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To live in an abstract

by Corvus

There is something strange about standing below a monument for the first time. The way a feeling of amazement and awe fills you, but simultaneously one of disbelief and almost something akin to disappointment. Perhaps it is the change from abstract to the reality that creates this feeling, after all when something is abstract, it is almost unimaginable, as if it could never exist in this world. The sudden transfer to reality is quite jarring. the illusion of unattainable perfection is lost, as you gaze upon the thing only spoken of in stories.

Perhaps it is this distinction that makes a different lifestyle from your own sound like heaven. if you could just quit your job and move away, create a home for yourself to live in, you could be happy for the rest of your days. Of course, reality will never feel as good as an idea. But one cannot live in an abstract. No matter how perfect everything is, it will feel mediocre in time. your beautiful fantasy will turn to a dusty painting on a wall, never truly appreciated as much as when it first arrived.

No matter how outlandish the situation, your brain will eventually make it into a home. Eventually, you may start to romanticize your old life, as it turns into a dream once more in place of the dream you turned real. Time will forever march forward, as dreams turn real and reality fades into dreams. A fantisy land will always disipoint, but without these dreams you would be lost, as it is both a blessing and a curse, almost a trade of power, like a monarce giving up the throne. Much like old painting can always be cleaned, an old way of life can be seen anew again. An abstract can always be dreamt of, but reality is fleeting, and one day, you may come to miss that old painting on the wall.

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Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:59 pm
CqpM8012 wrote a review...

The entire reading absolutely runs parallel with my thoughts when i gaze at the night sky, sitting on a lonely bench. I often laugh at my mediocre struggles when compared with the vastness of universe. Who knows? Universe might itself be an abstract, a sagacious one, or perhaps a puerile one.

"No matter how outlandish the situation, your brain will eventually make it into a home" - I always ponder about the gigantic stars ,the mysterious black holes and all disguised truths of nature, yet at the end of the day always complain about the traffic. That's how the brain operates it always kicks us back into the reality by hook or crook.

"reality will never feel as good as an idea"- Many take a life time to realize this, though i wonder if the very hope that one can conquer reality on the basis of an abstract drives the humanity in forward direction.

"An abstract can always be dreamt of, but reality is fleeting, and one day, you may come to miss that old painting on the wall." - You might have all the wealth in the world or you might not have a single grain to eat, at the end, on that clear bright night, everybody stares at a star amazed by its grandiosity.

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Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:28 pm
saint1y wrote a review...

This brought me back to my art exhibition aha. It was very good reading this. Almost made me zone out and get lost in your world of writing. Honestly, it does take a lot to get me into something and no lie, I am into your writing! You have a way of writing that makes me want more. Not an end but continuous writing, obviously I know that isn't possible but it is something I get into my head a lot aha. There are a few spelling errors which I would recommend getting a spell check when you maybe do editing. But besides that it was amazing.

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Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:02 am
TaioniaAeren wrote a review...

As a fantasy buff, I've often wondered what it'd feel like to wind up in one of those fictional universes. I'm guilty of staring at paintings and imagining the workings of the world depicted in them, and I generally think not on the skill of the artist but on the expansiveness of the idea they've expressed. That said, I think it's fairly obvious that I can easily relate to this piece.

From an argumentative standpoint, I think that you could add a little more to your points--say, for instance, when you say that "the illusion of unattainable perfection is lost," does this mean that perfection is an illusion, making it unattainable, and that therefore all things that are attainable are imperfect; or does this mean that things that are unattainable are inherently perfect, and that as soon as someone manages to attain such things, their vision of them as perfect dissipates?

I think this qualifies as overthinking things . . .

The metaphors you use work incredibly well with the topic you chose. Old paintings and monarchs fit perfectly with the theme of the piece, and they help pull everything together. They make your argument more compelling, in a way.

Anyway, thanks for wading through this review--I hope it helps! This is a really interesting article; I think you should continue with them.

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Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:31 am
Here wrote a review...

"An abstract can always be dreamt of, but reality is fleeting, and one day, you may come to miss that old painting on the wall."

There is so much meaning to this realization. It's a beautiful prose on an equally abstract idea. The way you put the arguments forward, the sequence, though there are many things I won't agree upon, yet it still makes me ponder on my own ideas for a while.

Especially the first paragraph. It's relatable. I have gone through it. And the deep sense of loss still lingers in my mind when I remember how what I dreamed about for years turned into a reality.

The last paragraph have some mistakes, more like typos. It would have been amazing if you had dwelled more upon the idea and wrote some more.

It was nice reading experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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