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Knny (No E's)

by Hattable

Onc upon a tim thr was a littl boy namd Knny. Knny was a brat, and h knw it, but that didn't stop him from always bing a damn brat.On day, Knny wnt to th markt with his mothr. Thy wr going to buy som brad. Knny hatd brad, and h hatd his stp-dad, Brad, as wll. His stp-dad, Brad, wasn't thr at th markt with thm, but in a world without a symbol to diffrntiat brad and Brad, Knny was lft to fits of angr at th sight of th formr.

"What th hll, Knny?!" his mothr xclaimd. "Knock your crap off or you'r going to sit in th cornr whn w gt hom."

"at rocks, mom!" Knny crid, running off through th markt.

His mothr knw h wouldn't gt far, but Knny didn't want to lt hr win so asily. H ran and ran until h burst through th crowds at th primtr of th marktplac. H was out, h was fr.

"Knny!" his mothr calld aftr him.

"Scrw you, mom!" Knny shoutd back.

H was nvr going back. Not to Brad, or brad, or his mothr. Knny was on his own. H tightnd his sholacs and marchd down th road, far from th marktplac and far from his hom.

"Frickin' Brad," h muttrd undr his brath as h walkd. "Frickin brad, too."

H kickd a loos pbbl, snding it clattring along th asphalt of th road. It rolld undr a car that had slowly pulld out into th middl of th intrsction up ahad. Th car's blinkrs indicatd that it was going to turn down th strt Knny was on, so h movd to th sidwalk. H kpt his ys on th car as it spun, slowly still, and rolld up bsd him.

Th car stoppd and th drivr rolld down thir window.

"What do you want?" Knny said snarkily.

Th drivr just smirkd. "Gt in th car, kid."

"What? Hll, no." Knny continud walking down th sidwalk, th way th car had com.

Th drivr coughd loudly and Knny turnd around to s th drivr flashing a gun out th window.

"Gt in th car, kid." h rpatd.

Knny gulpd and walkd back towards th car. H had nvr bn so brav as today. H had told his mom to at rocks! H had run away from hr and hom and brad and Brad. But h couldn't run from a man with a gun. H could gt shot!

Knny approachd th car and pulld on th back door. It opnd on a lathr backsat, with an old man insid on th farthr nd.

"Hllo, Knny," th old man said, gsturing for Knny to gt in and sit. "You may want to buckl up," h said. "Th drivr is going to b taking us somwhr whil w talk."

Knny gulpd again, quitr this tim, and obligd.

"Knny," th old man said as th drivr spun th car around and drov away from th marktplac. "You must b wondring how I know your nam."

Knny wantd to ignor th man, but thought it would b safr to comply, so h noddd, only slightly.

"Wll, Knny, I hav no fraking ida."

Th old man noticd th look on Knny's fac and continud.

"That's right, I had a dram last night. You wr in it, and a voic. A voic tlling m your nam, ovr and ovr. Whn I awok, I almost forgot th dram had vr happnd. But whn I did rmmbr it, somthing insid m told m I had to find you.-- Thr's a shadow coming, Knny. I think you'r th on that will stop it."

Knny stard, wid-yd. If h wr oldr, smartr, h wouldn't bliv a word of this crpy old man's story. If h wr smartr h wouldn't hav run off from his mothr. Yt hr h was, in th backsat of a mystrious black sdan, listning to an old man rambl away about som dram.

"W can't hav that, Knny," th old man said, suddnly.

Knny was confusd. "W can't hav what? Th shadow?"

"No, Knny. W can't hav you stopping it." Thn, to th drivr, "Pull ovr hr!"

Th drivr pulld th car to th curb sharply, and tossd th gar into park bfor turning to fac th backsat.

"Tak him out," th old man said.

Th drivr noddd and got out of th car. H cam up to Knny's window, opning his door and dragging him out onto th mud. Thn h raisd his gun to Knny's had and fird.

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:11 pm
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AnoCannotUserName wrote a review...

I honestly thought this was going to be about a little kid learning some kind of life lesson, but then you kept throwing these twists at me and I loved it! I liked your use of no e's and how you were still able to write a coherent story that was understandable. My only problem was that I didn't understand the part about brad and Brad in the beginning. The 'Brad' character I got. I was just get who 'brad' or how he reminded Kenny of his stepfather. But, other than that, you're good. Really good. I had no idea the ending was come and the way you flowed into it was clear and smooth, if that makes sense. Lol. I'll be looking forward to more of your work! :)

Hattable says...

Lowercase brad was bread, lel. Reminds him of Brad because there's no E in this universe to differentiate between br[e]ad and Brad.

Glad you enjoyed! thanks for the review

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:49 pm
LizEmo wrote a review...

Liz Emory here- Fresh from the Emo musical- to write a review.

"Hllo, Knny," th old man said, gsturing for Knny to gt in and sit. "You may want to buckl up," h said. "Th drivr is going to b taking us somwhr whil w talk."

The spelling was horrible, I did not even finish it because it was annoying. You need to fix that. You should specify more on the people. You need to fix alot of stuff and if this stuff was fixed I would love it.
I hated how it didnt have any Es. It was incredibly annoying. Please fix them and PM me to read it.
The title could be changed too.


Danni88 says...

That was kinda the whole point that it has no e's, that's what makes it funny.

LizEmo says...

Yeah, but it kinda got on my nerves.

Hattable says...

*a lot

LizEmo says...

Sorry if it offends you

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Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:52 am
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DrFeelGood says...

but in a world without a symbol to diffrntiat brad and Brad, Knny was lft to fits of angr at th sight of th formr.


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Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:31 am
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Willard says...

Mundane genius.

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:51 pm
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ShadowVyper wrote a review...

Hey hattable,

Shady here with a review for your short story. At first I was just very confused as to why in the world you wrote a story with no E's, since they are a somewhat essential vowel, but then I remembered the Olympics so I'm assuming this has something to do with that challenge.

Either way, it's entertaining. I highly enjoyed this story, even though it was a little difficult to read. I always assumed challenges for using no e's mean to simply use words that don't have e's in them -- not to delete the e's from words where they belong. Hilarious way to overcome problems, well done. ;)

"Frickin' Brad," h muttrd undr his brath as h walkd. "Frickin brad, too."

The brad vs Brad was beautiful. It made me smirk the entire way through this story.

~ ~ ~

Well, that was intense. Brad, brad, old man with a gun. That was definitely not how I expected this story to end. But I stand by what I said, I think that this was a very well-written (though tragic) short story. I hope you did well in the event! This is pure gold.

Keep writing!

~Shady 8)

Hattable says...

Thanks! If only I'd gotten gold in the event

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Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:07 pm
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Thisislegacy wrote a review...

Legacy here for a review.

I love how this short story shows the importance of one simple vowel E, since every e was missing from this short. I couldn't read all the way through so I can't review on content sadly. But from what I could read, it was about a child, a mother, and the child's stepfather Brad. The child doesn't like Brad for reasons I couldn't identify. I think it would be nice if you were to (after the special games) post the version of this with every letter and then I could also give a review on content. (Please tag me if you do this, I would love to read again once I can understand it more). I love how you challenged yourself though to write without the letter e and still make a semi coherent story.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Legacy out.

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
— Mark Twain