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Sex in the battle field

by MichaelaBobbin

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for mature content.

Set in war zone, Amelia and Jack manage to escape to shelter in an underground bunker safe house were things heat up.


The underground bunker was bare with a bed and chair, an adjoining room held a tiny bathroom and medical supplies and canned food. Jack grabbed a medical kit and stationed me on the bed were he began to patch me up.

“Take off you uniform, I need a better look at this cut.” He ordered.

Begrudgingly with his help I removed my weapons and striped down to a Singlet and underwear. His eyes raked over me and I shivered despite the humidity. I couldn’t help but notice that there was only one bed and being underground the temperature would soon drop to a degree only body heat could sustain ... and there was only one blanket.

“Sit.” His voice was husky as I tried to refuse my attraction to him. I was a surgeon god damn it, and a good one. I obeyed his command and entertained myself by mentally repeating the surgery of a patient I had had ten years ago... Ten years ago when I had been a different person, a person content with dedicating the rest of her life to the table, the life before I had gotten a taste of war.

David had been alive then. He had watched me, devastated when we had lost her. She was a twenty three year old women in cardiac arrest; a trauma victim in a head on collision after a bomb explosion. She had been found a few metres from the car wreck buried under a pile of rubble; they had performed CPR as they were bringing her in, and once stabilised we had rushed her to surgery. I remembered the technique and precession used with each cut, how no one could have seen it coming. She was long gone even before I had opened her up, four hours later she had bleed out while I worked on her brain bleed. Renee had been on call and worked on the bleeding in her stomach. Nothing seemed to stop it, there was no source and just when we had found one source another would pop up. I was four hours in when we lost her, she crashed and we performed twelve rounds of CPR, her left pupil had been blown and both were unresponsive. I had called it.

David had been devastated, I had worked so hard and he didn’t understand how I could be okay with it, I had let him cool off; let him be angry at the world. It was a normal response. Then I had taken him to my next surgery and talked to him over the intercom. The woman had suffered extensive head trauma but her organs had still been viable. I told him it was okay to be mad at the world, it was normal and that if he wanted to do something he could go over and fight the people who caused this, but while that could save people like this woman; today this woman got to save five other lives. Her kidneys had gone to a young man in Nevada and a child suffering from Kidney failure in Charleston. Her lungs were going to make a young man in Idaho breath again and her eyes were going to help a little boy in this very hospital see for the first time. Her skin was going to help four burn victims; the same found in the rubble beside her, and her heart valve was going to save a newborn Childs life.

He had stayed and watched me used the woman’s organs to save others life’s and I had snuck him into to see Dr Evens attach the heart valve to a seven month old boy.

He had kissed me later and told me that he now got it and thanked me.

Not long after I had agreed to go on a tour in Iraq with him as a medic... and that’s when everything had changed.

“Okay it’s not too deep, just a graze from what I can tell.” Jacks voice broke me from my thoughts and looking at him I couldn’t deny the real reason I had gone with David; the hope that I would run into him again. Even after the day at the bridge I had still year’s later needed answers: why had he left? Why did her leave me? How could he just be their one moment with me, kissing me and then being told next that he had left for Iraq without so much as a letter... Answers I had gotten when he returned at the worst possible moment; my wedding day.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. God pull you together Amelia, don’t go back there. “Hurt?” I opened my eyes and met his gaze unwavering. “Always.” He looked away and I could tell there was something on his mind. Resolved I distanced myself and pulled away, I was a surgeon a skilled one at that with degrees in both neuro and trauma, I had a job to do and that was it.

Collected and somewhat calm I turned to him. “Lie down; you think you can honestly fool me? I’m surprised you lasted this long I know you’re injured.” He glared at me and I matched his glare with one of my own. “I’m fine.” He muttered.

“Bullshit. Now don’t make me hold you down.” with a huff he peeled off his shirt and eyed me. Looking him over I patched a cut on his leg and was in the middle of climbing on him when I realised that I was still in just a singlet and a very thing pair of underwear. I tried to brush the thoughts aside and I moved to straddle his waist to tend to him shoulder. His hands immediately came to rest on the sides of my waist and I felt him tense underneath me as I settled into position. I’m just doing my job; that is it. Our eyes met as I tried to ignore the feel of his warm skin under mine, of the feel of his hands at my waist; his fingers tracing patterns that burned into my skin through the fabric of my top. His shoulder looked dislocated and when I touched it his answering hiss of pain proved correct. His finders tightened their grip on my hips and I tried to ignore the hunger deep inside his gaze despite the pain he must be feeling.

“You have a dislocated shoulder; I’m going to need to pop it back into place. It’s going to hurt; you might want something to bite down on.” I suggested. He shook his head and motioned me to continue I huffed; stubborn as always, right to the end. I stabilized his arm and was about to pull down when he grunted “It’s only fair I guess, I hurt you now you get to watch me scream. Tick for tack.”

“Like I’m going to enjoy watching you scream, now shut up Mr.-I-don’t-need-something-to-bite-down-on.”

“You should.” I ignored him and angled my body; yanking down with one hard twist he cried out as I heard the swift pop of his shoulder moving back into place. I tested the shoulders mobility; twisting it around in its socket after I was sure it would be fine. I suddenly felt jack curl upwards and burry his head into the crook of my shoulder, surprised I locked up. Not used to human contact or him touching me it took my brain a few fuddled moment to realise that he was still in pain.

I made my body relax against his and I gingerly warped my arms around him and let him bury his head in my chest. I slowly and soothingly ran my fingers through his hair until his breathing slowed and he caught his breath.

“Fuck...” he murmured against my skin and I felt tingles of electricity shoot through my body from where his lips brushed my skin. “God that hurt like hell.” He chuckled

I shook my head and forced him flat on his back.

I flopped down beside him and chuckled myself. Blowing out a breath I closed my eyes and smiled. “You were right; I did enjoy that.” His answering chuckled only made my grin wider

“Knew you would.” He slowly rolled onto his side and rotated his arm; satisfied it no longer hurt he used it to lean on. His voice was just above a whisper when he spoke. “I haven’t seen you smile in a really long time.” I shifted; uncomfortable with were the conversation was heading as he placed a hand on my hip to stop me.

Trapped and unable to do anything but met his gaze I found myself getting lost in his crystal blue gaze. “I haven’t exactly had anything to smile about.”

He looked down and then back up at me “I know.” He whispered. “And that is partly my fault; I haven’t ever made it easy for you. I was a Dick to you when I first saw you here, I never once dreamed I’d see you again, and then you just show up here...” he shakes his head. “I never wanted you to experience this life, the danger; I wanted you to stay home behind your table at a safe distance and be great. Wait, I need to say this.” He held up a finger to my lips as I opened my mouth. “I wasn’t there for you when my brother died, and to see what it did to you... what I did to you. I know I can never take that back, and I wish I had come home to you. I’m so sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you Amelia. For what my death must have caused you, for my brothers, for-

My mouth descended on his, and he froze as I continued to kiss him; harder until a second later his lips started to move back against mine and his grip on me tightened. His kisses did wonderful things to my body and I arched against him in response. His hands were on every inch of bare skin I had exposed. Sliding up my legs he reached down and hooked my leg over his encouraging me to wrap it fully around his waist.

I ran my fingers through his long unruly hair as I pushed him onto him back and hovered above him. He ran his hands up my back sliding them under the hem of my singlet in a teasing manner as my lips left his to travel down his neck; nipping and sucking as he groaned against me. I smiled. His fingers ran and twisted in my hair as his other cupped the back of my neck effectively trapping my mouth back to his. The kiss was long and filled with animal intensity; Passionate as it changed, becoming slower and sweeter as I found myself on my back.

My breathing became heavy as I undid his pants and he let me, his breath as ragged as mine. Once his pants were gone he settled between my legs and kissed a blazing path on kisses from my neck to breasts; Sucking and teasing just as I had. I moaned, eliciting another sexy groan from the back of his throat as his lips returned to mine once more.

He bent and rested his head against my sweaty shoulder, leaving a row of butterfly kisses as his hands dropped to the edge of my underwear. “Tell me to stop and I will.” I swallowed out of breath but still able to use my limbs; slowly I trailed my nails over his back in response; when that did nothing I arched my back, whispering into his ear: “Make love to me like you used too.”

His lips crashed to mine and there was no turning back, I was surprised by how much I wanted this, wanted him. All these months of suppressing my feelings for him, only made them that much harder to ignore. He slid my underwear down my legs and his own joined them on the floor.

He kissed his way down my body to my thighs and I opened for him. He was gentle and yet rough when I needed him to be as I moved against him, thrusting upwards. He hands clamped down on my hips to keep me in place as I wriggled against him; a giggle escaping me as the day only stubble on his face grazed me. I basked in the growing tightness in my stomach - my moaning growing louder - as I felt him smile against me. I was on my way to a glorious ending when he stopped abruptly and sat up.

My eyes snapped open and I met his soft eyes confused. “What-“

I started again my breathing uneven. “What happened?” he closed his eyes and exhaled.

“I can’t do this Amelia.” I gaped at him; He was doing this to me again? I tried to sit up but he hovered over me and grabbed my wrist as I tried to beat his chest. ‘No I can’t do this if I don’t know how you feel about me.”

I froze looking from him to down at my naked body. ‘Isn’t it obvious?”

“you would think so, but No Amelia it not. I have spent way to long trying not to feel what I do, decades, way before you even noticed... but the war changes things... How do you know what you’re feeling is what you really want, your under enormous pressure and-“

“So you want to know if I’m just using you. Are you freaking kidding me?!” I sat up and was seconds away from strangling him, how dare he, How dare he make me feel these things, things id spent years denying myself, things that I couldn’t just make go away. He sat back and watched me sought through my emotions. “After everything...” I shook my head trying to stop the tears I could feel coming. I tried again, “After everything I went through you just... You want to know what I feel for you? How do you even have to ask?” I shook my head in disbelief.

“Then why did you choose my brother?”

Anger boiled my blood “chose? Chose! Like I had a fucking choice you left! You just disappeared! I didn’t know what had happened to you! I didn’t even know if you were dead or alive...” My hand ached so badly to slap him, and then I did; hard and fast across the face. He took it and did nothing, then:

“I can’t do this until I know for sure Amelia, I can’t make love to you if you don’t love me back.” all the breath left me at that and I stared. “If you just want this as some way to pass time fine what we just did... fine, but I can’t make love to you if you don’t feel for me like I do you. I’m sorry but I can’t, I refuse to go down that road.’ his stare was raw, so open and exposed that it cracked something inside of me.

And then I was crying. A river gate that had been locked for ten years broke open; huge gasping sobs left my body as I flipped onto my back. He came forward and I heard him say my name; but I refused his comfort, pushing him away.

“You left me!” I cried “I loved you and you left me and I didn’t know if you were alive or dead-‘I choked. I fought against him until he had pinned my arms to his chest, hugging me as I continued to cry, the tears blurred my eyes but I could have sworn he was crying too. “And then you were dead... you died on me... you just left and died and... And... And I couldn’t love you; I couldn’t morn you because I loved you too much. And then I find out all this time you were really alive. How could you... how could you do that to me?” I bet on his chest but it was no use, all he did was gently try to sooth me. “I love you and I always have.” I sobbed.

His breath hitched. “You were so beautiful on your wedding day...” I looked up and met his eyes.

“You were there?” he nodded “I couldn’t leave until I saw you in your dress, so I could see that you were forever lost to me. I hid at the back and watched you walk down the ale...” * she’d felt his gaze.

“And the night he proposed, you wore a red dress, you had your hair back in soft curls, and I thought that was the moment my heart finally broke but I was wrong; it was as I watched you walk down the aisle...” All the questions I’d ever had about him vanished from my lips as I listened. “I came back one day about seven years ago and I went to visit you – I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself; I just had to have one glimpse of you. You were holding your child as David kissed you good bye and you were happy. I knew then you would have known I was dead; part of me was. I watched you for the whole day.

“I left because I loved you, because I knew David had always had a crush on you and I knew what it would do to him- but I still went for you, it was wrong and, and yet so right. He confronted me, he asked me if anything was going on... I was leaving soon anyway so I said no... I didn’t fight for you and I’m so, so sorry. It was the worst mistake I ever made and if I could go back in time I would. I would have fought for you. God... Years later David found me and confronted me. He knew I wasn’t really dead, I don’t know how but he asked why; I told him it was only a matter of time before they got the call and he called me out, he knew it had something to do with you.” He took a deep breath and then let me go, he turned to face me and I knew then what had happened.

“I said I had lied, that I faked my death because I loved you too much to just step aside and let him have you, that I couldn’t do that. it was only the fact that he was my brother and that I loved him that I faked my death because if I had came home I would have gone up against him, I would had fought for you, But that would have torn us all apart.”

I stared at him, as he gently swept a strand of loose hair behind my ear and cupped my face. I remembered all the times I wished he had come and saved me from my marriage. All the nights I cried myself to sleep.

“I would have chosen you if you had came back.” I felt his heartbeat pound under my palm as I placed it over his heart, beating almost as fast as my own. “Our marriage... it was over long before he died.” At his questioning gaze I explained “Things weren’t happy, He wanted to go back; he left me for the war, the rush.

We promised after we had kids that we would call it quits but he said staying at home felt like settling. The day he died I had given him an ultimatum; I had gotten home to find a letter, a freaking letter... I called him up because all his stuff was gone ans I told him to turn around or I was divorcing him... But he, he still left and then he crashed. I can’t, I won’t make you settle, I can’t knowing you’ll just run back out here. I came home to save you all because of the promise I made, because I had lost myself but now... now I need my daughter. So fine you want to know the truth? I can’t love you, because loving you broke me, I refuse to because admitting that I still love you means letting you go and I can’t let you-“

His mouth met mine in a tender loving kiss. He pulled back just enough to speak; his mouth grazing mine as he spoke, “you think I’ll leave you? No, loving you would never, hey, look at me,” he turned my head back to his. “Loving you would never feel like settling for me. It would feel like home. You think I crave war and bloodshed like my brother? I loathe it; I only stayed because there was never else for me to go.

How many times had I wished that I had died just to end the suffering? If I had known this I would have come back for you in an instant. I would have sacrificed everything, even my family just for a single moment with you, so what do you think I would do with a life time?”

I kissed him.

“Amelia I love you and I always have.’ My heart that had been quiet up until now exploded as everything id ever wanted sat in front of me. Sure I could leave, I could go home and I could survive, but there wouldn’t be Jack there and frankly I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to live a life without him anymore.

Finally after all these years I let myself say the words I’d been denied and so terrified of saying, of feeling because that meant falling. But I knew now Jack would catch me, that he would always catch me.

“I’m in love with you, Jack. I love you.” None of us dared move for a moment least it brake. Then our mouths collided and I ended up in his lap clinging to him; afraid he might disappear but he never did. A part of him did the same; his fingers digging into me as he gently started rocking back and forth. He eased back taking me with him and our kissing returned with a fevered pitch. Suddenly we were no longer in the middle of a war zone, no longer fighting a forbidden attraction; we were just two people who had been denied each other for too long.

He drank me in like and man without water as moved above him in ways that drove him wild; My hands were splayed out on his hard muscled chest drinking in the feel of him as I arched and thrust against him.

With a twist of his hips he rolled me on my back and murmured in a low voice just how much he needed me as he his tongue moved against mine. With one last searing kiss and a quick thrust he eased inside of me. I clung to him as our hip moved together in a perfect rhythm; my nails digging in harder as I cried out in pure bliss. He slipped his hands under my back and tilted me to get a deeper angel and my eyes almost rolled into the back of my head.

A delicious sensation began pooling in the pit of my stomach as I clenched around him. Wrapping my legs around his hips, still thrusting away I the feeling increased; I was I heaven and I never wanted it to end. “Faster.” I whispered, breathless against his shoulder. He obliged almost sending me over the edge as his fingers moved down. I rolled him onto his back and continued moving as his fingers worked their magic and the feeling intensified until I could no longer contain it. I came, tilting my head back as I moaned his name. A few thrust later and he joined me as I stayed on top of him trying to catch my breath.

Once he had caught his, he swept back the sweaty strands of hair stuck to my forehead. “You’re so beautiful when you’re like this; with no walls or shields covering how you really feel. Just you, I could stare at you forever.” His gaze was enraptured and in awe as I slid off of him and gently kissed him; the kiss lingered, slow and sweet, neither of us anywhere near ready to let go. We stayed like that for a while, just kissing and exploring each other’s bodies until eventually we feel asleep. I awoke a few hours later curled up beside him, wrapped in his protectively warm embrace and I knew in that moment that I would never let anything happen to him, and that he would do the same for me. Because I loved him.

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Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:45 pm
Holysocks wrote a review...

Hello! Care for a review this fine review day?

This is kind of a nice change from most romance stories I see in the setting sense. I like the idea of it being in a bunker in a sense. However, there's a few things that I feel could make this work better.

I was a surgeon god damn it, and a good one.

That was kind of a random thing to say right in the middle of a paragraph of Jack fixing her up. It felt like a bit of an info dump, and I feel like you could have worked that knowledge into the next bit where she's recalling the woman she lost- especially since you mentioned she was a surgeon quite soon in there and so the one above is a bit redundant to begin with.

She was long gone even before I had opened her up, four hours later she had bleed out while I worked on her brain bleed.

This whole line makes us wonder just how much you know about surgery and how the human anatomy works. There's a common 'rule' that is "write what you know". The thing is, it would be pretty boring for us writers if we could only write about the things we're trained experts in, however, I take this advice to be that if you don't know something, enlighten yourself. So my suggestion to you is to do some research.

her eyes were going to help a little boy in this very hospital see for the first time.

This lady sure donated a lot of body parts. I really don't think it works that way. 1). I think if she was so badly off from that explosion there would be less things still intact- her lungs are okay? Even after all that debris and shrapnel? Sounds like several of her internal organs are intact- but how? She was bleeding out, that doesn't just mean that her skin was open and a few veins burst, no, it means that a crap load of hell got busted in her body. I doubt all these things and her eyes would be okay as well. It makes me wonder why she died, you know? I'm not trying to be mean, by the way, and I'm sorry if I'm coming off that way.

today this woman got to save five other lives.

I counted nine, actually. I feel like you contradict yourself a lot in this story. One minute you're saying one thing, the next it's totally different. The story about Dave and Jack and Iraq seemed to constantly be changing. First it seemed like Dave had convinced Amelia to go to Iraq with him, and that's why she was there now. Then we hear that Dave took off to Iraq by himself, also Jack did that as well. Then there's all this information about Dave being dead and people thinking Jack was dead and I'm thinking: how many times have these people been to Iraq? There's so much information that you don't even seem to be decided on yourself and hardly any of it is explained to us. I feel like I was thrown into the middle of a novel to be honest- yet your work isn't listed as a chapter and it seems to have an ending so I have no idea.

Looking him over I patched a cut on his leg and was in the middle of climbing on him...

It doesn't matter how swimmingly you know someone; you do not need to "climb" on your casualty/patient. And besides that, these people don't know what to think of eachother at this stage, so they're not going to feel comfortable doing that until they know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

“You have a dislocated shoulder

Um, no. He was just moving his arms perfectly fine to feel up her sides. To give you an idea of just how painful dislocated anything's are: Once I was trying to tie a sling onto my grandfather for a dislocated shoulder. We couldn't move his shoulder because he was in so much pain- and by not move I mean even a centimetre made him gasp. This is the guy that didn't wear gloves when he was handling barb wire because he didn't want to wreck his gloves. This is also the guy that got his daughter to stitch a cut on him because he didn't want to go to the doctor- we didn't have any kind of freezing let me tell you.

I’m going to need to pop it back into place.

I'm pretty sure not every medical person knows how to do this, and I'm kind of tired of TV shows/movies/books using it as an extremely painful thing to do to your character that has a simple fix.

Not used to human contact or him touching me

He was just feeling up her waist, how is she surprised by this?

“chose? Chose! Like I had a fucking choice you left! You just disappeared! I didn’t know what had happened to you! I didn’t even know if you were dead or alive...”

Her logic here I'm personally not too fond of. The brother she loved is dead so she moves onto the next best thing? That most certainly was her choice. Nobody forced her to marry her dead lovers brother.

The part about this I found really good though, was right after the quoted section above, where Amelia breaks down. I was actually legit feeling her remorse, and frustration and I was definitely putting myself in her shoes and feeling really crappy for her. Because all that would suck and you wrote that part really well, I thought. So kudos to you. c:

Keep it up!!!


Yeah this piece is a scene and published for fun, I do need to read up un my knowledge of the medical world but have other projects keeping me ocupied at the moment
It is a bit confusing for you guys considering its a smack bang in the middle of it.
Jack went to Irag because his love for his brother and Davids happiness he felt out weighed his own so he pretty much just left after certain events, in history their have been cases were the the family is told their son has dies on combat and years later they find hr survived. This is one of them cases. Amelia loved jack it was always him
But that doesn't mean she never loved his brother, she love him dearly but he was never Jack.
David wanted to go but stayed and later on decided to go with out Amelia, afterwards he came home and she decided to go with him.
The they came back and had a child but David wasn't coping with his PTSD and could t handle what he felt was being tied down so in the end after a huge fight he went to leave but ultimately that never happened.
Amelia is not coping and has switched specialty's so she can help many of her friends still in Iraq. So she goes back - so to answers your question A LOT! These people live and breath war they have been their for just over a decade.
Thank you for your review ot helped a lot

Holysocks says...

No problem! :-P

Also the victim wasn't in the explosion but it going off was a distraction caused the accident.
Sorry about my spelling before I was on my phone half asleep

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1261 Reviews

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Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:11 pm
niteowl wrote a review...

Hi there MichaelaBobbin! Niteowl here to review this story.

Overall, I have to say the first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. Some of these seemed like just typos (for example, when you spelled "aisle" as "ale" after spelling it correctly several times), while others seem like more complicated errors, like when to use or not use commas. I started picking out some quotes that need editing, but I would honestly be here all day and I don't think that's a good use of time for either of us. Therefore I'm going to go ahead and edit the quotes I picked out, but I'll leave it up to you whether you want help with the rest. The Great Grammar Compendium This may help you as you go through and edit.

Meanwhile, there's some larger concerns I have about this story.

1) Who's supposed to be treating who here? It starts off with Jack looking at a cut on Amelia's body, then all of a sudden he has a dislocated shoulder. It also seems like all these injuries would put a damper on any subsequent romance.

2) I am really confused about the dynamic between Jack, Amelia, and David. So Jack faked his death because his brother wanted Amelia? And then Amelia and David got married but they weren't happy and were planning to divorce, but only after having children? And Jack was stalking her the whole time because he loves her? This whole plot feels flimsy, but it could work if Jack had a more compelling reason to fake his death (like some enemy was after him or he'd committed a crime).

That said, I do think you have a compelling romantic connection between Amelia and Jack, and I like the idea of a brief romantic respite in the turmoil of war. If the plot felt more realistic, I think I could get into the romance part better.

Now I'm going to enspoiler some edits. Corrections are in bold.

Spoiler! :

She was long gone even before I had opened her up. Four hours [b]later, she had bled out while I worked on her brain bleed.

Her skin was going to help four burn victims, the same found in the rubble beside her, and her heart valve was going to save a newborn child's life.

I'm not sure her skin would be particularly useful if she died in an explosion...heck, I'm not sure any of her organs would be usable. Might want to look into that.

“Okay it’s not too deep, just a graze from what I can tell.” Jack's voice broke me from my thoughts and looking at him I couldn’t deny the real reason I had gone with David: the hope that I would run into him again. Even after the day at the bridge I had still years later needed answers: why had he left? Why did he leave me? How could he just be there one moment with me, kissing me and then being told next that he had left for Iraq without so much as a letter... Answers I had gotten when he returned at the worst possible moment: my wedding day.

Note one: it seems like you're using semicolons where colons would be the more appropriate punctuation. Semicolons connect two independent clauses (complete sentences), while colons precede a list.

Note two: she seemed surprised later in the text to find out that Jack was at her wedding, but here she seems to be fully aware of this.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. God pull yourself together Amelia, don’t go back there. “Hurt?” I opened my eyes and met his gaze unwavering. “Always.”...I was a surgeon, a skilled one at that, with degrees in both neuro and trauma, I had a job to do and that was it.

It's unclear who's speaking here.

“You were there?” He nodded “I couldn’t leave until I saw you in your dress, so I could see that you were forever lost to me. I hid at the back and watched you walk down the aisle

Keep writing! :)

Hi I've just put in the review above the jest.
Sorry my spelling us blah I was on my phone..
The love scene was more of using their injurys for convenience. Its a love scene it sounded hot, it was seriously just a piece designed to be steamy when o couldn't find any good sex scenes on the internet. (written sex scenes on the internet )
Jack has his reasons he didn't want to ruin what Amelia and hos brother had built, they had already mourned him and everyone had moved on, though it would be better to simply leave it that way - yes he's complex and his reasoning is dark and depressing. But that didn't mean he was going to not miss his family of course hes going to check up on them he loved Amelia but he also loved his brother and he's his half brother so David always got over shadowed and jack and him didn't end well when they both relised they loved her.
Its a complex brotherly love that goes beyond reasoning thing.
But Thank you so much for your help x

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471 Reviews

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Reviews: 471

Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:22 pm
Lightsong says...

o.o Where's the warning? THE WARNING OMG. D:

Pretty interesting story. I'd read it completely next time. This time, I just skipped it to the sex part. xD

Haha I do the same thing when ever I pick up a book.
God, sorry how to go back and add warnings about sexual content I'm still new at this :( ill for now put it up top

now I cant find the edit button :'l

Lightsong says...

Go to the Publishing Center. Under Portfolio, click your piece. That should lead you to the editing part straight away. You don't want to edit it that way, so go to Save Changes, then click the one to set the option, and there would be content rating there, in which you can label this as 18 for sexual content.

Welcome to YWS, anyway! :D Ask me anything about it if you want.

Thanks, will do.

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