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Storyteller's Syndrome - Book 0 (Invocation to Kelev)

by Kelisot

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

This is not the beginning of a rabbit hole, but the end of the rabbit hole. This can either be the start or the end. Or perhaps it's both in the same time, but is that even possible?

Let me put it simple. There were two children, and they were humans reincarnated into children of a demon-like family. But then a god, who we call him as DESD, had given a dream and lied that their fates were predestined.

It's simply something childish. We know that clairvoyance and divination are just fictional, wild guesses that our mind affects the results of. The greater the trust, the psyche starts to shape the world outside it wanted to escape into.

So what if this "psyche" also grants and causes destruction? Chaos? Damnation? And who is there to stop this reckless, unstoppable force of demolition?

I truly thank all who have supported me on the journey to express and tell the tales and stories beyond this Earth, both above and below. As we have said, all these stories are tales, therefore, not real.

All characters, events, organizations, behaviors, and everything this long tale will tell are all used fictionally, therefore, similar names and related events here in the Forbidden World are pure coincidences. All characters are owned by my pseudonym Kelisot.

Some knowledge is beyond human understanding and does not make sense. Human logic within this tale is a plain excuse for denying the Truth. Only believe what your psyche tells you is the truth, shun the lies, and proceed on reading the words. Lies and fraud sometimes create the world... but there always is the truth maintaining this Earth.

It is that in some worlds, human knowledge is utterly useless. So does godly knowledge, as godly knowledge merely is a "pass" to understand how to create justice in an unfair situation and nonetheless.



According to the recorded history of Shin-Urth and Earth, the Dog-Headed God was a mysterious entity that was proven true after several historians and scientists properly proved his existence. According to the enigmatic being, he simply existed during the beginning of time. It was a very confusing concept to grasp, but people tend to understand it. Despite his existence being fully created and manifested from the consciousness of his existence from humans, the Dog-Headed God was there. An omniscient being of aseity.

With his gigantic head appearing in the head, the doors of the Forbidden World also existed-- which any human entering would perish, as the novel demiurge claimed. When the humans ignored and did not heed the Existance's command, the doors sealed shut-- and were destined to never again for a long time.

Kelev was just there, he was like a god. No, his rank was higher than a god-- he was one of the Existence. Kelev gave knowledge to the humans when he descended and appeared, asking them to call him the Dog-Headed Existence. Kelev claimed to be the link between the Forbidden World and the True World, the world we live in.

But then, of course, the Forbidden World was the same as the True World, the same Earth, Shin-Urth, with its other Kelev. All of these concepts were hard to grasp, as Kelev had told a special few of other confusing concepts.

For example, he had once told the existence of Harbingers, Paradigms, and Numens-- god-like beings that live with humans. They were said to represent a fabric of reality and only existed from human consciousness. Therefore, as Kelev explained to me and the others when either of the god-like beings was forgotten, their existence would be wiped out, and even Kelev himself would be forgotten. Humans and immortals alike would have no memory of them ever existing.

With this, Kelev told if the humans or Kelev himself made such god-like beings, creating them, they would be born, living as how Kelev systemized them. This was how one of the greatest Paradigms, Yuko and Feroka, also known as the Rulers of the Pariahs, was born, from the human consciousness and the belief of their existence.

"Thoughts and words are powerful," Kutya-Kyon has also taught the humans, "but words that escape through your lips cause the impact to be stronger. Whenever you bless someone, it usually takes time for it to come true, but many of us often undo it or cancel it. There is also the time when the receiver doesn't have enough fat, the trust within the giver.

"This is the same for curses. When the barbed words escape through one's lips, they could come true. But usually, they are undone or the receiver gains resistance to these kinds of courses. Our tongues, especially ours-- are the most dangerous. Any pernicious word that escapes from our mouths would take quickly in effect, from a plentiful harvest to a destructive calamity of the Universe and ourselves. And kins, I do not dare testing is in effect."

Those were the words inscribed upon stone and paper during Kutya-Kyon's second year of reign. At that time, all humans, from Earth and Shin-Urth invested their faith and hope into the dog-headed god. His knowledge was tenfold compared to the wisest sage-- and never will anyone understand such knowledge as the dog-headed god would. Praise our Great Lord!

But we must also remember the wicked deeds that Kutya-Kyon had committed.


Such mantras and dances that were sung with other Paradigms, who created the patterns of this nasty, wicked Earth were not weird to the youngster Felikz and Kris.

In fact, what the two just sang were his father's poems. The two were too naïve and young to understand the lyrics, but they enjoyed singing its beautiful melody. Each note represented such importance and joy to the children.

However, on the other hand, the children's other father (or as they would call him "Papa!" with a cheerful glee), the self-entitled King, disagreed with teaching the children songs with such disturbing meaning to it.

"Muse!" the King scolded the Singer of the Poems, "it is not right to teach the children such sacrilegious and profane songs, for it would defile their damned soul to a greater punishment. A generation of violent, wicked creatures surely will bring great destruction upon this broken, doomed Universe!"

"My King, what wrong have I done in your sight?" the Singer of Poems objected, "us, all of us as a family, are Paradigms. We are creatures equal to the biped beasts who dwell and thrash against the beautiful Maiden Urth. Our visual and auditory abilities aren't like in the past. I am merely a doll that has centipedes dwelling the insides, and you are a doll who desires to taste despite having no mouth to devour."

"Fool! You are nothing but a wicked centipede who manipulates yet knows nothing about themself!"

"You are also a shell that has a morality more crooked than the back of an elderly mortal."

As Kris and Felikz saw with awe their parents arguing back and forth and insulting each other, they giggled softly.

"Teehee!" Felikz under their own breath, "do you see our Fathers, who had loved each other in the past, bickering like two mortals, brother?"

"Indeed," Kris grinned a superior smirk, "the discord! Brother, do you not find such great joy in the arguments between two parents?"

"Yes..." Felikz hesitated to speak for a moment, "brother, do you ever wonder who or what we truly were before we had received our Numen?"

"Have you ever questioned about this?"

"Does it matter?" Kris questioned, "we aren't even Paradigms unlike what our new 'parents' think of us as. Were young forever, wandering to find the true purpose of ourselves. We were born as wanderers—"

"—and we are still wanderers," Felikz finished the line, receiving a chuckle from Kris, whose emerald eyes were shimmering with joy.

While the two were talking, the King and the Singer of the Poems stopped arguing. It was until for a long time the two realized it was very silent with no one yelling or arguing.

"Alright you two," the King tucked the two 'innocent' children to their own beds, "sleep well, I shall take care of your father and sleep."

And of course, the two knew both of their fathers were not going to sleep that fast. Sometimes, they would hear noises of a wall banging, grunting noises, or even a wail, similar to a high-pitched wail.

The two gave privacy, of course. Falling into ignorance was sometimes funny for the children, who would laugh behind their own parents. Of course, it was a very bad character of the two.

That night, Kris dreamed. He found himself on a field of grass in his dream, and seeing the green sky above, was a gigantic, white symbol that looked very familiar.

"Numeno!" he declared.

Felikz, also dreamed of a similar vision of a lavender sky with a different symbol.

The two tykes saw each other, as the dream united, as the two skies united, becoming a white, shining and blinding sky.

"The Wind is destined to godhood," a voice echoed boomingly across the white field, "the Lavender is destined to damnation."

And that was how all this war started. A battle between two brothers, after a god had lied about their fates. Praise the Dog-Headed God who had started the war between all knowledge's and existences.

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Tue Sep 06, 2022 5:48 pm
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Horisun wrote a review...

Hello! I hope you are having a good day or night!
Right off the bat, I loved the tone of this piece. As the prior reviewer stated, there's something so surreal and whimsical about it. Maybe it's the rabbit hole reference at the start, but it definitely gave me Alice and the Wonderland vibes, where it's all fun and endearing adventures, but under the surface, there's a dark beating heart.
The mythos you are building is also incredibly fascinating. There's a lot of lore to unpack here, and I can tell you got your inspiration from many different sources, which all works together to create a wonderfully unique pantheon. (Unless you drew from mythology I don't recognize? It's incredibly cool in either case)
I did find the opening to be a little stuffy. It felt almost like an opening to a videogame, you know? It was very well written, but it didn't seem like something you'd see in a published work. Of course, this all depends on what precisely you're going for.
This is a minor nitpick, but I'd recommend avoiding ALL CAPS and Bold words as they are generally found in newer writers work. Don't get me wrong, they have their place! All caps just imply SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER, thus, you'll want to use them sparingly, and words in bold appear infrequently, if at all, in published works. I'd suggest using simple italics instead.
All in all though, I really enjoyed this! The world you are building is fascinating, and I'm insanely curious to see where you take this! I'm a sucker for godhood, and pitting brother against brother, so I'm confident this will be great!
My favorite part though is the characters. They have so much potential, and I like the brothers a whole darn lot already! So, keep on writing, and have a great day! :D

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Sun Jul 24, 2022 1:28 pm
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MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi Kelisot,

Mailice here with a short review! :D

I didn't immediately know what I was getting into when I read the title, but I was very taken with the story you are trying to tell here until the end.

We have an interesting state of creation that is in many moments, extreme but also very imaginative and sci-fi. I definitely liked it a lot because it was realistic and interesting in a way, like the creation stories from various religion, but also unreal, where the touch of legends and myths were inserted. I felt at home right away. You wrote it with a directness and curiosity that made it impossible to stop reading.

Most of all, because we got a lot of information at once here, I liked that you structured it with many sections, making it easier for the reader to take some breaks to process some things or just try to imagine.

I also like how you started the text by introducing a little bit what it is about. It seemed like a very professional prologue that would introduce you to the story. Definitely a big plus.

Also, what I like about your storytelling style is that it keeps the reader's attention in an exciting way after a lot has already been hinted at in the prologue, which really gives you a great curiosity.

Lastly, I would like to note that Felikz and Kris are already well liked. Although we only meet them very briefly in the last half, you already develop a certain sympathy for them, and you still have a little bit of an ulterior motive about what's to come.

In summary, an interesting and good start to an epic story.

Have fun writing!


Kelisot says...

Oh my God thankk you for a review!!!
I was worried this piece was gonna be in the green room a long time, guess not lmao

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Thu Jul 21, 2022 5:26 pm
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newchapterwritingservices says...

Very nice!

Kelisot says...

Thank you! : )

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