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Love is Seen

by Katem_277

The world is blind to many things.

A child’s anxiety for an upcoming event may pass by unnoticed or a man’s fleeting hope for the future might not even welcome a second glance. That’s because our world never stops turning. It’s busy and bustling and overflowing at the brink with determination. Life is a never-ending scramble to reach the top – to claim a supposed ‘destiny’.

In short, the world is chaos. A disorganised mess of the blind leading the blind. As a result, daily obstacles are often lost in its vast library of issues. Even in worlds beyond our own - the problems remain the same. Everyone obsesses over the future and what they will achieve and everything they will have. It's simply the way life has been programmed: to want.

Capella stood amongst the stars – waiting. She could feel her impatience rising. She began running her military boots along the chalky ground, carving her initials in the earth. She wasn’t used to waiting, though, she knew that what she was waiting for was worth it.

Capella was a spirited soul. She believed what she believed and nothing in existence could change her strange, stubborn mind. She was feared by most. In a few places the very mention of her name could cause someone to go insane - though she liked to pretend that this horror was merely melodramatic respect.

Capella had grown up the youngest in a household full of geniuses and philosophers. As a result, she spent her life being outshone by her ten prodigy sisters and overlooked by her parents. No matter what she did, in comparison to her siblings' accomplishments, Capella had done nothing. She knew the family name would go down in history for peace prizes and inventions not bloodshed – no matter the valour. She also knew that soon her prized medals would be worth less than dust, so she had brainwashed herself into thinking that her loyal soldiers would remember her fondly and tell her tale when she was gone, because then she would have left something behind.

Just then, Capella heard the pitter-patter of dainty feet racing toward her. She turned to meet the gaze of two ocean blue eyes. Libra.

Libra was a monarch - as beautifully virtuous as she was fair and just. She had been forced to rule at fourteen after the untimely passing of her parents. The kingdom was less than faithful at the beginning of her rein. The genral public thought it was ludicrous to expect a grieving child to perform queenly duties. However, over the next few years she had brought nothing but joy to her subjects after making the delicate decision to remodel the entire kingdom to benefit every citizen.

To Libra, everything and everyone was angelic. She believed in peace and equality and worshipped the ground her people walked on. She wanted nothing more than to take on a role in the society she had created; to get to know the people behind the faces because she just knew in her heart that they were worth every vigorous second she spent working towards building them a perfect world. To her there weren’t enough parks and houses in the universe to match the cost of her priceless people. She would do anything for them, and that’s why Capella fell in love with her. She was gorgeously good-willed, gallant and was the one person she could truly say had a heart of gold.

Libra was the only person in all of the universe who loved Capella in spite of her past and the one person in all of the universe who could make Capella want to rewrite it.

The pair stood together on the planets crumbing off-white surface – the dark abyss holding them in a loving embrace. For a moment they didn’t move; they just stood, motionless gazing at each other in peaceful silence.

They knew that meeting here was the only way they could be themselves without gambling with death. As much as they hated to admit it, they both knew if anyone found out about their love, Libra’s precious kingdom would turn on them. No matter what they did, no matter how much they served and loved the people – the people would never truly love them. They were completely and utterly alone. But that was all right. They loved being alone together.

Libra smiled. They both smiled.

Libra bowed. They both bowed.

Libra extended her hand to Capella – and she took it.

Our world is an endless race to get to the top where nobody has time to hesitate, but some things are just so jaw-droppingly gorgeous that you forget what you're fighting for. The adrenaline dies and for once the game comes to a halt. One of these rare phenomena looks like elegant lights dancing across the night sky. People from all over the world gather just to gaze upon the natural wonder. Interchanging purples and greens harmonize in perfect synchronisation and glisten across the snow.

Everyone has a plan – some fantasy. Some place they have convinced themselves they need to be. Capella and Libra had spent their whole lives chasing after this fabled place they were fated to reach. Both thought they knew exactly what that place was. Libra wanted to every last one of her citizens to have the opportunity to live out their most beautiful fantasies, while Capella just wanted her story to be remembered after she was gone – a legacy.

Both had spent every moment of every day trying to accomplish what they had set out to do. They knew time wasn’t limitless. They felt as though they couldn’t hesitate for even a moment. Yet as the pair stood entangled in each other's arms – the world stopped turning. They could forget about destiny and whatever lay ahead because in that moment their beloved dreams seemed irrelevant. All they wanted was to dance together. And the world watches: fluid, intertwining, gorgeous.

Snowflakes fell from the sky like forgotten tears, the frigid drops landing amongst the viewers’ hair. They were red-nosed and frost-bitten yet they could not escape the overwhelming feeling of calm, security and safety that draped over them like a warm blanket.

The world was blind to everything that fell behind the pair. Not a single onlooker knew of the trials they faced or their endless battle or their unwavering hope that love would prevail. They knew nothing except that what they were witnessing was beautiful. In ways they could never explain.

The world is blind to many things – but love is not one of them.

Despite all of the chaos the world brings: Love is seen.

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Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:18 pm
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MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi Katem_277,

Mailice here with a short review! :D

I can agree with you right from the first paragraphs, how you start the story. You find good examples and start by making the reader aware of something unexpected or paradoxical. As the short story progresses, I think you often master these descriptions, which are always like short exclamations as the plot progresses, to make the reader aware of how our world is, and how it might be made a little better.

You give the two characters Libra and Capella their own introduction, where we learn a little about both of them, which I find very good. I also like how you present them both and how they get to know each other.

But I also think that in some areas you focus too much on the descriptions than now in the plot and the relationship between Capella and Libra. Just at the beginning, the short story feels more like a kind of essay or the introduction to an article. This affects the story in such a way that you see less of the two characters. It could have been developed a bit more between Capella and Libra in my opinion.

Still, it's a wonderful love story with very deep, cryptic interjections that call you to think about what's not going right in the world. You can clearly see what you're getting at in the story.


Katem_277 says...

Thank you so much for the feedback! :)

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Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:17 am
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illy7896 wrote a review...

This sent chills down my spine, because I cannot tell you how much I agree with you, and you've also put this in a very beautiful story about two people who share their love for each other. Not only does it show how the world stops turning for love, but it shows also how people are constantly trying to get somewhere, but there are those few moments where you can take a breather and just watch. Each person is born with their own goals, dreams and ideas and each thinks that they know what they want, but how are we to know where we will be? The only reason that we want to keep on climbing and being better, smarter etc is because we're told to do that. We can only assume what it's like when we get up there, but who knows the truth? We can only see the things that society tells us to see. This was just such a neat way to express the flaws and beauties of humanity, the Earth and life itself.

Life is a never-ending scramble to reach the top – to claim a supposed ‘destiny’.

In this line, you have perfectly represented the futile struggle that every man has trying to get to the top. And you have synchronised all of these ideas with a very soothing and comforting ending, that the world is not blind to love, and that's so insightful!

I do have a suggestion- in the end, perhaps there's a revelation that they were at the top. Maybe they realise that right now, they couldn't get any higher than they were now and that that was their paradise, maybe even destiny. To be with each other. Could this maybe add a humbling ending, alongside the fact that love is always seen, I think that this would illustrate to the reader to even more context how much they loved to be together and the importance of love over destiny, fate, war etc:

Everyone has a plan – some fantasy.

This line indicates how, as it says, we all have a reason and a plan, but maybe you could add just a little side note here saying the true meaning of destiny and of life itself.

Fantastic work and I enjoyed reading this.

Katem_277 says...

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. This is the first piece of writing I've ever shared and really appreciate the advice. :)

illy7896 says...

No problem, looking forward to reading your future works

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