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The Forgotten Lands:Chapter 2

by Lollipop

Here is the second chapter :lol: Its boring but I hope you like :lol: it

Chapter 2

As Alsana entered the dank, muddy streets of Saloroan, she sensed an uneasy chill in the wind. It sent a tingle up her spine causing her to shiver. She started walking towards the town square. She noticed how enclosed Saloroan was. The sloping buildings towered over her and everything seemed to box her in. But since it was an early autumns morning, townsfolk were bustling about get ready for the harvest. The streets were packed with stalls and stands selling their prized fruit and vegetables waiting to receive a bargain from some unknowing customer. It was a time of money and greed, cheating and lying. Alsana slipped through the hustle and crept through a small alley.

At a tiny street corner, away from all the money making cheaters, Alsana saw two of her travelling companions. The duet stood talking casually, totally oblivious from the dangers that might come to be.

They hadn’t noticed the petite young woman marching towards them.

“What are you doing,” Alsana muttered angrily.

“Talking, what does it look like?,” answered Urtak.

He was the first of the companions. Tall, broad, an obvious fighter with a hot head. His square jaw made him look very handsome and his blue eyes and silky hair gave him an innocent face.

“ Well, you’d better start worrying, don’t you know what’s happening today?,” grunted Alsana.

“We know what‘s happening today but what is there to worry about?,” said Hilgra.

The third hero. Hilgra was the fairest woman in Saloraon. Dark and mysterious with big, smouldering eyes that tempted even the smartest of men. Beautiful, even by nature. She made Alsana twinge with jealousy.

“Oh, nothing,” replied the small woman.

“Well, were is Brundorick?, I haven’t seen him today,” said Urtak in a pained voice.

“I’m here!,” screamed a voice.

A flushed faced boy came running out of the market and skidded to a stop in front of the three friends. Brundorick was a tiny young man, with blond curly hair falling over his eyes. He had a very sweet boyish face. His eyes were such a deep blue, they were almost black.

“Sorry..I’m…late..,” he huffed.

“It’s o.k,” said Hilgra, stretching.

The old, town mayor came to bid them farewell. As he approached, his long, scraggly beard tangled in between his legs, causing him to trip. He composed himself and spoke.

“Have you got everything?.Maps, food, clothing and weapons.”

“Yes,” replied Urtak.

Are you sure?,”



Yes!,” they all screamed.

The mayor looked a little frightened. He always worried.

“O.k, well I wish you good luck and remember to follow the Rimbrae trail. It will show you the way. Goodbye.”

The mayor turned and slowly wandered away into the market.

“Are we ready to go?,” asked Alsana.

No one replied so she just started walking. They all followed.

After three days of endless walking, the four reached a cave. It was large and broad, stretching for a few miles. Drips of water were slowly patting against the hard floor, echoing gently through the cavern.

Alsana cautiously tiptoed inside, watching her every step. There was a strange smell on the air. It was sort of musty, like old hay in a horse’s barn.

As Urtak, Brundorick and Hilgra stepped inside, Alsana noticed a strange engraving at the side of the entrance. She ran her fingers along the stony wall. It was smooth and soft, as if it had been sanded down. The engraving was some strange writing, beautifully designed in long weaving patterns.

“I think someone used to live here,” whispered Alsana.

“Really?,” asked Hilgra.

“Yes. The walls have been smoothed and there is some interesting patterns on the entrance.”

“Maybe the Gulrich drove the people away or took them in as slaves,” said Brundorick, shrugging,

“Maybe, Brundorick, maybe.”

Urtak gathered some dry wood from a nearby forest and started a fire which covered the cave in an orange light. He cooked some meat and handed out some stale bread which everyone accepted thankfully. After the meal, everyone slept peacefully on the hard ground.

Sometime in the night, Alsana awoke with a start. She was breathing heavily and was covered in a cold sweat. She stood up and creeped outside, trying not to trample her sleeping friends.

It was a cold, beautiful night. The moon peeped through the passing clouds, illuminating the land in a blue shimmer. The sound of crickets and small animals sounded through the darkness. The forest ahead swayed in the wind and a few, lonely leaves swooshed out from the green blanket and landed at Alsana’s feet, tickling her toes. The soft wind slithered past her skin like a whisper sending a chill through her body.

The sound of gentle footsteps were approaching her. It was Urtak. He tenderly touched her arm.

“It’s a quiet night isn’t it. Beautiful yet quiet,” he said softly.

“Yes, it is,” she replied in a shaky voice.

“Is something troubling you?”

“It’s just, well, it doesn’t seem quite right here does it.”

“No, I’ve sensed the same thing,”

Alsana was on the verge of tears. Why had they been chosen? This day could be there last. She flung herself into Urtak’s arms. He held her close.

“It’s alright, it will turn out o.k,” he said in a quiet voice while brushing his hand through her auburn hair.

“No, it won’t… we’re all going to perish,” she whimpered.

“Shhh, don’t fret, you’re tired, get some sleep.”

Alsana dried her eyes and sniffed.

“O.k, I’m just scared, you never know what will happen."

“We are all frightened, especially me, even though I don’t show my fear.”

He turned to face her. Their eyes met and they became lost in a moment of complete sanctuary. They felt safe in each others gaze. Alsana experienced a new emition inside, one that had never touched her before. She finally broke the stare and blushed. Urtak looked upset.

“Well, I need some sleep, goodnight,” she said, looking embarrassed.

She turned and walked back inside. Urtak watched her in sorrow. He sighed and lay back on the grass watching the sky until the rising of the new sun.

For the next few days, nothing happened. They had been following the Rimbrae trail for more than a week now. The landscape at the start of their journey was full of green, rolling hills stretching to the horizon but on the fifth day it gradually changed into a grass less plain. The sandy particles stung their eyes and bit at their skin. Sometimes, when the wind was strong, the gravel and dust flew into the sky and created small tornadoes which ripped through the land flinging objects through the air. Even through the troubles, the heroes pushed on.

On the tenth day, Alsana and her friends ran into a group of hideous monsters. The creatures had dripping jaws, jutting out from their faces. Their eyes burned with a horrible fire which you could not describe. The stocky, little monsters swayed in an uncontrollable swagger as they walked which caused Brundorick to tremble.

“What are they?,” he asked in a quavering voice.

“Minions of Gulrich probably,” said Hilgra.

One of the creatures swaggered towards them. Brundorick scampered behind Urtak. The monster spoke in an almost illegible accent.

“We are the Furgrags, sent by Gulrich to destroy you.”

“How could Gulrich tell we were coming?,” asked Alsana.

“Our master is full of black magic, he sees all”

Alsana turned and talked to her friends.

“We may have to fight, do you all have weapons?,”

“I do, my fathers long sword,” replied Urtak in a very proud voice.

“I have a dagger,” whimpered Brundorick .

“I stole a long sword from the armoury and have a short knife,” said Hilgra.

“Good. I’ve heard of these beasts, their blades are bewitched and if you get pierced, you immediately disappear and get sent into the abyss.”

Brundorick gasped.

One of the monsters called to Alsana.

“I warn you, my brothers and I are skilled fighters so don’t get your hopes up.”

“You don’t look as if you could kill a fly, you look as powerless as a baby," Urtak mocked.

The leader of the creatures suddenly roared, flailed his arms and charged.

Alsana noticed that Brundorick was crying and hiding behind Urtak, who also looked rather uneasy. But Hilgra stood tall, her beautiful, long black hair cascading down her back like a ribbon. They all drew their swords and got prepared for certain death.

The creature swayed and limped as he ran. His snarling jaws screamed un describable words which echoed through the plain, disturbing the animals and hurting Alsana’s ears. The other creatures began to charge, roaring and barking. There were very few beasts, only about 6, but their large, broad figures created a mirage of an army. Hilgra screamed and bounded towards the approaching monsters, her hair dancing in the wind.

“Hilgra, noo!,” shouted Brundorick.

The leader of the creatures jumped towards Hilgra and swooped the flat of his sword under her feet which made her fall hard onto her back. She began crawling away, screaming for mercy.

“Please, help,” she pleaded.

Brundorick ran out from behind Urtak’s back and leaped towards Hilgra.

The lead monster stepped on Hilgra’s back and violently grasped her hair and pulled her to her feet. Her face was a mess of dust and tears. She helplessly tried to kick him away but with no luck.

“You’re my first catch of the day.” he chuckled evilly.

“Nooo, please….mercy,” she cried.

The monster swiftly sliced his blade across Hilgra’s neck causing a fountain of deep, red blood to spill through the air. Hilgra's face had a look of complete agony and was twisted with pain. She exploded into shards of tiny gray particles and swooped away into the air. A giant force blew across the land making everything topple over. Alsana and Urtak gripped onto each other as the immense invisible wall threw them to the ground. Brundorick was blown across the plain until he crashed heavily into Alsana. The massive wall continued to dance through the plain until it gradually came to a stop. Urtak slowly looked up and he saw that the creatures were strangely leaving the plain in panic until they could be seen no more. Alsana stiffly rose to her feet and pulled Urtak up. She looked around and everything was peaceful, it was as if nothing had happened. Hilgra was gone, never to be seen again.

“Nooooo!…Hilgra..,” Alsana screamed, dropping to her knees and crying into her hands.

Urtak bent down and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Come on, staying here will only make you feel worse”

Brundorick was lying on the ground, breathing softly.

“He must have been knocked out,” whispered Urtak, his face in absolute sorrow.

He picked up his small friend and began walking away. Alsana followed suite.

As they left, the whispers of Hilgra echoed through the plain.

“Goodbye” she uttered softly.

Her spirit was lifted into the sky and was carried away to heaven.

Well there you go, open to comments 8) Bring it on!

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