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The Holy Ghost spell !!

by Chxkra2.O

Has he done something great for you? YES he has!

Thy comes forward in many forms, could be an object or your dark shadows. But do you listen to the voice within? No as it fades into a different dimension A world we fear in our minds. But does he do this on purpose? NO! He is challenging your mind. Challenge the mind you say Chxkra.hun? Yah Challenging your mind to put your foot in the new dimensions see where you come from and aim at what you running for.

Ever thought of The Sims (PlayStation/ mobile game) . A virtual game that teaches you as a human how to live Pretty crazy right? Now ever come to mind that someone above is controlling you as you are controlling that game? The life choices made and will be made? The food we consume , the habits we picked out on. We’ll guess what you in control of your own life therefore he takes you into a place that challenges you to expend your choices, relive the moment and burn that bridge.

Those Milky-way doors or Money tree doors could be yours , if you let your mind be open to doing new things ,letting go of negativity , unnecessary noise that blocks your mind, anger and any spoken disease. CHALLENGE your mind to be a better you for a strong you.

The ghost spell are our unspoken challenges we are faced with bottling it up in side. What ever makes you happy open that door overcome your challenges and create new ones that will benefit you.

copyright reserved : Chxkra2.O©️2022

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Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:02 am
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Plume wrote a review...

Hey there! Plume here, with a review!

I think this was a cool, thought-provoking piece. I'm not exactly sure what to call it; it's a little short to be an essay, but it's almost like a monologue or some kind of sermon. I think you bring up some interesting points about God and spirituality, which, as an agnostic, I enjoyed reading, even if I couldn't necessarily relate to the points.

I liked the very direct way you chose to address the reader in this work. You definitely sound very passionate about your subject material. The comparison to the Sims was also interesting, though I'm not sure if it quite fit in with what you were trying to describe; I feel like since you were ultimately saying that spirituality and God are unlike the Sims, it left more room for misinterpretation and could be taken to mean that we don't have free will. I did like the recurring messages you kept returning to, though, about how challenges can be good because they can open your mind. You did a good job of keeping consistent motifs throughout, so nice work!

There were some parts I thought could be revised for clarity. Sentences like "We’ll guess what you in control of your own life therefore he takes you into a place that challenges you to expend your choices, relive the moment and burn that bridge" have a lot going on in them and it can be tough to discern meaning since there are so many messages coming at you all at once. If I were you, I'd be more purposeful with your words and think about each sentence's main idea. While the way you have it currently conveys your enthusiasm and colloquial tone, I think you can preserve some of that while also making it more easily comprehendible.

Overall: nice work!! I think you did a great job of channeling a lot of emotion and thoughts into this piece, and with a bit more editing, it could become something hard-hitting and thought-provoking. I hope to read more of your work here sometime soon! Until next time!

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Wed Jun 22, 2022 5:33 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Huh.I never read anything like this.It’s nice.We all want to do something in life.We all want to make an impact.The question is:Do we have it in us? I also liked The Sims reference because I used to play it,but then it got exhausting so I deleted it.Yeah,this was cool.I hope that you have an amazing day/night.

And don't forget it's hydrate or diedrate
— zaminami