right, from one peripheral to the other was nothing but an empty wasteland. Which was odd because the coordinates 19.8206° N, 155.4681° W was supposed to be some sort of mountain or volcano according to Ren.

Sure, these coordinates were from a thousand years, but there was no way a mountain or volcano could simply get up and disappear. Even if the coordinates were shifted or the geology changed, she would at least see the base of a mountain or something. At the same time, the laboratory that Ren said he obtained the documents from appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t farfetched to say that the opposite could happen.

Now that she observed her surroundings, the disappearance of a colossal peak seemed accurate. One layer of ash was significantly higher than another. One that was piled up to her ankle, while another was just barely at the toes of her boots.

Out of nowhere, there was an irritation in Cecilia’s head. The smallest brush of her cloak sent tingly goodness all over her body. Immediately, she extruded her energy over herself like plastic foil. Everything she felt just now, the irritation and the tingly goodness disappeared immediately, but the main threat was still here.

“Are you worried about your looks?” Asked Lust.

Cecilia turned to face the succubus that suddenly appeared behind her. She looked the same as the last few times they fought; ram horns, cold light-blue skin, thin black tail spade-shaped at the end, predator eyes, and long silky black hair. She was practically nude, showing off the body she was so proud of that made anything that looked at her crave for sex. On top of that, she wore a one-piece criss-cross harness that made her look like a love slave. In her hand was a staff whose tip looked like it exploded in the middle of the craft and solidified during the explosion. In the openings of the tip were various gems imbued into it. Cecilia made the mistake “appearance can be deceiving,” and lost in their first fight three years ago. Lust, the staff, the harness, anyone that treated her as an ordinary tramp would quickly find themselves as another one of her toys. This was Akesha the succubus queen and the sin of lust.

“I forget that my pheromones don’t work on you,” Lust followed up.”It’s always such a surprise to see you resist my temptations. Perhaps that’s why I crave you so much. Your Ki ability leaves you much to be desired.”

“If you’re just here to harass me, then beat it. I got something more important to do,” said Cecilia.

Lust raised her fingers over her mouth with a surprised gasp, “More important than me?”

“You were never important to me."

Like the drama queen she is, Lust flew around Cecilia in a circle posed like some old overdramatic Renaissance painting. "I'm hurt. I thought we had something special together, and here I came to help you find Fuyu."

"There is nothing spec--what did you say?"

"Girl, I know why you're here. You're looking for Fuyu, the boy with snow blue hair.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Whatever could you possibly mean?” Lust closed in, floating uncomfortably close like a vengeful spirit, and rubbing the spade end of her tail against Cecilia.

Cecilia threw a sudden punch at the nymphomaniac that split the ashes and created a vortex of wind that stretched several meters to which Lust evaded at ease. “You know exactly what I mean! You may not have any moral standards, but we humans do!"

"That, Cecilia. That is why Fuyu continues to hide from humanity."

Cecilia's eyebrows furrowed, "Wha--?"

"Surely you must have guessed that Fuyu is no ordinary human. You will learn when you meet him, but there's a reason why Fuyu remained inconspicuous for so long."

"If he’s been in hiding this entire time, why and how do you know about him?"

Lust giggled and said, "I am the succubus queen and the sin of lust. I know many things that I'm sure would make even your brother thirst for me."

"You stay the hell away from him!"

Lust let out a haughty laugh. "All jokes aside, I believe it’s time you met your lifelong crush.” With two taps of her staff, sparkly waves of misty purple pulsed through the ground. It hit a wall and suddenly went into the air at a sudden ninety-degree angle outlining what appeared to be an invisible tower that stretched into the clouds. “Only those who are magically adept enough can see this tower. So I say, but the tower itself is hardly visible even to myself. At best, I can only sense some form of deception magic at work. That just goes to show how unique Fuyu is.”

“Why are you doing this?” Cecilia asked suspiciously. “After three years of slaughter and struggle to survive. Why are you only helping me now? You expect me to trust you after everything you hellspawns have done?”

Lust suddenly appeared face to face within breathing distance of Cecilia. “I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to satisfy you, little one. Next time we hook up, I’ll be sure to show you a better time.” With those final words, she flew into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

She was always a weird one, but this time seemed to be a bit out of character. After three years of destruction, why she Lust help decide to help her all of a sudden? Questions for later, the longer Cecilia stalled, the more the magic mist disappeared. She cursed under her breath. If only Ms. Reese had taught her how to fly with Ki, she wouldn’t have to run up the tower.

As soon as she opened the door, a blast of cold mist rushed out and swallowed her whole. Through her cloak and even ki barrier, the raw chill that came from the tower was enough to create ice over her skin. The very same barrier that can block the auras of the seven sins: Lust's pheromones.

Still, she entered the tower, despite the temperature. Earlier, she thought she might have needed to climb the tower, but thank goodness she was wrong. There were no stairs, no climb, or anything that allowed anyone to ascend the tower. In fact, there was only one thing in here; her prize. A glimmering tree of ice rooted in the center of the room. Within it was a radiant aurora light that illuminated the room, dancing and sparkling like stars in the mist. It stood a little taller than fifteen feet, roughly three times Cecilia’s height with empty branches spread in all directions.

Cecilia placed her hand on the trunk where the light shone brightest to wipe away the frost but found her hand stuck to the ice instead. In an attempt to pull away, she could feel her skin stretch and tear. On top of that, the cold ate away at her; from the outside of her skin to the core of her bones.

"I've found you," Cecilia's words escaped in a cold cloud. She looked at the upper half of the tree and admired the icy branches and sparkly colors that danced in the mist. Such a pretty tree with smooth and sharp texture of ice. The last time she saw something as beautiful as this was the first time she saw Fuyu’s hair.

The ice spread up to her elbow with no signs of stopping. At the rate it was going, her entire body would freeze within a minute. Now there was an emotion she had not felt in years. Every day she visited death’s door, but not once did she hesitate to pass through it. This time, she was scared to even knock on it. Her body shook. Was it from the cold? The idea that she might be frozen for eternity? Both? Even her legs, despite the plethora of energy, felt like her feet were chained down by heavyweights. Cecilia chuckled, not at her imminent demise, but another reason entirely.

“We never did properly introduce ourselves, huh? I’m Cecilia Asa. Do you remember me? We met when I was five in the parking lot of a grocery store in Honolulu.” Her voice was unsteady and her tears froze instantly the moment they came out. “Ren got shot in the chest, saving me from a kidnap, and I was too young to know he was dying. I thought he was just sleeping the entire time.” The ice had crawled up to her shoulder and at the bottom of her neck. “But you showed up and covered the entire area with snow. You even showed me how to use my magic to heal him. If it weren’t for you, my brother would be dead. I searched all over the world for you just so I can see you one more time. To thank you.” At this point, the ice had reached the top of her neck. “I’ve always wanted to become a hero. So I could protect others and save people like how you did for Ren. But... I failed. The whole world’s gone to hell. There’s no sun, no hope, no future, no heroes. I ask of you, please save this world. I’ll do anything you ask of me, just--”

Cecilia’s jaw had frozen and she could no longer speak. The next second her upper lip had frozen, then her nose, and her eyes.

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