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Fairy Diary | Day 15

by Liberty


Yeah, Luke?

I'm sorry.

You said that already Luke.

No, I'm really sorry. The Queen probably doesn't want to make me king at all, considering how rude I was to her the other night at the dinner. And then... me owning a pest, and using a forbidden spell to keep away the allergies. It's horrible. I really am sorry.

Why are you saying sorry to me?

Because you're the only one who knows.

Luke, you have to tell the Queen. 

I can't do that.

We're living in her castle right now, you have to!

She'll banish me from the queendom. 

Well, it's better than having the guilt stay inside you forever.

You hate me so much, don't you?

I do, and I'm fine with it, to be honest. It's your fault, and you have to figure it out yourself. Either spend the rest of your like with no wings, and in jail, or just be free in the outside world. And anyway, you're an adult, you have consequences for your crimes.

You hate me.

I do. And a lot. Are you going to tell the Queen?

At breakfast.

At breakfast it is.

~  ~  ~

Lily ran to the castle guest room, a sobbing mess. 

She recalled the events of that morning, and screamed into her pillow. Luke had told the Queen at breakfast. She had raged so much, that it was impossible to tell that the Queen really was the Queen they had known. The calm one, replaced with a full of anger one. 

Luke had told everyone. All the maids, servants, butlers were standing around the doors when he told Her Majesty. Their family was there too. 

Her Majesty had ordered the guards to come and take Luke away into the dungeons. Lily started protesting, and so did her siblings. Her mum and dad stood there in shock. Nothing felt right. 

Lily sat up in bed, hiccuping. A maid knocked on the door and asked her if she wanted anything. 

"I want Luke." she croaked out quietly.

She had regretted everything she wrote on the diary the other day. She should have just told Luke to stay put and quiet. Tears streamed down her face, and she hiccuped again. She screamed, and threw away the pillows, one by one. "Luke!" she yelled for her brother, but her voice just echoed off the walls into nothingness.

"They took away his magic!" she screamed again, into the walls. She'd scream ad scream, until her voice was carved into them. "They took away his wings! His magic! His family! His rights!" she cried. 

~  ~  ~

They threw him out of the kingdom. They threw my brother away. He's banished.


What are you doing here, Ashley?

Just coming to see if you were alright.

Why do you care?

You do know that I can hack into this diary, since I've been in it, right?


How are you?


Don't say that. How's Luke?

Gone. In the dungeons. He had a pest.

I heard.

I hate you. It's because of you. if you had just stayed in this dumb diary, nothing would have happened. If you had kept your mouth shut about you being fairy, none of this would have happened!

I'm sorry. You do realize I have a heart too, right? And a family.

And what about Luke!? What about my brother!?

Stop. I'll just leave if you hate me so much.


~  ~  ~

Nothing will be right anymore, Diary. Everything is messed up. My family has been kicked out of the castle. For some weird reason, I'm still the heir to the throne and... Luke. I miss him so much. I can't do anything about the past now, though. I have to destroy the past. I'm sorry but...

I'm burning this book.

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Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:18 am
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JesseWrites wrote a review...

Jesse here to review, so I am hopping in now.

The conversations in bold, but I don't think that is the best choice.

I have heard that this was written by a young person, so I can't discriminate. I am not ageist.

The point of view kind of wobbled around. I was confused about the other people that were referenced within.

How would it be possible to hack a book? That is also confusing.

The ending got me. I am late to this party, but this was a wild, bumpy, and riveting ride.


Liberty says...

Thanks for the review! This is the last chapter to a whole project so I understand that not much makes sense. :)

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Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:01 pm
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2Stareyes wrote a review...

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! LUKE!!
Oh my GOODNESS!!! That was amazing! I binged read this whole series today and if this is the end I cant handle it! I must know what happens to poor Luke!
Lily cant burn the book we need the book!
Instead of reviewing each chapter I am doing one big review.
It was lucky that Ashley got out of the book!
But sad her sister is a jerk!
I cant believe that Luke threw away his kingdom for a pet!
How would his poor family feel and one of the sisters (I cant remember her name) Does not even know!
Lily would feel like a failure after this and it is not her fault!
Wishing you wings

Liberty says...

Aw, thanks. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Since this entire thing was basically revolving around Luke and Lily writing in this book, I'm afraid Lily has decided to burn the book. The book is no more, so the story is no more. :P

2Stareyes says...

2 things:
2. How do you hack a diary?

Liberty says...

1. I'll give it a shot I guess. xD
2. Magic makes everything possible. ;)

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