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Unlucky 13 - Chapter 18

by Liebensteiner

Monday morning, I walked to school. As usual, I was ten minutes early.

While I was walking there, I saw a flock of birds on the other side of the road that were pecking on the ground - probably on grains. I noticed a small bird being pushed around, and thought, unlucky bird number nine.

Maryam met me at the front doors of the school, beaming. She squealed, “You’re back!”

I grinned, “I am!”

“How was Quebec?” she looked at me as if I were the headlights and she was the deer. “What about your cousins?”

“Oh, everything was fine. I’ll tell you more about it later.” I assured her. “Where’s your new friend? Imogen was her name?”

“Yeah. She should be here soon.” she stood on her toes, and looked above my head. “Ah, there she is!” she pointed.

I turned around, and saw a blonde, average sized girl, who had the brightest blue eyes. They were blindingly bright. Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but that’s how I see it as. She had flawless skin, and as she came closer, I noticed her clothes more clearly.

Very nice fashion sense. Better than mine, at least. Suddenly, I felt as if I couldn’t choose my clothes properly. I only had a navy blue sweatshirt, black ripped jeans, and black converse.

But Imogen. She looked like a fashion diva.

“Did the school mistake her for a student?” I whispered. “She’s a model.”

Maryam laughed. “You’re looking at the wrong one, idiot.” she said. “The one beside her.” I blushed.

The girl beside her…

“Ah,” I held my chin. She jogged up to us.

“This is Imogen Taylor.” Maryam introduced. “And this is Julia Portman.”

“Nice to meet you.” she held out her hand, and I shook it.

“Same here.”

She wasn’t too bad. Imogen was a petite girl, curly red hair, braces, and her clothing was just like mine, and I felt a sudden wave of relief. I was glad she was the t-shirt and cargo pants type of girl too. And she had plain sneakers.

We started walking towards our lockers, and Imogen’s locker was just across the hall, so it wasn’t too bad. We got our books and walked side by side to our homeroom to wait outside.

“I’m new to the school.” she said. “I came this year, but I met Maryam on the third day of school. Wednesday.”

I nodded slowly. “Nice. I’ve been at this school for pretty much my entire life. Grade two all the way to now. I was in Canada for the past week. A lot stuff happened.”

She grinned. “I’m from there!” she said, “Nova Scotia is my birth place.”

“I was in Quebec.”

“Nice.” she commented.

“Um… Julia… It’s Maddie and Ella, let’s go.” Maryam started veering me away but I let go of her hand.

“I’ll go talk to them.” I muttered. I hope I wasn’t scaring Imogen. “Give them a taste of -”

“Julia, please.” Maryam pleaded.

I marched right up to the two. They were laughing over something and I didn’t care about what. Their backs were facing me, so I pushed them both. They stumbled, and turned around.

I scrunched up my face. Both their faces were caked with make up. “Ew. Did someone tell you guys that y’all look like clowns right now?”

Honestly though, they looked hideous. Too much lipstick, too much blush, too much foundation and concealer. I shuddered.

“Aw, scared to say anything else, Shudder-Freak?” Maddie tormented.

“No, I’m shuddering at your make up. You look like actual clowns, no joke.” I snapped. That caught some people’s attention and they all turned around to watch - some even started laughing.

“Shut up.” Ella muttered, trying to drag Maddie away. She let go.

“Lemme talk to this -”

I’m afraid I can’t tell you what she said next because it was too disgusting to be told to anyone.

I winced at her words. “Watch your language, you stinger bee.”

Maddie raised her hand to shove me away, but it was stopped. I looked at who stopped her. I don’t want any defense. I don’t want a bodyguard! My eyes fell on Duncan and his glaring gray eyes that were directed to Maddie.

“Wanna be a teacher’s pet?” he said coolly. “Then be quiet, turn around, and leave her alone.” he dropped Maddie’s hand. Silently, I was cheering in my head.

Maddie and Ella left and so did the crowd.

Not very dramatic, but I felt good.

“There was no need for that. I coulda handled her. I do karate.” I told Duncan. He just shrugged and walked away.

Duncan, the guy who always poked me in the back during History class, just stood up for me and didn’t say a word?


“That. Was. Awesome!” Imogen said from behind me, clapping her hands together. We grinned, but when I looked at Maryam, she was frowning. “Aw, stop being such a grumpy-pants, you gotta admit that was great!”

“I guess.” Maryam sighed.


Let the classes begin!

We rushed into Homeroom, which passed very quickly. Next I had Gym - we had volleyball. Math was third - I almost fell asleep. Fourth period was History - in which I got zero pokes, and somehow still ended up in detention. Lunch - I talked to Imogen and Maryam, and explained every single thing that happened to me in a week.

“Oh my god.” Maryam said, wide eyed. She still hadn’t eaten anything.

“Jeez.” Imogen commented. “That’s… crazy. No offence. Just… wow.”

“Yeah, I guess there was a lotta stuff that happened.” I shrugged.

“Don’t you dare leave me alone in this world.” Maryam scolded. I knew she was talking about my suicide-attempt, and my heart dropped. “Because who else would help me with my science homework?”

Imogen and I laughed. Maryam smirked.

The bell rung once again, and it was time for science! My favorite subject. I’m still very much into science. I’ve decided that I want to do something related to science.

I want to be a psychologist!

Basically everything in psychology is related to science and you get paid very decently, too, so that’s my final decision.

In science that day, we were studying the dead body of a bird. I grimaced as the teacher held the poor thing up, showing its wings’ movement.

“Unlucky bird ten…” I whispered to myself, as Mrs McDonald tossed the crow back onto the table.

After science, we had Art. Apparently, Imogen was an artist. She drew, sketched, painted, etc., very beautifully. I looked at my sloppy sketch of a sunset and winced. I was never the best when it came to drawing.

One last class - Music - and then it’s time to go home! Imogen and Maryam were going to come over, I asked them both, and instantly, both of them had whipped out their phones to check with their parents.


“Mum! Grams!” I called through the front door, locking it behind me. “I’m home!”

“I’m in the kitchen with Ann!” Grams called back.

Maryam, Imogen and I followed the scent of cookies and into the kitchen. We greeted them both, dropped our bags on the floor beside the wall, grabbed a plateful of cookies, and ran up to my room. We all sat on my bed in a circle.

Imogen spoke up first, after devouring two cookies, “I like your mother’s accent.” she smiled.

“Thanks. Same here, but it’s unfortunate that I don’t.” I pouted.

Maryam looked sternly at me, “Imagine how badly Mrs. Portman wants her accent to be American.”

“Oh well.” I shrugged, combing my hand through my hair. “And just call her Ann or Anthea. She says she likes to be hip with the teens.” I quoted, smirking.

Maryam and Imogen shared a look that I couldn’t translate.

“What?” I asked.

“I told Imogen…” Maryam trailed off when Imogen pinched her.

“What is it?” I looked at them both frantically. “Am I forgetting something?”

“Maybe. You didn’t mention it at all today.” Imogen said sheepishly.

I squinted at them. “Give me a hint.”

“It’s a date.” Maryam and Imogen said in unison.

“A what?” I screeched. “I don’t do -” They both fell over laughing.

“Not that date, silly, the other date.” Maryam stated. “Like, today is September the twelfth.”

I widened my eyes. “I’m turning fourteen tomorrow!”

My friends started laughing so loud, Grams came running up the stairs, clutching her chest. “What happened?” then, seeing our laughing faces, “Oh… never mind.” she rolled her eyes. “I thought something bad happened. Goodness.”

The day passed by, and I was happy with every single minute of it. 

I have a mother, I know my cousins better, my grandmother is still with me, I’ve had a friend who betrayed me, I made a new friend in less than one day, I have step-siblings… It was all so unbelievable.

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Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:34 pm
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EternalRain wrote a review...

Hi Lib!

So let’s get right to it. This chapter was SO awesome and I’m so glad to be back at school - I loved Canada but definitely ready to get into the drama.

Imogen is so nice so far! I loved the part where Julia mistook her for the blonde model girl - I thought that was a funny little tidbit. Imogen definitely seems to fit in well with Julia and Maryam (same clothes!) and she seems like she’ll be a supportive character. I’m really looking forward to seeing how her relationship with Julia and Maryam will affect Ella, because it likely will! Will Ella be mad? Jealous? Or maybe she’ll pretend she doesn’t care but does? Speaking of Ella, I really want to get down to why she has hated them this whole time (or has suddenly turned on them). I have a few guesses myself :p

Also, I mentioned last review that I’m loving the birds and the bird in science class was just too good xp

I agree with Jabber on the Duncan thing. I vaguely remember him from the beginning chapter’s (is he Maddie’s twin?) but even still, some extra padding with his character would be great just so the reader doesn’t totally forget about him (maybe Julia sees him on Insta, or even in this scene just a little more of Julia’s thoughts on Duncan’s character to remind the reader). He seems kinda important though.... he was on Julia’s side! So that will definitely make an interesting dynamic.

Okie dokie, that’s all for this chapter! Peace!

Thanks for he review! =) Duncan is the guy who got Julia in detention!! XD

Also, what are your guesses? I bet they're nothing close to what I've done. :p

EternalRain says...


Well my guesses about Ella were pretty mild haha - like she doesn't feel like she belongs, she wants to be popular, but now that you've said that GOSH I have no idea

Ahh, you have no ideaaaa. xD

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Mon Dec 23, 2019 2:02 pm
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JabberHut wrote a review...

Hey, Liberty! Sorry it took so long. I've been super busy. ^^;

OMG okay. Okay, I already know I really like Duncan. I immediately started shipping those two, even though I don't know Duncan. That's the romantic in me though.

SO I DID A WEIRD THING. It's not groundbreaking, so definitely continue writing, but it's something to keep in mind next draft.

I was looking in the start of the novel to see if we've met a Duncan, and I think he was mentioned during a rolecall, but that's it. So I think it's safe to say the reader hasn't met Duncan yet. What I did notice was that in chapter one, Julia's first class was History, which was where that rolecall used to take place, I think. In this chapter, History isn't 'til like... period four or something. XD SO JUST SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND! <3

OHHHHH MY GOSh okay. Okay, I'm SUPER excited that you went back to her love of science again. Consistency is a dear love of mine. I'm also actually REALLY digging this idea of her wanting to be a psychologist because I think we KINDA saw this a bit when she was in Quebec, maybe by accident. I'd have loved to see her become more curious or at least interested in someone else's thought process during an analysis of, say, Raven and her mother. A psychologist would absolutely LOVE to get into their heads and find out what made them do the things they did. Similar to Ella and Maddie, Julia sometimes reflects on why Ella (and Maryam) behaved the way they did.

So I think a career in psychology is such a great idea for her, considering the nature of this novel. There's so much psychology gold behind the plots/arcs involved that I'm LEGITIMATELY EXCITED FOR JULIA because I am EQUALLY INTERESTED in what makes those people tick and it's just. just YES. YES, JULIA.

Though Julia's reasoning was about money, and she's only thirteen, so she'd have to have been exposed to this at some point. It's totally okay for her to decide this since most people her age through college make their decision based on the salary (and understandably so *cough me cough*), but it's so late in the novel that I feel like this should have been exposed to her somehow. Like maybe she met the psychologist who was part of the investigation for Raven's mother or Aunt Martha was a psychologist and that's how she met Uncle Sim OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, you know? It takes that kind of exposure for anyone to be like "oh yeah, that'd be kinda cool."

Also, I totally feel like she should be carrying home a bag FILLED with books/homework because math class, at the very least, tends to be unforgiving (in my experience) when it comes to missed homework. (Also, how in the WORLD did she get detention again?! JULIA HOW DO YOU DO THAT??)

I love how you used the bird in her science class. XD WHAT A CLEVER IDEA.

It took me a hot minute to realize Ann was Anthea. XD

Imogen is so lovely. She's clearly the kind of girl who isn't shy. She will be friends with anyone who is willing to have her. She just meshed with Julia IMMEDIATELY, even teased Julia about her birthday with Maryam, and Julia didn't mind it one bit. I feel like Julia would have an opinion about her by now, but I think Imogen must just be so charismatic and friendly that Julia didn't even think twice about criticizing Imogen. Especially right now, I feel like Julia would be unintentionally comparing her to Ella. Not that Imogen is replacing Ella, but Imogen is a different person in their trio. She's definitely not Ella!

Also, due to Imogen's supposed friendliness and how easy it is to get along with her, I wonder if Imogen is going to be having a looot of friends besides these two. Or at least have another group of friends. She reminds me of my best friend in high school, Amanda. She was part of our trio, but she was also part of another group of five friends, who were still all very lovely, mind. We all got along great when we had to, but there was still a division simply because the trio was involved with band, and Amanda's group of five were friends since kids. So anyway, my point is that Imogen sounds like my Amanda, who is simply lovely and friendly and gets along with everyone and will try to make time to hang out with all her friends. Though I could be looking into Imogen's character a bit too much at this point since she's still so new! I was just simply taken aback at how easy and quick it was for Imogen and Julia to get along so freaking well, as if Imogen was always part of their trio.

OMG IT'S HER BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! Wow, I love how that all lined up so well. They msut've started school in September then for that to line up just right. Great planning! (And on SEPTEMBER 13TH NO LESS, HAHA! At least it's on a Tuesday this year!!) I wonder why Maryam and Imogen are so GIDDY though. DO THEY HAVE PLANS? ARE THEY GOING OUT?! how many birds will die on her birthday ;_;

Ah, thanks for the review! And no worries - it's okay that you we're late, everyone gets busy.

I haven't really put much attention to Imogen, actually. Just shoved her in tbh. x) I need to focus on her more, I guess. (That'll be draft 2 stuff)

Ah, thanks for the review! And no worries - it's okay that you we're late, everyone gets busy.

I haven't really put much attention to Imogen, actually. Just shoved her in tbh. x) I need to focus on her more, I guess. (That'll be draft 2 stuff)

Ah, thanks for the review! And no worries - it's okay that you we're late, everyone gets busy.

I haven't really put much attention to Imogen, actually. Just shoved her in tbh. x) I need to focus on her more, I guess. (That'll be draft 2 stuff)

Ah, thanks for the review! And no worries - it's okay that you we're late, everyone gets busy.

I haven't really put much attention to Imogen, actually. Just shoved her in tbh. x) I need to focus on her more, I guess. (That'll be draft 2 stuff)

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Mon Dec 23, 2019 2:43 am
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Horisun wrote a review...

Let the (review) begin!
Aww, I like Imogen, she seems nice.
That "It's a date." Moment was adorable, though, that was sweet.
As always, the spelling and grammar was great, so good job!
One nitpick I had was that it seemed odd how normal the day was for Julia, I speak from experience when I say that coming back to school after a long break is tough, and it takes a lot of catching up, so maybe it'd make more sense if it skipped a week ahead? Idk.
Other than that, I have a very, VERY important question, like, VERY important...

Is this the final chapter?

Because I didn't think it was, the I reread the end of the chapter, and realized how much like an ending it sounded, like, she's turning fourteen tomorrow, she's thinking about how happy she is, she's home from vacation, or her 'Hero's Journey' Yet I feel like there's so many loose ends, and I feel like you said there were a few more chapters..?
So I guess this all depends on whether or not it IS the end.
Keep on writing, and have a great day/night!

Thanks for the review! =) And for God's sake, no, his isn't the end! There's so much else to talk about!

Horisun says...

Thank goodness! Lol!

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