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The Progeny: Epilogue

by MissGangamash

Warning: This work has been rated 16+.


It was a clear night. The stars were shining in the sky like crystals on a cobalt blue shroud. The summer nights were the nights when vampires felt just that little more… dead.Separate. Like the line between human and vampire had split into a huge chasm. The air stood still and with vampires unable to experience changes in temperature, the soft caress of a breeze was the only thing that stopped them feeling like an awake corpse.

Caius didn’t like the summer for that reason. Although the winter wasn’t much better, having to slap his own cheeks to bring out a hint of colour whenever he went out in public really irked him. To be honest, Caius’ default setting was mild displeasure.

But as he leaned back on the wall he had perched himself on and gazed up at the cloudless sky, he did feel an easiness and comfort with his company that he had long ago forced himself to stamp out.

“You know, Guardian still wants you. Every time I go gallivanting off to see you, he tells me to do everything in my power to sway you.”

“I’ve told you time and time again, Milah. I am not joining the Court,” said Caius in an exasperated exhale. His long hair swished over his shoulders as he rocked back ever so slightly, just to create some sort of draft.

Milah sighed, squeezing the blood bag in her hand so the red contents funnelled up the unscrewed cap. She sucked eagerly, swinging her legs beneath her like an innocent child enjoying an ice-cream. They were both sat on the wall of the hospital car park. Milah had hunted Caius down as he had nipped into the hospital to grab his monthly assigned blood bags. The supply at the farm house was running low.

“You’re basically doing our job anyway. Might as well make it official,” said Milah, her blue eyes wide and on him. “And then you won’t have to call for me every time you get into trouble. Not that I mind at all, obviously.” She winked.

She was wearing a short summer dress that fell just below her knees. White, of course, with a lace frill. Her long raven hair tumbled down her chest in curls and her lips were stained from her blood bag. Not a night went by that Caius had the slightest doubt that things could have happened differently that night in the cottage when he had been Turned. Right from the moment he had laid eyes on her, he was hers.

“What do you mean? I’m not doing your job.”

She screwed the cap back on the blood bag and rested it on her lap. “You’re taking care of the Cured guy, right? Checking up on him. Making sure he doesn’t go wandering off and you know, commit genocide or whatever.”

Caius’ eyebrows furrowed. “You mean Alexander?”

“The handsome blonde, yes. It’s a pity he was cured and has that deadly virus swimming through his veins. He looks positively delicious.” The tip of her tongue flicked out and swiped up a remaining droplet of blood on her plump lips. “But looks can be deceiving. The thrill of sinking my fangs into that beauty is not worth the consequence.”

And the consequence was a one way ticket to puddlesville. Because there was no cure now. Those thirteen unfortunate, haunted souls were the first and the last. Nico’s incredibly flawed ‘cure’ had died with him.

His death was publicised none stop for several weeks afterwards. Nico’s seemingly innocent face was plastered on every front page and on every screen. But no one really cared. It wasn’t exactly unexpected. He had a lot of powerful enemies. The cause of his death had been by vampire which was also no surprise.

Doctor Bergan hadn’t been sent to prison for his crimes because they were against vampires and not humans so they weren’t considered crimes at all. Experimenting and torturing vampires was not illegal. Varsee had thrown her shoe at the TV screen when one news reporter actually compared what had transpired in the basement of Nico’s mansion to animal testing.

But Guardian certainly got the last laugh when his patience paid off and he was able to rip the pompous visionary’s beating heart from his chest. It seemed that the doctor had been stowed in a not-so safe house after all. Unfortunately for Guardian, the doctor’s blood was also riddled with his very own specially made virus and so the heart was burned along with the body when Guardian had longed to have it for dinner. The members of the Court in the vicinity were invited to watch the burning of the body as if it were some sort of ceremony. It was incredibly fitting that it all took place on bonfire night. And Nice Bergan was their very own Guy Fawkes.

“I’m not taking care of Alexander. He doesn’t even remember me. I just observe from afar… on occasion. But most of the time I don’t even go.”

“Because you busy yourself by doing the blood run instead.” Milah arched an eyebrow down at the full plastic bag at Caius’ feet.

Caius bent his head down, feeling a swelling of guilt press behind his breastbone. “It’s just weird... him being there but… it not being him.”

“It is him. Just human.”

Caius shook his head. “I don’t mean that. I mean him not remembering. I guess the whole wiping memories thing… brings up a part of the past that I’d rather not think about.”

He was referring to Evie’s William. He had changed that man’s who perception of Evie that night without a second thought.

Milah nodded, understanding. “If only you could have your memories wiped, huh?” She nudged him playfully.

He smiled at the ground but then shook his head. “I’d never want that.”

“Never want what?”

“To forget.” He looked at her straight in the eyes. The connection between them was visceral and intense. It always was - even if they were a million miles away from each other. But in times like this, when their eyes locked at such a close proximity, the fixation between one another was like a thunderclap. Everything just snapped into place. The opposite poles of two magnets smacking together.

Milah gulped, her eyes vibrating in their sockets as the silence grew. Caius inspected her. The face of his mother who had birthed him into this new life. “Anything. I want to remember it all.”

She smiled, a delicate smile that broke her lips just enough for the tips of her fangs to poke through. “Really? Even after everything I did? We did. What I made you do.”

“It’s all part of who I am. And it’s all led me to who I am today.”

“You mean a melodramatic martyr in dire need of a haircut?”

Caius laughed and rolled his eyes to the moon that gazed at them from above, bathing them both in its serene glow.

“I have another question.” She tapped his calf with the tip of her dainty plimsoll. Caius turned and blinked at her. “If the cure was still around and it was perfectly safe and you were promised a wonderfully happy life, would you take it?”

“Are you asking me if I would choose to be human again?”

She nodded. “And don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I just want the truth.”

Caius hesitated, his eyes swimming absently over her porcelain face as he tasted the question. “Yes. Yes, I would take it.”

Milah’s eyes glazed over, fogging with disapproval. Her body wilted. “Forget about Evie. Evie doesn’t exist. Would you take it?”

It was no surprise to him that Milah was able to read his mind. He knew she could read him like an open book. And she knew just how deep Caius’ love for Evie was. It wasn’t even an emotion, a separate entity. It was a part of him, woven into his very being.

“Without Evie?” Caius’ voice was hoarse. “I would… I would still take it.”

Milah guffawed. “Liar.”

“What? That’s not a lie.”

Milah just rolled her eyes as if she didn’t even need to back herself up. This angered Caius. His back straightened.

“It’s not. Vampirism is a curse. We are beasts that drink the life essence of what we once were. We have to hide out in the shadows like phantoms.”

Milah was chuckling to herself, shaking away the words.

Rage boiled up in Caius’ gut. He twisted his body towards her, renowned vigour making his voice louder and stronger. “I’ve lived for ten centuries. And I have done nothing with my life. I have just… persisted to be. And it gets tiring. Immortality is tiring. So yes, I would like to be human again so that I could grow old gracefully, achieve things in my time, and die. Why are you laughing?!”

Milah waved her hand at him, her other hand pressed against her stomach as if calming laughter-induced cramps. “Oh, Caius.” She wiped away a bloody tear and locked eyes with him. “You really think you believe that, don’t you?”

“It’s because I do.”

Milah smiled at him pityingly. “Sweetheart, you lived through the Rage.”

Caius’ brows creased. “So?”

Her cerulean eyes shone at him. “Only the vampires that were determined to live survived the Rage.”

Her eyebrows quirked up as self-satisfaction radiated from her. She swung her legs happily. “When I Turned you, Caius, I took you from nothing. From a human life, yes. But a bloody boring one. You had no wife, no girlfriend, no kids. You weren’t close to your family. No aspirations. I saved you from dying alone and being eaten by your own cats.”

“I didn’t have cats.”

“Oh yeah, those came after. See-” She slapped his upper arm. “If I hadn’t Turned you, you wouldn’t have met Catherine.”

Caius’ heart sank. “And she wouldn’t have been killed by the Court.”

Milah’s smile turned upside down. But then her eyes sparkled and she slapped him again. “You would have never met Evie.”

“And she would have married William and had a normal human life.”

“Which would have been all well and good for her, but what about you, Caius? What about your happiness? Are you saying you would have been happy living and dying having never met the two loves of your life?”

Caius’ gaze drifted to the ground. He had never thought about it that way before. He found himself rubbing his chest absently as a chill seeped into his bones. There would have been a hole, a gigantic open abyss inside him had he never met Catherine and Evie. And that was the truth. The real truth. The realisation left him speechless.

Milah patted him on the back and Caius felt like she was waking him up from a dream, no, a nightmare. A nightmare of his own creation. All the hate, the anger, the hurt, the pain, it all felt so small now. Like an ugly blot he could easily wash out. And he was finally able to do it.

He was seeing the world through brand new eyes.

Being Turned had been the best thing that had ever happened to him.


Evie’s eyes were trained on the window of the terrace house just down the road. She couldn’t bear to look to her immediate left because she knew what she’d see if she did. Her Maker trying desperately to hold herself together.

Robin was sitting on the sofa in the cosy looking living room of the house. He was opposite Alexander and Daisy. The two humans had cups of tea while Robin sat empty handed, his young face rapt and posture relaxed.

“He looks so different. He doesn’t even look like my brother anymore,” said Varsee, her voice holding a frail quality.

They were both stood on a grassy verge at the end of the street but they could see what was transpiring within Alexander’s house easily.

Evie furrowed her brows, inspecting Alexander. He didn’t look that different to her. His hair was a little shorter, styled so that it was short at the back and sides but he still had his signature blonde locks on top. It was possible that he may have grown facial hair but that could have just been shadow, and slight creases had formed at the edges of his eyes. But that was bound to happen. He was human now, he was going to age. And it had been three years since he’d been cured.

But he was still Alexander, without a shadow of a doubt. He even wore the same outlandish outfits. His leopard print silk shirt and tight leather pants matched perfectly with Daisy’s corset-style black dress and fishnet tights.

Alexander and Daisy were laughing at whatever Robin was saying, an easy, free-flowing laugh that made them curl up into each other.

“He looks so happy,” Varsee gushed with nostalgia. “Really, truly happy. He could never fool me. I always knew he was hiding his pain. He knew it, too. He was hiding it from himself. But now… that’s not an act down there. That’s real.” She suddenly gasped and choked on a sob. Evie’s heart squeezed in her chest as the sound forced her to look. A single red track ran down Varsee’s cheek and she was in no hurry to wipe it away.

“Am I selfish to want him back the way he was? Back when he needed me? I miss that. I miss that so much. Being needed,” she spluttered.

Evie grasped her Maker’s hand so tight it locked her bones. “I need you.”

Varsee sent her a sad smile and squeezed her fingers. It was a smile that said thank you for the offer but that’s not good enough. Evie didn’t take it to heart, she knew it wasn’t personal. Evie would never fill the crater Alexander had left. And she didn’t want to.

“I wish I could tell him how proud I am of him,” said Varsee, looking back into the window. “He’s made a good life for himself.”

Evie smiled. “Who’d have thought he’d settle down?”

“Oh, he always wanted to. But Elizabeth had a strong hold on his heart. I’m glad he’s finally let her go and moved on.”

Evie thought back to when Alexander had proposed Varsee to wipe his memory, and how he had also wanted to forget his feelings for a man called Seb. It sounded to Evie that Daisy hadn’t been the first person to win him over since his wife. But Seb had tragically took his own life. Evie had all her fingers crossed that Alexander’s relationship with Daisy was going to be one that lasted. Alexander deserved that. A happy ending.

“Are you doing any better?” asked Evie. It may have been three years since Varsee had rooted around in her brother’s head and erased most of the bad and had led him out of the farm house, but that wasn’t very long for a vampire. Sometimes it felt like a week could be missed in a blink of an eye.

Varsee nodded, her lips pulled tightly into a line. “I’m fine.” Her voice wobbled with emotion. “I’m a survivor, Evie. I’m fine.”

And by the tone of her voice, Evie knew exactly what she meant.

I’m fine. Never great, not even good. But fine.

Varsee suddenly jerked to attention, her back straightening and her shimmering eyes widening. Evie looked to the house and saw the empty living room. The handle of the front door then pushed downwards. Robin was leaving.

Evie had almost forgotten she was still holding hands with Varsee, their cool palms had formed together like two stone statues. But then the sudden tension in Varsee’s grasp sent an echo of pain up Evie’s arm.

Robin stepped outside, his head still turned to the happy couple in the hallway.

“It was great to see you again, Robin,” said Alexander, leaning out to give him a one-armed hug. Robin noticeably stiffened in the embrace, still not completely comfortable with physical shows of affection.

“Yes it was. Drop by any time. You’re always welcome,” said Daisy, smoothing her hand down Robin’s arm. Her white-blonde pixie cut shone in the moonlight like snow. Her eyes were heavily made up with black eyeliner in the same way they had been when Evie had first seen her imprisoned in Nico’s basement. But her face was clear of bloody tear stains and instead held the inner light of a young human.

“Thanks,” replied Robin, easing out of the hug. Alexander grinned and ruffled his messy hair in a way that hit Evie right in the gut. To her, he didn’t look any different to the Alexander that she knew and that was what spooked her.

Alexander and Daisy watched from the front door as Robin plodded down their path, head bent and hands plunged in his pockets. He turned and gave a final – slightly awkward – wave before they shut the door.

Varsee let go of Evie and veered out of sight. Evie followed, hearing Robin’s soft footfalls behind her as he crossed the road.

“So, how is he?” asked Varsee eagerly when they were hidden.

Robin shrugged. “He’s alright.”

Varsee’s face fell. “He’s alright? That’s all you’re going to give me? I send you over to check up on him every couple of weeks and all you have for me is he’s alright?”

Robin spluttered, cowering a little at her sharpened tone. “Okay ermm, his job at the shop is doing well.”

When Alexander had returned to the Crimson Moon to pick up where he had left off, they had refused him. They had no use for a human dancer who couldn’t even get bitten by the punters. He was a serious health hazard. And so after several weeks of searching, he had landed a job in a retail shop that specifically catered for regulars at vampire bars. He said he felt right at home amongst all the leather and chains.

Robin scratched his head as Varsee continued to stare down at him expectantly. “Oh! There was one other thing.”

“What?” asked Varsee, eyes bright.

Robin grinned, a mischievous grin not unlike Alexander’s. “Daisy’s pregnant.”

A rush of air suddenly whooshed out of Varsee before being quickly sucked back in. She threw her hand over her mouth, her body convulsing. Red brimmed her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She just stared. Stared down at Robin in awe.

“Are you serious?” she muffled through her palm. Her voice wet and shaking.

Robin nodded vehemently.

“He’s going to be a dad. He’s going to be a dad!” she exclaimed. Then Robin was forced into another hug. His face was lost in a mass of blonde hair as Varsee threw her arms around him. “I can’t believe it!”

A sound behind her made Evie spin around. Caius was approaching from a shadowed alleyway, a white plastic bag swinging by his side. His eyebrow quirked up in question at Varsee.

Evie smiled. “Daisy’s pregnant. Alexander’s going to be a dad.”

Caius blinked, slightly baffled, and then when Varsee finally unravelled herself from Robin and turned in his direction, he smiled and opened his bag.

“Well then, I guess that’s a cause for celebration.”

Evie helped him distribute the blood bags between the four of them. They all held them aloft like glasses, the red liquid inside gleaming like rubies.

“To Alexander,” cheered Caius.

“To Alexander,” echoed Evie and Robin joyfully. Varsee was too overcome with emotion to speak but smiled widely, releasing another flood of tears. They all tapped the caps of their bags together before unscrewing them and drinking.

Evie looked silently from one person to the other, feeling a swell of warmth inside her. She may have enjoyed her century alone with Caius, but she had always felt deprived of having that feeling of belonging to a family. She didn’t feel like that anymore.

The cure may have opened up opportunities for her to have had a normal, happy human life. But she didn’t want that anymore. Now it felt like just a silly little phase in her life. Like when, once upon a time, she had despised her red hair and had wanted to be blonde.

Evie had a family now. Her own vampire family. And she loved each and every one of them. Eternity with them wasn’t long enough.

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:56 pm
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Sonder wrote a review...

Here I am at the end, after so long! What an adventure. ^-^

This chapter was nicely paced, I think, and it felt better to me than the previous chapter. I think, in a way, epilogues are often expected to be the slow-down, reflection part of the novel, so it didn't come off as strange or slow. Some parts of it felt a little bit info-dumpy (such as the recap of what happened to Nico- which, while really helpful and good to know, may need to be written in a different way), but otherwise, it was a strong ending. The final recap at the end felt a lot better than the previous chapter, which strengthens your case in whole.

I did catch two more grammar/ spelling errors:

His death was publicised none stop for several weeks afterwards.

None stop -> nonstop

He was referring to Evie’s William. He had changed that man’s who perception of Evie that night without a second thought.

Who -> whole, looks like a simple typo.

Nothing big!

I liked how you focused on Caius for a little while and watched him come to terms with his identity as a vampire. It felt like we came full loop, because the story started and ended with him, in a way. This book was incredibly character-based, and I was continually impressed by how in-depth and complex you made each of their backgrounds and personalities. There were very few traits that didn't have a reason behind them, which I loved. :)

I can't say I was surprised that Alex ended up with Daisy. You probably remember me saying that I hoped that they'd maintain a relationship and YES they did. More than I expected but still. XD I was surprised, though, that he finally settled! I hope he has a happy ending, but it seems to be pointing in that direction, which makes me happy. :) A babyyyyy! I'm so happy for these fictional characters, hehe.

I love how you ended with the vampire group connecting and celebrating over Alexander's news. I love how they continue to support and love him from afar, and draw closer through that. You really convinced me of their care and love for each other with this last chapter. The end was strong and felt resolute, which is great. It had underlying bittersweet tones, which in my mind, are the best sort of endings.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I think your biggest stumbling point is having too much filler/ meandering moments that lose the reader's attention. You don't necessarily have to go back and fix that in this novel, since you said that you were finished, but it may be good to keep in mind with your future projects. :) You have a lot of strengths, especially in (as I've previously mentioned) creating individual, complex characters and their interactions, as well as creating a complex and beautiful new world that you successfully immersed them in. I loved reading about how the reality of vampires impacted so many social issues and how people lived their daily lives. The amount of effort that you put in and the love you had for your story was made obvious through your writing, and I could tell that you genuinely loved sharing this world and these characters with your readers.

Thank you for The Progeny. It has been an adventure and a privilege to read and review for you!

Keep writing and being incredible!


Dammit with the typos!! Thanks for pointing them out though XD

I thought Caius' voice was a good one to end on because he is very reflective and thoughtful. And I wanted him to have some clarity too, because he is also a character who struggles with his past.

I'm glad Alexander and Daisy weren't shocking. I was a bit worried people might find their coupling up strange because of how they were at Nico's. But there are very alike and I actually didn't plan them to end up together but it felt right at the time so I'm glad people agree.

I can't thank you enough for sticking with this until the very end, especially since you took a few long breaks, I really appreciate you coming back and reading. I'm so so happy people feel for these characters and understand them and I'm glad my effort is noticeable! I've cried a lot during writing and editing this because I feel for this story so much XD

It has been a privilege to have you as a reader!

And if you could put a review on Amazon for this is would be greatly appreciated. You could just copy and paste a tweak the last paragraph of this review if you don't want to re-review, which I understand. Its just so that people not on this website will know that people have read it and enjoyed it and so will hopefully read it too! :D

Thanks again for all your in depth reviews!

Sonder says...

I posted on Amazon! It needs to be reviewed first so it may be a little while before it posts for you. :)
I had a lot of fun! Thanks for waiting for me through my breaks!

Thank you so much <3

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Sun May 28, 2017 11:05 pm
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Kaylaa wrote a review...

This is Nikayla here dropping in for a review at the end of Review Day!

So I never expected for this novel to end, seeing as it lurked around even when I joined. It seems that in some form, though, this novel will stick around. Will there be a sequel? I'm unsure of that due to the ending being so nice and quiet with Evie having a family now to take care of and be around. The analogy that you make with having a human life and Evie wanting her red hair to be blonde is pretty beautiful, to be honest. This is definitely a closing to a novel if I've ever seen one.

The paragraphs before this though take on a different tone and instead feel very much like having a family. Robin and Varsee and Caius and Daisy and Evie all together in one place--and they're happy. This is definitely an ending that takes on a slow progression. It's a payoff for those who have stuck through and read this whole novel, and I'm sure it's a definite payoff for you since you just finished a novel with a total of fifty-one chapters! Fifty-three parts because of the prologue and the epilogue.

This definitely isn't a fast chapter, and that's because it doesn't need to be. It's an ending that takes its time in slowly moving into the outro where the main characters have their final interactions--it's a nice and slow, easy type of ending. The part earlier in this chapter about Nico is sad and it gives time to address his character and the cure that he made. It does a good job of putting him to rest like it does with the rest of the characters, even if they're still alive. Overall, this is a solid ending and it eases the feelings of the final chapter, that has a tinge of sadness attached to it.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. I hope I helped and have a great day.



I did take a big break between uploading this so it has been hovering on this site for quite a while XD There isn't going to be a sequel. I was going to write a prequel about when Evie was first turned but it wasn't working and thinking about it, I prefer this to be a standalone piece. So you saying feels like an ending is good... because it is, haha.

I think it ties everything off in a neat little bow, and the fact that Nico is just a passing comment shows that this was never about him, really. It was about the vampires finding each other and working together to get through some really hard times.

Thank you for the lovely review, I am always a little worried about the endings of my novels because I don't want them to be too rushed, to leave things unsaid etc but it seems like I've given my characters an ending they deserve :)

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Sun May 28, 2017 10:08 pm
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deleted868 wrote a review...

I can't believe it's the end. I never wanted this story to be over, ahh! Your character development has made me feel so invested with Alexander and Evie and the whole gang. This is definitely one one of the best vampire stories I've read, and if I may say so myself, I've read quite a lot of books, so that's a pretty gosh darn good thing.

I'm so close to crying right now after reading those last few paragraphs. The one thing I've wanted for Alexander was for him to be happy, and man, the idea that he and Daisy could work out nearly makes me lose it. After reading all of the things he went through, it made me kind of sad that he erased his memories, but after this chapter, anyone could see it was for the better.

Now all I need is for Varsee and Robin to find someone to be with, most likely not with each other, though. That age gap is a little much I think. Evie and Caius themselves have been through so much as well, but seeing their relationship grow over the last few chapters had been a sight to see.

I absolutely loved this idea of yours, and the plot as well. Supernatural stories are some of my favorite to read, and boy, is this a good one. The world development and history alone would have been all I need to draw me in, since I love it when a writer can throw in information not just as a part of an awkward conversation.

But every single one of these characters, well maybe not Micah or Guardian as much cause they were a lot more minor-ish, were definitely complex and interesting and ugh, just everything.

This last chapter was bittersweet to both the characters and me as well, haha. I feel so much for Varsee but I'm just hoping that she can eventually settle down or find another person who connects with her, on a level that is at least similar to the one between her and Alexander. And I also kind of feel bad for Robin, for having to interact with Alexander in a much different way. Hopefully though, that friendship can only grow stronger.

Can I just talk about Daisy and how much I love her the more I think of her? I'm so happy for her and Alexander - they bo certainly deserve every happiness in the world, and oh, thank you for this.

For the last time for this story at least, I thank you for writing this, and good luck with the writing competition! I'm going to miss your writing!

I'm so glad you read till the end. Thank you so much for being such a loyal reader <3

Wow, that is such a huge compliment! Thank you! I have tried my best to bring something new to the vampire genre by focusing more on what it means to be human from the perspective of vampires.

I think I love this book more than I've loved anything in my entire life XD so to see it being so well received is just amazing! You feel the feels! So many feeeellllsss.

They have all definitely got a piece missing from their lives after losing Alexander, he had touched every single one of them in some way - and wished he'd touched them in other ways ;) hehe. I'm going to miss writing them so much, they were so fun!

I'm glad you're a Daisy fan! And a Dalexander(?) fan. Alexander and Daisy being together wasn't in my initial plan but as I was writing it I was like... actually, these two would be perfect together. They may have locked horns at Nico's but it was a very hard time for both of them, but when it comes down to it, they are really alike. I mean, they even have the same outgoing fashion sense.

Thank you! I am going to be uploading my new novel on here soon which, unlike this, is the first draft so I need as much help as I can get with it haha. If you're interested in reading it I can let you know when it's up :)

deleted868 says...

You're so welcome!


Lol *cough cough* maybe Robin a little in that way, haha. He was always a little interested, huh?

How about Daisander? Lol yes they really are, haha. Fashionistas!

Oh, I'd love to read anything else you write!

In other news, if you'd like to read the one story I actually posted, I'd love to hear some feedback as I'll eventually be putting up chapter two this week XD.

And a bit of Caius, too ;) hehe

I will check out your story tomorrow! :D

deleted868 says...

YES Caius too ~ I would totally ship that haha XD. Aw thanks. It's not good at all - fair warning. And I've just been procrastinating on posting the second chapter, XD

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