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The Abomination

by AubrielRose

There once was a lady with eyes so kind. And her smile stretched across the sky. She adib the law, she was grateful, giving. She donated time, though she was humble living. She was silent natured, yet witty and wise. She caused no trouble, she told no lies. She loved a woman and loved her dear. She ignored the glaring, she hid her fear. There once was a man who lived by the book. He yelled, he scowled, his fists always shook. He was hateful, decieving, bitter, and coy. He led a life of little love, of little joy. He was prejudist and quick to rage. He frowned often, his chest a cage. He saw her a sinner, full of shame. And he leaned over the rails of Heaven, To watch her burn in the flame.

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Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:27 am
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ahhhsmusch says...

I have only one problem with this poem. It's about the line "There once was a man who lived by the book." I like what you are trying to do with it, making the man seem like an ordinary man and thus creating a surprise at the end where the man turns out to be God, but saying that God lives by "the book" doesn't make sense. Humans are supposed to live by the "book" because it is supposedly the word of God, but God isn't restrained by the words of the Bible because, well, he's God.

AubrielRose says...

I actually meant the guy as extrmemely religious.

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Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:32 am
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AubrielRose says...

ok I put this in a more poetical format, but evidently my computer had a different opinion about that...

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