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Fakebook Chapter 9

by GawravMehta

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Chapter 9

Khushi’s face beamed with smile as Aarav walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. He held her supple hand with a loving touch, staring adorably in her sheen eyes.

“I love you Khushi…I love you so much…” Khushi blushed as her eye lashes stooped. Her breath was caught by Aarav’s sniff in a moment of intimacy when she saw him leaning towards her slowly. She waited with bated breath for the first kiss of her life and closed eyes. Aarav came real close discovering her anxiety and was about to kiss.


Khushi blew off the antenna heading out of alarm clock while it got knocked smashing on the floor and stopped beeping. The culprit behind shattering Khushi’s beautiful dream exhaled its last breath.

Rubbing her eyes, she looked around; saw a small crack of light through window. Aarav wasn’t there; he wasn’t in love with her and the room was not even shining or sparkling anymore. She woke up disheartened by the unfulfilled dream and pressure to face Aarav at school. She became more restless as her thoughts regarding Aarav’s acceptance to her love provoked in her mind.

She slipped her legs off the side of the bed, found her flip-flop, and pulled them on.

On the outside, she felt more refreshed after sleeping, but inside she was a storm. How could she look into his face and look normal? How could she face him in school knowing that she’d loved him for so long. Yet, it was only yesterday that she had realized she endlessly loved him so much.

She resolved to carry on her life and relation of friendship as if nothing has happened. She made a secret promise to herself that she won’t vent her feelings to Aarav and moved to the kitchen in the ground floor.

The kitchen was filled with aroma of brisk breakfast prepared by her mom when she entered to greet her gracefully. “Mmmm… sandwich.” Khushi said gulping a sandwich from the plate.” You’re world greatest cook.”

“Just thought to make a gourmet breakfast for my princess,” chirped her mom settling the chores in the kitchen.

“Thanks mom! I love you so much!” Khushi said with a lump in her throat as if she was about to cry.

Khushi’s mom detected her daughter’s plight looking into her dark-circled eyes which revealed how tensed she was.

“Oh! My baby! What happened to you?” she said consoling her with motherly affection.

The disguised desi Indian mummy resurfaced out of the modern mom shell as she sensed something seriously amiss with her daughter’s state of mind.

“What happened bachha? You can tell me the problems you’re facing. Studies, friends, love, anything…” her mom- the conscious, conservative, traditional mother took cover to negotiate maters with her daughter. She knew that Khushi was lost in her imaginary world of utopia at the dinner last night. A vacant expression enveloped Khushi’s face as she avoided eye-contact with her mother. Khushi was adamant at first to reveal he story behind her sorrow but later gave up under he constant cajoling from her mother.

“So you love Aarav?” she asked but Khushi remained silent. “I knew you would fall for him someday. He is good boy; don’t bottle up your feelings. Tell him that you love him,” said Khushi’s mom symbolizing a harmonious relationship that existed between her and Khushi.

“What if he dumps me? It would be mortifying to lose my best friend till eternity,” confessed Khushi about the real demon tormenting her.

“At least, it would be better than never revealing your true feelings. Do take a chance and let destiny play its game,” preached Khushi’s mother when Aarav appeared from nowhere in the drawing room screaming Khushi’s name.

“Speak of the devil and the devil appears,” he mom commented on the situation.

“Mom, please,” Khushi countered her mom.

“Sorry beta,” her mom apologized. “You have to talk with him and follow your heart,” she planted a kiss on Khushi’s forehead and disappeared into her bedroom.

Khushi was ruminating over her mother’s words of wisdom when Aarav poked her.

“Hey dumbo! I heard your voice message, but it was too late to call back; so I came up live,” he paused. “What was so damn important?” Aarav asked hogging an apple he picked up from basket. He had full access to Khushi’s house owing to their long term friendship.

“Oh! Nothing… Nothing happened,” she stammered and then changed to sound normal. “Aren’t you going to school today?”

“No! I’m participating in fancy dress wearing this school dress.” Aarav answered. “Khushi, don’t fool me. Do you expect me to fall into your fake show of normal activity which in fact is paranormal?”

“I’m totally fine…” Khushi struggled as another sob began to rise; she shut her eyes tightly praying them to ebb away and the pain in her heart to disappear but it had other plans.

“Khushi, what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

“Nooo!” Khushi protested right on the cue.

Aarav panicked as he found Khushi refused to look him in the eyes.

Khushi flustered in her poor attempt at lying. She was caught by Aarav and she wanted to free herself from the sticky situation. “Please, just leave me alone…Aarav please.” But before Aarav could hear the last word she barged out of the door and stumbled in her blindness to flee away. It was 7 o’clock in the morning when the neighborhood sensed tremors of earthquake as Khushi was running and crying like banshee all over the society until her battery shutdown forced her to sir on the park bench. She was panting hard and her face was like an orangutan.

Through her hoary eyes she found a distant figure jogging towards her, she came to full realization that Aarav wouldn’t think well of her dramatic show.

“Ok, Khushi, now I’ve got you. Do you mind telling me,” Aarav paused for a breath. “What’s this, you cut your hand again?” he said stunned at the small cut in Khushi’s hand since he very well knew about the abnormal anomalies associated with Khushi.

“I’m sorry Aarav,” Khushi felt ashamed, innocence oozing out like baby from every pore. Khushi kept silent for a few moments drawing her concentration to a beetle in the park as her mind was lost somewhere else. Finally, she turned face towards him. “I can’t explain anything now,” she forced back the tears again.

“As you wish,” Aarav blurted he’s patented dialogue. He usually uttered the same words since he very well knew ultimately Khushi would vomit the root cause of her agony. After all he was the only troubleshooter in her life.

“I’m about late for school. I know you won’t be coming. Call me whenever you feel like sharing, cell phone always accompanies me.” Aarav finally relented.

The bus horn blew near the society gate and she started off.

Khushi was still numb. She hoped he would recognize her intense love for him but he really didn’t notice anything, not even her reason for the pain.

“You know how much I trust you.” he shouted from a distance as he turned quickly and ran towards the bus while Khushi only felt her heart beating erratically inside for Aarav sinking deeper and deeper. Its true- love does strange things to people.

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