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12+ Violence

Calibrate: Chapters 1-5

by JohnDavid

“Chapter 1

“RING! RING!” My alarm clock blared. It woke me up almost instantly but the getting up part was pretty difficult, "I hate mornings,” I thought to myself. My alarm clock continued to ring until I finally worked all the energy inside me to punch the top.

Right as it turned off my mother walked in. “I didn’t think you’d actually turn it off this morning,” my mother remarked. “Get up. We got a big morning.”

“I hate mornings,” I said to her aloud. She smiled as she walked out the room. “Pack quick. I want to leave by 8:00.” I could hear her say through the door.

We had a flight to Seattle at 10:00. We were going to visit my sister, Mika, who went to college there. I was pretty excited but I still hadn’t packed. I'm remarkably good at packing last minute though. I’m remarkably good at doing anything last minute.

I rolled out of bed and trudged to my closet. There was a big red suitcase sitting in the corner of the closet. I pulled it out along with enough clothes for the week long trip. I threw everything in as organized as one could if they were packing 30 minutes before they had to leave. All my electronics were in along with their chargers. I was pretty much set. I walked out the door of my room dragging my suitcase behind. I sluggishly made my way down the stairs to the bathroom. It took me all of 7 minutes to get ready.

My mom had breakfast prepared. A plate of bacon was sitting on the stove and a few biscuits were just to the right. I gulped the entire meal down in about a minute. “Once you’ve cleaned up, bring your bag to the car. I’ll be waiting,” Mother said as she left the kitchen. “Okay,” I replied.

It took me no time to clean up. After everything was settled in the kitchen I made my way out the house to the garage where mother was waiting for me. “Ready?” she asked. “Yep. Lets go see Mika.” I threw my bag in the trunk and hopped in the car. Mother was in seconds later.

She started the engine as fast as I could lean my seat back to take a nap on the way there. “Your not one to turn down a nap are you?” she asked while pulling out the drive way. “When am I not,” I replied. She giggled. “Good point.”

She was right. I loved my sleep. I spent most of the time in the car asleep. The other few minutes I was awake was spent talking to my mom. Ever since her and dad got divorced I've felt super clingy. I don’t ever want her to leave me.

About 45 minutes later we were at the airport. Ready to leave. “I can’t wait to see Mika,” I said as we left the car. My mom smiled and looked at me. Something about her smile comforted me. She always made me feel better.

Before long, my mom and I were going through security looking forward for our 3 hour flight to see Mika.

Chapter 2

The airport was really big and navigating out way to the gate was pretty hard but we got there in time. “I like airports,” mother said as we arrived to our gate. “How so?” I asked. Her and I were about the same height. We are both pretty tall so eyes were level when she told me why she like airports. “They’re like a maze and I like mazes. It’s like a really big puzzle and you have a certain amount of time to complete it.” She took a seat right by a vending machine full of diabetes. “I guess so. I haven’t flown enough to realize that.” I plopped down in the seat beside her.

I leaned my head on the wall behind me so I could relax after all that navigating. I felt a vibration in my pocket. “Ugh, let me catch a break,” I said to myself. I pulled out my phone. “What time do you think you and mom will get here?” the screen read. “Mika texted me mom. She wants to know what time we’ll get there.” Mom turned around to see my phone. “Tell her we are waiting at our gate right now. We’ll take off shortly.” Thats exactly what I texted her.

A short, plump woman walked past us in a hurry. She seemed to be in a panic. She was running all over the place before long. It looked like she wanted to do something but she couldn’t. Shortly after the woman started to pace around the gate an announcement came over the intercom. “All flights leaving after 11:00 have been cancelled. If you were scheduled to leave on one of these flights please return home or to the airports hotel.” I looked at mom with a look of curiosity. “There must be a storm coming in that we didn’t here about. I don’t know why they want everyone to go home. Pretty weird.” I sighed. “We are pretty lucky I guess. Must be a big storm if cancelled all the flights after 11:00,” I said. She nodded. “Maybe that’s why that woman was panicking,” I finished. “You never know,” she replied.

About 10 minutes later everyone in gate number 25 was boarding their plane. Mother and I were the first in the large group of attendants. I was the first on the plane. I was excited because I could get the window seat of the row of seats I was on. “Looks like we aren’t sitting together,” Mother said while looking down at her ticket. “It’s a chance to make some new friends,” I said sarcastically. I rushed towards the middle of the plane to get the window seat. Seconds later I collapsed into the row I was assigned to. I looked out the tiny window to see a few men running around like crazy underneath one of the planes. “Idiots,” I muttered to myself.

“Who’s an idiot?” I turned around to see a young woman with long blonde hair and a smile spreading from ear to ear. “I’m just playing,” she said jokingly. “Oh,” I said. “There were some men running around like idiots underneath one of the planes.” The woman was cramming her carry on into the compartment above. “I bet they are worried about the flights leaving after 11:00.” She sat down with a thud. “I wore out. Tired of traveling.” I looked from the window to her. “You must like your sleep then.” She smiled once again. “You have no idea.” We both laughed a little bit knowing that there was nothing funny about what she said. “I hate small talk,” she said breaking the ice. “I’m Bridget. What’s your name.” Her hand reached across the arm rest to mine. “Derek,” I said.

She suddenly went pale. She started rubbing her eyes as if she was expecting a tear. “Did I say something?” She brought her hands down from her eyes. “No no no. Your just fine Derek. It’s just that my sons name was Derek.” I suddenly went pale as well. “Was?” I remarked. She took a deep breath. “He died when he was about a year and a half. My husband and I knew it was coming. He had all sorts of health issues. I had to check to see if he was even alive every morning. It was horrible. But one morning when I went to check to see if he was okay…he wasn’t.” A part of me died inside. “That’s to bad. I’m sorry. At least he didn’t know what was going on. At least he was young.” A faint smile broke out from the teary eyed Bridget. “Your right,” she said. “Your pretty optimistic you know.” A smile broke out from my pale face as well.

Moments later the plane started moving. Before long we were’t just moving, we were flying. “I love flying. It reminds me of roller coasters,” I said trying to change the topic. Bridget’s paleness wiped off her face. “I love roller coasters,” she sniffled. “They are so fun.” A flight attendant rushed by shortly after our conversation. He looked just as worried as the one woman back in the airport.

We must have reached our cruising altitude by now. My ears felt as if they were going to fall off. “Want some gum?’ Bridget offered while digging in her purse. “You look like the type that would get ear infections easy.” She joked. “Yes please.” I said back. She handed my a stick of chewing gum. I unwrapped it and plopped in my mouth.

Bridget and I chatted a bit. I learned she had a two other kids. A boy and a girl. She lived in down town Seattle and her parents passed away in a car accident. Safe to say that a few more tears were shed. I told her that we were going to visit my sister and my mom was just across from her. Which led to her and my mom talking for a while. Sooner than later I was knocked out. I love sleep so much.

Chapter 3

“Derek! Get up! Now!” Someone yelled. I felt someone pushing my shoulder. I didn’t bother getting up. “Derek! Hurry! This is serious!” They kept pushing. “What?!” I yelled to the person pushing my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a blurred image of my mom. “We had to make an emergency landing. Up!” She pulled me forward without giving me a chance to get up. Dozens of dazed, confused looking people were scurrying around the plane. People were making there way to the exits. She kept pulling me. All the way to the back exit. It was near as crowded. “What is happening!” I yelled over the noise of the passengers screaming. “No one knows! We just need to leave.” We eventually made our way to the back exit. There were about 6 people standing there. The doors were open and people were jumping out. “We have to jump,” she said. I nodded. The 6 people ahead of us formed a line. One by one they jumped. Soon, it was my turn. I looked down. It was about a 20 foot drop to a small blue pad. A lump formed in my stomach. “Go!” I heard someone yell behind me. I started counting, “One, two, three!” I leaped out into the air. No turning back now. I was falling. Falling. Falling.

“THUD!” I hit the pad butt first. I moaned and was breathing heavily. The people that already jumped were telling me to get off. I stood up and got my balance. One foot in front of the other. I was off. I was with the other 6 people. I scanned the group and noticed Bridget was standing towards the back. “Bridget,” I yelled to her. “Whats going on?” She turned towards me and opened her mouth. “We couldn’t land in Seattle for some reason. I overheard someone talking about the monsters there. I think whoever said that must have been crazy.” Monsters, what monsters. She’s right. Whoever said that must have been crazy. I turned back around to see my mother land on the pad. “UMPH!” she landed with her feet sideways.

“Crap!” I heard her scream. I ran back to the pad. “Mom! You okay?” She tried to stand but she couldn’t. “I think I broke my foot or ankle or something.” I helped her stand up and she gained her balance on my shoulder. We stumbled over to the others.

“We need to get you to a hospital,” I said. Right as I said that a man who looked to be a pilot walked over from the other groups that had jumped down. “I’m afraid there aren’t any hospitals.” I rolled my eyes and turned to him. “Of course there are. Are you crazy?” He laughed for a moment, “All the hospitals are going to be over run.” I rolled my eyes yet again. “What are you talking about.” Bridget walked over to me and my mom. “Haven’t you heard. There is sort of an apocalypse happening at the moment. Everyone who dies comes back to life. They come back as zombies.” I laughed on the inside. “Guess I was right. You must be crazy.” He smiled. “The nearest hospital is that way,” he said pointing towards the direction of the rest of the town. “Go see for yourself. Your clueless.” He started to walk back to the group he was with earlier. “How are we going to get there?” I asked him. “Walk. The world has gone to hell and when the world goes to hell you don’t have cars or planes or anything like that. Besides once you leave with your crippled mother, you won’t be my burden anymore.” I was pissed. “Why would we even be under your rotten wing?” He pulled a rather odd smirk. “Because I’m better than you.”

I stormed off back to my mother and Bridget. “Lets get you to that hospital. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Bridget looked at me for a moment before speaking. “Look. The airport is lifeless.” She was right. The airport we were at looked abandoned. I couldn’t see a soul through any of the windows. Not a single car was parked in the parking garage on the other side of the airport. “Maybe everyone in the airport knew that pilot idiot was coming and they all left,” I said sarcastically. “Lets go to the hospital.” Mother looked at the rest of the group then back at the Pilot’s group. “I’m going with you,” Bridget said. “I don’t wanna be near that wacko.” I smiled. At least it wouldn’t be me and my mother. A small family that included a red headed mother, a fat father, and a gorgeous teenage daughter walked up from behind Bridget. The daughter was pretty much eye candy. The father spoke up, “We are going with you as well. The blonde is right. I don’t want my family to be near him either.” I smiled once again. “At least you know that he’s crazy too.” The family of three laughed. I looked at the other two people behind the family. Two men. I could tell the wanted to go with us as well but they didn’t say. “Y’all can come to if you want,” my mother said. She stole the words right out of my mouth. The other two men smiled as they stepped up to the rest.

Once all 8 of us were ready to go, we went. A few of us had brought our carry ons while the others just went with what they had on. We left the airport and on to the road leading us through the town. I can’t tell you how glad I was to leave the idiot pilot and his group. “If the zombie thing was real,” I thought to myself. “I hope they get eaten.”

As we got on the main road in to town I noticed something peculiar. We didn’t see but a few cars traveling down the road. “I wonder why there isn’t any traffic,” said the girl from the family of three. “I guess all these rumors of zombies must of scared them all,” I answered. “I’m Chloe. Whats you name?” she asked me. “Derek. My name is Derek.” She smiled. “My mother is Victoria. She’s the red head. And my dad is Asher. He’s the one that needs to lose a few,” she said while looking over at her parents. I smiled back. My mother who was stumbling along side Bridget hobbled her way over to me. “Mind if I borrow your shoulder?” she asked me. “Not at all.” She then put her arm around me to hang on to. “Have you met the other two men over beside Bridget?” she said. I looked over to Bridget and saw the two men that mother allowed to join our little group. The first was a short scrawny man with black hair and beside him was a blonde headed man who towered over us all. “No. I haven’t met them.” She looked back over at them and then to me. “There pretty cool. You’d like them.”

We walked for at least another 30 minutes until we saw another car. We were officially in the down town area now yet we still weren’t sure where we were. We didn’t even know what state we were in. “Is anyone else getting tired?” Asher asked. “I have to admit,” my mother began, “I’m pretty wore out. Lets rest.” Asher immediately fell down on the side walk we were walking on to get some rest. Everyone else sat down on the curb outside a department store. Every now and then a car would pass but no one was in the store. “It’s like a ghost town,” the short man said. “I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself to you all. I’m Kenneth Crosby,” the short man said. “This is my brother, or stepbrother, Terence Radley.” We all then started exchanging names. It seemed as if my mom and Victoria were exchanging recipes. They spent a good 10 minutes of non-stop talking. I walked back over to Chloe who was at the very end of the row. She seemed pretty lonely. “You looked worried,” I said as I sat down beside her. “Why wouldn’t I be. Kenneth was right. It’s a ghost town. What if that pilot was right. It might sound crazy, but I’m starting to believe him.” I sighed. “To be honest, I’m a bit worried as well. We don’t even know where we are going. We don’t know where we are let alone the state. The town seems to be abandoned and we might be as far from Seattle as we think.” She looked down the road as if she were hoping for a burst of traffic. “You seem hopeful,” she murmured sarcastically. I laughed a bit. “Why were you and your parents going to Seattle?” She looked over at her mom and dad who were now completely engaged in conversation with my mother. “We live there. We were on vacation in Florida and had to stop in Kansas. Why were you going to Seattle?” I immediately thought of Mika. She doesn’t we can’t get to here. She doesn’t even know where we are. “Um, me and my mother were going to visit my sister who goes to college in Seattle. She doesn’t know we can’t get to her.” Right as I finished my conversation with Chloe I noticed something coming down the street. “Whats that?” I heard Victoria ask. I looked a bit more carefully this time and noticed about a dozen or so people shaped silhouettes. “Maybe there hitchhikers like us,” Terence suggested. “I guess we could wait for them here. I’m still pretty tired,” he finished. Everyone nodded in agreement. Everyone continued there conversation except me.

I kept staring at those silhouettes which formed into detailed figures. I could tell that they were all wearing dirty, torn up clothes. A few of the had some pretty big red marks on their skin; and their skin didn’t look like normal skill. It had an old color. It was pale yet somewhat green. I’ve never seen anything like it. Moments passed and they got closer and closer. Everyone was engaged in their conversation just like before. The people were now about half a block away. I also noticed something else. A woman was coming out of the store in which the other group of people were walking by. She walked right into the group of people who were coming this way. The group all changed direction and were now all walking towards the woman. “AHHHH!” the woman screamed. The people seemed to be attacking her. The woman fell to the ground along with the other group. She was still screaming. Then I saw something that was particularly disgusting. Blood was squirting everywhere. Zombies were eating here alive.

Chapter 4

The woman’s flesh slowly became covered with gore and blood. Her screams echoed through the ghost town. The monsters clamored onto her body gnawing at every last part of her. “Everyone…Run!” I yelled as the woman slowly died. “Oh my god! Go! Go! Go!” I heard Terence yell. Everyone suddenly came to their senses and noticed the woman being eaten alive. I started backing away from the area along with Chloe. Someone one grabbed my hand and pulled. “Lets go!” my mother screamed as she pulled me along. She hobbled as fast as she could behind Victoria who was also pulling her daughter behind. Bridget was in the front sprinting with Terence and Kenneth by her side. Soon, I broke away from my mom into a hard sprint. “Stick together everyone!” Asher yelled to everyone. All of us were sprinting now including mother who held onto my hand. I looked behind and saw the lifeless woman covered in her own guts.

We ran through the entire town forgetting about the mission to get mother to a hospital. As we ran I didn’t see any sign of life. The town truly was a ghost town. Our sprint eased to a jog that eased into a fast walk. “Do you think we will be okay?” Bridget asked as she collapsed onto the street. We stopped at the very edge of town. It was lined by a large forest. “I don’t know,” Kenneth replied. “It seems as if that stupid pilot is right. Whatever ate that poor woman, wasn’t human.” I turned back around towards the town. I didn’t see any more of the monsters. “I’m starting to believe the pilot. And if all this is true, what do we do?” Terence asked. “Well, there isn’t going to be a hospital any where so my mom will have to heal on her own. Unless any of you know how to treat a broken ankle or foot or whatever it is. I bet if we found some sort of store full of outdoor stuff then we could be set. Weapons, tents, food, and possibly some sort of treatment for my mom. We just need to find one.” Everyone looked around and seemed to agree to my suggestion silently. “Lets go find a Bass Pro Shops!” Bridget declared jokingly.

We all headed out into to town again to see if we could find a nice store that would support our needs. Although we were heading into town to find a helpful store, we were walking right back into the group of monsters. “Guys, have we thought about the fact that we are walking right back into the swarm of monsters?” I asked. “Thanks to multiple different video games, I believe that if we destroy the brain of these zombies, they’ll die…again,” Kenneth pointed out. “Yea, but what do we kill them with?” Chloe asked. Victoria immediately opened her mouth but closed as if she couldn’t talk. “Any ideas?” I asked while looking through the group. “I have a few pairs of scissors in my bag,” Bridget said as she opened up her bag and dug through to find the devices. She finally found a few pair of big, sharp scissors and tossed a pair to me, Terence, and kept one for herself.

We slowly but surely made our way into the town. Still no sign of life. It was dead silent. “This is creepy,” Chloe said. “Yep, it sure is,” Asher said in response. Step by step, the silence grew stronger. Suddenly, we started hearing moans. Moans, groans, howls, grunts. Noises that zombies would make. “Get your scissors ready,” Terence said while he fiddled with his pair. I got a good grip on mine and Bridget seemed set as well. We were in the middle of the street and faces began to appear on the glass windows of the stores. “There they are,” I mumbled. “Quite a few of them as well. I don’t think three scissors and a little bit of courage can do it,” Mom said with doubt. Victoria then quickly reached in her carry on to pull out a small pocket knife. “How’d you manage to sneak that on the plane,” Kenneth asked her. “You pick up a few things when you travel for a living.” She flipped out a large blade and stood in a stance that proved she was capable of taking a few of them down.

Slowly but surely the zombies made their way out of the abandoned store. A few of them were heading right my way. Their skin was peeling off and their clothes were torn and ragged. The first one was about three feet away now. I got my grip and jabbed the scissor blades into the dead ones eye. Blood quirted everywhere and the geeks eye was pretty much obliterated. Blood covered my face but I had to keep on going. The next two were directly next to each other. How was I going to do this. Two zombies, one weapon. Think, think, think. Thats it, push one away while a kill the first one then take on the other. They were both now just a few feet away. I end up kicking the one to my left in the gut, and it stutters giving me enough to to jam my scissors right into the zombie on the right’s eye. It crumbles to the ground right in front of me. My faces looks like I got the worlds worst sunburn but I don’t have enough time to think about that. The zombie on the left regains its balance and starts right back at me. This one is a bit shorter then the others so I jab the scissors right on the tip of its rotting skull, preventing a good amount of blood from splattering on my face. Thats it, no more zombies headed my way. I’m good.

I look behind me to see Bridget and Terence taking out the last of their small group of dead ones. We are all safe, all of us managed to live through the small herd. “Everyone OK,” I hear Asher say to the group. I nod a bit violently. I was so preoccupied by killing the dead ones that I didn’t have time to realize how surreal this all was. I just killed three creatures that seem as if they were alive. “Oh my god, that I was horrible,” I mutter to myself. No one else heard which might be a good thing.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and panic. It turns out to be my mom,“You OK, sweetie.”

“I think so. It was just kinda gross.”

“I shouldn’t have let you do that.”

“How come?”

“You were risking your life to save some people that you met only about an hour ago.”

“I’m alright mom, I’m alive. I think this is just the world that we’ll have to get used to now.”

“It won’t be like this forever, you know.”

“We don’t know that.”

“Lets hope we do know. Lets go and find a store.”

Chapter 5

After about an hour of trying to scout out a store thats suits our needs and killing some more dead ones we still haven’t found what we were looking for.

“It’s starting to get a bit dark,” Victoria points out.

“Maybe we should start looking for a big house along with the store,” Kenneth suggests.

“Whys that?” Chloe asks.

“Where else would we spend the night,” I say.

Chloe nods proving that she understands.

We spend the next half hour looking for a suitable house without having to kill any more zombies. Finally we found a house big enough for our group. It was a brick house that looked like something from a horror movie, which didn’t help with the face that we might be spending the night in that house. We stood in front of the house with smiles on our faces. “We can’t just go in without checking it first,” Kenneth says. “We need to make sure that there aren’t any in there. Not only that but the people that own that house could still be alive.” Asher looked around the group suspiciously as if he were making a life changing decision. He finally spoke, “I think just a few of us should go in a check it out instead of all of us. I was thinking a could keep guard at the door while Derek, Terence, and Bridget.”

“Maybe,” Mom says. “But I was thinking that all of us are going to have to kill the dead ones eventually, we might as well start early on. I’ll go in too.” Chloe stood on her tip-toes for just a second then fell back down. It seemed as if she wanted to go in. She then went over to Asher to whisper something to him. A look of displeasure crossed his wide face. A few silent minutes went by until I decided to speak up. “Mom, you stay out here. You haven’t healed yet. For goodness sake you just hurt your ankle today so I’ll go in instead of you.” She had the same look that Asher displayed on his face a minute ago. “If you insist. Just be careful.” I smiled a bit then walked over and gave her a big hug. “Love you mom.” A smile grew on her face as well. “Love you too.”

“Derek, come here a second,” I heard Asher say before I went in the house. Bridget and Terence stopped waiting for me. I walked over to Asher. “Sir?”

“Chloe wants to go in with you. She said you might could use some help.” He said this as if he were regretting a decision. “I’m going to allow her to go in because she could know how to kill one of those things. But is she gets hurt in that house…” His face was right up next to mine. “I will kill you.” He was sure to be real quiet so no one would notice the threat. “She’ll be fine, sir.” Asher rolled his eyes. “She better be or else.” Those words made me shiver and they travel down my spine like a snake. “What does she have to kill them with, sir.” He rolled his eyes again. “Why is that any of your concern. Never mind. Victoria is letting her use the pocket knife. Which is what I will use do kill you with if my daughter gets any where near hurt.”

Luckily, the house’s lights still worked and we didn’t need any flashlights, which we didn’t have. “OK, me and Terence decided that you two will get the left wing of the house and Terence will get the right. I’ll get the second floor.” I was breathing pretty heavy at these words. “Are you sure you can take that entire part of the house by yourself.” Terence stole the words right out of my mouth. She nodded a subtle a nod then darted up the large, wooden staircase, placed directly in the middle of the foyer. “Good luck guys,” Terence tells us. He then darted of to the right disappearing in the halls of the mysterious house. “Lets go,” I say, leading the way into the first hall way on the left.

The halls were gigantic and the halls leading of from this one seemed even longer. “Oh my god, this house is huge,” Chloe pointed out.

“Sure is.”

“Where do we start?”

“I guess we could stay to the left then make our way right.”

“Sounds great.”

I loud groan interrupts our conversation. I immediately know that its close. We turn to the first hall on the left which features a window at the end. Just outside the window was our group. But the only person I could see was Asher. “Can I kill it?” She asks me. I nod. The zombie comes from around the corner just where the window is. It looks like a woman. An elderly woman. “This feels weird,” she says. “The world turned to crap in just one flight from Kansas to wherever we are right now.” The zombie is getting a bit closer and Chloe isn’t paying it much attention. “Have you thought about how odd this is. These things used to be living people. People who dreamed and talked and started families and had jobs. It just feels weird to me.” The zombie is about 8 feet away now. “Chloe. Are you going to kill or what.” She breaks the gaze she had on me to a gaze on the senior zombie. “Oh my god. Short attention span issues.” She flips out the longest blade from the knife and tightens her grip. She walks right towards the thing and sinks her knife right into the temple. “Easier than I thought. Anyway, would do you think. About this all. It just happened so fast don’t you think.” She is an odd duck. But normal is boring. I kind of like it. “I think we are all still adjusting. Who wouldn’t. We are just a day into the apocalypse.” Another growl interrupts our conversation. But the one is different. This one is louder. And it echoed. At least I though it echoed. As we turned the corner in which the elderly dead one came from, a view of at least 10 zombies popped up.

“Don’t scream!” I whisper to Chloe violently whose mouth is already opened. “I don’t think they know we are hear.” They don’t seem to be coming our way be that is probably because we concealed ourselves with a large Armoire standing in the middle of the hall way. “What do we do?” she whispered. My mind blew up. “What are we going to do,” I thought. Not a single idea fluttered into my head yet but I’m sure there was something. Chloe interrupted my thinking. “How come there are so many. It’s just a house. Not a mall.” I sigh a deep sigh. “I don’t think we need to worry about that. We need to worry about the face that there are at least ten dead ones around the corner and the only thing that is protecting us from a gruesome death is this Armoire.” Chloe giggled. “I know what to do now. We need to go back and tell everyone outside that to get their best weapon. We come back and show ourselves to zombies. We lead them back outside so we all can finish them as a group.” It was quite the plan, but it was the safest one. “Lets go on back now,” she said.

We quietly make our way back through the labyrinth of halls and arrive at the foyer where the doors are wide open. “What happened, did someone get hurt?” Mom had always jumped to conclusions. “No, we are fine. We just need some help. There is a pretty big group of zombies in on of the halls. To many for just the two of us,” Chloe explains. “Y’all need to get your best weapon you have. I know that we don’t have much, but these guys headed are as soft as a peach. A sharp stick will work.” Chloe pointed over to the tree in the front yard. “Y’all have about a minute. We are going to lure them back this way so we can all take them out. Remember, It’s the head that counts. Everybody understand what we are doing.” There was a chorus of reassurance and we both darted back to inside. I did notice something while Chloe was talking though. Asher was staring me down the entire time. Did he think Chloe was scared, because it sure as hell didn’t seem like that to me when we were about half a dozen feet from a dozen or so, monsters that could potentially kill us.

By the time it took me to question Asher in my head, we were back at the hall of doom. “I’ll lead ‘em back Chloe and you stay behind me.” I volunteered mainly to look useful but in the back of my head, I wanted to look like I was capable of handling these things (for Asher of course). Maybe he won’t hate me as much if I show a bit of responsibility. “What are you waiting for Derek, go!” I process this moment for a bit then jump around the corner to see the group of dead ones. “Come on guys,” I say to them in a high pitched voice. “We got some fresh meat just around the corner.” They immediately head towards me. I start backing up. I keep a good amount of space in between me and the geeks. Eventually arrive in the foyer with a herd of zombies close behind. “Get ready!”

Biters spilled out the main door like beans in a can. I didn’t have time to look at what the others managed to use as weapons but whatever they used worked. Growls filled the air and two giant zombies that looked like twins were close. I had to jump to sink my scissors into their temples. Both, dead before they hit the ground. I looked around and saw Chloe taking a knife out of a shorter, fatter, zombie. Green, decaying bodies surrounded the front yard. Asher took his pointy stick out of the last of them all and it was over. I looked around to observe the makeshift weapons. Mother, managed to find a shovel from what looked like a shed to the left of the house. Victoria, had a small hatchet from the shed as well, and Kenneth managed to get a pair of hedge clippers. Asher was the only one to use something from outside the shed. “Wow,” Chloe broke the silence. “My plan actually worked.”

Everyone smiled as we went back into the house. We cleared the left wing of the house in no time after that, each of us taking on about five walkers each. Bridget handled the second floor exceptionally well and Terence did the same.

After everyone made their way into the living room we had a makeshift meeting. “Ok, the kitchen held what looked like enough food for a month and there are bedrooms, literally everywhere,” Terence said. “I can prepare a bit of a meal if y’all would like,” Victoria suggested. Everyone nodded. She got up and walked to the kitchen witch was just a room over. “In the morning we should go and try to find that store we’ve been looking for,” Bridget pointed out. Once again, everyone nodded. “I guess we should all settle in. Find what we can, maybe a few back packs, or something to carry stuff in. Then we could eat the meal.” Kenneth said.

We all got up and picked out our bedrooms for the night. I chose the room closest to the Kitchen. Just because there is an apocalypse happening at the moment doesn’t mean that you can’t snack at midnight. My room was quite small but was perfect for me. No windows and a bit quirky. Luckily, I had a large backpack left by the poor soul who owned this room. The bed was also a bit small but once again, it was perfect. One of the walls was completely covered in posters featuring various famous quotes and the wall opposite was covered in black and white photos.

“May I.” Mother was standing right at the doorway. “Sure.” She came over and sat by me on the bed.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“What about.”

“Well… I made a mistake. Letting you clean this place out. Asher and Victoria agreed with me. They shouldn’t have let Chloe come in.”

“Mom, I’m alive. It’s no big.”

“This time your alive. I don’t think any of us have realized yet that this is how we are going to have to live for a while. It’s hard to believe. I know. But this is just how it is. Next time, I’m not going to let you clean it out.”

“Ugh. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’m your mom. I should be willing to die for you. Not the other way around. If it wasn’t for Chloe and her idea… you could be dead.”

“I guess.”

“I know its hard. Its crazy how this all happened in a day and we are all adjusting, but better now than never. Come on, Victoria cooked some spaghetti.”

The meal was delicious and we all were stuffed. But I wish I knew then, that this was a luxury. Life won’t ever be the same.  

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36 Reviews

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Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:11 pm
LordofLit101 wrote a review...

Hi, LordofLit here,

Very good start, you've mad everything seem pretty down toned and casual at first, to lure the reader into a false sense of security. I like the fact that many are oblivious to the oncoming danger, just to worsen the effect of the false sense of security. Your descriptions are very detailed, and picturing the moment when the zombies eat the woman looks horrific in my head, good job!

There's just a few things I'd like to point out:

When a new person speaks, always go on to a new line.

When you are trying to say 'you are' you need to put it like this; 'you're' as you have missed out the 'a' and put two words together.

Also, be careful of the 'theres' as you have used the wrong one in the wrong place.

Also mind your 'tos' as you have used the wrong one in the wrong place where it should be 'too'.

Although very good start and I like how you've very gradually built up suspense. I must say that I reckon Derek's mum got bitten.

Anyway keep this up and I hope to see more chapters of this story!


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Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:41 pm
kayfortnight wrote a review...

Kay here to review your story! I haven't seen the Walking Dead, so I can't review your story on fanfic merits, but I can on general rules.

My alarm clock continued to ring until I finally worked up all the energy inside me to punch the top.

I said to her aloud.
Just a wee bit redundant. if he said it to her, it has to be aloud, doesn't it?

I'm remarkably good at packing last minute though. I’m remarkably good at doing anything last minute.
I like.

Hmm. Looking at this... if you want a line by line grammar review PM me after review day is over and I'll do another for you, but right now I'm going to ignore the grammar mistakes, okay? Except I may make generalized points for stuff I see a lot, like this one: new paragraph every time someone different speaks, okay?

Derek's mom is really cool. I like her as a character. Derek too, as a matter of fact

8 people. My guess is at least half of them will get eaten, if not everyone but Derek and his mom, or everyone but Derek. Well, nice knowing you guys.

It seemed as if my mom and Victoria were exchanging recipes. They spent a good 10 minutes of non-stop talking.
Parents do seem to do that, don't they?

[quote I looked a bit more carefully this time and noticed about a dozen or so people shaped silhouettes. “Maybe there hitchhikers like us,”[/quote] NO, YOU STUPID IDIOT, JUST NO! THEY'RE ZOMBIES, DUMBO! They're like the horror movie character who says, "Let's split up." Dummies.

Do di do di do.... they took way too long to notice the lady getting eaten alive.

“Thanks to multiple different video games, I believe that if we destroy the brain of these zombies, they’ll die…again,” Kenneth pointed out.
I love you, Kenneth. Absolutely love you. That is the most perfect statement ever said by anyone experiencing a zombie apocalypse. Especially since you don't know they follow these rules, you just hope they do. And the others just take it for granted.

the small herd.

“Chloe wants to go in with you. She said you might could use some help.” He said this as if he were regretting a decision. “I’m going to allow her to go in because she could know how to kill one of those things. But is she gets hurt in that house…” His face was right up next to mine. “I will kill you.”
Wait. What? WHAT? He's supposed to be a kid, right? Why is it his job to make sure Chloe is okay? Why is Chloe's dad letting her go in? They know how to kill the zombies! This plot point makes no sense at all.

“Oh my god. Short attention span issues.”
I guess so. Damn, why isn't this girl dead yet? She's the kind of person who'd stop walking in the middle of a crosswalk.

If it wasn’t for Chloe and her idea… you could be dead.”
Um, it was Derek's idea. Chloe just announced it. Derek was the one keeping her alive, not the other way around.

Bleargh. Chloe and family are very dislikable. Ugh.

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Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:27 pm
ClackFlip wrote a review...

Let's get the minecraft joke out of the way, seeing as I don't much like that game anyhow.

a view of at least 10 zombies popped up.

Anwho: hi JohnDavid! Time to do the reviewing.
but the getting up part was pretty-I hate mornings,”

This is a shattered-mirror sentence. I can still see what you meant, but some of the pieces are missing and it's distracting.
Try this:
but the getting up part was pretty difficult. I hate mornings, I thought, sighing.

See how much better that flows? There are numerous grammatical mistakes throughout this piece that are so glaring even I can see them but I'm not going to harp too much on those until I've got all my chickens in a row. The chickens being what the heck I'm doing with my reviews.
The other mistake I need to point out is that the first chapter was a bit clunky. It didn't seem to go anywhere narrative wise other than getting characters from point A to point B
You could have just said.
My mom and I went to the airport before the Zombies. Opening line, zoom. Got us involved faster than the flash.
That's it! Thanks for writing this and keep it up!

JohnDavid says...

Thank you so much for reviewing, this is my first story I've shared on this site. I want to point out that when I was writing the first part of the stories I initially put this. %u201CRING! RING!%u201D My alarm clock blared. It woke me up almost instantly but the getting up part was pretty hard I hate mornings,%u201D I thought to myself."

Any way, somehow, the part where it says pretty hard got deleted. I'm sorry I didn't check. I was so eager to put something up I just got a bit to excited.

I'm also aware that I have many grammatical errors. When it comes to that I don't really know what to do. I'm not to good with grammar. I've worked on it some but not enough.

Lastly, I also realize that the first chapter is a bit messed up. I should have made it a bit longer but I didn't know when I was writing how long each chapter would be, thats why it's so short and not much goes on.

Thank You! John David

ClackFlip says...

I'm glad I helped. :)

Act in the valley so that you need not fear those who stand on the hill.
— Danish proverb