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ballad of a chair

by InuYosha

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Tue May 25, 2021 10:22 pm
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jdogistheman wrote a review...

wow! this poem slash story was incredible! it really made me think "what is is like to be a chair?" I mean you really left the object and took me into the chairs mind. I mean to think like something we take for granted each day is very interesting and I really could empathize with the chair. I know it sounds weird cause I'm talking about a chair like it is a real person but this poem really made me think. thank you and please keep writing!!!!

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Tue May 25, 2021 9:38 pm
Rodionandaxe wrote a review...

Hi!! Hope you are well. Here's a little review,

First of all, YOUR POEM IS A CHAIR :D . I giggled a lot when I realised that, it took me a second to actually see it but when I did I was thrilled. That's some awesome Concrete poetry right there. I am in complete awe. The fact that it rhymes makes it even more pleasant. The humour of the piece is no less appealing, I couldn't help but smile ear to ear while reading it. This personified chair makes me think of the furnitures from the story Beauty and The Beast. It especially reminds me of the clock (Cogsworth) from the disney animated movie adaption of the same story.

'I want to tell you now that chairs are people too, it may seem kind of funny but i am just like you!' , This line is profound. We humans ever so often are unsympathetic to those not similar to us. This is but a chair however we happen to treat even our fellow living beings ruthlessly. I interpret that the chair was being particularly sarcastic when he said that the human might find the idea funny.

'Just sit right down on the ground' , i would call this line the spice of the poem, if you know what i mean. It is a very amusing line this is.

'I had a huge, fat, expanding ego' , a good lesson to not be egotistical delivered very delightfully.

'I was supposed, to not be a chair' , i love this line, the way it's said is so whimsical.

The round about insults then the full blown accusation at the end is marvelous.

I don't really have any criticism here. I wholly enjoyed your poem, it made my day. I was just hanging about looking at stuff in the green room and then I stumbled upon this, a jackpot I'd say.

I just have a little question, I didn't understand the part about the spot on the chair. He first says it is his face and then he says that the humans sit on his hair. I wish you could explain that to me a bit.

Keep writing such awesome pieces. Byee!

InuYosha says...

ah about the face and the hair, it was mostly for rhyming purposes, and i felt they were both on the head, so why not. if you really need to think of it this way, the front part of the chair can be the face and the back part can be the hair!

thanks for the review!

Rodionandaxe says...

Thanks for explaining Yoshi <3

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Tue May 25, 2021 5:57 pm
MayCupcake wrote a review...

Hi Yoshikrab!
This was a very humorous read! I liked how you chose to personify chairs and how they feel about people sitting on them.

I have just a few minor things that came to my attention while I was reading. When you use the pronoun "I", it always needs to be capitalized even as part of a contraction (I'm, I'd, I'll, etc.). Also, at the beginning of each line in the poem, the first letter needs to be capitalized. Lastly, the formatting is a little off for the second part of your poem which makes it a bit hard to follow. I was able to figure out how it's read, but it would be good if it matched the first part.

Other than that, I think it's great! I found it amusing that instead of the chair telling them to pull up a chair they said "just sit right down on the ground". I especially liked the last sentence "you may be a human and I may be a chair, but chairs are still humans and you're butt's still in my hair." I might be a bit self conscious about sitting in chairs now lol.

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