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Cosmic Love

by Jitterbug14

Chapter 1

Darla Meek walked down the almost swampy looking hallway, she could hear the constant dripping of water, and the constant yells of inmates. Darla felt the sweat drip down her face 'How did I get myself into this mess?' She thought to herself.

She looked to her left seeing a furry creature, it had dark brown hair and looked very similar to that creature from star wars, but how could that be!?

The two guards behind Darla pushed her forward with her spears, “Get a move on” Darla looked at them but turned around thinking it would not be the best of her ideas to tell them off. They had been walking for what seemed like eternity, and the things she saw blew her mind.

Darla had seen bat-like creatures that were the size of humans and clung to the ceiling of the walls, hulking rodents that stood on their hind legs, some type of thin skinned creature that had multiple nasal organs and moved around on tentacles, and when Darla had walked past the strange creature she had noticed that the creature changed it's skin to match her blue stained T-shirts, and jeans that were now very torn.

Darla turned back to the guards “Where are you taking me?” the two guards growled at her. The guards were at least human like, except for their pointed ears, Darla could have sworn they were elves but they had called themselves something else that she could not remember, their skin was the color of coffee Darla wished that she had a tan like that, even she had to admit they didn't look that bad for aliens, both of them had sea green eyes, one of the guards had short black hair that came down to his shoulder, and the other guard had spiky blonde hair giving him the appearance of a surfer dude.

They wore shinning armor that covered their chest, arms, and legs. When they walked you could hear the clanging of the armor like the Knights in Medieval days. They scowled at her continuing to push her forward “Just keep moving, we've got a special place down here for trouble makers like you”

Darla blushed a bit 'So I slapped the Prince of the ship what's wrong with that?' Darla sighed scratching her face, her hands were chained together, Darla threw her hands down frustrated as the chains kept hitting different body parts of her body, and not to mention they were heavy as hell. “Can you please at least take these chains off of me?”

Darla received no response from the guards.

After several more minutes of walking they came to a door at the end of the long hallway, the door was completely metal, there was some type of control panel next to the door that seemed to be blinking. Darla looked at it wondering what it could be.

She reached her shackled hands to touch it when she was shoved roughly by one of the guards. Darla gaped at them “Who the hell do you think you are?” The blonde hair guard rolled his eyes and placed his hand on the little control panel.

A green light issued from the machine scanning the guards hand. The door slid to the right giving Darla the view of a barren room with a bunk bed to the left, a desk in the upper right corner, a sink at the bottom left corner, and a window.

Darla looked at the room “Not too fancy eh?” the guard removed the shackles from her arms and pushed her inside “This is where you'll be saying” and before Darla could protest the two guards closed the door, Darla had caught a glimpse of them smirking at her chuckling. Darla ran over to the door pounding on it shouting “You get your assess back here”

Darla had continued pounding and cursing until her fists became red and sore and she was forced to stop. The teenager felt tears coming down her face and she immediately wiped them off 'I cannot cry, I can't show them any weakness, not now' Darla looked back at the window cautiously, she was tempted to look out the window, but was even more afraid at what she would find when she looked outside.

She took a deep breath “You can do this” and she took a dilatory step toward the window, she took it one step at a time as if she were walking through a mine field. After a couple of minutes she had reached the window.

Darla bowed her head, she looked up, what she immediately saw were millions and millions of stars, the stars of outer space, she saw comets flying around in the distant, and also the long-distance glow of the sun. To any person it would be the most gorgeous site they had ever seen, unless you could realize that the huge expanse of empty space in front of you was where the Earth was suppose to be.

Darla fell back from the window gasping, fresh new tears came to her eyes, she didn't even try to hold hem back this time.

'He wasn't lying, that bastard actually did it' and Darla's thoughts instantly went back to her last day on Earth, before all of this had happened to her.


Darla sat at her locker gazing at Rafael Guitierez,he was the most popular boy in their high school and also the guy every girl in the school wanted to date. He was puerto Rican and had the perfect tan you could only wish for, he had a buz cut, usually Darla did not like this type of hair style but he somehow made the hair fit him perfectly, he had brown eyes and the most amazing pearl white smile.

Darla felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to face her best friend Jessica Shiffner, Jessica had long blonde/brown hair, and hazel colored eyes, Jessica was known for being one of the nicest person in the school. “Hey Darla are you looking at who I think your looking at” her eyes flashed to Rafael.

Darla blushed nodding her head “Why does he have to be so damn hot” Jessica punched her shoulder playfully “You should ask him out, why don't you Darla” Darla shook her head “No I mean look at me” Darla even though she thought she looked hideous was very attractive, she had long black hair that came past her shoulder, the blue eyes (the bluest in the school) and the thing Darla was mostly known for was her attitude.

The teenage girl was a very nice person and made friends easily, but she did have her sassy side to her.

Darla was widely known by the school and mostly everyone was careful to not get on her bad side, mostly everyone. Only one person in the school messed with Darla and that was Alexya Hernandez. Darla had not been the one to start the rivalry between them. The very first day of school Darla was sitting at her locker minding her own business when Rafael had approached her and introduced himself.

Of course Darla had been a totally fool and stammered her name to Rafael. After he had left Alexya (who had been watching from a distant) walked up to her scowling. Alexya spat at her that Rafael was hers and hers alone, turned around, and ran over to Rafael. Ever since that confrontation Alexya swears that Darla is trying to steal her “Man”

Jessica rolled her eyes at Darla “Don't worry about that bitch Alexya, everyone knows she just wishes she goes out with Rafael”

Darla laughed “No Jess it's not her, it's just that....don't you think he barely knows me at all, I mean we've only talked one time at the beginning of the year” Jessica smiled flirtatiously at Darla “Don't tell me you've never seen him checking you out” Darla blushed pushing Jessica “Stop it, he does not check me out” Jessica motioned to Rafael who had begun to walk off “Go! Ask him now, the worst he could say is no”

Darla and Jessica were too immersed in their debate that they had not noticed Rafael walking over to the two girls.

Jessica nudged Darla alerting her of Rafael's presence. Darla felt her cheeks burn “Hey Rafael, what's up” Rafael smiled his attractive smile “Nothing much, but I was wondering if you and me could go out, just someplace to hang out” Darla's mouth hung open 'Is Rafael Guitierez asking me out?' Jessica noticed Darla's shock and answered for the baffled girl “Yes she would, where do you want her to meet you?” Rafael shrugged his shoulder “Just meet me in the parking lot after school”

Darla grinned “Okay I'll see you there” Rafael grinned and walked away from the two girls who began to squeal with excitement when Rafael was out of earshot. Darla felt a push from behind and looked to see Alexya stomping past them obviously having heard their conversation. The two burst into laughter at the furious look on Alexya's face.

The day had seemed promising, one of the best days that Darla had in a long time, that was until 7th period when everything had went wrong.

Darla was sitting in her 7th period history class doodling in her notebook, not listening to a word the teacher spoke. All of Darla's thoughts were on Rafael and him asking her out, the scene played over and over in her head. 'Who'd have thought he'd actually ask me out?”


Darla looked up at the sound of her name, Ms. Price her history teacher sat at the foot of her desk glaring at the day dreaming teenager. “Would you mind answering my question?” Darla racked her brain trying to remember what her question could have been, but came up with nothing. She shrugged her shoulders “I couldn't hear you Ms. Price maybe you were mumbling” Ms. Price had not liked that comment, she slammed her ruler on the desk (almost hitting Darla's thumb) “That is it Ms. Meek, Detention for 2 weeks”

Darla only rolled her eyes and went back to her drawings, it wasn't rare that Darla was given weeks of detention because of her mouth. Ms. Price continued to glare at Darla who was still not paying attention, but she decided to let it go and continued her lesson.

Darla felt a piece of paper hit her shoulder and she picked up the crumpled up piece of paper, a note was written on it from Jessica

10 more minutes till your date with Rafael, oooo la la

-Jess <3

Darla decided against replying, as Ms. Price was still giving her suspicious glares, and just turned around smiling back at Jess who winked. Darla endured the rest of the period looking up at the clock every other second beckoning 4:15 to come so she could leave for the parking lot. Final the bell rang and Ms. Price dismissed the class, all the students ran for the door all prepared to head home, or to a friends house.

Darla was about to leave herself when Ms. Price called her over “This can't be good” she muttered under her breath heading to the desk. Ms. Price looked up from her papers at Darla “Ms. Meek next time tomorrow please try to pay attention in class” The teenager just nodded her head and the teacher let her leave immediately.

Jessica sat outside of the classroom waiting impatiently for Darla.

What the old hag have to say to you?” Darla only rolled her eyes “The same old thing, pay attention in class” Jessica giggled “What's new?” the two walked down the hallway to their locker which wasn't far at all from Ms. Price's class. Rafael was just heading out the door turning the corner to the parking lot. Jessica shoved Darla “You'd better hurry up and get on with your date”

Darla hugged Jessica and ran toward the door. BAM BAM BAM three gun like sounds ran through the hallway, Darla paused, next came the screaming of people from outside. Darla was thrown against the wall as a large tremor passed through the school, it was so intense that she could not stand. Once the tremor had stopped she hear the continuous screams of the people from outside. Darla quickly stood up and ran toward the door, darting outside she was not prepared for what she would see.

She saw hundreds of people running frantically away from some large metal objects that stood in the distant. She heard zaps of some sort as if someone were shooting a gun, but no gun sounded like that, bright lights blazed through the air causing even more terror and confusion from the panicking people. She felt someone grab her shoulder roughly.

She turned around sharply to see Jessica “DARLA! WHAT IS THIS?” Darla shook her head “I don't know” Darla looked toward the direction the people were running from, far away (but also too close for comfort) people flew into the air. Whatever was causing all this havoc was moving steadily toward Darla and Jessica. Darla grabbed Jessica's shirt pulling her away from the school, and also what was coming straight for them.

COME ON JESS WE HAVE TO GO” and the two girls ran into the endless crowd of people.

It was near impossible running through the crowd, people pushed and shoved for the safety of themselves and in some cases for their children. Darla and Jessica were both running as fast as they could but still it seemed the thing causing this was still getting closer and closer. Darla was not paying attention and lost her footing falling to the ground and taking Jessica with her as well.

Darla immediately “Turtled up” bringing her chest to her knees and her hands over her the top of her head, she felt the the constant pain of people's feet stomping over various parts of her body and one thought ran through Darla's mind 'I'm going to get trampled to death' but it seemed that Darla and Jessica were very near the end of the crowd and Darla felt nothing but pain all over her body.

Darla had no time to recover when she was roughly pulled to her feet. She looked to see a man with light tan skin wearing nothing but armor and holding some type of gun. Darla began to scream trying to pull away from the man's grasp “LET GO OF ME” she shouted. The man scowled at her and slapped her across the face. From natural instinct Darla elbowed the man squarely in the face, Darla was satisfied to hear a crack as her elbow made contact with the man's nose.

The armored man began cursing profusely and threw Darla to the ground and hit her on the top of her head with the end of his gun. Darla clutched the back of her head, she felt blood and pulled her hand back disgusted. Her vision began to fail her and the blackness began to engulf her. Darla was breathing deeply trying to stay conscious. She felt herself being dragged across the ground by her hair, but she was too out of it to register the pain, she heard the sound of a barking dog dangerously close to her face.

The last thing Darla remembered was seeing Jessica next to her screaming and scratching at whoever had her by the hair, Darla had looked up to see that she was being dragged to the metal object she had seen earlier, now that she was closely she could faintly tell that it was some sort of ship, but she could not make out any details before the darkness overcame her and she lost consciousness.

Darla felt the ice cold water dripping down her face, down her neck and dripping to the ground. She woke with a start seeing that she was underneath a pipe that was leaking a bit, Darla looked around still a bit dazed from the hit she had taken, she felt the back of her head and felt that the blood had turned crusty. Darla then felt that someone was watching her and looked around.

There were dozens of people looking at her, all she could see was fear in their eyes, the people only looked at her for a second before they began pacing back and forth like caged in animals. Darla sat up on her elbows and looked around, and indeed they were inside a rather large cage.

She sat up still rubbing the back of her very sore head.

Darla felt herself being pushed and shoved around the perimeter of the cage, whenever Darla would try and stand her ground she would trip over he feet and almost fall to the ground, and the last thing the teenager needed were people trampling over her already exhausted and sore body. Darla tapped a man's shoulder who was standing next to her.

Sir, do you know where we are?” the old man adjusted his glasses “I'm afraid I don't young lad all I remember is waking up in this cage like most people here” the man turned around facing the bars, Darla stood there being pushed from side to side, she could not believe what was happening, then a person came to her mind.

JESS, JESS WHERE ARE YOU? IF YOUR HEAR SHOUT” she paused to listen if she receive any response, but received none. She continued shouting for Jessica for several minutes when she heard a distant shout from the far side of the cage.

Darla pushed through the wave of people final reaching the end of the cage, she looked around for Jessica but could not find her anywhere “Jess are you here”

I'm right here Darla, right next to you” Darla looked around and noticed there was a cage right next to the one she was in, she squinted her eyes and could make out the figure of a girl standing at the bars of the cage holding on to the bars trying not to be pushed away by the overwhelming crowd of people. “Oh my god Jess are you okay?” Jessica smiled “Yeah I am” she replied over a sob. Darla looked around it was too dim to know but it looked as if they were in some sort of dark basement, but the size of the room was too big to be any old basement.

A door opened to the far left of Darla and she turned to the light, one of the armored men walked in and walked over to the cage that Jessica was in, the man reached in and grabbed a thin slender woman directly next to Jessica, the woman was dragged off screaming and yelling. Jessica began to sob unable to speak.

Jess! Breath Jess just calm down, do you know what their doing?” Jessica wiped her eyes shaking her head

“No they just take people away, b-but they never come back” Darla felt sweat pouring down her face, she had noticed that there was no air in the room at all. Jessica and Darla had sat there talking to each other trying to stay calm when the door again opened.

The man (a different one this time) walked over to the cage Darla was in, the man headed around the sides of it till he was directly in front of Darla, he grabbed his keys and that's when she noticed she was right in front of the door. Darla tried desperately to push her way through the crowd, but the people had created a sort of barrier to stop her from retreating, Darla felt the man's cold hands grab a handful of her hair and drag her from the cage slamming the door behind her.

DARLA! DARLA!” Jessica screamed after her, Darla had not realized it but she was screaming just as the woman had as she was dragged out the door. The first thing that Darla saw was a bright light, it was so bright as to the dim room she had been sitting in, that she had to shut her eyes and allow herself to be dragged along to not run into anything. When she could open her eyes she saw she was in an elevator.

The man still held her hair firmly as the elevator rose up, the elevator had a clear window so you could see out from it and for a split second Darla could see more of the little metal ships, and also hundreds of more people being dragged from the contents of the ships.

The elevator continued to rise for another minute then came to a complete stop, it opened up slowly, the guard pushed Darla out of the elevator snarling at her “Any funny business from you and I'll shoot you to another galaxy” Darla walked down the long white hallway, there were doors to the left and right of Darla as she walked but she could only guess what each room could contain. Finally Darla and the guard had reached the end of the hallway, the man placed a hand in front of her, stepped in front of the door, a light issued from the top of the doorway making it's way up and down the guard scanning him.

The man pushed her roughly and Darla fell down on her knees, she looked around the room briefly. The room was far larger than the room with all the cages, a red carpet went from the doorway all the way down to what looked like a golden throne, pillars were lined across the room by the red carpet, and in between the pillars on the side walls were pictures of men wearing crowns 'King?' Darla was picked up by the guard and was forced to walk the distance of the room. When she reached the end of the room and was standing directly in front of the throne she was ordered to sit on her knees. Darla immediately obeyed and sat back on her knees the guard sat behind her pointing his gun at Darla's back.

ALL BOW, THE PRINCE HAS ARRIVED” Darla jumped as the guard behind bellowed this out. Three more guards appeared from a door to the right side of the throne and surrounded the throne, spears lay in all of their hands. A man appeared after them and Darla could not help but stare she felt the breath leave her body as he entered, the man seemed about 16 her age, he had a very intimidating look in his eyes that kept Darla silent as he walked to the throne chair, but he had an exotic look to him, he had spiky brown hair that looked as if it were done by a professional barber, he turned looking at Darla with his navy blue/Grey eyes,his skin was the color of a perfect tan that everybody wished for, the prince wore a small crown atop his head, with a long cape trailing behind him, he immediately shed his robe handing it to the guard who held his arms out grabbing it immediately, underneath the robe he wore a black shirt with white streaks on both his sides coming down his shoulders all the way to his waist, and he wore red pants, his outfit was perfect and showed no signs of use.

The only inhuman feature about the man was his pointed ears. 'Is he some sort of elf?' she thought finding herself gazing at his ears with interest.

The man saw her gaze and grew furious “And what would you be looking at peasant” Darla scoffed “I am not a peasant, who the fuck do you think you are” the man laughed. One of the guards bent down and began to whisper something in his ear, Darla noticed a brace around his nose 'Is that-' the man began laughing, he pointed at Darla “Are you telling me, she is the one that broke your nose? Priceless”

He walked up to Darla a smirk on his face “What is your name human?” Darla frowned replying cautiously “Darla? What's yours” the prince seemed shocked at her question but chuckled “I am Icarus Oedipus Prince of the Sphere Collectors of Algol Eta” Darla looked at Icarus puzzled “Algol what?” Icarus frowned “That is not important, what is important is finding your role on this ship” Icarus stepped up to Darla grabbing her chin in his surprisingly strong hand. “Hmm seems like you'd make a good maid” he threw Darla's face away turning away.

Darla gaped at Icarus “The hell I will be a maid” Icarus turned back to her with a scowl “What did you say?” Darla smirked, she could tell she was getting on Icarus' nerve “I said that I am not going to be one of your maids” the guard went to hit her over the head with his gun but the guard motioned for him to stop. “This one's a feisty one isn't she?” he walked over circling Darla. He stopped in front her and towered over her. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face. Darla grabbed her cheek which now stung.

Without warning the angered teenager stood up suddenly and back handed Icarus. Icarus stumbled backward, and Darla was immediately grabbed from behind by the guard. Icarus was clutching his cheek amazed at what she had done. “Your gonna wish you hadn't done that. Take her down to the dungeons, NOW!!!”

Two of the guards standing by the thrown grabbed Darla roughly and issued her out of the room, Darla was a bit scared when she saw the fury in Icarus' eyes and flinched at his site. He turned away from her and sat himself down on his throne, he looked after Darla who was being dragged from the throne room.

(End Flashback)

Darla sighed sitting herself in the bottom half of the bunk bed, she put her head in her hands and began to cry unable to hold back the tears that streamed down her face “What am I going to do?” she sobbed into her hand.

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TheAbigail wrote a review...

The beginning of this peice is quite gripping, and I love that it is gripping. Your use of her name within the first sentence almost put me off but venturing into this story is quite worthwhile. You are very good at incorporating suspense and fear into your writings and you have the ability to keep a reader entertained. Well done. :)

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