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Blood Mixed in Chocolate

by AngeliqueWings

Walking along the hallway; I stopped to listen to a conversation from one of the rooms of the orphanage. "Hey Eric, I heard that Cindy has the hots for yah!" I heard a snicker and kept walking. Shaking my head, I sighed. The teenage kids here are so hormonal. Stopping at my room, I noticed a note on the front of my door. It read: "Skylar, please come to the front." -Mrs. Hargrem I sighed and slowly walked to Mrs. Hargrem's office. Upon coming to the office, I noticed two people sitting and I knocked. Mrs. Hargrem nodded for me to come in and I walked into the office. "Skylar, I want you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Verlafe." I turned towards them and looked at them with surprise in my eyes. The man and woman were incredibly beautiful. I could tell that they weren't ordinary. There was something about them; that seemed different. I blinked and smiled a genuine smile for once. "Hello, my name is Skylar." They both gave me dazzling smiles and nodded. The man spoke to me first. "Hello, Skylar. Do you know why we're here?" I nodded and spoke. "You're here to adopt a child." The woman spoke up, "We have come to adopt a certain child that we have both decided on. That child is you my dear." Looking at them in shock, I turned towards Mrs. Hargrem. She smiled and nodded to me. I could feel my heart beating fast and I smiled in joy. Finally, I would have a home with my very own parents! A hand snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to see the owner of the hand. "Skylar, go and pack your things, we'll be waiting for you here." Giving a nod, I walked back to my room and packed what little I had. It didn"t take me long, and I was on my way back to my new parents and Mrs. Hargrem. Papers were signed and I was on my way home with them. Walking out of the orphanage, I noticed there was a limousine waiting and stopped; while my parents went towards the limo. When they noticed I wasn't following, they both turned towards me. "What's the matter, Skylar?" My new dad gave me a concerned look. I pointed towards the limo. "I've never rode in a limo before..." He gave a chuckle and motioned me to come towards it. Hesitantly, I obeyed and noticed that a chauffeur had opened the door for us. He crossed one arm over his chest and put it over his heart. I just looked at him perplexed and got into the limo. The limo ride was quiet, but my new parents kept smiling at me. I felt uncomfortable; I wasn't used to having people smile at me so warmly. After a while, the limo came to a stop. The driver got out and opened the door. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Nodding towards the door, I stepped out and stood looking at the scenery in awe. There were flowers everywhere, each a different color. A hand made its way onto my shoulder and squeezed it. Snapping out of my daze, I turned around. My new dad motioned for me to walk in the direction of my new house, or should I say mansion. It was gigantic! My heart almost jumped out of my chest. Feeling eyes on me, I looked at the direction of the "eyes" and at a nearby window; I saw a boy around my age. He gave me a glare when our eyes met, but I never backed down from it. Blinking his eyes in surprise, I turned my attention back to my dad. "I see you've met, Crevan. He's one of our sons and your new brother." Nodding, he leaded me inside the mansion. I walked in and stared in amazement, it couldn't be helped because everything was big and beautiful. Stopping me in from of some stairs, he called to his children. "Crevan, Junius, Devlin, Ferris!! Come and meet your new sister!!" In two seconds flat, I heard all of them run down and stop to stare at me. I felt really uncomfortable with the way they were staring at me. Deciding to loosen myself up, I waved and smiled at them. The first one to smile back at me; had grey eyes, dark brown hair and an ear piercing. Another one turned pink at the cheeks and looked away from me. Crevan just stared, and the last brother elbowed him in the gut while giving me a small smile. I giggled and all of them gazed at me again. Turning towards my new dad, I spoke. "Father, why do they keep on staring at me?" He chuckled and patted my head softly. "They're just curious. Don't worry about it." Smiling, I nodded and introduced myself. "Well, seeing that I'll be living here now; I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Skylar, hope we all will get along." They each nodded and introduced themselves to me, as I had just a few minutes ago. The one on the far right spoke first. "I'm Ferris, nice to meet you; little sister." He smiled and came over to hug me. I tensed up and memories that weren't my own filled my head. A boy with marks and fire was seen. I could see that he could control the flames and gasped, coming out of the memory. Everyone looked at me with concern. I backed away from them, and tried to calm myself. "W-what are you people?!" My new dad approached me slowly. "What do you mean?" I knew he was playing dumb, and it hurt to know that he was lying to my face. I didn't know what they were, but I knew they were something. They may have special abilities like me, but something seems off. "This family is not normal! I saw Ferris' inner soul! He controls fire!!" They stared at me in confusion and surprise. My new dad walked over to me slowly and I shrunk against the wall. "Now, calm down. We'll explain everything to you." Shaking slightly, I spoke Latin words quietly. "Exsisto viniae spinavi...." Vines covered in thorns appeared and made a barrier between me and him. They looked at me in shock. "I see we've frightened you. Alright, to put it simply; there is only one word that defines us. We are....demons." Looking at them in surprise, I called off the vines. That can't be right, demons aren't nice. Are they? Watching the whole family, I eyed them cautiously. They all smiled warmly at me, and I stood up; only to faint into darkness. Chapter 2--------------------------------------------------------------- A family of demons, that???s what they were. Why didn???t I notice that something was amiss? Maybe I was too distracted about having a family to live with. Nevertheless, I should be careful. Sinking into darkness, I walked alone in the dark corridors of my mind. Why did I have special abilities? Who am I? None of my questions were answered as I kept walking. Suddenly, a bright light showed at the end of the corridor; and I walked into it. Coming to my senses, I realized that I was in a room with light green walls. Something in my peripheral vision moved, and I turned to see what it was. A gasp escaped my lips and I jumped in surprise. All four of the demon brothers where sleeping in a chair near the bed. Slowly, I got out of bed and walked over to each of them. They all looked peaceful and I smiled. Maybe they aren???t as bad as I think they are. Petting each of their heads gently, I heard them all groan and giggled. Suddenly, their heads shot up as fast as lightning and I jumped back, startled. They stared at me and I waved. ???Umm???hi? I didn???t mean to wake you guys up.??? Feeling nervous, I reached towards my neck to grab my special necklace. Not feeling the necklace; but instead bare skin, I panicked. I looked around on the bed and in the room, but I couldn???t find it. Coming close to tears, I remembered that the boys were in here. Looking at them with teary eyes, I saw them flinch. ???H-has anybody seen my necklace???? They nodded their heads. Crevan spoke up, ???Dad took your necklace. He said it seemed familiar to him.??? Familiar? How could it be familiar? I???ve had it all my life! After a few seconds of silence, dad barged in the room and ran over to me. He stared at my features and started laughing. Everyone looked at him in confusion. He stopped and leaned down. Slowly, he started to speak. ???Skylar, I knew there was something special about you.??? He lifted my necklace towards my face and smiled. ???You???ve had this ever since you???ve been in the orphanage, yes???? Slowly, I nodded in confusion, trying to figure out where everything was leading to. Grinning widely, he kneeled down on the floor and spoke. ???Skylar, you are the lost heiress of the Demon Kingdom. We have been looking for you everywhere, and now here you are; right at our house.??? Staring at him, I tried to process what had been said. Me? An heiress of some demon kingdom? That can???t be right. Sure, I have weird abilities but???that doesn???t prove anything???.right? Coming out of my stupor, I leaned back on the bed. Words and images of people were swimming through my head. This is too much for me to comprehend!! I was told that the family I was adopted by is a family of demons, and now I???m told that I???m an heiress of the demon kingdom???wouldn???t that mean that I???m a princess?! Sitting upright again, I noticed my new dad still kneeling, along with my four new brothers. ???Uhh???.if I???m an heiress to the demon kingdom, wouldn???t that make me a demon princess???? Still not rising from the floor, I sighed and told my new dad and brothers to get up. ???Father?????? ???Your highness, I am not your father???therefore you are not obliged to call me that.??? Looking down at the floor, I sighed sadly. Tears started rolling down my face. The salty taste was imprinted on my lips and a quiet sob escaped me. My whole body shook, and I looked up towards everyone. Their gasps were heard, and they hurried over to comfort me. Ferris took my hand and caressed it, Crevan gently ruffled my hair, Junius tried wiping tears off my face, and Devlin whispered sweet words to me; quietly. ???Dad???, just sat there. He looked at me with concern. Everything was so wrong! They adopt me, and now they want to treat me like a princess; but not as family. What???s wrong with them?! All I want is a family to love me, but all I get is a new title and subordinates. That???s not what I want!! Coming to that conclusion, I yelled for them to get out. ???Get out! I-I don???t n-need y-you people to comfort me!! G-get out!!!!??? Pushing them away, I watched as they hesitantly left and sobbed into the blankets. The last thing I remember was the sweet smell of vanilla, before I drifted off to sleep.

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