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Delta - 23.2

by LordWolf

Warning: This work has been rated 18+.

Before Glenn began audibly laughing, Robe could feel the vibrations rising in his chest.  Like Robe had just told the best joke the man had heard in a millennium and that it was worth every ounce of life.

“What did I say that’s making you laugh?”

“Well I am old, but I’m not old like Harry.”

Robe moved around in the embrace to look up at him and ask, “What do you mean?”

“Technically, I was born two thousand years ago but I’ve spent a lot of that time frozen.  I’m from one of those super soldier and super being projects, and they would defrost me every fifty years to make sure the ‘sample was stable’.  And then I would be packed up again.”

The thought worked its way through Robe’s mind as he tried to process Garner’s existence in the timeline.  When Harry talked about the past, she would talk in terms of the battlefields she fought on and the notches in her belts.  There were multiple belts.

“When I was defrosted back in the Christmas season of 3590, I was assigned to Harry’s intelligence unit.  They were quite grateful to have her, even though she had to sacrifice a lot to take the Federal position, a lot more than the rest of us,” Garner started choking up at the end of his statement, and Robe curled more into the form they had created.  He stayed silent while Garner continued the story, recognizing this as a moment where Bart would tell him to shut up.

“I don’t know how much you know Harry’s life before she came into yours but if we’re talking five hundred years ago, she was the recently returned heir to her family’s throne.  However, her mother didn’t want her around, her mentor was the strongest general in Tanis and her lover was the glorified gardener.  She was already a Federation officer at that point of being in her early twenties and took her lover to her father’s kingdom.”

Garner stopped again, letting the only sound be the rain still pelting down on the concrete porch and running into the street below.  Robe wished that he could say something, but nothing would come to mind at this moment.  It would be appropriate to comfort someone as they processed an old memory of a friend that they felt they had lost and obviously Glenn had ‘lost’ Harry.

“I know some about the throne that she was supposed to holding.And that for a brief period she was king of uh,” Robe bit down on his lip while trying to think of the kingdom name.  The Nerot documents that Harry had shown him had never been quite clear if the name of the kingdom was Sarel or Sarael.  One belonged to the kingdom and one belonged to the family, and both were part of Harry’s official sovereign name.  He held off for a minute more and guessed, “Sarel?”

Hopefully the closeness in sound of the two words would throw Garner off if he had made a mistake.

“Yes, Sarel.  The throne there was meant for an heir of any gender, but they had to take the title of king.  And Harry was her father’s only heir.”

“I thought she had brothers and sisters?”

Garner was looking down at the floor again and up to the sky, chewing on his bottom lip as he must have been deciding which details to disclose.

“She has multiple half siblings, but she was born out of special type of wedlock that people like to call ‘Child of War’.”

Robe’s lips formed a neat ‘o’ shape and he kept his silence on the chaise.

“But as I was saying, to take the seat of Sarel, you have to be called a king.  If she were to inherit the throne of Tanis, properly, she would be called a king on their throne as well.  Her mother realized this, sent Harry away when she was just about fourteen and the camp she grew up in was horrifying.”

“How so?”

“Well I grew up in Texas in a third-generation dust bowl classified area and I saw terrible things.  I saw cows split open by the experiment the government tested on our base, but Harry had to spend seven years of her life with people who thought she shouldn’t exist.”

The flask was present again, getting passed up to Robe’s lips and a signal he wasn’t allowed to refuse this time.

“It was a camp run by humans.  They were evangelists and mercenaries and god knows what else, and they didn’t believe that the people of Nerot, the native people, deserved life.  And the Federation had stationed this group in what they called the Terga sector, with full knowledge of the beliefs of the Bivens and their church.”

“Bivens?”  Robe had tried to keep his lips shut but the question of Harry being an entirely different person than he knew rose to the top.He knew that she kept secrets.  She kept a lot of secrets.  And he had never doubted her opinion or her judgement, even with knowing she kept things from the people she loved.  But if her name wasn’t Bivens, if that was the name of captors…

As if Garner was reading his mind, the leather jacket soldier began speaking again.  Not before sighing into Robe’s neck, lips coming too close for a comfort that had already left the building.

“Her real first name is not exactly Harry, either.  It’s Ehrietta,” he had stopped again and produced a lit cigarette from unknown place, exhaling and passing the cigarette to Robe.  “Ehrietta Mava Sarael Bevea.  She explained the names to me once and all of their cultural significance, but the Federation has the tendency to wipe operative’s memories.  I managed to lock that moment away, but I barely remember the last day I spent with her before they put me under.”

Robe winced at the thought of having your memories wiped with no chance of return for the content.  If he had been more conscious in his thoughts, Robe would have explored the possibilities of Garner's missions.  When the Federation ordered an absolute destruction of information, it had to call for terrible events happening.  Garner used the word 'operative', but Robe let the questions slip away from his mind too easily.

"How do you mean that they put you under?"

Garner pulled away from Robe as he asked the question, the soldier leaning back on the chaise lounge but leaving his hands near Robe's hips.  It was an odd disconnect from the comfortable and comforting position they had been in a moment before.  And while Robe would have liked to take the last question back, he also desperately wanted to know the answer.

"It's nothing good, Robe.  If they don't wipe your memory, they give you drugs that slowly numb your body until you're floating above it, and you have no control over what's happening.  If you happen to have a last minute protest before going back in the shell, no one is going to hear it."

"Have you?  Had many last minute protests?"

"Enough so that there's a pattern of scars on my back from the metal bars in the 2600 era containment shells."

In a sudden moment of courage and acting upon the signals he had seen all night long, Robe slipped his hand up Garner's jaw, stroking along the bone while he said, "I'm sorry."

He pulled back, turning around more and kissed along the soldier's jaw until Robe got to the meeting of their lips.  It felt like a mistake as he was doing it but Garner - Glenn - was engaging.  It had been too long since Robe had kissed someone, no less kissing someone with the intent of taking the person to bed.

When they finally came up for air, Glenn leaned against his neck and whispered, "That was nothing to be sorry for, Robe."

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Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:23 pm
LordStar wrote a review...

awwww stop i'm having feelings.

I love love love the continued exposition of Harry's backstory. Things that she no doubt doesn't want to talk about herself, yet we get to learn them anyway, and from (I must say) a more reliable narrator. The timeline is also starting to make more sense the more we learn about her.

Idk, this chapter just gave me lots of fuzzy feelings. It's nice to see Robe warming up to Glenn and becoming more open and also that Glenn is so willing to talk about Harry. The chapter has a nice buildup to the ending moments when they kiss - the pacing overall is really nice, and the budding relationship doesn't feel rushed at all, even if it is a bit unlikely.

PLUS the more we learn the more questions I have about this world they're living in?? Captain America-like supersoldiers? Kingdoms? The Federation? I'm just way interested and can't wait to learn more about the lore.

Also, Robe is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I will protect my trans boi at all costs and if you fuck with him I will withold sex from you for a week knife you.

okay that's it byyyyyeeee

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Mon May 20, 2019 10:43 pm
fraey wrote a review...

Coming in for my fifth review star (finally sheesh), so I figured why not get it on another chapter of this. Alright then, headed for more of Robe's view, and perhaps some backstory for Glenn, as he is certainly from a different time period than most of the characters here, at least in comparison to like the immortals-ish types.

Can I just say yes to the background for everybody? I want to know everything. These characters have all been through a lot, in plenty of different ways of course, but sheesh getting your memory wiped countless times has got to be a difficult thing to wrap one's mind around. Plus the whole hooking up with someone that you then don't see for hundreds of years (if I remember the dates right) is also crazy to even think about as a possibility and oh my heart hearts for these people. I am curious now as to how many siblings Harry has, as we do know about her one sister clearly with joining the humanist cults but I don't recall hearing much about any others.

I think the interesting portion from this is that Glenn's got an extended effect of the "stuck in a different century" that plenty of fictional characters have gone through, but even then, that's a way too long amount of time. In addition to the horrible fact that he wasn't the only one of the party or even among leaders/soldiers in repeated times of frozen not-fun. That can't be a nice process in any way from what I would guess, and that's not even the part including being in the actual war. Plus, like, Harry, my liege, I am just blown away by how screwy everything literally was for you besides Cara of course. And we don't even know what happened there/how that relationship ended.

But, kiss scene? Yes, please. Maybe this will help bring a little stability to both of these men's lives, in a state where Glenn sees the past love of his life (maybe?) get happily engaged to someone else, and Robe has someone he can talk about Harry with too that definitely understands the struggles of being with her/knowing what had happened in the past. Interesting times, interesting times.

These characters are simply written very nicely and it's easy to feel sympathy for them. Nicely done as ever of course.

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