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We're friends!

by Bhaavya Singh

We are best friends

For the whole life line. 

Without having you with me, 

How can I be fine? 

I will walk with you, 

For thousands of miles. 

I will be always there, 

To preserve your pretty smile. 

Your every joy, every sorrow

Feel free to share with me. 

I will inevitably stand with you, 

Which I surely guarantee. 

In this era of virtual world, 

A true friend is hard to find. 

Having you as my pal

Is a blessing, really divine. 

Friendship is a heavenly boat, 

On which we are together. 

Never feel that you are alone, 

Just remember me forever. 

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Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:42 am
seekingthetruth wrote a review...

Really splendid job , you have what it takes to be a true poet. you expressed your emotions and feelings into one poem was amazing becuase u made me as the reader feel empathay for othe rpeople who dont have many friends , you use beautiful and creative lanauge in your poem which shows you have a real passion for being a great friend and this poem shows u are truly the unique and kind friend other people want in thier lives you touched me so much I cried I really want a friend like that and do u mind if I share it onn Instagram becuase I want others to know wat makes a good , kind and resilent friend and flow of the poem was excellent you deverse to be on the spotlight so congrats and thxs to producing an piece that brought we too tears

seeking the truth was here and showed the truth is not always bad congrats

Thank you very much@seekingthethruth! Please Consider me as your friend. And I don't mind if you share it on Instagram.

thank you so much u touched me so much

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Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:10 am
shieldmaiden wrote a review...

Inspiring poem and a light on true friendship. A lovely piece of work and your friends must be honored that this is dedicated to them. My favorite part is

"Friendship is a heavenly boat, On which we are together. Never feel that you are alone, Just remember me forever."

Truly beautiful. I hope to be the true friend that you speak of to my own. I'm sure that your friends consider themselves blessed to have you. Keep up the fantastic writing and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:14 am
FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello, FlamingPhoenix here with a short review for you on this busy day, so I will make it quick, because I don't have much time.

Anyway let's start.

So I though the name of this poem was really sweet and it really was what the poem was about, I saw this yesterday and I really wanted to review it, but I didn't have time, so because it looked so interesting I knew I had to come review it today, and I'm really glad I did.
The flow of the poem was perfect, everything just went together so well, it was like a river everything just flowing together so well I just loved it.
And the emotion was just amazing, it really did speak to me, because I know what it is like to leave a friend behind, if they pass away, or you move away, it hard and you want them to know you will never forget them, and this poem said just that to me, it was just wonderful.

I think you have done an amazing job on this poem, the emotion is really deep and it speaks to your reader really well, I'm glad I came back to read your work it was very much worth it, and I'm glad I finally had the time to review it, because I really wanted to tell you how amazing your poem it, I hope you will keep writing and post again on YWS soon, have a great day or night ether one.

Your friend
Reviewing with a fiery passion!!

Very very thanks @FlamingPhoenix

No problem!

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Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:25 pm
demoncat wrote a review...

Hello this is demoncat here to review your poem.

And I must say that this poem is a treat. I simply loved it. It is so cute and a really fun read. It's so cute I just wanna put it to music and just sing it. Like that's how catchy it is. And I like how its first person I don't know​ I guess that part just stuck out to me. Like your speaking directly to the reader and that's just a nice feeling overall.
I hope you will continue writing because this is so cute that I can't help but want to read more. So please write more. I will read it.

Thank you so much!

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Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:55 pm
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0chomp_chomp0 wrote a review...

I really like how this explains the bond that friendship holds with such intimacy. It resembles free verse poetry in my eyes seeing as some lines do rhyme while others do more for the flow of the piece. The vocabulary used in this excerpt is also quite lovely it's not plain but not overwhelming. Many writers feel the need too put many big words in their writing but the way you have written this is quite refreshing. I would say, however, that there are a few lines here and there that could use a syllable or two more to really top it off especially the last one something like "remember me forever and always" those few words can make all the difference sometimes. Overall it is lovely, please do continue to write more as this was quite wholesome in comparison to other poetry.


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