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Delta - 23.3

by LordWolf

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

Robe was falling more into the pleasure of the moment, Glenn keeping those lips tight to his neck and causing the bubble of moans in his throat.  They were slowly shifting positions on the lounge chair, Robe stretching out on his side and Glenn folding in line behind him.  There was a noticeable amount of attraction as Glenn pulled their hips together and –

“What the fuck are you two doing out here?”

They hadn’t heard the porch door clicking open or the sharp sound of Harry’s boots on the concrete.  But now they both could certainly see Harry standing over them and their positions quickly shuffled.  Glenn drew his hand from under Robe’s shirt and Robe could hear the careful click as the soldier was putting his belt back in place.

Her judging eyes surveyed the scene.  There was no way Harry would not be aware of what has happening and that was further proved by her remarks.  Robe bit hard into his tongue so he wouldn’t be able to talk, even if he had wanted to do so.

“I don’t care if you have sex, in general.  Just don’t do it on my patio furniture,” Harry stopped when she started to walk away, but turned back to them to add another warning.  Robe knew that if she was coming back to say something else, it would be a further warning about having sex with Glenn.  “And I’ve seen how much you two jackrabbits drank tonight and any consent, is going to be dubious consent.  Glenn don’t think with your dick, for once in your life.”

Robe felt Glenn shaking behind him, half from the panting of their activities and probably half from the fear Harry just struck into their hearts.  He slowly pulled himself from the chair, finding his jacket on the floor.  Robe had forgotten how much of the way they had gone towards undressing.  It was a nice feeling to know that someone would have sex with him, but the situation was proving more embarrassing by the second.

“Robe, where are you going?”

“I’m going to apologize to Harry,” Robe paused and bent over Glenn, kissing the waiting man on the forehead.  “Then I’m going to get us something non-alcoholic to drink.  And then maybe, maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll take you home, soldier.

He added the address onto the end, waiting to see Glenn’s reactions.  Garner started smiling, laying back further onto the lounge and Robe watched as he slowly fell asleep.  He could have stood over the potential partner for hours longer but Harry was giving him a watchful look from beyond the door.

As soon as Robe stepped inside, Harry was pulling him off to some dark corner of the room, her eyes lit by some wild fire.  Perhaps it hadn't been the best decision to engage so much with the major whom Harry had told such wild stories about.  But someone wanted him.  Someone wanted the real Robe Cabrini and was not going to use him like the past versions of self had been used.

"Robe, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Well that is exactly what I planned on doing before you decided to interrupt me."  Robe lit up a cigarette before continuing, feeling the rushing need for nicotine as he tried to steady his nerves.  "Thanks for that, by the way.  I know what consent is, Harry, I could handle that situation by myself."

"So by handling the situation you mean drunkenly purring as he kissed your neck and shoulder blades?  I didn't see much of an exchange of consent going on and you looked pretty uncomfortable the last time I checked on you two."

Last time?

How many times had Harry been watching their movements and their conversation through the window?  And how dare she encroach on this just as Robe was getting something from his life?  Didn't she remember all of the failed partnerships?  Didn't she remember all of the times he had called her after having a panic attack in some club?  Attacks stemming from people trying to be intimate, knowing that he had the right equipment to satisfy the potential partners, but still feeling the rush of dysphoria from being in that situation.

"Harry, I can take care of myself.  And I would think that you would have a fair analysis of the situation about to take place, all things considered."

"And may I ask just what things you're considering, Robe?"

Robe looked down to the floor and then moved his gaze directly into her eye.  It only took him a few moments to steady himself on his own two feet, and a few moments more to find the right words.

"Well seeing as you've fucked both of us, I would assume you would know if we could handle each other or not.  I seem to recall that you were most often the penetrating partner and taking a look at Glenn..."  Robe trailed off as he looked out to the sleeping soldier, still curled under the leather jacket as the rain dripped down the awning.  He brought the eye contact back to Harry and continued, "I admit I'm not the strongest man but he does seem to be more of a bottom.  And based on the side effects I have from our 'benefits', I'm sure Glenn has a bit of kink for praise from people in command."

There was no telling what part of Robe’s mind was leading to the words he was speaking now.  A soldier having a praise kink made sense but there hadn’t actually been anything in the conversation to suggest it.  And even though Robe was blaming his need for attention during sexual activities on Harry, they both knew that was in existence long before their intimacy was.  Wanting love, wanting praise and self worth, that all stemmed from the people in the past.  But that didn’t mean he couldn’t use it against her now as they got angrier and angrier at each other.

Robe continued to draw carefully on the cigarette, waiting for her next response and watching every movement as the minutes went on.  Harry had moved to reclining her hips on the small island in the kitchen, lips tightly sealed and eyes flickering back and forth.  Those were the moments when he had a recognizable amount of fear for her and it certainly wasn't misplaced.  

"Robe, I'm just going to calmly ask you this and I will be peaceful and patient.  But do you really think that this is a good idea?"


"A one night stand with that," she paused to gesture out the door to Glenn.  "That guy.  Is that really who you want to wake up to tomorrow morning with all of the cling and distaste?"

"Harry, I'll be calm, peaceful and patient as I ask something of you.  How do you know it couldn't be something more between us?"

It slowly occurred to Robe that there might be something major with Glenn that Harry knew about.  That the man was a sex crazed sadist who liked to torture effeminate men in bed.  Or maybe when she glossed over their engagements of sex, she meant to say that Garner couldn't perform.  Those millions upon millions of possibilities that there was something inherently wrong and meant they couldn't have a relationship.

Robe knew Harry.

If anyone else was giving him advice on a partner that was mutual, a warning would have meant jealously.  That wasn't Harry.  She was never jealous and she was never upset when she had swooped in to save Robe from one of the people taking it too far.  And she certainly had no reason to be jealous now, so why didn't he trust her?

"Harry, why do you think that it wouldn't work?  Is there something wrong with me?  Or something wrong with him?  Or do you just think I'm not allowed to have any happiness in my life because I'm the weird little freak everyone told you I was?"

“I don’t want you getting hurt when they come to back him up and take Glenn back to whatever basement he escaped from.”

Harry’s arms reached out slowly, bending around his body and trying to keep the rougher spines from jutting into Robe’s skin.It was always awkward when they hugged, but it was one of the more enjoyable actions between them.He realized the meaning in her words and how Harry had lost Glenn as well, in a way worse than death.

“So, when you told me those stories, you knew already that he wasn’t dead?”

“I had my suspicions, yeah.”

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Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:07 pm
fraey wrote a review...

Hello there again. Coming back to hopefully get a few more chapters done (also I want my green room reviews counted in case users to end up deciding to go and review all these parts.) From where we were last time, Glenn and Robe kissed, there is plenty of stuff that's getting between the two, which is saying that possible feelings/attraction is obviously being felt.

A couple of things to go over here, I think. First, the both obvious and hinted at the history between Harry and Robe (and of course Glenn but that's a different story.) Harry's awkward position of knowing both of these people at different times in their lives is an interesting plot point. She knew/knows these two figures in war and in work and I'm sure it would be hard to not want to say something - Harry's probably got so much dirt/blackmail to last a lifetime from both of them.

Since (if I remember correctly) Robe tried to basically warn her from becoming closer with Will and that Glenn even tried saying something, so it's fair enough for Harry to step up and talk to her close friend. I'm not too surprised that there would be someone after Glenn after the horrors he had faced and told Robe, with the constant freezing and forgetting or something along those lines, and that's gotta be tough to get through.

I do like Harry questioning them about consent because any event involving alcohol and flirting could have issues. The fair thing is that these are adults behaving this way, but I appreciate her care, and that Robe understands the very odd/unique history everyone has with each other.

I think that of course, the next chapter will be the whole deed and everything, but I like the (if short) developing relations between Robe and Glenn.

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Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:45 pm
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LordStar wrote a review...

Okay, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm gonna try to review anyway. Sorry if this review is utter trash.

I don't know how Robe and Glenn ended up on this patio chair damn near boning, but I love it. I also love that they get caught by Harry.

I love and totally understand Robe's insecurities coming through, especially as a trans man - the suprise that someone would want him, him turning on Harry because he believes that she believes that something is wrong with him/he's unloveable because he's trans. It's very real and very well portrayed here.

You also do a very good job of painting the kind of friendship Robe and Harry have. The fact that Robe knows Harry's only saying this because she's looking out for him. Very natural and organic progression.

Again, I don't really know what's going on in the story so I can't really comment on the plot or anything, but everything seems good in this chapter. The characters are natural and well-rounded and they play off of each other really well. Good job.

Sorry for this crap review but hope it at least sorta helped,


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