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One Single Hate, Chapter 2

by Darkmoon158

Since you guys said you wanted to read the second chapter here it is

Chapter 2

In an hour she’s driven down a deserted highway so she could be as far away as possible. When her scenery changed into large meadows she stopped on the side of the road for some rest. As she parked her bike a cloud over head signaled that she could take her glasses off. She took them off and leaned against a fencepost nearby. She took out the newspaper and un-crumbled it. She flipped through the pages and stopped at the section called ‘”Classified”. Her long wavy hair fluttered in the wind and her deep brown eyes were fixed on the section. She stood like a statue against the pole. She read, dissatisfied, and turned the page again. This time her eyes widened and happiness grew on her face.

She read aloud to herself, “Wanted: Roommate must be clean, orderly and self dependant. Must have money up front when showing up at house.”

The cloud started to move out of the way letting sunlight down. She put her glasses back on, placed the paper in her pocket and hopped back on her bike. The engine started up again and she was on her way, she had found where she was going to live. The small amount of money in her pocket was all she had but she could get by with it. She knew exactly where she was going so she drove without hesitation.

Once again her surroundings changed and she was in a small town. By the sign, when she entered, the town was called Littlelight. The sound of her engine echoed throughout the little village roads. She halted at a huge building. She turned off her bike and jumped off onto the cold hard cobble stone. A little kitten brushed up against her leg, it purred as it did this. She looked down at the small ball of light brown fur and softly pushed it aside. The cat looked a lot like her old cat but she knew her cat was safe and warm somewhere, not here. It followed her to the door and sat patiently by her side as she knocked on the entrance. It slowly creaked open a bit and the cat scurried inside.

“Why hello, Cleo, and who is this you brought with you?” a voice whispered to the cat.

A meow was heard followed by a soft whack. The door pulled away and revealed a shadowy empty room. Someone walked out of the dark; it was a guy, a cute guy in fact. His short brown hair sparkled although he wasn’t in the sun. His chestnut eyes had a slight shimmer. He smiled at her.

“Hello.” his voice was soft and gentle.

“Hi, I am here for the roommate opening. But I’m sure you don’t want to talk to me from outside.”

He looked surprised, “Oh where are my manners? Please do come in.”

He motioned for her to come inside. She walked in seeing that the house was a whole lot bigger on the inside. She turned around looking at him.

“By the way my name is Blake, but the owner of the house is in the other room. If I may ask what your name is?”

Without hesitation she answered, “My name is Melissa; it is nice to meet you Blake.”

He beamed at her as another guy strolled into the room. She hadn’t noticed before but, she was standing in the living room. The guy had short black hair and was wearing a pair of black leather pants and matching jacket. He looked at Melissa then at Blake.

“Who is this, Blake, another girlfriend of yours? What happened to the one from last night?”

Blake looked astonished and irritated, “Jasmine and I couldn’t be happier how dare you say something like that!” He motioned to Melissa, “This young woman’s name is Melissa. And a matter of fact she’s here to see you not me.”

The guy who must be Luke looked over at Melissa. She got the idea that he was a very tough guy; this made her weak in the knees. For some reason she was lusting for him but she had to control herself, he was just a guy and nothing more. She swallowed hard and smiled at him.

“Well I guess my next question would have to be, what do you need with me?” His voice was deep and sorrowful yet his face said he regretted nothing.

She mustarded up the nicest voice possible, “I’m here for the roommate spot, if it’s still open.”

“Yes, well would you please come over into the other room and we can get things sorted out.”

She walked into a big room followed by Blake. Luke lingered in the living room for a moment.

He softly said to himself, “You have to shake this desire off; she’s just a girl, nothing more.”

He shook his head and followed in after Blake and Melissa. The room was a long stretched kind of room. At the end was a big window that was pouring sunlight into the room. Melissa hung back for a second and put on her sunglasses if she stayed away from the light she would be ok. In the middle of the room there was a lengthy dinning table with chairs on each of the sides.

Strangely Luke sat in a seat farthest from the window. She sat down next to him and Blake took the seat across from them.

“As you know, Melissa, we can’t just let you become our roommate. So we’d like to ask you a few questions.” Blake said politely.

“I’m fine with that.”

“Ok, first question, would you consider yourself a clean person?” Blake asked.

“Yes very much so.” she flashed back thinking of her messy apartment, she snickered to herself.

“Alright second question, are you orderly?” Luke questioned

She thought of the man that lay on the cold snow, “Yes, yes I am.”

“Ok, our final question, are you a self dependant person?” Blake inquired.

She thought for a instant this one she was sure she was, “Yes.” She answered confidently.

Blake jumped out of his chair, “Ok that’s all we needed to hear from you, you’re in you can be our roommate!”

Melissa smiled, she was in.

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Tue May 24, 2005 2:55 pm
Armadian says...

Wow this chapter was exciteing. I liked how you described the places and how you changed the color when they talked.

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