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Here Lies Insanity - Chapter 1

by Aliceinhorrorland

“I’m sorry baby girl.” 

My father crouched to match my height. He had a brown rugged shirt and jeans on, and I could tell by the worried look on his face, that he had bad news. “We will be putting surveillance cameras in every room in the house today, for your own safety.”

I looked down, it had finally come to this. And it was all Nova’s fault. Or was it mine to? My mother was now dead, and all I had done was watch.

“It’s because of Nova, isn’t it? You think I’m a monster.” I bit my lip and sighed, taking a look at my once happy room. Purple flooring and wallpaper patterned the walls and floors. The same old rusty bed with Lavender covers and crooked toy chest sat in the corner. My little pony posters were still decorated around my room, but safe to say, the magic of friendship had left me long ago. Nothing had really changed except for a few cameras, yet it feels like everything had. Though I suppose nothing really had changed, this was just my life, and to be honest, probably my forever. Miracles don’t exist, if they did I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

“No, honey… I…” My father began to speak and shook his head. He blamed me, I know he did, I’d blame myself to. “It’s not your fault, you just have something wrong with you. But don’t worry, we will take it all away.”

Something wrong with me? “I didn’t touch the ceiling fan….. Nova did it. She got angry, and I couldn’t stop her. God, I wish I could’ve stopped her…”

“Honey, Nova isn’t real-”

“STOP IT!” I screeched out aggressively, taken aback. How can they still not believe me after all of this time? After all of the proof, I’m still just that ten year old kid with a broken head. A messed up brain, a cold heart. I’m so sick of it, and I know Nova is to! Despite everything, she’s still my sister, and I care about her immensely, we have eachothers back. “She’s. Real.”

My father sighed deeply and stood up, he was growing tired, I knew he was. The scientists had handfuls of evidence suggesting paranormal frequencies within me, but my father chooses to believe that I will one day be normal. If only it were that easy. “Jinx, Nova can’t be real because she’s dead, you know this….and you have to get over it one day. I’m sorry I know that….it’s hard but…” He trailed off. I could see the slight tears that had formed in his eyes.

I used to be a twin but when I turned six months old, she died. That twins name was Nova, and her soul had stuck onto me, and ever since then we’ve been connected. I know it sounds strange, but Nova didn’t really die, she only died physically. She can talk to me, possess people, move objects, and even trade places with me. People have called me a freak my entire life, but the thing with Nova is when she gets angry, stuff happens. And it never ends well.

Act I - The Plane Ride to Florida - 19 y/o Self.

I sat quietly in a cramped blue seat, staring out of the window. It was a nice view, I could see buildings and clouds down below, but I still had another hour until I arrived at my destination. The person beside me had dark skin and blonde hair wrapped in a bun, her eyes were closed, and she had dozed off shortly after the plane went into the sky. I wish I could sleep, but I was growing increasingly anxious.

All of a sudden the small white window to my right snapped closed by itself with a blatant thud.

“Nova, quit it.” I whispered quietly and adjusted my seat, I wasn’t in the mood for her games today. I was on my way to see my birth father; I hadn’t seen him since I was just a little eleven year old girl. Apparently, he had moved to Florida after I left to live in a lab until I was 17-18. Fun times.

The chair beside me reclined by itself and the blonde girl gasped and sat up, god, why was Nova being so reckless today?!

She looked at me, clearly shocked, did she think I moved her chair or something?

“Are you okay?” I spoke politely, to make up for Novas jerkiness.

“I think so. I don’t know if my chair is though!” She gave out an exasperated laugh, her expression relaxing. “I’m Cecillia.”


“That’s such a cool name.”

“Thanks.” I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes, maybe she’ll stop talking to me. Even though I had started the conversation, I wasn’t interested in talking at this time; I was a ball of nerves to put it simply.

The intercom ahead of us came on abruptly, knocking me from my thoughts. “We will be experiencing some slight turbulence for the rest of this journey, we apologize for the inconvenience.” An automated voice called out. As if I wasn’t already nervous enough.

“Great.” I muttered.

“Terrific!” Cecillia chimed in.

The plane started to shake rapidly, and it didn’t seem like slight turbulence, it felt like the plane was going to crash at any instance, like walking on a road you know there’s a dead end at.

Cecillia screamed as the plane jerked to the side, almost knocking the wind out of her.

“Wh...whoa!” I held on tight to the side of my chair as people started to freak out.

“WE’RE ALL GANNA DIE A DEPRESSING DEATH!” A toddler, no older than five, screamed out at the top of his lungs. Gotta love that optimism at a young age.

The speakers lit up and came back on, but instead of an automated voice, there was a guy with a rushed russian accent. “Keep your seatbelts on, we will be trying to land. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it to Florida today. We apologize sincerely, but this is for your utmost safety.”

No one bought his words of safety, everyone was panicking and crying loudly. What if the plane actually crashes? What if people die? Maybe Nova was trying to warn me earlier, and I was too stupid to notice. Cecilia's yelps blared through my ears as I tried to shut everything out.

“Nova I need you!” I half- yelled, but I don’t think anyone noticed because of all of the chaos surrounding me. Or that’s what I’m going to choose to believe. “Don’t let this plane crash. Please do something.”

It was out of my hands now, I had to trust Nova to do something, anything. And although the intercom said we would land, I had a heart sinking feeling that this wasn’t going to end as a happily ever after. Not today.

Cecilia suddenly jolted her head down, and her eyes rolled all the way back. Her arms and legs twitched slightly as her head slowly rised up. Nova was possessing her. She opened her eyes and I knew she was now Nova; not Cecilia anymore.

“I’ll go to the pilots.” A deep tone fluttered from Cecilia’s once high pitched voice. She stood up and walked through the hall of the airplane to the control panel, I had no idea what she was about to do, but I had to trust her. Good luck Nova.

The plane twisted to the right and left a few times, as the same toddler from earlier kept screaming the same sentence. “I HOPE I DIE LAST MOMMA!”

Meanwhile, the intercoms kept trying to tell people to remain calm and stationary at all costs, but no one listened anyways. Everyone's thoughts were muddled, and panic had spread like the plague. Maybe this is all a sign, that seeing my father was a stupid idea, a rendition that I hadn’t thought through. Still, I can’t blame myself for letting curiosity get the best of me. Can I?

I stood up from my seat slowly, despite the fact that I was supposed to stay seated. I had to check on I mean, Nova. I strolled down the hallway and entered the control room, all of the other pilots were now unconscious on the floor as Nova worked the plane.

“Nova! What the heck?”

She didn’t draw her eyes away from the controls and stayed silent. The thing about Nova is that she was a lost soul, and it took a lot of power and energy to say a sentence which is why she didn’t speak much. I don’t get much about the spirit world, but I know enough to know that ghosts are real, and so were aliens. But that’s a story for another day. Lets just say, Nova wasn’t the only supernatural/paranormal creature I knew. I guess you could say I was gifted, Nova was like a gate, and I was the key.

“You don’t know what to do, do you?” I let out a small chuckle, although it probably wasn’t really funny because this could very well be the bitter end. Gotta love some dark humor.

I squared up beside Nova, but she pushed me away. I guess she didn’t trust me enough to operate a plane for the first time. The plane steadied in the sky, but then it started to very slowly float down.

I darted over to the microphone and spoke quickly. “We will be crashing, but remain calm and take out your life vests.” I knew what Novas plan was, she wasn’t going to get us to Florida, but she was going to land in the water. It was semi- genius. There wouldn’t be a ton of fire to worry about.

“Okay, Nova, get out of Cecilia!”

Cecillia fainted as Novas soul left her and Cecilia's re-entered. I took her arms and dragged her body, throwing an orange life vest over her average frame. I hope she wakes up soon, I so do not feel like babysitting. Brown speckles were dotted all over her face, as she limply laid there on the hallway floor.

Everyone took out there vests, including me, and people held tightly onto the plane as it was about to finally crash into the water.





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11 Reviews

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Reviews: 11

Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:05 pm
Riellehn wrote a review...

Wonderful beginning! The prologue section manages to achieve its purpose beautifully; it catches the reader's attention, gives the reader just enough details to let us know what's going on, but keeps just enough to itself to keep us interested. Even better, it cleverly avoids the exposition dump trap that rookie writers tend to fall into.

Nova and Jinx are peculiar names, but it certainly makes them more memorable (though they'll probably get more reactions like the one from Cecilia). Also, I feel as though Jinx's name suits her, as a "jinx" is a person or object that brings bad luck... and with Nova hanging over her shoulder at all times, chaos is bound to happen.

Also, characterization in this chapter is good. From what I can tell so far, Jinx is very withdrawn and wary, and not very willing to be around people. Nova, on the other hand, seems mischievous, and thinks before she acts (after all, knocking out the only people who know how to pilot a plane probably wasn't the greatest idea...). If these characterizations were intended, then you've done good in making sure they came across that way.

If I had to give some constructive criticism, I would say that there are some instances where wording is a bit shaky, and adjectives seem to contrast against what they're describing (a deep tone wouldn't really "flutter," as you described it).

Other than that, and a small case of "to" being placed where "too" should go, it was a great beginning, and I shall definitely be following the story!


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8 Reviews

Points: 667
Reviews: 8

Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:08 pm
Chase7 wrote a review...

Hey Aliceinhorrorland!

First off, great beginning. Leaves the reader a whole lot of questions and possible theories about the book which makes them want to read on to find out. Just the prologue-ish section reels readers.

Question: Is the dad in the beginning her biological father? Because it sounds like it but then why would you add the biological?

The plane twisted to the right and left a few times...

In this passage, wouldn't be easier just to say it twisted sideways? It's fine how it is but fewer words makes it easier to read.

“We will be crashing, but remain calm and take out your life vests.”

😂😂Funny way of keeping people calm. Is there a way that you can sugarcoat the situation?

Overall it's great and I'd love to read more of the demonic and supernatural novel. Keep writing.

Thank you XD. I totally forgot sideways was a word, and yes, that was her biological father, I said biological because she only lived with him until she was eleven, so she was kind of adopted by a scientist around then cuz her father was terrified of her. Oh and the %u201Cwe will be crashing%u201D part made me laugh, because I just realized how weird that sounds LOL

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