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Life and Death Chapter 1

by Countess

August 12, 1216

(7:00 p.m)

"We are sitting here this evening with our very own, Princess Moth." A news anchor for Strata's National Broadcasting announced. "Tell me Lilium, how have you been?"

"I've been great." I lied.

Lie list so far: One lie; let’s see how many I can get.

"Good, now you are here to day to discuss your life, and answer a few questions that have been storming the news for the week. Now, is it true you are engaged?" The news anchor asked.

As always, I faked a smile. "No, not yet anyway." I giggled. "Jason and I are still discussing all this and more!"

Lie list so far: Three, lets see how many I can get.

"Well, that clears up that rumor." The anchor laughed. "Is it true you are pregnant?"

"What?" I laughed. "No! Of course not! Goodness, not before marriage that would be wrong. Plus my father would surely kill me." I wish.

"Are you still a virgin?" The anchor asked.

I smiled in my usual innocent way. "No, I am not a virgin."

"More power to you then," The anchor said with a hint of shock in his voice. "Is it true that you have tried to commit suicide? We have received several reports that you have tried to commit suicide."

"No! Of course not, why would I do that? I love my life and I have no intentions of changing anything." I lied with a look of fake happiness on my face.

Lie list so far: Seven lets see how many I can get.

"Is it true that you cut yourself?" The anchor asked looking at my sleeved covered arms.

"No!" I rolled up my right, white sleeve. "See, nothing there."

Lie list so far: Eight. I am going to break a record tonight.

"Goodness, you have pale skin." The anchor laughed. "I can see how often you tan!"

"I don't much want skin cancer." I muttered with a faint smile on my face.

"Is it true you got kicked out of school last year?" The anchor asked off subject.

What a bunch of random questions! If there wasn't a camera here and I couldn't hear the director making calls on how to frame the next shots, I would think this was a set up by my mother and/or my father. Just to see if I can crack under the conditions of national television.

"Yes, it is true." I for once told the truth with that statement. I got kicked out of school in June for writing a poem calledKill me Please.

What I got out of that was a trip to the exorcist and a councilor. And eventually they declared me expelled from the campus. Which was a good thing, I was sick of that God forsaken school! Nothing but little brats with no intentions on a real job or anything!

"What for, may I ask?"

"I wrote a poem that they thought was offensive."

"What was it about?"

"Nothing that concerns anyone but me." I said.

Lie list so far: Nine. What is wrong with me?

"Oh well, can you tell us about your plans of marriage?" The anchor asked.

I faked a smile. "I want to get married and then have six kids!"

Lie list so far: Eleven. How many more could I possibly use?

"Really? Goodness! Do you think they'd be more like you or their father?"

"I have no idea. I would hope they'd be like their father. He is very kind and very loving." I giggled.

"You don't want them to end up like you? You seem like a loving person with a bubbly personality."

"I would like them to be like me." I lied.

Lie list so far: Twelve... God!

(7:30 p.m)

The final lie total: Thirty-two.

I am a fool! Look at me! Lying to my own people like this. Then again, I have to. Otherwise everyone would think of me as nothing more than an emotionally scarred person whose only interests include music and cutting myself!

I am nothing! I am a stupid little girl who has nothing to offer this world anything but my lies! What am I worth? Tell me please!

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Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:14 am
ikiru wrote a review...

You say:

Lie list so far: _______; let’s see how many I can get

12 times. Use different words to make the story more interesting.

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Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:10 pm
monsterwriter wrote a review...

It was nice, I am of course looking forward to Chapter 2.
The only part that I think you need to fix is the part where you said "lets see how many I can get." every time you mention the lie list. you should have varied at that part for example "Lie list so far: Nine, I can't believe myself!" or something like that!

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