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Just a thing

by Embarrassedcandy

Im repulsed by what I make, 

everytime I look at my art, I feel sick...

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 6:46 am
BhavyaMehta123 wrote a review...

Hi @Embarrasedcandy.
IT'S perfectly fine and normal to feel like this. You should not be embarrassed at all. Its okay it is life ups and downs come and go .You might not be at top of your game right now.
But don't worry buddy .Soon everything would come back to it's normal pace.

Just a piece of advice :
"TRUST THE PROCESS AND KEEP ON WRITING." Because I believe these setbacks will help you learn and grow in life.

Everyday is not same .Things will soon become much better and you will be happiest .
I love reading quotes and this one is my absolute favourite by Martin Luther King Jr.
'' If you can't fly then run,
If you can't run then walk
If you can't walk then crawl
But by all means keep moving"
All the best !!! Keep writing
from @ Bhavya

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Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:57 am
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WinnyWriter wrote a review...

Hey, there. A short, to-the-point, honest confession here. Perhaps this is the melancholy song of desperation that every writer/artist sings at some point, especially beginners or amateurs. That makes it sooo relatable. Yet, as desperate as these two lines may sound, it leaves so much room. Room to recognize the need of growth. Room to learn how to improve. Room to continue seeking inspiration. It also shows committed feet that will continually tread the rough, dry path of discouragement, as a writer/artist is often compelled by their passion to continue on no matter how worthless they feel. Honestly, I like it.

I have one tiiiiny bit of constructive criticism to offer, and that is simply that the word "I'm" needs an apostrophe. Otherwise, these two lines are, in their own ironic way, beautiful artwork in themselves.

Now, one last thing. If this is a feeling you are truly experiencing concerning your own contributions to the realm of art/literature, don't lose hope, and don't lose your passion. Remember, there's always room to grow. That's what this site is for, after all! :) Keep on writing. I'd love to continue reviewing your works.

Oh thank you. I haven't written anything in years so I feel more confident.%uD83D%uDC38 I didn't mean worry anyone though.

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Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:20 am
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BlackThorne says...

in all stages of an artist's career, the path of self-evaluation is a dark, twisty, never-ending spiral that is best not walked upon. constructive criticism is for improvement, not disparagement.
best wishes, I hope you'll feel better about yourself soon.

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Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:19 am
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Rascalover wrote a review...


I am not sure if this is a piece of work or if you are just venting. So, this isn't really a review, but I would like for you to know that practice makes perfect, and someone once told me we are more critical of our work because we have this vision in our heads of what we think it looks like perfectly and when we can't get it just right we think we have failed, but when other people see our piece of work, they think it is marvelous because where they once saw nothing they now see a piece of art.

You are doing the best of your ability. Keep your head up, and keep going strong. Don't let others discourage you, and most importantly, if you really enjoy doing this, do not discourage yourself!


Yeah, it was more of a venting thing.Thank you for putting the time in to read and comment, it means a lot.

If you want something badly, you just gotta believe it's gonna work out.
— Andy, Parks & Rec