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Fairy Diary | Day 10

by Liberty

A/N: Just a reminder that bold is Luke and normal font is Lily. Since Diary/Ashley is not here, remember, if you see any italics, it's probably just some fairy thinking something, alright? Enjoy!


Hey Ashley.

Right, you're not a diary anymore. I guess I'll just write my life stories in here.

I'll keep you company, Luke.



Haha, very funny, how are you here?




Do you wanna help me write our life stories in here?

What do you mean?

Like, write down everything that happens to us, in here. In story form.

I never knew that you were this much of a genius, Luke!

Wow, you're so nice. I'm starting my story. Do not disturb.

Once upon a time -

C'mon Luke, who starts with once upon a time?!



Can we please do the story now? Please?


~  ~  ~

"Stop!" Luke exclaimed.

"You stop first!" Louis shouted back. They were playing on their Xbox and Louis kept on interrupting. 

"Louis! Go practice for your exam! It's mid-term! Go! Now!" mum shouted pointing towards Louis's room. Louis glared at his younger brother and went. Layla entered the house, she had just come from a sleepover. She went into her room and searched for books. On fashion designing. She was a bookworm. 

"Layla! Once you're done your homework, can you help me clean the garage?" mum called up and heard her daughter say okay. Dad was at work, he was a dietician. 

"Mum, can I go to..." Lily trailed off, she had no where to go, her friends had abandoned her. "...the park?" 

"Sure, hon, but be back before supper." mum agreed. She was in the kitchen, whipping up the supper that her family of six were going to eat. Including her.

~ ~ ~

Can I write too?


It was my idea.



Hush up. No.

~ ~ ~

"Yay! I won!" Luke exclaimed from the living room. He had won this round of his video game.

"Congrats." Louis said gruffly.

"Thanks!" Luke beamed up at his older brother who was practicing for his exam in medical school. 

In the meantime, in the park Lily was swinging on the swings. There was no breeze. It was so quiet without Emalia or Andri. Her ex-best friends. "What did I ever do t them that they have to be so mean?" Lily whined to herself. She looked up at the sun it was almost setting. She had to get back! She hopped off the swing and went home, flying. Her wings were beating really fast. As soon as her wings got tired she retired to the ground and sprinted the rest of the way. 

Once she reached home, dad was home and he had flopped onto the couch, wings folded ever so delicately. "Hey kiddo." 

"Hi dad." Lily whispered, she felt like she had depression, with no friends, and, on top of that, it was spring vacation. The fairy's have spring vacation instead of summer vacations. Lily had read in a book that human kids had summer vacations which was very odd to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, worried that his child might have encountered some crazy person on the way home.

"Nothing," she looked at the TV and saw Luke playing around with the wires. She smacked his head, making him stop. She made him go to the kitchen and had him set the table. Even though he was older, she always felt like the older one; she was a thousand times more mature.

~  ~  ~

That smack on the head still hurts. Really badly.

I'm sorry! You shouldn't have been playing with the wires!



~  ~  ~

Lea went to go get the grocery. It was after supper time. She was still looking for those radishes. She couldn't find them, she even asked the manager of the store and she said she had none.

Meanwhile, Layla had already planned out how to stitch an entire dress. She was buzzing with excitement her wings flapped and flapped but she didn't fly. She was getting excited! This was going to be a dress for her grade twelve prom. She squealed and took out her sewing machine to get started.

Louis was in his room. In depression. He was getting super stressed. "My freakin' mid-term is tomorrow and I still havn't gotten a question memorized! Oof!" He flopped onto his loft bed and instantly fell asleep. He was way to sleepy to stay awake. He had stayed awake the entire night last night just practicing for mid-term exams. 

Luke was in his room stressing over the fact that he couldn't write in his and Lily's diary anymore. He fiddled with his wing wondering what he should do. No diary. No nothing. He sighed. I could watch a movie, he thought. But shook his head and imagined Lily smacking his head again. He rubbed his head wondering why it was still hurting. It doesn't hurt this much.

Lily looked at her bulletin board in her room. She sighed sadly, she used to be so popular and everybody had loved her but now, her rank was so low down! She sat on her study chair and stared at her spring work and tossed it to the side and held her head in her hands. What did I ever do? She thought and looked at the digital clock on her dresser. It said 8:40. "Might as well sleep." she said to no one.

The parents were in their room sleeping.

The next morning, 

~  ~  ~

Wait a second!


Next morning is next morning!


Ugh, you can't tell the future Lily. We'll have to write tomorrow night.

Okay, 'night.

Sweet dreams.

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:50 pm
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Horisun wrote a review...

Nice chapter!
I said this in my review for the last chapter, but I read this one first, and was so confused. But now that I'm rereading it again, it makes perfect sense, and I think it's actually really good as it is!
Really, there were only a few grammar errors here and there that need to be vanquished. I really enjoyed this chapter, and now that I'm unconfused, I feel this could be a good ending, or the beginning of the end. I mean... What about Ashleys desire to be a human? How did her family react when she came back? And most importantly, what about the Fairy Queen? There are a few loose ends, so if you wanted to come back to this story... But that's totally up to you! I'm perfectly happy if this is the ending you've given us!
Keep writing!

Liberty says...

You think I'm ending this? No thank you, not happening, yet. Thanks for the compliments though.

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:38 am
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FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello, FlamingPhoenix here with a review for you on this chapter, on this lovely day.

Okay let's jump right into it.

Okay so I only saw one spelling mistake, and I'll point it out now.

As son as her wings got tired she retired to the ground and sprinted the rest of the way.

So the word in bold I'm sure you meant to say soon, in stead of son.

So other then that I couldn't see anything else wrong.

I'm so glad that the story hasn't come to an end yet, to tell you the truth I didn't want it to end yet. I also really happy that you took some of the tips from my last reviews and put it into this chapter. Like getting to know the family, I think you did a really great job.
I'm also happy I'm getting to see a new side to Luke and Lily. It's making the story very funny, and now they are writing a story about their everyday lives, well I think it's a grand Idea, and I can't wait to read more.

Never stop writing and have a great day/night. Oh and I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Your friend
FlamingPhoenix. :D
Reviewing with a fiery passion.

Liberty says...

Thanks so much! I'll fix the 'son' mistake soon. XD

Okay glad I could help. :D

Liberty says...


Liberty says...

Fixed it. ;)

Great! :D

Liberty says...


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Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:58 am
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Anma says...

Its very cool, i do suggest to try to put interesting stuff. I do see a few mistakes, its also kind of confusing. Keep up the work

Liberty says...

Well, it is probably confusing because you haven't read the first nine parts...

Anma says...

Lol, prob huh? :)

Liberty says...


Liberty says...


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130 Reviews

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:57 am
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Anma says...

Its very cool, i do suggest to try to put interesting stuff. I do see a few mistakes, its also kind of confusing. Keep up the work

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