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Blender of Death

by Firelight

In the beginning, strawberries have good lives. They live together on one big bush with all their brothers and sisters. They get plenty of nutrients from the rain and soil and become large and red and juicy. Each day they live outside in the sunshine, maybe a breeze blowing over them, tickling them and making the strawberries laugh. The strawberries laugh and talk and joke amongst themselves, because nobody else can hear them. They speak through a connection only strawberries have.

But sometimes it is not so nice. In the forests, colonies of strawberries are destroyed by caterpillars rampaging through their leaves. Animals come and swipe their friends and family away into their mouths, which to strawberries is like a dark, moist cave with sharp stalagmites hanging from it.

Then there are the ones who are grown on farms. They live blissfully, not knowing the horrors many of their people face in the woods. Occasionally one of their friends is taken from them, but the strawberries just assume they are sick and are being taken care of somewhere else. They live good lives for a few months, which to them is a lifetime.

Soon, the inevitable happens. The strawberries are plucked off their bushes, trying desperately to cling on. They are shoved into a basket, a box, a car. The strawberries are quiet, the occasional whimper or hiccup not allowing there to be complete silence. After the ride, they are sent off to be packaged. Blasted with a typhoon of water, whisked off to be boxed. Some are tossed in clear plastic containers. These strawberries will be cut up for a fruit salad, or sugared, or just eaten plain.

Others are wrapped in suffocating white plastic, unable to see anything. They feel themselves being lifted, the pressure of other strawberries being stacked on them makes it harder for them to move and breathe. The strawberries are set down, the ones on the bottom in pain from the weight of the others above them. Soon after, the cold begins to creep into the bags. Numbing their small strawberry bodies, they begin to feel stiff and hard. They try to scream for help, but the same treatment is being applied to the other strawberries as well. After a long while, the frost coated strawberries hear bumps and thuds. Muffled voices fling open a door and grab the strawberries, not at all gentle.

The strawberries are set down once more, but now they feel warmth spreading across them. The frost on their bodies seems to be melting, but then they are picked up again. They’re spread out across a hard surface. The ones on the bottom feel cold air blowing at them through vents.

While the strawberries await their fate at the supermarket, there are many casualties. Not able to survive to the cold, many strawberries give up and die, frozen in an eternal nightmare. The living strawberries cling on to a shred of hope that they will be alright, as hands move them around, dead strawberries covering them. The strawberries are terrified, but unable to move, the bodies of their loved ones remain on all sides of them.

One by one, the bags are picked up and payed for, taken home for many different fates. Some will be used in fruit salads, some eaten cold or room temperature, made to top desserts, or made into the most dreaded punishment to the strawberries. Smoothies. Chopped, thrown, whipped around, cut and sliced and crushed. Liquified bodies, the dying screams of the others the last thing they hear.

Those strawberries have one of the most painful and long deaths. First, the strawberries are chopped, but only in half. See, strawberries can endure a lot of mutilation, due to the seeds they have. Each seed is like a small heart. Although painful, they will survive. Next, the fruit is poured into a large dish. Finally able to see again, they try not to hit the blades at the bottom of the container. Sometimes, ice covers the blades, but other times, ice is dumped over them, crushing them once more so soon after escaping the packaging.

As they are slowly picked off one by one, that small shred of hope fades, turning dull and colorless and then disappearing altogether. While the container turns pink with the liquefied remains of its family and friends, the last strawberry says its last words, the last words of his people, and words that now only it can hear.

“The blender prevails once more.”

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Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:27 pm
Brigadier wrote a review...

Hey there Firelight. It's just lizzy stopping by, so without further ado let the reviewing begin.

1. The Title: This is what drew me to your story in the first place. The blender of death caused many puzzling images to appear in my mind. I felt it best to find out about this form of death. Once I reached the end, I saw the reasoning for the title. I don't read humor stories very often, but yours certainly was.
2. The Tale of the Strawberries: Each paragraph of your story told another chapter of the strawberries' tale. The title may have directed me towards your story but this made me read on. It was interesting to see how the strawberries path went. Would it have a nice life in a bush, get eaten by caterpillars, or be frozen and sent to an unknown fate.
3. The Description and Acts of Strawberries: I must say this was my favorite part of your story.
4. The Actual Critique of This Review (aka Grammar and Spelling)
-As far as grammar and spelling goes I didn't really spot anything except for...
-Paragraph 1, Sentence 3: In this sentence you used "and" four times. Toe this was excessive and I was wondering if you would be able to use a comma. I think the only place it would work is in the second set.

This has been my first review of the day. I know I am starting late. So have a Happy Review Day and may the green room be cleared.

*If I have any mistakes of any type please inform me*

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Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:13 am
Rin321 wrote a review...

Hello Firelight! CHRISSY321 here to review! *Hides strawberry smoothie* :P

*Happy Review Day!* :elephant:

This was just so cure! I think it was really funny for you to come up with something as unique as this! Your story is almost exactly the reason why I enjoy being on here! I love seeing all of these unique works that may not be fully published in a book, but it is awesome that I get to read these works now on here :D

I love all of these details you have, such as this:

The strawberries laugh and talk and joke amongst themselves, because nobody else can hear them. They speak through a connection only strawberries have.

I love how you have all of these details, how how the fruits are able to communicate! Now I feel bad whenever I eat them! Every time I now want to blend then, I will see myself blending the carnage or a huge strawberry family, and I will just imagine their little cries! :(

Thanks so much for sharing something as fun as this. It is really great, and I really hope you write more. :D
~Chrissy <3

Firelight says...

Thank you so much! I think I'm going to keep working on more food related short stories, all because of these great reviews I'm getting :D I hope you'll keep an eye out for the next one! Happy review day!

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Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:38 am
cpedro wrote a review...

Hello Firelight, here for a review!
Ok so first of, AMAZING! God, this was so much fun! The originality behind it all is rather impressive! I mean, who would ever thought about humanizing strawberries and write about their pain?! YOU, of course! This was seriously very well writen and interesting. You were able to really humanize the strawberries to the point were the reader actually starts to believe they are human. At least that was how I felt, now every time I eat strawberreies I'll remember this little story and be more carefull handling them ahah. Which also comes to point out that you were able to achieve one of the hardest things for a writer, which is to make their story memorable enough.
I do not have anything to pick on because for me this was perfect. A really nice, easy-going and freaking original little story. Oh, and that comparison you did between the mouth and a cave was just delicious. Your creativity is really something else!

Hope to see more soon!
Keep writing!

Firelight says...

Thanks! I'm looking to make a bit of a food-related short story collection, so I hope you'll be interested in my next story! Happy review day!

cpedro says...

Yes, I'm definitely interested in following this short story collection! So when you do post another one, could you please notify me? :D

Firelight says...

Sure thing!

cpedro says...

Thank you! :D

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