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The Brightest Witch of Her Age

by Bhaavya Singh

She was called the brightest witch of her age, 

Who had read every book, page by page

Brilliant as a student, Loyal as a friend

She was best in every field she went. 

Bushy hair, brown eyes

With Ron and Harry, she was always nice 

She knows the answer of every question you ask

She can easily accomplish the most difficult task. 

Without her it was impossible to conquer the dark Lord

She sacrificed to save the people she adored. 

You will obviously know whom I am talking about

She is not a stranger

She is the biggest inspiration I ever got

She is none other than "Hermione Granger"

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Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:23 pm
Jaybird wrote a review...

Hello! Hermione's one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter, so I thought I would try my hand at reviewing your poem.

Since HP is ultimately a kid's series, your decision to rhyme was a great choice. Rhyming isn't always a must in poetry, but it works great for telling stories. Even though some of your rhymes were weaker than others, they overall worked well for telling Hermione's story.

I also think you did an awesome job at capturing Hermione's character in your poem. You hit all of the major points of her character: her intelligence, her loyalty, the crucial role she played in the series, how she was willing to make sacrifices to defeat Voldemort, and, most importantly of all, how she's incredibly close with Ron and Harry. The only description I didn't entirely agree with was when you said that she was always nice with Harry and Ron - there were multiple times where she got into disagreements with them, but it does work well with the rhyming scheme. And it does show how much she really cared about them when she got into those arguments - her reasons for them usually involved her being worried that one of them would get in trouble.

My last critique involves the ending of your poem. The italicized section of your poem was incredibly strong on its own, and the fans of the series can tell from the descriptions who you're talking about. I think the biggest way you can improve this poem is by cutting out those last four lines, but that choice is really up to you.

Great job on this poem, and I hope to see more poetry from you in the future!

(P.S. I really love your title! It works perfectly for your poem.)


Jaybird says...

Shoot! I just realized I forgot to add something - you switch from past to present tense in the poem. That's another area where you can revise. <3

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Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:44 am
silvermoon17 wrote a review...

It’s niccce.
I just can’t find a motive.
You are 13. Okay. Some thirteen years old people still like Harry Potter. Fine. But why her? Why make a Harry Potter poem, and more specifically a poem on Hermione granger? You say it’s because she inspires you, sure, but that’s just thrown in our face. Just as much as “without her it was impossible to conquer the Dark Lord/ she sacrificed to save the people she adored)
*that line might’ve made more sense this way: ‘without her it would have been impossible to defeat the Dark Lord/ she sacrificed all she had (or she sacrificed herself) for the people she adored*
First so all, maybe develop that whole “with her help” line, and even though I admit she likes a lot of people, adoration is a strong word. Maybe that was meant to be, but be careful when exaggerating. I also don’t get the italic at the beginning and normal style at the end. Usually, italic is for a thought/a memory/past/future/a narration/prologue/or resuming paragraph.
It’s not clear which one it is though I’d go for the narration or prologue.
Last but not least, the title.
“She was called the brightest witch of her age”
Where did you get that? It’s not even half true. Yes, in her CLASS she is the first one to raise her hand, but abs you probably know; some smart people out there know the answer first but don’t raise their hand by modesty or shyness. She does learn her lessons, but that doesn’t mean no one else does, she gets good grades, which doesn’t mean no one else does, and finally, we never get multiple narration in Harry Potter, so we have no idea about the rest of the Gryffindor crew, or even the others really. It’s a shame, because it centers too much on one’s life- but we also believe only the narrator. Since Harry Potter only seems to know Hermione as someone smart, he keeps depicting her as such. So the “brightest with or her age and time” is just a nonsensical title.
Otherwise, the imagery is absent; but the rhymes are there- and only at the end do we get an irregular rhythm.

It seems that you are criticizing Hermione more than my poetry.
My thought is that only true potterheads can relate to it.

silvermoon17 says...

Nice way of putting in that when you have a character in a poem, you criticize both or none

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Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:17 am
anu wrote a review...

YEAHHHH!! Finally reading a poem on my one of the most favourite characters. You really have a creative mind Bhaavya. Every line depicts her. Even on reading the title the first name that comes in mind of potter heads is hers. Some lines were exceptionally good. The rhyming scheme is awesome!

Bushy hair, brown eyes

With Ron and Harry, she was always nice

She knows the answer of every question you ask

She can easily accomplish the most difficult task.

These lines give a true description of her . Really!! The ‘ insufferable know-it-all’ !( that’s rude, ne’er mind)

Without her it was impossible to conquer the dark Lord

She sacrificed to save the people she adored.
^ Wonderfully expresses inner beauty of hers, you have. After all who goes by the bushy hair, the part we all love is her loyal and soft heart.

A true fan poem. I’d request you to join at least one Harry Potter group. We could have loads of chats on the stuff.

And please write on Ron and Harry too, you’ll do good, I know!

Wow! Keep writing 😊

Thank you very much for such a positive response %uD83D%uDE0AI am a really big Potter head and I'd love to join Harry Potter groups.I was also thinking of writing about the other two of the Golden trio. Thanks for the encouragement.

anu says...

Its my pleasure to encourage a budding poet. So which club are u panning to join?

Actually, I am new and don't know much about clubs.

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Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:51 pm
Puppersnifs says...

I hope this doesn't come off as rude or anything, and I could be completely wrong. I'm not a poet myself so it's very well possible. It's just your rhyming seems randomly put in. It just doesn't seem to really flow together. Maybe different wording, or word/sentence lengths could help.

anu says...

Only the stranger sentence is a bit short. Otherwise the rhyming scheme is good as could be( at least according to me). Who even cares about the wording if it%u2019s about your fav characters!%uD83E%uDD14

Thanks anu

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