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Cursed Blessing

by Beepbeepwomp

Dear Friend,

(Ex Lover,)

I'm glad we're still friends.

Don't worry, I've moved on.

(I still love you.

Did you know?

I don't think I ever stopped.)

How have you been?

I hope you've been well.

(I wish you misfortune and despair.

I wish to be your only guardian,

only light.)

She's such a sweet girl.

Treat her well.

May love and happiness fill your marriage.

(I hope she's cruel and unkind.

I hope you'll hate her.

May your marriage be void of all joy.)

Such a kind man you are.

So thoughtful and sweet.

(This had been my truth.

Till she arrived.)

What a lucky girl she is.

(So was I.)

You have my blessing.

(I've cast my curse.)

With Love,

(With Spite,)

Your Friend.















I’m not sure.)

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Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:10 am
HarleyNoir1 says...

This was hilarious! If the ex lover truly loved the person writing this, he'll know exactly what this letter translates to.

Beepbeepwomp says...

My point exactly :)

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Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:07 pm
nightshadows wrote a review...

DUDE I LOVE IT!!! this totally sounds like something I would think if I wrote this! (I enjoyed the remarks in parenthesis very much too)
I think if you had what you call an, ex lover, this is mostly every human beings mindset about how they usually feel about them. So everybody can relate!!! Great job! and if you write anymore of these keep me notified..i am quite intrigued!

Beepbeepwomp says...

Hahaha, thanks! I%u2019m currently working on my next poem/short story so another should be posted before the end of this week.

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Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:22 pm
mordax wrote a review...

Ooooooooh I love this poem! I love how you formatted it, showing the facade that's displayed vs. the inner monologue which instantly contrasts it.

Dear Friend (Ex Lover),

I found it interesting that the only line you included the parenthesized portion with the un-parenthesized portion was this line. Was there a significance behind that? If so, I didn't catch on to it.

That's my sole question, but one thing I really loved about this poem is how you even included contradiction within the contradictions. For example, how you begin the parenthesized version by declaring this lingering love for the ex, then go on to curse him and hope for despair in his future, then end it without hatred but rather confusion. In such a short span of time, you showed these conflicted emotions in the narrator and them having an internal battle. Beautifully done. I also think that this is extremely realistic, for love doesn't vanish if one feels heartbroken, but it is now also tainted by negative emotions which contrast with the sweetness of love. I adore how you portrayed this.

Overall, wonderful job!!! Sorry for the lacking review, I didn't have much to critique :)


Beepbeepwomp says...

Thank you! I%u2019ve never posted my writing online before so I wasn%u2019t sure how well it would be received. To answer your question, unfortunately that was just a mistake and therefore has no actual significance behind it. Your review was wonderful and I%u2019m glad you enjoyed it.

mordax says...

Congratulations on your first post!! You have real talent!

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